Abell Foundation Grants For Non Profit and Business Startups

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Abell Foundation Grants For Non Profit and Business Startups

How To Get Grants from Abell Foundation Grants to nonprofit community partners and vulnerable business start-ups – Arts and culture promote communal expression, while education builds foundations. Environmental activities protect the community’s health, health and human services promote well-being, and criminal justice addiction ensures public safety. They establish a holistic, sustainable urban development philosophy. Abell Foundation Grants advance Baltimore’s art, education, community development, health, justice, and environment. These funds allow local projects to improve the city’s cultural richness, education, community well-being, and environmental sustainability by funding, innovating, and tapping into wide networks.

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What are Abell Foundation Grants ?

The Abell Foundation Grants give money to community groups that are nonprofits and trying to make life better in Baltimore. The foundation gives start-up money for new ideas, helps keep community programs and services going, and pays for big projects. The Foundation helps its charity partners in more ways than one. The Abell Foundation Grants connect them to the local and national networks, and the foundation’s team has a lot of experience and understanding of Baltimore in terms of our program areas.

The Baltimore Sun, founded by Arunah S. Abell in 1837, inspired Harry C. Black’s 1953 Abell Foundation. After selling in 1986, the A.S. Abell Company became the Abell Foundation, focusing on Baltimore’s well-being. President Robert C. Embry, Jr. and trustees committed the Foundation to tackling structural issues, developing resilience, and creating opportunities for Baltimoreans to improve the city’s quality of life.

For more information about the Abell Foundation, you can visit the official website of the foundation at: https://abell.org/who-we-are/

Focus Area of Abell Foundation Grants

  1. Arts & Culture

The Abell Foundation helps Baltimore’s arts and culture scene grow by giving money to groups that make the arts available to all city residents, encourage great art, and protect the city’s cultural history.

  1. Workforce Development

A competent workforce is vital to Baltimore’s health and economy. The Abell foundation funds programs that teach low-wage workers to obtain and sustain family-supporting occupations.

  1. Education

The Abell Foundation believes education is the key to Baltimore’s development. The Foundation supports organizations that provide quality education to all children.

  1. Community Development

The Abell Foundation encourages community investment, sustainability, economic growth, and entrepreneurship. The foundation promotes neighborhood livability, population, employment, and tax base. It promotes concentrated poverty, racial wealth inequality, and Baltimore City’s regional economic health.

  1. Health & Human Services

Community health depends on individual well-being. Baltimore City residents get fair food, housing, healthcare, and legal services through Abell Foundation funding to minimize racial gaps in health and wellbeing. The foundation pays direct service providers, champions fair policies and systems, and leads public health projects.

  1. Criminal Justice Addiction

Abell Foundation improves public safety and health and serves these populations. The organization supports projects that minimize community violence and enhance drug use care. We explore and promote novel service approaches to improve violence prevention and harm reduction initiatives.

  1. Environment

The Abell Foundation works to protect environmental health and fairness, knowing that poor and black areas are often the ones who suffer the most from pollution and the ones who gain the most from new technologies and ideas in the environment.

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Eligibility for Abell Foundation Grants

Grant money from the Abell Foundation goes to groups that follow the below standards:

  • If your organization or group is a government body, a fiscally supported project, or a 501c3 or 509a nonprofit, you must send a copy of your IRS determination letter, federal tax identification number (EIN), or proof of fiscal sponsorship.
  • If you run programs or projects that fit into one of Abell’s program areas and pay attention to Baltimore City.

Abell Foundation Grants Applications

Abell Foundation offers two types of grants.

Small Grants

  • For new or returning applicants with $10,000 or less grant submissions.
  • Rolling review. There’s no application deadline.
  • Common uses of the grant money are seed money for start-ups, pilots, and research projects seeking creative solutions, and assistance for current programs that offer much-needed services or show excellent results.
  • The Foundation requests a post-grant report from small grant winners that describes project outcomes and monies spent to assess their impact.
  • Under the Requirements page, the Abell Foundation Grant Portal accepts reports.

