How To Apply For AT&T Foundation Grants

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AT&T Foundation Grants Application

AT&T Foundation Grants Application, eligibilty, everything you should know – The mission of the AT&T Foundation Grants is to support local initiatives that improve people’s lives through arts, education, and community building. These funds go toward programs that help kids in low-income communities succeed academically, as well as teachers and programs that equip them to do so. The $100 million Access All program is only one example of how the AT&T Foundation Grants work to boost economic growth by expanding people’s access to technology. 

Also, disaster assistance, long-term rehabilitation, and the enhancement of cultural assets are all areas where funding may help meet critical community needs. Support for diverse populations, disaster relief, educational and community development projects, and other charitable endeavors received $89.1 million in 2022 from the Foundation. As part of its AT&T Foundation Grants initiative, AT&T is working to help communities become more resilient and economically stable by closing the digital gap.

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Key Takeaways

  • The AT&T Foundation awards grants to nonprofits in education, community development, disaster relief, and cultural enhancement.
  • Grants support initiatives that improve educational outcomes, promote economic growth, and strengthen communities.
  • Organizations with projects aligned with AT&T’s priorities and a strong track record are more likely to win grants.
  • Application process typically involves submitting a proposal following an initial inquiry.

What are the benefits of AT&T Foundation Grants?

Many good things come from the AT&T Foundation Grants, and substantial funding for community and educational projects. For minority-owned firms, these awards mean a lot because they give them the tools they need to succeed. The Foundation promotes equitable growth and helps close economic inequalities by concentrating on neglected areas.

The AT&T Foundation grants for environmental sustainability are an additional perk. In order to ensure a better world for generations to come, these awards fund initiatives with the goal of lessening negative effects on the environment and increasing adoption of environmentally friendly practices.

In addition, the AT&T Foundation offers scholarships to students, meaning that students can pursue their dreams of higher education without worrying about how they will pay for it. With the help of these scholarships, students from all walks of life will have a better chance of succeeding academically and making a great impact on the world.

For more information about the AT&T Foundation Grants, check the official website at this page.

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Priority Areas of AT&T Foundation Grants

There are some crucial areas where the AT&T Foundation Grants work to change the community and offer a better well-being. These are mentioned below. 


The AT&T Foundation Grants advance minority student progress, teacher readiness, and success, especially in underprivileged communities. The AT&T Foundation grants for STEM education help students prepare for future technology advances by improving STEM education and digital literacy.

Developing Communities

Grants promote economic growth and environmental projects in communities. The Foundation supports $100 million in AccessAll, aiming to close the digital gap and improve digital inclusion in low-income areas.

Reconstruction after disaster

In emergencies, the AT&T Foundation supports disaster assistance and long-term rehabilitation. Communities become stronger and more resilient with these funding.

Culture Enhancement

The Foundation funds community-enhancing cultural projects. AT&T Foundation grants for arts and culture support various cultural assets and community pride by sponsoring arts, cultural events, and heritage preservation programs.

Eligibility criteria for AT&T Foundation grants

Eligibility criteria for AT&T Foundation grants depend on five crucial points. You must navigate the below-mentioned points. 

Status as a Nonprofit Organization

In order to apply, a nonprofit organization must have a 501(c)(3) tax identification number. The Internal Revenue Service will officially recognize the group as a tax-exempt entity once it achieves this status, making it eligible to collect charitable donations.

Priority Area Alignment

Educational opportunities, community building, disaster assistance, and cultural enrichment are the AT&T Foundation’s top priorities, and all proposals must reflect these priorities. We give more weight to projects that can articulate how they will contribute to these priority areas.

Geographical Emphasis

Many times, groups and projects that are based in regions where AT&T has a large commercial presence get first dibs. The Foundation is able to give back to areas that are close to its employees and customers because of its regional focus.

Demonstrated Impact

Applicants need to show how their initiatives can make a difference by outlining a strategy for assessment and providing quantitative outcomes. In general, a successful project will have a history of successfully completing its objectives.

Responsible Management of Funds

It is imperative that businesses show they are accountable and handle their finances well. Among these requirements are the submission of audited financial accounts, a comprehensive project budget, and proof of long-term support.

Examples of AT&T Foundation Grant Recipients

The AT&T Foundation prioritizes education, digital literacy, public health, community development, and human services, focusing on underserved populations where its employees reside. Grants support college and career readiness, digital literacy workshops, health access, racial justice, disaster relief, military and veterans’ programs, and violence prevention.

American Online Giving Foundation

The AT&T Foundation awarded $5,000,000 to the American Online Giving Foundation in December 2022. Programs that promote safety and community support are the primary recipients of this substantial sum of money. This award will greatly assist the foundation in its mission to improve the safety, stability, and general well-being of underserved communities by providing them with essential services and resources.

Corpsgiving Foundation

In December 2022, the AT&T Foundation granted the Corpsgiving Foundation $575,000 to fund its educational initiatives. With this support, the foundation can keep working toward its goal of helping marginalized communities access quality education. With this funding, the Corpsgiving Foundation can reach more people and make a greater difference in their lives by providing them with access to high-quality education and training.

Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA)

In December 2022, the AT&T Foundation awarded the Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) a grant of $500,000. The goal of DECA is to train future business owners and executives in the fields of marketing, finance, hospitality, and management, and this funding will help them achieve that goal. Students all throughout the nation gain from DECA’s educational programs, leadership conferences, and contests, and the money helps make those things even better.

