How To Apply For Blue and You Foundation Health Grants

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Blue and You Foundation Health Grants

Blue and You Foundation Health Grants –  Recently, the Blue & You Foundation grants for a Healthier Arkansas awarded grants totaling $5.9 million to address mental health challenges, substance use, and suicide among Arkansas youth. Federal and state data have identified critical areas of concern, including trauma, substance use, and suicide prevention, which are the focus of these Blue & You Foundation grants. Organizations such as Immerse Arkansas, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – Arkansas Chapter, the Wolfe Street Foundation, and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences are among the recipients.

The funding will fund a variety of initiatives, including the provision of substance use treatment and suicide prevention programs throughout the state, as well as the expansion of mental health resources and trauma support in schools. These investments are indicative of the foundation’s dedication to enhancing the well-being of Arkansas’ children, adolescents, and young adults and enhancing behavioral health outcomes.

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Key Takeaways

  • Grants target mental health, substance use, and suicide prevention among Arkansas youth.
  • Total of $5.9 million awarded to multiple organizations.
  • Initiatives include treatment programs, mental health resources, and trauma support in schools.
  • Encourages partnerships among healthcare providers, community groups, and educational institutions.
  • Emphasizes innovative and evidence-based methods to improve behavioral health outcomes.

What are the benefits of Blue & You Foundation grants?

The Blue & You Foundation grants provide a variety of advantages to communities throughout Arkansas. Initially, they concentrate on critical health challenges, such as substance use disorders, mental health issues, and suicide prevention among youth, as identified by federal and state data. The grants help to bridge inequalities in access to healthcare services by providing essential resources and support to underserved populations through the funding of programs and initiatives.

In addition, these Blue & You Foundation grants foster collaboration among healthcare providers, community groups, institutions, and organizations, thereby contributing to the development of resilient communities. They advocate for evidence-based approaches and innovation in the treatment of behavioral health issues, resulting in improved outcomes and a decrease in the stigma associated with mental health. Additionally, the grants enable organizations to broaden their reach and influence, thereby improving the quality of life and well-being of Arkansas’ children, adolescents, and young adults. In general, the Blue & You Foundation grants are essential for the advancement of public health initiatives and the development of healthier, more vibrant communities throughout the state.

For more information regarding Blue & You Foundation grants, check the official website here.

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Priority areas of Blue & You Foundation grants 

The Blue & You Foundation prioritizes grants in critical areas including maternity and pediatric health, suicide prevention, drug use disorder treatment, and mental health. In order to help underprivileged people in Arkansas, the Blue & You Foundation grants are concentrating on meeting urgent healthcare needs.

Issues of Trauma, Substance Abuse, and Prevention of Suicide – Providing specialized treatments and support services to combat the epidemics of adolescent trauma, drug abuse, and suicide.

Family and Youth Mental Health Resources – Building virtual platforms and all-encompassing support networks to increase family access to mental health resources.

Initiatives for the Treatment and Prevention of Addiction – Offering preventative and treatment programs designed with young people and teenagers in mind, with an emphasis on including parents in their children’s rehabilitation.

Raising Access to Substance Abuse Treatment – Increase funding for after-school programs, summer camps, and community outreach to help young people who are struggling with substance abuse.

Education and Support for the Prevention of Suicide – Improving suicide prevention initiatives across the state by educating the public, reaching out to marginalized communities, and providing resources to educational institutions and nonprofits.

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Eligibility criteria for Blue & You Foundation grants

If you feel that you need financial assistance from the Blue & You Foundation as a grant, you just need to stand up to the eligibility criteria of the foundation.  To be eligible for Blue & You Foundation grants, organizations must adhere to specific criteria:

Tax Exempt Status

To be eligible, an organization must have a valid 501(c)(3) tax identification number and run only for religious, charitable, educational, or scientific reasons.

Advantage for Arkansans Right Away

Projects must have a direct impact on people and communities in Arkansas, in line with the foundation’s goal of promoting health improvements in the area.

Importance in Relation to Key Domains

The foundation has prioritized mental health, drug use disorder, suicide prevention, and maternity and pediatric health as areas that the proposed programs should target.

Fresh Approaches

To promote innovation, efficiency, and effectiveness in healthcare, the foundation is on the lookout for novel techniques that show promise of substantially bettering community health outcomes.

Accountability in Finance

By following the foundation’s reporting guidelines and using grant funds transparently for their intended objectives, organizations can show that they have good financial management procedures.

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Examples of Blue & You Foundation grant recipients

The Blue & You Foundation grant has benefited many organizations. Here are some past  Examples of Blue & You Foundation grant

Arkansas Children’s Foundation

Helping adolescent moms and their children with essentials including food, housing, transportation, and social support, the Arkansas Children’s Foundation’s Community Health Navigator Program earned $200,000 to sustain its work. Crittenden County moms and their children will benefit from improved health and educational opportunities thanks to a $70,000 grant that Arizona State University’s Mid-South Community College will use to provide support services.

American Academy of Pediatrics Foundation

The Arkansas Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics Foundation was granted $106,295 to enable pediatricians to better combat adolescent drug abuse. Donations totaling $56,800 will help Ronald McDonald House Charities of Arkansas improve mental health services for families residing at their facilities during their children’s treatment at hospitals in Central Arkansas.

Mercy Health Foundation Northwest Arkansas

The Virtual Substance Use Recovery Program, providing people with opioid use disorder with integrated medication-assisted therapy and behavioral treatments, was funded with $200,000 by the Mercy Health Foundation Northwest Arkansas. A grant of $180,494 was awarded to Wolfe Street Foundation, Inc. for the purpose of establishing the first drop-in Recovery Community Center in the state and providing long-term peer recovery support services.

