Carnegie Foundation Grants - Transforming Education

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Carnegie Foundation Grants – Transforming Education

How To Get Grants from Carnegie Foundation Grants – Information and understanding come from education. Democracy ensures rights and inclusive government. Without international peace and security, global stability is impossible. Research and higher education empower communities and promote comprehensive social development by improving knowledge, creativity, and critical thinking.  Carnegie Foundation Grants advanced democracy, knowledge, and global stability. The foundation encourages education, impoverished populations, and scholarships with big funds. The monies help with refugee relocation, voting rights, and nuclear proliferation. Carnegie Foundation Grants improve social progress via methodical application and effective finance.

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What are Carnegie Foundation Grants ?

Andrew Carnegie founded the Carnegie Foundation Grants or Carnegie Corporation of New York in 1911 to foster knowledge and understanding. The Corporation has relentlessly pursued Andrew Carnegie’s top priorities: international peace and education and knowledge.

Elihu Root encouraged Andrew Carnegie to form the Carnegie Corporation of New York to manage his vast fortune for charity. Carnegie invested $125 million in the Corporation between 1911 and 1912, creating the largest charitable trust. The Corporation received $10 million extra as Carnegie’s legatee.

The Special Fund and Commonwealth Program spent part of the endowment on Canada and the British Colonies, but largely on the U.S. If you want to know more about the Carnegie Foundation, you can visit the official website of the foundation at:

Focus Area of Carnegie Foundation Grants 

The grant focuses on four core areas: Education, Democracy, International peace and Security, and Higher Education and Research in Africa. For more information, you can see the highlights of the foundation’s philanthropic work on these core areas at:

Eligibility for Carnegie Foundation Grants

Here are a few criteria for getting a grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York.

  • Non-profit organizations must register in the US.
  • Except for overseas initiatives compatible with the corporation’s objectives, mostly available to US entities.
  • Organizations must demonstrate consistent achievement, quantifiable results, and a defined project vision.
  •  Carnegie Corporation’s education, world peace, and democratic priorities should guide the organization’s work.
  • The company seeks projects that can make lasting improvements in the target areas.
  • Organizations should use grant monies wisely to improve society.

Carnegie Foundation Grants Application

There are some steps in the procedure of Carnegie Foundation Grants Application for the eligible applicants to get a grant from the foundation.

Step 1 – Send the corporation a Letter of Inquiry (LOI)

The letter should briefly define the organization, its goal, and the proposed project. It should also demonstrate how the initiative supports organizational goals. Selected LOIs invite comprehensive proposals.

Step 2 – Proposal in Full

The proposal should cover the organization’s history, leadership, and finances. It should include project goals and outcomes. The proposal should describe project implementation, monitoring, and assessment. Finally, specify a budget and timeline.

Step 3 – Process of Review

Comprehensively reviewing the proposal after submission. The company’s experts analyze initiatives on mission, impact, feasibility, and sustainability. Review may include leadership interviews and site visits.

Step 4 – Grant Award

After assessment, chosen groups will receive funding awards. Funding depends on project scope and magnitude. The company may also offer technical support and networking. If you have any kind of queries, you can email the foundation directly at [email protected] If your organization is responsible for supporting dogs by giving them shelter and food, you can get money assistance from Pedigree Foundation Grants.

List of Carnegie Foundation Grantees

Institute of International Education

The Carnegie Corporation donated IIE $200,000 for a Scholar Rescue Fund in 2023. This initiative’s reaction to global scholar threats has raised applicants since 2017. A 12-month endeavor aims to place vulnerable Arab and neighboring professors, researchers, and intellectuals in academic institutions worldwide. IIE may directly support at-risk scholars and develop academic collaborations with renewed funding, increasing the Scholar Rescue Fund’s activities under difficult geopolitical settings.

Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland

The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland got a $100,000 one-time grant for “Support of Anniversary Planning and Activities” under Special Projects in 2023 from the Carnegie Corporation. Andrew Carnegie founded the Trust in 1901 to improve Scottish university access and research. In celebration of its 125th anniversary, the Trust will explore how its support affects Scottish higher education, curriculum, research goals, and career paths. With Corporation assistance, this research will examine beneficiaries’ geographic distribution, local community impact, and the Trust’s changing position in Scottish society. The project lasts 24 months.

