Humana Foundation Grants and Scholarship Program

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Humana Foundation Grants and Scholarship Program

Humana Foundation Grants and Scholarship Program – Today we are going to discuss and know the value of the Humana Foundation Grant in society. There are several millions of people who are facing challenges in accessing the right amount of care. The care is not limited to any specific area. It can be described as giving education, health care, basic livelihood things, and building strong social connections. Of course, all of these tasks are not done alone by The Humana Foundation. The way of help is like the Humana Foundation offers several grant opportunities to support projects and initiatives that further their mission of advancing health equity and building healthier communities.

There are lots of foundations available such as the Big Lots Foundation Grant, and the Max & Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Grant. You can get grants from these foundations if you want to contribute to the people’s healthy and peaceful lives.

What is the Humana Foundation Grant?

The Humana Foundation grant is money that the Humana Foundation gives to assist programs and projects that aim to enhance health results and promote health equality in communities. The foundation’s main goal is to make smart investments in communities, especially in light of Humana Inc.’s Bold Goal towns. We want these efforts to help with the social drivers of health, which are the economic and social factors that affect people’s health and well-being.

The Humana Foundation was created in 1981 as the charitable part of Humana Inc. Its main goal is to improve health equality by getting rid of unfair, avoidable, and pointless hurdles in healthcare and health. The Foundation supports partnerships and investments that are based on data and help people in underserved areas live healthy, linked lives.

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What are the Strategic Community Investment Areas of the Humana Foundation Grant?

Funding for Specific Programs: The emphasis here is on four fundamental promises:

Promoting Healthy Aging

Assisting the elderly and veterans in achieving optimal health as they age by implementing programs to combat social isolation, manage chronic diseases, and increase healthcare access.

Healthy Aging

Nutritional insecurity, childhood obesity, and lack of access to nutritious food and physical exercise are all factors that contribute to a lack of a healthy childhood.

Building Strong Bonds

Providing resources to combat mental illness, social isolation, and loneliness while also encouraging the development of positive emotional relationships.

Healthy Food Environment

Promoting better food availability, supporting community gardens, and pushing for healthier food policy all contribute to a healthier food environment, which in turn shapes a healthier approach to nutrition.

Humana Foundation Grant eligibility for organizations

There are two important things that your organization must keep in order to meet the standard of the Humanag foundation’s grant

  • The 501(c)(3) status is required for non-profit organizations, governmental organizations, and faith-based organizations to be eligible for tax exemption.
  • Louisville, Kentucky, as well as other geographical regions such as Florida, Texas, and Louisiana, are locations that are of particular importance. However, national programs that are centered on health equity can also be taken into consideration.

The Gupta Family Foundation grant is one of the prominent foundations in running on the global level. You can check them out if you do not want to miss an opportunity of getting exceptional help from the foundation.

Humana Foundation Grant Application

In keeping with its declared purpose, the Humana Foundation Grants back four programs: Connected Healthy Lives, which educates and advocates for people’s physical and mental health; Advancing Health Equity, which helps the elderly; Community Wellbeing, which strengthens particular neighborhoods; and Advancing Healthy Aging, which helps the young and the old. Check to see whether any of these promises are appropriate for your undertaking.

Emerging opportunities: Visit the grant management system to learn about the application deadlines and eligibility requirements for each program.

Humana Foundation Grant Grantees in the US

  • In Texas, the YMCA of Greater San Antonio received a grant of $400,000 to expand its nutrition and cooking classes for seniors. The San Antonio Food Bank received a grant of $1.05 million to support its partnership with clinicians to screen seniors for food insecurity. The screening grant is on top of the $2.7 million that the food bank has already received since 2018. A similar program run by Feeding South Florida will focus on helping adults of color who have high blood pressure and diabetes. It will cost $250,000.
  • In order to investigate the benefits of older people with low salaries having healthy home-delivered meals and social connection programs, the Gillings School of Global Public Health and School of Social Work at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have provided a gift of $250,000
  • The School of Medicine at Yale University has provided a grant of $250,000 to investigate the efficacy of a culturally customized intervention in reducing the mental health disparity that exists between African American men.
  • A $250,000 grant to Jewish Family & Career Services of Louisville in Kentucky will pay for health programs in senior living for low-income people that will help them eat better and feel like they belong.
  • Other groups that Florida helped with grants included FLIPANY (Florida Introduces Physical Activity and Nutrition to Youth), which received $300,000 to teach seniors in South Florida about nutrition, United Way of Broward County ($300,000) for a program that pairs seniors with health professionals in college and sends them boxes of healthy food every month, and NAMI Hillsborough ($250,000) for a project to provide mental health support, resources, and training.

Humana Foundation Grant 2017

In 2017, the grantmaking environment of the Humana Foundation was significantly different from its current state. Previously, it was known as the “Humana People to People Foundation” and it catered only to foreign development initiatives in the United Kingdom, India, and South Africa. The Humana People to People Foundation works on three main types of projects: “Education,” “Community Development,” and “Promoting Health and Fighting Diseases.”

