How To Apply For Cigna Foundation Grant Application

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Cigna Foundation Grant Application

How To Get Grants from Cigna Foundation Grants – With an emphasis on reducing mental health inequalities in areas that are already struggling due to a lack of resources and structural disadvantages, the Cigna Group Foundation is fighting health disparities and enhancing overall well-being. Funding initiatives that strive to enhance mental well-being and ensure access to important mental health services is prioritized throughout the Cigna Foundation Grant cycle, recognizing the major influence of mental health on persons’ quality of life.

The Cigna Foundation Grant aims to fund programs that provide appropriate care, expand access to mental health services, combat stress, anxiety, and depression, and build resilience, particularly among underprivileged and ethnic minority communities. On top of that, there is an emphasis on healthcare provider cultural competence training and initiatives to address the scarcity of mental health care workers. The Foundation’s overarching goal is to improve mental health outcomes in communities that are already struggling by focusing on four programming areas: expanding access to treatment, improving health literacy, and decreasing the stigma associated with providing mental health assistance.

If you want to know more information regarding Cigna Foundation Grant, you can check the official website of the foundation.

Key Takeaways

  • Targets mental health disparities in underserved communities.
  • Funds programs promoting access to treatment and reducing stigma.
  • Prioritizes collaboration and data-driven solutions.
  • Awards grants to 501(c)(3) organizations between $50,000 and $100,000.

Focus Area of Cigna Foundation Grant 

Aims of the Cigna Foundation Grant include reducing health inequalities and enhancing people’s health generally. Through their partnerships, they are able to solve these concerns, with a focus on

Mental health

They fund initiatives that address the mental and emotional well-being of children and youth.

Food insecurity

Grant programs aim to increase access to nutritious food for children and families.

Social determinants of health (SDOH)

Grants target under-resourced communities facing systemic health inequities.

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Cigna Foundation Grant Eligibility Requirements

  • Annual funding submissions should be between $50,000 and $100,000, and requests for more than one year can be approved for a total of three years. An annual evaluation will be conducted to check if the grantee is still following the stated objectives.
  • The foundation only accepts applications from organizations that have a valid 501(c)(3) tax exemption.
  • Applications that prioritize the social determinants of health (SDOH) pertinent to specific regions and use data collected both locally and nationally to address health issues in those areas will be given priority.
  • It is necessary to have official documents, such a letter of support or an agreement, that other parties can attest to establish collaboration.
  • The following types of organizations will not be considered: those with a focus on individual benefits, capital campaigns, fraternal or advocacy groups, and those that discriminate on various grounds; organizations that promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and a learning culture will also be given preference.

Cigna Foundation Grant Recipients

In 2021, the Cigna Foundation will be making a conscious effort to address social challenges through its awards. Their varied areas of focus, including healthcare, accessibility, and education, encapsulate the purpose to improve people’s well-being in general.

National Minority Supplier Development Council

Thanks to their Cigna Foundation grant for minority-owned businesses and their partnership with the National Minority Supplier Development Council, Cigna has been named one of the Top 50 Corporations for Minority companies. By 2025, Cigna plans to have spent $1 billion with vendors from different backgrounds. For 18 months, Cigna executives and minority suppliers participate in the Supplier Mentor Protégé Program to help minorities grow their companies and increase their chances of winning contracts with Cigna.

African American/Black community

In addition, Cigna is a prominent supporter of groups that help the African American/Black population in areas like education and employment. Some organizations that have received funding from Cigna include Concordance, LOGOS School, Black Men Teach, and the Urban League of Philadelphia. Educational programs and workforce development efforts are just two examples of the many partner organizations that get individualized funding to meet their unique requirements.

Wake Forest School of Medicine

Another aspect of the Cigna Foundation grant for minority-owned businesses is the fact that the Cigna Foundation has donated $250,000 to start endowed scholarships at schools like Wake Forest School of Medicine. It is the hope that these scholarships would encourage a more diverse and inclusive medical student body. This will lead to a better diversified healthcare workforce.

Howard University Urban Superintendent Program

In a similar vein, a database to monitor representational growth and educator scholarships sponsored by a $250,000 gift from Cigna to the Howard University Urban Superintendent Program both improve access to quality education and pave the way for administrators to hold executive leadership positions.

Academy For Global Citizenship Charter School

Grantees included the Academy For Global Citizenship Charter School, was the proud winner of a substantial $50,000 award. This substantial sum goes into the school’s operational expenses. That might help with student assistance programs and pedagogical innovations. Furthermore, the Cigna Foundation’s scholarship programs may be essential in helping worthy members of the school community get access to high-quality education and other possibilities.

Achilles International Inc,

The $2,802 grant that Achilles International, Inc. received was only one example of how mental health projects have received funding. With this grant, the organization can continue to support its mission of helping its intended audience improve their mental health and resiliency. The Cigna Foundation sticks to its original mission of supporting and advocating for mental health by forming relationships with organizations like these.

412 Food Rescue Inc 

One example of the CIGNA foundation’ dedication to fighting hunger and fostering nutritional well-being within communities is the $100 gift it gave to 412 Food Rescue Inc. The organization addresses food insecurity problems. With this kind of support, nonprofits may develop and execute cutting-edge food rescue and distribution programs, helping at-risk communities cope with food insecurity.

