AAA Foundation Grants for Traffic Safety

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AAA Foundation Grants for Traffic Safety

How To Get Grants from AAA Foundation – Road accidents are a global issue owing to urbanization, population expansion, and increased vehicle traffic. The problem is growing due to distracted driving, speeding, poor infrastructure, and lack of road safety. As more people use motorized transportation, accidents increase, affecting lives, economies, and healthcare. Comprehending road safety programs, awareness campaigns, and infrastructure improvements are necessary to reduce global road accidents.

In this way, it would be no less to say that the AAA Foundation Grants for Traffic Safety deserve to be praised. By sponsoring studies on new technology, vulnerable road users, and driving behavior, the AAA Foundation Grants for Traffic Safety helps prevent road accidents. The organization supports transportation safety and reduces road accidents via financial assistance and partnerships with Johns Hopkins University.

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What are AAA Foundation Grants for Traffic Safety 

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is a public charity that has been around since 1947 and focuses on study and teaching. Its goal is to save lives by preventing traffic accidents and minimizing injuries that do happen.A public-funded, non-profit study and teaching group whose goal is to save lives by preventing car accidents and minimizing injuries that do happen.

As President and Executive Director, C. Y. David Yang leads the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety in its mission to improve road safety through thorough study. Some of the accomplished people on the research team are Technical Director William J. Horrey, Senior Researchers Lindsay Arnold and Rebecca Steinbach, Associate Researchers Ansley Kasha, Jessica McDonough, and Austin Svancara, Researchers Alicia Romo, and Principal Researcher Brian C. Tefft. As a whole, this team helps the foundation reach its goals by doing useful research and studies that help us understand road safety problems better and push for good solutions that help people and communities.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety made a total of $5,652,477 in sales during the fiscal year that ended in December 2022. Even though it was 13.9% less than the previous fiscal year, the group increased the types of money it made by getting grants, business income, and other types of money. Keeping costs under control is still very important for keeping the organization’s purpose and effects alive.

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Focus Areas of AAA Foundation Grants for Traffic Safety 

There are some projects that the foundation takes as its primary concerns.

Emerging Technologies

Looking into how new vehicle technologies, such as self-driving cars and linked cars, affect safety.

Vulnerable road users

Promoting the safety of walkers, bikers, motorcyclists, and older drivers is known as “vulnerable road users.”

Driver Behavior and Performance

Cutting down on risky driving habits like texting while driving and speeding.

Projects with a clear methodology and measurable outcomes

What’s the link between road planning, equipment, and driver behavior? That’s what Roadway Systems & Drivers looks into.

Clear methods and measured results for projects

It is important for the Foundation that bids include clear study methods, plans for gathering data, and expected outcomes.

Projects that could have an effect on real life

The Foundation’s main goal is to make roads safer, so it gives priority to projects that can turn study results into useful solutions.

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Eligibility for AAA Foundation Grants for Traffic Safety 

Here are some standards that your organization must meet in order to get a grant from AAA Foundation for Road Safety.

  • Any group that is prepared to do the job is eligible. In this group are non-profits, universities, study centers, and even government bodies.
  • These groups must be based in the US and may be given priority. The Foundation prefers projects that have a direct effect on US roads and towns, but this is not a must. Foreign groups need to make sure that their collaboration and communication plans with US partners are clear.

Application Process of AAA Foundation Grants for Traffic Safety 

After checking the eligibility, there are some crucial steps in the application process, you need to follow.

  • The first step is to keep up with the foundation’s website. Consider joining the Foundation’s email list to find out about upcoming RFPs. On their website, you can sign up by visiting
  • The next step is to look over the RFP. Before you apply, make sure you carefully read the RFP to understand the specific study objectives and qualifying requirements. One or more of these key areas are at the heart of each RFP: Recent technological advances, vulnerable road users (teen and older drivers), driving behavior and performance, and roadway systems and drivers
  • Keep in mind that you need to work on your proposal. Make a proposal that clearly meets the standards of the RFP and describes your research method, budget, and predicted results.
  • At the last step, you need to follow the directions for submitting that are in the RFP. Most of the time, the limit for submissions is a few months after the RFP comes out.

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Contact Details of AAA Foundation Grants for Traffic Safety 

Here are some means that you can get in touch with the AAA Foundation Grants for Traffic Safety.

Address: 607 14th Street, NW, Suite 701

Washington, DC 20005

Phone: 202-638-5944

Email id: [email protected] 


Grantees of AAA Foundation Grants for Traffic Safety 

Johns Hopkins University (JHU)

In December 2021, the AAA Foundation Grants for Traffic Safety sent $10,000 to Johns Hopkins University (JHU). The Safe System Consortium was able to finish several projects and fulfill some obligations. The foundation’s efforts are really praisable. The Johns Hopkins University is in charge of this. The efforts of the consortium to enhance transportation safety measures were intended to be supported by the grant. The mission of the foundation grants is to fund research that can improve road safety.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

In December 2021, the AAA Foundation Grants for Traffic Safety awarded UNC Chapel Hill $10,000. This award will benefit research institutes and companies using cutting-edge technology to study car accidents. To remain a leader in the fight against growing car technology safety risks, the foundation is financing research like this to protect all road users.

National Academy of Sciences

In December 2021, the AAA Foundation awarded yet another grant to promote safe driving practices. During the identical time frame, the AAA Foundation Grants for Traffic Safety granted $8,000 to the National Academy of Sciences. It was the intention of the Transportation Research Board Forum to get the award. Afterward, the forum put the money toward studies of shared mobility and driverless cars. The group accomplished its goal of studying and preparing for how shared mobility and autonomous cars might impact transportation networks. This aid grant made it feasible. This is a perfect match for the foundation’s goals of promoting road safety research and discussion.


Saving lives, preventing injuries, and protecting communities requires road safety. It promotes safe transportation, economic stability, and lower healthcare costs, making society safer and healthier. The AAA Foundation Grants for Traffic Safety are crucial to worldwide road safety. The organization actively prevents accidents by financing valuable research on upcoming technology, vulnerable road users, and driving behavior. Their financial assistance and partnerships with prestigious schools like Johns Hopkins University demonstrate their dedication to transportation safety. Funding critical research helps companies develop road safety solutions. In doing so, the AAA Foundation shows its commitment to safer roads, better lives, and resilient communities globally.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the AAA Foundation Grants for Traffic Safety?

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, a 1947 public charity, gives grants for traffic safety. This program funds NGOs, academic institutions, and government agencies to conduct research and initiatives to improve road safety, prevent accidents, and reduce injuries worldwide.

What does the AAA Foundation do to help make roads safer?

The foundation contributes to road safety by sponsoring studies on emerging technologies, vulnerable road users, and driving behavior.

Who can apply for AAA Foundation Grants for Road Safety?

U.S.-based nonprofits, academic institutions, and government agencies are all welcome to apply for grants from the AAA Foundation Grants for Road Safety. Moreover, international organizations might apply if they have well-defined intentions to work with US partners.

What are the focus areas of AAA Foundation grants?

The AAA Foundation grants for road safety have some priority areas that address new technology, at-risk drivers, and vulnerable road users. initiatives should also have well-defined methods and verifiable outcomes to ensure road safety. These areas ensure the effective measures should be enforced to address road safety.

How can I apply for a AAA Foundation grant?

You need to join the foundation’s email list and check their website for announcements about award applications. After that, you need to take the time to read the RFP thoroughly, develop a proposal that satisfies the requirements, and then submit it according to the instructions provided.

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