The Humana People to People Foundation has four stated goals that it supports:

  1. Help at times of crisis and natural disasters
  2. Progress
  3. Preserving natural environments
  4. New ideas and research

The Humana People to People Foundation gave $425,500 to five groups in India, South Africa, and the UK in 2017. Overall, 11 growth projects got help. The Humana People to People Foundation’s money added to what other partners had given to a number of the projects. At the same time, this allowed for a lot of different things to happen, which made the lives of many people better.

Here are some areas of grants of Humana People To People Foundation

  • The World Health Organization says that only 70% of people who have HIV know they have it right now. WHO says that 20.9 million people living with HIV were getting antiretroviral treatment (ART) around the world in the middle of 2017.
  • The Humana People to People Foundation gave money to seven health projects in 2017 that helped carry out the global 2030 Agenda for being in control of HIV/AIDS and TB.
  • TB Alert is a group in the UK that fights tuberculosis in the UK and in developing countries. In 2017, the group got a USD 15,000 grant to improve TB programs and make it easier for top TB care providers to work with non-governmental organizations in East Europe and Central Asia.
  • TB Alert will hold three workshops, each lasting two to three days, for National TB Program managers, staff, and other senior medical providers in each of the three countries between the end of October 2017 and the end of 2018. This is part of a 16-month grant from the Humana People to People Foundation.
  • In 2017, the Humana People to People Foundation gave USD 105 000 to Humana People to People South Africa for the TCE DREAMS project. The grant adds to money that USAID gives through FHI360 and other Humana People to People groups.
  • The Humana People to People Foundation gave USD 21,000 to Humana People to People South Africa for the HOPE Bushbuckridge project. It adds to money that comes from the Government Department of Health, businesses, and other Humana People to People groups in Europe.
  • Humana People to People South Africa got a USD 19,000 grant from the Humana People to People Foundation in 2017 to help pay for the health project HOPE Mopani. This was in addition to money from the National Department of Health and other Humana People to People groups.
  • The Humana People to People Foundation gave USD 35,000 to Humana People to People India (HPPI) to help fund a program in India that fights HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. Together with money from the Indian government, The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases, private companies, charities, and other Humana People to People organizations in Europe, the grant made the project possible.
  • Humana People to People India got a grant of USD 55,000 from the Humana People to People Foundation in 2017 to help pay for its “Necessary Teacher Training (NeTT) Program” in the Indian state of Haryana. The grant adds to money that the state’s Department of Education, the DELL Foundation, and other Humana People to People groups have given.

There are several grants that are provided by the Humana Foundation grants under Humana People to People Foundation Grants to the world in 2017. If you are interested and want to more information you can go through the report 2017 of the foundation at:

Humana Foundation Grant Deadline

The application period for 2023 is now closed. Most likely, the next time of applications for the Humana Foundation Grant will start in May of 2024. To stay updated on the latest dates and opportunities, you can get the most recent information through the grant management system of the foundation. For your additional support, here is the website  If you are searching for grants for your organization, please visit Glide Foundation Grants for opening valuable opportunities.


One of the main goals of the Humana Foundation Grant is to help people get past obstacles to health care, education, and social connections. The foundation is continuously investing on projects that believe in raising a healthy and happy community. Established in the year of 1981, the foundation has given a lot of grants not only to the US but to other nations’ programs too. Although the foundation supports a variety of programs, it has some areas of priority or you can say the first responder. It supports those programs first who stand to help in raising health equity and are committed to making a healthy community. Its valuable efforts in 2017 are indescribable. Not only on a local level but with the help of this foundation, the world gets a shift on the international level in terms of having an improved healthy community in various locations. For more information related to Foundation grants check our website   that facilitates crucial details.

Frequently Asked Questions


What does the Humana Foundation do?

The Humana Foundation is the charitable arm of Humana Inc., which was established in 1981 with the goal of accomplishing the improvement of health equity via the elimination of obstacles to healthcare and the promotion of community well-being.

What does the Humana Foundation want to do?

The primary objective of the foundation is to provide assistance in the development of communities in which leadership, culture, and procedures all collaborate to enhance health outcomes and eliminate health inequities that can be avoided.

Who can get a grant from the Humana Foundation?

If you are interested in receiving a grant from the Humana Foundation grant, you need to meet some standards. Your organization must be an NGO, government agency or a faith based that stands in 501(C)(3). However, the grants are available for any program in terms of giving support to needy people in the world, but they give priority to the programs work for health equity and creating healthy communities.

When is the last day to apply for the Humana Foundation Grant?

The 2023 application period is over, and the next one will likely start in May 2024. In addition, you are suggesting checking regular updates about the openings and deadline of application for the Humana Foundation Grant.

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