If you are interested in applying for a small grant Abell Foundation of amount $10,000 or less, you can visit https://us.grantrequest.com/application.aspx?sid=1940&fid=35031

Regular Grants

  • For requests above $10,000 by returning nonprofits and those who fulfill the Foundation’s criteria.
  • Reviewed during one of five annual Board meetings.
  • Support for successful programs, capital grants for new construction, renovation, property, and/or capital equipment, general operating support, and outreach and advocacy to develop, promote, and advance policies that address systemic challenges and/or create new opportunities are typical uses.
  • The Foundation requires intermediate and post-grant reports from grant recipients that describe project progress and account for monies spent to track progress and assess the effect of awards.
  • Submit reports under the “Requirements” option on the Abell Foundation grant site.

If you are interested in applying for a regular grant Abell Foundation of amount more than $10,000, you can visit https://us.grantrequest.com/application.aspx?sid=1940&fid=35030

Deadline Details of Abell Foundation Grants

For small grants, the Abell Foundation imposes no deadline. For regular grants, The Abell Foundation reviews regular grants five times a year.

For 2024 the submission as well as the meeting deadlines are as follows: 

January 1– February 20; 

March 1– May 7;  

May 1– June 18; 

July15– September 24; 

October 1– December 10;

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Contact details of Abell Foundation 

Here are a few means of getting in touch with the Abell Foundation for a grant application

Phone: (410) 547-1300                                                                                 

Website: https://abell.org/apply/ 

Address: 111 S. Calvert Street, Suite 2300

Baltimore, MD 21202-6174

You can also fill out a contact form available at: https://abell.org/contact

Abell Foundation Grants’ Past Grantees

Building STEPS Inc.

The Abell Foundation endowed STEM seminars, college coaching, internships, and college-directed programs with $40,000 to support Building STEPS Inc. Educational programs, career counseling, and outreach to students about STEM-related prospects are all part of the programs that these funds aim to assist.

CASH Campaign of Maryland

Eight free tax preparation centers were able to continue operating thanks to a $100,000 donation from the Abell Foundation. With this grant, 8,500 low-income families and individuals in Baltimore are able to take advantage of asset-building programs and the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

So What Else Inc.

With a grant of $25,000 in 2023, the Abell Foundation helped fund So What Else Inc.’s food rescue and distribution initiative. One way this initiative helps with food insecurity is by running weekly distribution events all across Baltimore City. Communities must have access to crucial nutritional supplies, and the money is necessary to keep trying to rescue and distribute food.

Baltimore Kids Chess League Inc.

For the school year 2023–2024, the Baltimore Kids Chess League Inc. received $65,000 from the Abell Foundation to fund its after-school chess program. A total of 57 schools in Baltimore City reaped the benefits of this program, which reached almost 1,700 children in grades K-12. This grant kept an exciting chess program running, which is great for kids’ brain development since it encourages them to think strategically.

Baltimore Tree Trust

The Abell Foundation funded the Baltimore Tree Trust’s Neighborhood Forestry Initiative with $75,000. This program teaches tree planting and upkeep, producing jobs. The initiative increases the city’s tree canopy and improves citizens’ health, demonstrating environmental responsibility.

Baltimore City Competitive Robotics Program

Baltimore City Competitive Robotics received $100,000 from the Abell Foundation Grants. The funds will cover expenditures for tournaments, equipment, and coach stipends. Prompting creativity, teamwork, and STEM skills in almost 700 children around the city, the program aims to improve their future.

Saint Luke’s Youth Center

Saint Luke’s Youth Center received $30,000 from the Abell Foundation in 2023 to support community program activities. The center’s community education efforts rely on this funding. Saint Luke’s young Center offers exciting activities that encourage young education.

The Samaritan Community

In 2023, the Samaritan Community received $25,000 for general operations from the Abell Foundation. In order to provide year-round assistance to more than 300 low-income households, including advising, case management, and emergency financial aid, the Samaritan Community needs these contributions. Helping those in need is what the Samaritan Community is still doing.