Mandela Rhodes Foundation

The Mandela Rhodes Foundation (MRF) got a $1,000,000 Special Projects award in 2023 from the Carnegie Corporation. Nelson Mandela’s legacy organization, MRF, was founded in 2003 alongside Rhodes Trust to train African leaders. To celebrate MRF’s 20th anniversary, the 24-month award funds 20 African postgraduate scholarships. The foundation supports postgraduate degrees in South Africa and leadership training for under-30s. MRF trains ethical leaders from 33 countries and disciplines to enact good, revolutionary change in their organizations, communities, and nations.

Come to Believe Foundation

Come to Believe Foundation (CTB) earned $100,000 from Carnegie Corporation in 2023 for education. This scholarship funds a cohort learning program to evaluate an innovative college paradigm at many universities. Charitable organization CTB gives impoverished kids a two-year college model at low cost. The technique reduces student debt, and prepares them for 4-year universities or the workforce. The 12-month program will help CTB create a model learning agenda for colleges outside New York State.

KIPP Foundation

Carnegie Corporation Education gave the KIPP Foundation $200,000 for the “KIPP Postsecondary Success Collaborative.” in 2023. Prize funds 18-month work. KIPP, a non-profit network of 255 college-preparatory public schools, wants to improve student progress, expand their reach, and develop scalable methods to assist thousands of graduates thrive in college and careers. The KIPP Postsecondary Success Collaborative advises CMOs and schools on college counseling, perseverance, and careers. Corporation funds help KIPP students and alumni live fulfilling lives and improve society.

National Center for Families Learning

NCFL received a $100,000 Carnegie Corporation Education Grant for “Family Engagement in Middle and High School Science through an Experiential Learning Approach RFP Y2.” in 2023. The incentive funds 12-month initiatives. NCFL began helping vulnerable families with research-based participation, literacy, leadership, and professional development in 1989. NCFL is reducing scientific opportunity gaps in Louisville’s JCPS Title I schools under the Corporation’s “Family Engagement to Support Student Learning” RFP.

Columbia University

Columbia University got a $400,000 Education award in 2023 for “A Project to the Center for Public Research and Leadership to Develop a Practitioner Toolkit Based on the Concerns-Based Adoption Model to Support Curriculum Implementation Efforts.” The 9-month award helps teachers improve student outcomes with high-quality resources. This fellowship will help Columbia University’s Center for Public Research and Leadership (CPRL) field test and refine the Curriculum Implementation Change Framework.

Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAJC)

Carnegie Corporation of New York gave the AAJC a $500,000 Democracy Grant in 2023. A 36-month grant helps generally. Since 1991, AAJC has championed AAPI civil and human rights issues related to government resources and political representation. AAJC advocates federal and state legislation and increases awareness of Asian American systemic challenges via policy advocacy, litigation, and public engagement. Over 250 community groups collaborate on the decennial census, immigration reform, voting rights, and anti-Asian hate crimes. The Corporation supports AAJC’s Asian American rights advocacy and federal and state policy debates.

Church World Service (CWS)

Church World Service (CWS) received a $155,000 Carnegie Corporation Democracy Grants in 2023 for “For Core Support of its Policy and Advocacy Programs.” The 18-month grant is necessary to solve U.S. refugee resettlement. March 31 saw 25,000 refugees placed out of the fiscal year 2023 goal of 125,000. The 1946-founded interfaith society CWS promotes enduring solutions to poverty, hunger, disaster, and displacement. With Corporation assistance, CWS helps immigrant and refugee leaders and religious community partners campaign for more welcoming national, state, and local policies.

LatinoJustice PRLDEF

LatinoJustice PRLDEF got a $170,000 2023 Democracy Grant from the Carnegie Foundation for general support. This 24-month donation supports the organization’s activism, education, and litigation to end Latino prejudice. Latinos, 19% of the U.S. population, experience voting access discrimination. Since 1972, LatinoJustice PRLDEF has challenged structural discrimination with civil rights groups, community-based organizations, and law firms. With renewed Corporation backing, the organization hopes to enhance voting rights and immigrant civic inclusion.