100 Black Men Of Madison Inc

Furthermore, the 100 Black Men of Madison Inc. was one of the groups that received a $500 donation for general running reasons, demonstrating the Cigna Foundation’s dedication to social impact. The organization’s efforts to strengthen marginalized communities, with an emphasis on programs that increase economic and educational possibilities for Black people, are expected to benefit from this funding.

24 Foundation and 30 Day Fund Inc 

Giving back to the community through donations to groups like the 24 Foundation ($50) and 30 Day Fund Inc. ($600) demonstrates the Foundation’s commitment to solving important social problems. The organizations are able to strengthen their operational capacities with these funding. This allows them to launch effective programs and projects that promote good change in their communities.

Abraham Lincoln Traditional School Guild

Supporting organizations like the Abraham Lincoln Traditional School Guild ($250) further demonstrates the Foundation’s dedication to improving kids’ educational options and enrichment programs. These expenditures have a multiplicative effect on youth, improving educational performance while also bolstering their health, happiness, and potential for a better future.

Aclu Foundation Of Massachusetts Inc

Additionally, Aclu Foundation Of Massachusetts Inc. was one of the organizations that got $500 for general operations expenses from the Cigna Foundation. With this support, the group can continue to fight for social justice and civil freedoms. This in turn helps to create a more fair and inclusive society. Working in tandem with these organizations furthers the Foundation’s mission to advance inclusion, fairness, and equality in all aspects of community life.

Access Fund and Accessportamerica Inc

A further indication of the Foundation’s commitment to promoting accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities is the $500 donation it gave to Accessportamerica Inc. and the $103 grant it gave to Access Fund. This kind of financing may go toward programs that help people overcome obstacles so that they can fully participate in society.

Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue Inc

Giving back to charities like Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue Inc ($30) shows how serious the Cigna Foundation is about helping animals and people. As part of its mission to improve people’s quality of life and cultivate compassion in communities, the Foundation takes a comprehensive approach by addressing the needs of vulnerable groups, including animals.

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How to Apply for a Cigna Foundation Grant ?

To apply for a grant from the Cigna Foundation, you must follow these steps to make sure your project fits in with their goals and is eligible:

Examine the Eligibility Criteria

Before submitting the application, it is important for you to get a thorough examination of your eligibility for the grants. Cigna Foundation has set the eligibility criteria and to get a grant from the foundation you must match with that. In eligibility, the most important criteria is that you must possess 501(c)(3) status for your organization and also make sure that your activities of your organizations are in line with the goals of the foundation. This involves the mitigation of health disparities and the promotion of the overall welfare of all individuals.

Learn additional information about it

The next step is to learn about the crucial details of the foundation such as how the grant works, when the grant will be handed over, what documents are needed, and when they are needed. These details are small but effective if timely noticed and implemented. The foundation also conducts some inquiries where recipients are asked about the use of the grants and determine funding eligibility. Please confirm that the concept you have presented is consistent with the foundation’s fundamental principles and objectives.

Put together a comprehensive proposal.

You must provide a well-understood proposal that can highlight the need for grants for your organization. It is important that you create a proposal where your goals are clear. You have to provide the potential of your organization to show that it would use the grants for an effective purpose and incorporate the trends and data, foster collaborations, and satisfy the health requirements of the community.

Establish and Sustain Collaborative Alliances

The next step is to collect any essential documents. It may be memorandums of agreement or letters of support, to demonstrate your group’s joint efforts. This shows the level of partnerships and will increase the chances for your organization to get grants from the foundation.

Send in your application

It is important that you are adhering all the essential and relevant restrictions and honestly submit your complete proposal to the CIGNA foundation. You must verify all the inclusion of relevant information in the form of documents. Another important thing is that you must be responsive to the foundation whenever it sets any inquiry to you about the relevance of your organization to get the grant.

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Contact information for Cigna Foundation grants

If you really interested in applying in the Cigna foundation grants, then here are few ways of getting in touch with the foundation

Phone: 215-761-1000

Physical address: 1601 Chestnut Street Tl15 C, Philadelphia, PA 19192

EIN: 236261726



The Cigna Foundation Grant is an inspiring initiative that aims to improve the health and general well-being of underserved communities, particularly those dealing with mental health inequalities. The Foundation’s goal is to build resilience among marginalized communities by supporting programs that address stigma, enhance access to resources, and encourage appropriate treatment. Embodying its objective to increase health equality and ensure that everyone has the chance to thrive, the Foundation continues to lead the path for positive change via strategic collaborations, a dedication to diversity, and a culture of learning. If you are interested to know more about foundation grants, then please visit our page grants buddy at

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cigna Foundation Grant?

Supporting programs that improve mental health and guarantee access to important mental health services, the Cigna Foundation Grant aims to reduce health disparities and improve overall well-being, with a special emphasis on mental health inequities in underserved communities.

Is Cigna Foundation a legitimate grantmaker?

Yes, The Cigna Foundation is, in fact, a serious organization that gives out grants to improve people’s health and wellness, especially in underserved areas where mental health is a problem.

Does the Cigna Foundation give grants to individuals?

No. The Cigna Foundation mostly awards funds to nonprofits that have filed for 501(c)(3) status, rather than to individuals.

Can I apply for multiple Cigna Foundation grants?

Yes, As long as your requests are in line with the Cigna Foundation’s priorities and requirements, it is possible to submit more than one grant application.

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