Mainline Health Systems

With the $178,190 grant, Mainline Health Systems, Inc. will be able to improve healthcare access for patients participating in Chronic Care Management by providing them with remote monitoring equipment. Building energy-efficient houses for low-to moderate-income families was the goal of the $188,000 grant that Habitat for Humanity of Central Arkansas got. This will help with housing issues and improve the community as a whole.

Arkansas Baptist College

Acquiring $150,000, Arkansas Baptist College established the Office of Counseling Services to offer behavioral health support to students, instructors, and staff on campus. Support groups and referrals to mental health services are just a few ways that the $24,100 grant from the St. Bernards Development Foundation can help low-income women in Northeast Arkansas get back on their feet after giving birth.

Habitat for Humanity of Central Arkansas

Central Arkansas’s Habitat for Humanity will use the $188,000 to construct affordable, energy-efficient houses for families with low to moderate incomes. Expanding health and social service support for homeless persons, Serve Northwest Arkansas won $145,000 to build four shelter units at the New Beginnings NWA facility.

If you want to know more about winners of the Blue & You Foundation grants, you can check this.

How to apply for a Blue & You Foundation grant ?

The application process for Blue & You Foundation grant benefits is easy and you can get the benefits by only following six steps.

Criteria for Evaluation

Check out the Blue & You Foundation’s website for all the information you need to know about their award requirements and how to apply. Make sure your project is in line with their goals and areas of focus.

Prepare Proposal

Create a detailed proposal that includes the project’s goals, tasks, anticipated results, and financial plan. Explain in detail how your project will improve the health of the community.

Complete Application

Use the Blue & You Foundation’s online application site. Complete all areas with specific information regarding your company, project, finances, and expected completion date.

Attach Supporting Documents

Be sure to attach any necessary supplementary materials, including project plans, financial accounts, or letters of recommendation. Make sure that the format of any attachments follows the rules set by the foundation.

Fill Out Application

Be sure to submit your application using the online portal before the deadline. Before submitting, make sure all of the information is correct and full.


Keep an eye on your inbox for any updates from the Blue & You Foundation after you’ve submitted your application; they can contact you about the status of your proposal. If asked for further information or to participate in an interview, be ready to do either. To make sure everything goes smoothly with your application, make sure to keep track of any contact and follow up quickly.

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How to write a compelling narrative for a Blue & You Foundation grant ?

Crafting a compelling narrative for a Blue & You Foundation grant requires careful planning and execution. Here are five steps to help you achieve this

Get to Know the Foundation’s Objectives

The very first step is to find out what the goals and objectives of the Blue & You Foundation are. Make sure that your initiative is in line with their areas of interest, including mental health, pediatric and maternal health, and socioeconomic determinants of health.

Problem Statement Without a doubt

The second step is to define the problem that your project aims to solve. Make use of pertinent facts and data to highlight the gravity of the issue in your community.

Display Your Resolved Issue

Outline your project’s steps and how they will solve the problem. To demonstrate that your method is well-planned and has a good chance of succeeding, you should emphasize its creative parts and tactics supported by facts.

Highlight Influence

Outline the positive results and anticipated advantages of your project. To prove that your effort will improve the community, provide quantifiable goals and objectives.

Incorporate a Personal Aspect

Include first-person accounts or testimonials from project beneficiaries to make your story more engaging. By doing so, you may emphasize the practical significance of your job while also establishing an emotional connection.

If you want to increase your chances of getting a grant from the Blue & You Foundation, take these steps to write a story that shows how your initiative will make a difference.

Blue & You Foundation Grant Deadlines

The Blue & You Foundation for a Healthier Arkansas has set deadlines for its grant application process

2024 Behavioral Health Grants

Deadline for Letters of Intent: July 12, 2024

Full Application Deadline (for selected applicants): August 16, 2024

Applicants are encouraged to adhere to these deadlines to ensure their submissions are considered for funding.

Blue & You Foundation grants contact information

For inquiries regarding Blue & You Foundation grants, please contact the mentioned below contacts. They will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns.


601 Gaines Street, Little Rock, AR 72201







Efforts to improve healthcare and promote wellness in Arkansas are greatly supported by the Blue & You Foundation Grants for a Healthier Arkansas. Communities and adolescents in Arkansas are benefited by the foundation’s funding programs, supporting creative efforts that address mental health, drug use problems, and methods to prevent suicide. Organizations are given the tools they need to make a difference in public health outcomes via the foundation’s promotion of cooperation, innovation, and community participation. Health justice and better living conditions for all Arkansans are priorities for the Blue & You Foundation Grants, which is why they are dedicated to openness, responsibility, and community involvement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blue & You Foundation grant?

Supporting mental health, drug use problems and adolescent suicide prevention are some of the important health issues that the Blue & You Foundation grant hopes to alleviate in Arkansas.

Do I need a nonprofit to apply for a Blue & You Foundation grant?

Yes, An organization’s eligibility to apply for a grant from the Blue & You Foundation is contingent upon its status as a 501(c)(3) charity. This checks that the foundation’s funding is going toward educational, philanthropic, religious, or scientific endeavors.

Are Blue & You Foundation grants open now?

Grants from the Blue & You Foundation are available at different times. Up-to-date information on grant cycles and deadlines can be found on their website or by contacting them directly.

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