Grants for Military and Veterans

The advancement of military members, veterans, and their families is part of AT&T’s stated goal to promote education, build communities, and enhance lives. The document places a premium on initiatives that help veterans secure jobs and readjust to civilian life, and it also prioritizes initiatives that help veterans’ families complete high school and prepare for college. 

Grants for K-12 Education and College Readiness

AT&T Aspire prepares high school graduates for college and professions to compete globally. It provides education and training for good employment. Priorities include graduation, on-time grade advancement, credit fulfillment, attendance, and discipline. Through 2.27 million hours of mentoring, Aspire Mentoring Academy has influenced over 350,000 students.AAPD, UCLA Saturday Business Institute, Air Force CyberPatriot. It taught Afghan and Rwandan women business. Employee philanthropic donations quadruple and educational technologies and internet access are available. 

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Application Process of AT&T Foundation grant 

Application process for AT&T foundation grant benefits are easy and can be completed in six steps. These are

Initial Question

Applicants should visit the AT&T Foundation website to examine rules and make sure their initiative fits the Foundation’s priorities. Initial queries or concept papers might summarize the project.

Creating a proposal

If the first inquiry is accepted, the organization will be asked to submit a comprehensive proposal. This proposal should include a detailed project description, aims, objectives, and an execution strategy. Also needed are project budgets and timelines.

Submit Application Online

Online applications for comprehensive proposals are required by the AT&T Foundation. Applicants must register, fill out the forms, and provide papers like their charity status, project budget, and supporting materials.

Evaluation and Review

After submission, the AT&T Foundation award review committee thoroughly reviews submissions. This review evaluates the project’s alignment with Foundation goals, impact, and organization’s ability to execute the suggested activities.

Interview or Site Visit

The Foundation may visit or interview the applicant organization to better understand the project, check application information, and evaluate its capabilities.

Grant Award Notification

Successful candidates will get an official grant award announcement with terms and restrictions. Notified unsuccessful applicants may receive comments on their ideas. After receiving the award, the group will sign an AT&T Foundation agreement.

Click here and start your application process. 

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How to write a winning proposal for AT&T Foundation grants ?

To craft a compelling proposal for an AT&T Foundation grant, follow these four essential steps

Research and Alignment

Find out what the AT&T Foundation is trying to accomplish and where they are putting their money first. You should make sure that your initiative is very congruent with their emphasis on human services, community development, public health, digital literacy, and education. Draw attention to the ways in which your plan meets particular requirements in these domains.

Powerful Storytelling

Write a brief yet compelling story that explains why your idea is important. Make sure to explicitly state the problem you are trying to resolve, the remedy you have in mind, and the results you anticipate. Tell engaging stories to show how your initiative will help the people you’re trying to reach.

Budget and Sustainability

Create a comprehensive budget that shows fiscal responsibility by outlining the use of the grant money. Highlight how your initiative can remain operational after the award ends by outlining strategies for securing more financing or becoming self-sufficient.

Cooperation and Participation

Bring attention to any alliances or joint ventures that contribute to the success of your project. Involve local stakeholders or groups to show community support and engagement. Following these steps will help your proposal demonstrate the alignment, impact, sustainability, and teamwork that the AT&T Foundation is looking for in a grant application.

If you are interested in applying for a grant and would like more information about the application procedure, you may contact the foundation directly or contact the local management.

Deadline for AT&T Foundation grants

The AT&T Foundation does not publicize grant application deadlines because funding is usually via invitation. Grantseekers should contact local management or the foundation for application timeframes and processes.

AT&T Foundation grants contact information

AT&T Foundation Grants Office

[email protected] 



Mailing Address

AT&T Foundation
208 S. Akard St.
Dallas, TX 75202

Visit the AT&T Foundation website at for detailed guidelines, application forms, and additional resources.


In the areas of education, community development, disaster assistance, and cultural improvement, the AT&T Foundation Grants are crucial in making a positive impact on communities. Groups can get a lot of help with important issues and inclusive growth if they join forces with AT&T’s goals and show that their ideas work. These awards help towns all around the country become more resilient and dynamic via partnerships and new ideas.

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Frequently Asked Question

What are AT&T Foundation grants?

Grants from the AT&T Foundation are charitable endeavors designed to improve communities via programs for cultural enrichment, education, community development, and disaster assistance. Enhancing school performance, promoting economic growth, and giving funding for disaster recovery are just a few of the important needs that these awards serve. Organizations can obtain substantial assistance in addressing community issues and fostering inclusive growth by showing meaningful solutions and aligning with AT&T’s values.

How can organizations apply for AT&T Foundation grants?

Applying for grants from the AT&T Foundation requires organizations to go to the Foundation’s website, study the comprehensive criteria, and send in a concept paper or first inquiry detailing their intended initiative. Upon a favorable response to the inquiry, organizations can be asked to utilize the Foundation’s online application site to submit a complete proposal. After a rigorous assessment procedure, applications are sent to the selected candidates for a formal notification of grant award.

What are the key priority areas for AT&T Foundation grants?

Education, community development, disaster relief and recovery, and cultural improvement are among the top priority areas for AT&T Foundation funding. Grants assist programs that raise school performance, stimulate the economy, tend to community needs in times of crisis, and protect cultural treasures. Funding-seeking organizations should make sure their initiatives complement these key areas and show how they might benefit the intended community.

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