PREPARE Inc. received $150,000 from the Abell Foundation in 2023 to expand its parole hearing and reintegration preparation program for Maryland males. PREPARE’s program needs this money to serve more people and help them reintegrate into society.

Behavioral Health Leadership Institute Inc.

Abell Foundation Grants provided $100,000 to extend Project Connections on the Street (PCOS). This extension will allow direct collaboration with Baltimore City Police to improve detainee care. The approach improves criminal justice and addiction services by redirecting people to community volunteer treatment.

Drexel University – Nowak Metro Finance Lab

The Abell Foundation gave Drexel University-Nowak Metro Finance Lab $50,000. This grant helps examine Maryland and Baltimore’s procurement economy. We want to improve procurement procedures to increase public contracting with local, small, minority-, and women-owned businesses.

Rose Street Community Center

The Abell Foundation gave Rose Street Community Center $300,000 for employment development in 2023. While sustaining transitional housing, emergency shelter, and gang mediation, this money will expand community cleanups to other communities. Rose Street Community Center improves communities through cleanliness and community support.

Saint Agnes Foundation

The Abell Foundation gave Saint Agnes $100,000 in 2023. This grant helps Southwest Baltimore’s Saint Agnes Mobile Health Clinic, which tackles health and socioeconomic factors. The Mobile Health Clinic improves community healthcare access and results.


The Abell Foundation gave ShareBaby $55,000 in 2023 for general operations. ShareBaby distributes diapers and other necessities to Baltimore’s most needy children. ShareBaby relies on this assistance to support families and protect neighborhood children.

Maryland Hunger Solutions

Maryland Hunger Solutions, a Food Research & Action Center program, earned $60,000 from the Abell Foundation in 2023. This grant supports the Baltimore City SNAP outreach and enrollment effort, which helps disadvantaged populations access federally funded benefits. The effort helps reduce food insecurity in Maryland by providing SNAP payments to the needy.

Next One Up Foundation Inc.

Next One Up Foundation Inc. received $100,000 from the Abell Foundation in 2023. This money goes toward building Base Camp, Next One Up’s initial program headquarters. The foundation’s goal relies on Base Camp, a dedicated place to improve community health and well-being activities.

North Ave Mission

In 2023, the Abell Foundation gave $19,500 to help fund the jobs of clinical social worker and marketing manager at North Ave Mission. People in the Station North and Old Goucher neighborhoods who are homeless or have substance use problems can get help from these jobs as part of comprehensive case management. The money helps deal with the complicated needs of weak groups, moving toward long-lasting health and wellness answers.

There are many more grantees. If you are interested in knowing more about grants provided by the Abell Foundation, you can visit https://abell.org/past-grants/


The Abell Foundation Grants help NGOs improve Baltimore’s communal life. Since 1953, the Abell Foundation has worked to improve Baltimore’s varied and resilient neighborhoods. Its roots are in The Sun newspaper. Through strategic emphasis areas such Arts & Culture, Workforce Development, Education, Community Development, Health & Human Services, Criminal Justice Addiction, and Environment, the Foundation addresses systemic issues, builds resilience, and generates opportunity for city inhabitants. Grant recipients receive financial help, important networks, and the Foundation’s Baltimore expertise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Abell Foundation Grants?

Abell Foundation Grants helps nonprofit community groups in Baltimore by giving monetary assistance. These awards fund citywide urban improvement projects that address social, economic, and environmental issues.

Who is eligible for Abell Foundation Grants?

Government agencies, 501c3 or 509a NGOs, and financially funded initiatives can apply. Organizations must support Abell’s Baltimore City focus areas.

What are Abell Foundation Small Grants?

Small Grants from the Abell Foundation are for $10,000 or less. These awards are for start-ups, pilot initiatives, and continuous programs with favorable results and no application deadline.

What is the deadline for Regular Grants in 2024?

The regular grant submission periods are January 1–February 20, March 1–May 7, May 1–June 18, July 15–September 24, and October 1–December 10.

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