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General Mills Foundation Grants Application

How To Get Grants from General Mills Foundation Grants – Hunger is a horrible reality that continues to impact millions of people throughout the world. It doesn’t care about national boundaries; it hurts vulnerable people worldwide. Food insecurity is a reality that keeps people mired in poverty and misery by denying them basic human rights. Physical and mental growth are both impeded when people do not have access to enough healthy food. This prevents societies and individuals from realizing their maximum potential. We must all work together to end hunger and make the world a better, more compassionate place since this problem is harsh and affects people everywhere.

The fight against food insecurity and malnutrition has a ray of hope now that the General Mills Foundation has awarded grants. Their unwavering commitment to holistic nutrition, sustainable agriculture, and alleviating hunger has played a pivotal role in reducing the severity of this issue. A world where everyone can afford healthy food and a better future is within reach, thanks to their steadfast dedication and more than $2.6 billion in charitable giving.

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What are General Mills Foundation Grants ? 

General Mills Foundation Grants support hunger relief, nutrition, education, and sustainable agricultural activities. These awards, established by General Mills, promote well-being and sustainability in areas where it works via financial assistance and community collaborations.

Through its philanthropy, the General Mills Foundation has advanced beneficial societal effects. The Foundation has donated $98 million to charity initiatives worldwide to promote community welfare. This kind funding has helped 471 various nonprofits improve communities globally. The General Mills Foundation, Box Tops for Education, corporate donations, and worldwide food donations have raised $2.6 billion since 1954. This lasting legacy shows General Mills’ commitment to good change and helping the needy.

The $27,000,000 in assets held by the General Mills Foundation displays a dedication to charity and community assistance. The Foundation distributed a grand total of $21,000,000 in awards to several industries in 2008. Organizations tackling emergency disaster assistance, education, food safety, health, and cultural activities received a varied variety of funds in 2008, however the precise areas of service and interests are not accessible.

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The focus area of General Mills Foundation Grants

The General Mills Foundation’s philanthropy focuses on

Increasing food security

Strategic efforts, grants, food contributions, and information exchange help the foundation provide nutritious meals to all community members. Guarantees food for everybody. The foundation and its partners provide access to healthful meals to improve neighborhood food security. The charity promotes food knowledge sharing. The organization helps small and emerging food firms in poor countries become better food producers through collaborations like Partners In Food Solutions and grants like Compatible Technology International. This boosts regional food systems that feed millions. It continually seeks capacity growth. Through focused grant-making, the foundation helps food banks develop and offer more nutritious food nationwide and worldwide.

Advancing sustainable agriculture

The General Mills Foundation supports food farmers to feed a rising population. We also rehabilitate streams and maintain food pollinator habitats. Foundation promotes resource conservation. The foundation invests and works to repair and maintain the world’s watersheds, starting with high-risk watersheds that affect General Mills’ sourcing and manufacturing areas. The charity defends pollinators and ecosystems. The charity conserves habitat to boost pollinator populations. Pollinators help food ecosystems reproduce fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other foods. They ensure pollinators’ well-being via advocacy, education, and applied research collaborations. The foundation also assists smallholder farmers and their families in our sourcing communities via non-governmental organization initiatives that improve their livelihoods and well-being.

Strengthening hometown communities

General Mills not only gives money to organizations that benefit people and the environment, but they also invest in programs, groups, and causes that do the same. Outnumber Hunger’s Box Tops for Education and Save the Bees’ Bring Back the Pollinators are two examples of such initiative campaigns.

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Eligibility for General Mills Foundation Grants

Here are some standards that an organization must meet in order to get a grant from the General Mills Foundation Grants.

  • Groups that aren’t tax-exempt
  • Companies that have a 509(a)(3) authorization Class III standing
  • Pledge drives, federation campaigns, and annual appeals
  • Fundraising, special events, trips, unexpected expenses, and studies
  • Athletic associations, recreational activities, and sports events
  • Groups of believers for the sake of their religion
  • People who
  • Societal, labor, veteran, alumni, or fraternal groups catering to a certain demographic
  • Workshops, conferences, and seminars
  • Media such as books, movies, and TV shows
  • Initiatives aimed at eradicating or managing particular illnesses

Types of General Mills Foundation Grants Givings

Minneapolis Grants Program

This initiative improves education and reduces hunger in Minneapolis. The Foundation gives Twin Cities nonprofits with a long history of operating support and staff participation priority.

Early Childhood Education

The Foundation backs programs that help students do better in school from K–12, especially those that focus on at-risk kids from pre-K to elementary school, which are very important years.

General Mills Foundation National Grants

These grants help national nonprofits that work in areas that are important to the Foundation. At the moment, the Foundation gives funds to projects that help with food insecurity and race equality.

Hunger & Food Secure Communities

The Foundation Backs Ground-Breaking Initiatives That Increase Access to Food for Families and Communities.

Community Engagement

Programs that encourage community involvement and work to strengthen communities receive funding from the Foundation.

Application Process of General Mills Foundation Grants

After checking the eligibility, you need to visit the website and put in a request for a grant. There are steps in the application process.

  • The first step is to check out the Official General Mills Giving Back Page. Learn more about the many projects and activities run by the Foundation on this page. Information about how to get in touch with the Foundation is also available.
  • The next step is to visit the Foundation’s website and follow them on social media for announcements. From time to time, they’ll declare that they’re accepting bids for certain projects.
  • At last make direct contact with the Foundation. Feel free to reach out to the Foundation via phone or email if you need assistance determining which program may benefit your organization. On their website, you can find all of their contact details.