Nuclear Threat Initiative

Nuclear Threat Initiative Inc. won a $1,300,000 International Peace and Security award in 2023. NTI’s nuclear program will get core support for 24 months commencing September 14, 2023. Russia’s war in Ukraine and strained U.S.-Russian ties threaten the global nuclear system. NTI works with governments and international organizations on nuclear risk research, analysis, and policy. NTI will use the cash to reduce nuclear proliferation, fight nuclear terrorism, and launch a new campaign to promote nuclear weapons abolition.

Nautilus of America Inc.

Nautilus of America Inc. received a $243,000 International Peace and Security grant in 2023. A 24-month, one-time award for a nuclear threats and signaling initiative begins on September 14, 2023. The project examines nuclear signaling, particularly in conflict settings when nuclear-armed governments utilize threats to convey commitment or manipulate risk. The initiative will produce policy suggestions to avoid destabilizing roles and nuclear war based on case studies like Russia’s involvement in Ukraine and India-Pakistan tensions. Policy briefings and internet channels will share the results.

Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs

Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs received a $200,000 2023 International Peace and Security general support award. Pugwash will use the 6-month award, starting September 14, 2023, to address global nonproliferation regime and nuclear weapons control challenges. Modernization efforts in all nine nuclear-armed states and the Russian war in Ukraine are among these issues. Pugwash promotes debate, reduces misconceptions and miscalculations, lowers tensions, and spreads policy ideas to lessen global nuclear threats using its members’ expertise and connections.

American Library Association (for I Love My Librarian Awards Program)

The ALA received its final $200,000 grant from the Carnegie Corporation in 2021 for its I Love My Librarian Awards program. Since 2008, these awards have honored public, academic, and school librarians who have helped their communities. The funding maintained monetary prizes, funded the annual award ceremony, and expanded national media coverage of librarians’ critical role in literacy and education.

American Library Association

The Carnegie Corporation awarded the American Library Association $100,000 in 2021 for its Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction and Nonfiction project. In 2012, the Corporation funded these countrywide accolades for library professionals’ favorite adult fiction and nonfiction. The funding provided monetary prizes, annual ceremonies, and national media coverage. ALA supports these excellent literary prizes.

Newark Public Library Foundation

The Carnegie Corporation granted the Newark Public Library Foundation $10,000 for a 2021 unique project. The discovery financed “The Writer’s Role in Imagining Racial and Ethnic Identity,” a conference based on a 1962 Yeshiva University literary symposium recording. A symposium including Philip Roth, Ralph Ellison, and Pietro di Donato discussed minority authors’ community representation roles. Distinguished thinkers questioned these ideas, triggering a race and identity discussion in literature and culture.

New York Public Library (NYPL)

The NYPL received a $5,000,000 challenge grant in 2022 for the Vartan Gregorian Center for Humanities Research. Current Corporation president Vartan Gregorian was NYPL president from 1981-1989. This 24-month program honors him. Start date: September 15, 2022. The Center for Research in the Humanities receives the funding to provide scholars and independent researchers with 56 million NYPL materials for advanced study, writing, and collaborative programming.

These grantees are not limited. You can visit to learn more information about the Carnegie Corporation Grantees.  Cade Foundation Family Building Grant is also there, do not forget to visit them and grab possibilities for your organization to provide better service to the communities.


Carnegie Foundation Grants, launched by Andrew Carnegie in 1911, fund education, democracy, world peace and security, and African higher education and research. Columbia and Asian Americans Advancing Justice get grants. Comprehensive proposals, letters of inquiry, and thorough assessments compose the structured application process. These gifts show the Carnegie Corporation’s commitment to social good. If you are interested in learning more about foundation Grants, you can simply visit our page 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Carnegie Foundation Grants?

Carnegie Foundation Grants, founded by Andrew Carnegie in 1911, support education, democracy, international peace and security, and African higher education and research. These funds encourage knowledge, understanding, and global stability through beneficial social effect.

What is the duration of Carnegie Foundation Grants?

The duration depends on the specific grant and project, ranging from 12 to 36 months.

How can my organization apply for Carnegie Foundation Grants?

As an organization, you can start the application process by sending a LOI that quickly describes your project and its goals. Then, those LOIs that were chosen are asked to submit full plans.

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