General Mills Foundation Grants Deadlines

There are no hard and fast dates for applying to the General Mills Foundation’s grants because their process is ongoing. Rather, they conduct continuous proposal reviews all year round. So, feel free to submit your application whenever it suits you!

General Mills Foundation Grants Grantees and Programs

United Way of the National Capital Area 

The Child Wellness Initiative of the United Way of the National Capital Area (UWNCA) has been bolstered by a $400,000 donation from The General Mills Foundation. Public schools in the District of Columbia and public charter schools in the state are being asked to apply for funds of up to $25,000 apiece in order to enhance their nutrition education and physical activity programs for the 2009-2010 academic year. This opportunity has been made public through an RFP. The total amount of funding available is $200,000.

The American Red Cross 

The American Red Cross received $500,000 for emergency disaster relief following the Chinese earthquake. Scholarship America received $499,375 for post-high school scholarships. The University of Minnesota Foundation received $300,000 for the Global Food Safety Systems Initiative. The American Dietetic Association Foundation also received $207,000 for the Champions for Healthy Kids program and evaluation.

Ozarks Food Harvest- The Food Bank

The General Mills Foundation continues to make a substantial impact on communities through its charitable grants, exemplified by a $10,000 donation to Ozarks Food Harvest- The Food Bank in 2014. Specifically directed to the Weekend Backpack Program, this grant aids in providing nutritious weekend meals to 24 at-risk children at Irving Elementary in Joplin. The Foundation’s ongoing commitment to Ozarks Food Harvest has resulted in the distribution of over 3,550 food bags since 2010. Notably, the Foundation’s support extends beyond routine initiatives, as demonstrated by a $48,500 donation for disaster relief in 2011, aiding Joplin-area students and providing crucial assistance during the aftermath of the devastating tornado.

Fitness Programs

Through its General Mills Champions program, the General Mills Foundation has impacted communities nationwide. The initiative granted 50 nonprofit community groups $500,000 in its second year. These $10,000 scholarships fund creative initiatives that teach kids lifelong nutrition and exercise. The General Mills Foundation, ADAF, and President’s Challenge collaborate on the initiative. Splash! Kids Aquatic Program in Philadelphia, Reading, Running and Celery Sticks in St. Louis, and Healthy Start Program-Nutrition and Fitness Services in Portland are grant-winning programs.

Communities Nationwide

As it celebrates half a century of giving, the General Mills Foundation continues to go above and above in its dedication to community well-being via initiatives like the Champions program. Giving back to communities around the country, the Foundation distributed $77 million in 2003, which is more than 5% of the company’s pretax income. The arts, culture, education, family life, and youth nutrition and fitness received $20 million of this total. This comprehensive strategy exemplifies the General Mills Foundation’s commitment to building healthier and more resilient communities across.

Food Rescue Program

Philanthropy giant General Mills Foundation continues to fight hunger and nutrition worldwide. Mary Jane Melendez leads the Foundation and promotes innovative community participation through the General Mill Foundation’s Hunger and Nutrition Wellness Grants, International Giving, product contributions, and disaster assistance. Food rescue saves about 30 million tons from landfills. Reusing extra ingredients, diverting destroyed goods, and giving mislabeled commodities save millions of pounds of edible food. The Foundation’s dedication to community welfare reflects its history and focuses on innovative ways to help communities globally.

Helping our Hometowns Program

General Mills and its Foundation made considerable social responsibility progress in 2022. Philanthropic contributions helped 342 nonprofits strengthen communities worldwide. Since 1954, the General Mills Foundation has given $2.7 billion, including this community welfare effort. The corporation has made local grants to over 50 hometown towns, demonstrating its commitment to grassroots change. These projects demonstrate General Mills’ dedication to strengthening and fortifying communities globally.

Contact Details of General Mills Foundation Grants

Phone: 1-800-248-7310


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Millions of people throughout the world continue to suffer from hunger. Food insecurity is a global problem that has several causes, including a lack of affordable, healthy food options, poverty, war, and environmental degradation. In order to solve this multifaceted problem and guarantee a future without hunger, we must work together in the areas of policy, education, and sustainable behaviors. Through its many programs in sustainable agriculture, education, nutrition, and hunger assistance, the General Mills Foundation Grants significantly contribute to the betterment of society.

With a track record of significant contributions and a dedication to building strong communities, the Foundation has amassed over $2.6 billion in total philanthropy, leaving a lasting legacy. As a strategic approach to tackling global concerns, the emphasis on community participation, sustainable agriculture, and food security is evident. The global influence of the General Mills Foundation is a testament to the company’s commitment to social responsibility and community development through its many grant programs, partnerships, and continuous initiatives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas does the General Mills Foundation focus on in its philanthropy?

The foundation promotes food security by delivering healthy meals, sustainable agriculture to help farmers and ecosystems, and hometown community strengthening. They seek enduring improvements in global food, nutrition, and community welfare challenges.

How can organizations apply for General Mills Foundation Grants?

To apply Organizations should check eligibility on the General Mills Giving Back Page, follow the Foundation on social media, and contact the Foundation for help to apply. The application procedure is continuing with no deadlines.

What is the purpose of General Mills Foundation Grants?

The goal of General Mills Foundation Grants is to help fight hunger, improve nutrition, fund education, and support the long-term growth of farms. They help communities by giving them money and working with them to improve health and the environment.

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