Landfall Foundation Grant and Scholarships

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Landfall Foundation Grant and Scholarships

How To Get Landfall Foundation Grant – To allow Landfall residents to confidently and intelligently support non-profit groups in the greater Wilmington area, the Landfall Foundation was established. After reviewing submissions for initiatives and programs in the fields of the arts, education, health, and welfare, our Grants Committee makes grants. This important support to smaller, frequently underfunded groups has a significant effect on the essential needs of our community.

Mission of Landfall Foundation Grant

Mission of Landfall Foundation Grants is to Support regionally based, underfunded non-profits in the fields of the arts, education, health, and welfare by putting project submissions through a rigorous screening process. The majority of the money for the grants given out each year comes from the Landfall Foundation’s four annual fundraisers.  These include the Legends of Tennis Tournament in the fall, the Annual Gala, the Art Show & Sale, and the Holiday Marketplace in December.  Since the Landfall Foundation’s founding in 1995, 99 Wilmington-area nonprofits and schools have received checks totaling $550,000 from the Foundation, for a total of $7.3 million in donations.  If you want to know more about the meaning of foundation Grants visit here.

Types of Grant Requests of Landfall Foundation

The Landfall Foundation grant applications  have two categories:

  • Grants for programs or projects that have a clear goal and are often finished in a year or two. Funding for these awards is limited to $10,000.
  • Capital Grants to build, renovate, extend, or repair facilities; or to buy large equipment to assist the humanitarian endeavors of the organization. The grants have a maximum financing amount of $30,000.

The landfall foundation capital grants has the option to apply for a capital grant or a program grant; however, if a capital grant application is made, it is not permitted to submit a program grant application until after the applicant has been notified that its capital grant application has been denied.

Additional Grants of Landfall Foundation

Funding Alert is designed to bring important grant opportunities to the attention of nonprofit executives who don’t have much time for investigation. The Society is also pleased to offer full access to GrantStation to all of its members for a more detailed database of grants. A database of more than 5,000 open grants can be found on GrantStation, along with additional tools for grant professionals.

Eligibility of Landfall Foundation Grant

You need a copy of your IRS Tax Exemption letter and proof that your organization is a non-profit tax exempt entity as specified by IRS code section 501(c)(3) are required.

Ineligibility of Landfall Foundation Grant

Grants to your organization are not available if:

  1. Project beneficiaries are not located in Brunswick, Pender, or New Hanover counties.
  2. The company functions as a non-profit, private foundation.
  3. The application is for one-on-one assistance.
  4. The award is mainly intended to cover running costs, which include principal and interest payments on debt, advertising or signage, general overhead, and administrative charges.
  5. The grant is intended for nascent organizations, and your IRS determination letter must have been issued at least two years prior to the application submission deadline.
  6. The organization is involved in the advancement of political or religious ideals in whatever capacity.
  7. Any part of a Landfall Foundation Grant Award will be transferred by the organization to any other organization.
  8. The group employs internal fundraisers and is a local chapter of a national organization.
  9. The group discriminates against people based on their age, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender, ethnic origin, and disability.
  10. The funding proposal is intended for engineering and planning, feasibility studies, or research.
  11. The award covers the cost of either buying real estate or already acquired capital goods.
  12. The group was awarded a program grant the year before, but as of May 15 of this year, it still hasn’t turned in a final or preliminary report.
  13. In the current year, the organization was awarded a capital grant.

Here is more information about Foundation Grants.

Landfall Foundation Grant Application

1. Establish yourself with the objectives of the Landfall Foundation:

  • Examine their website thoroughly, taking note of their goals, areas of focus (education, health & welfare, and the arts), and previous grantees.
  • Take a look at their 2023 grant awards breakdown to learn more about the funding ranges and project kinds that they usually support.

2. Evaluate the suitability and eligibility of your organization:

  • Verify that your organization satisfies the requirements and that it is a non-profit tax-exempt organization as defined by IRS code section 501(c)(3).
  • Make sure your program or initiative responds to a recognized need in your community and is in line with the Landfall Foundation’s emphasis areas.

3. Start organizing your funds and project:

  • Create a comprehensive plan that outlines the objectives, tasks, budget, and schedule for your project. When describing your needs and the intended use of the grant, be precise and practical.
  • To illustrate the potential of your idea, gather supporting material such as impact studies, data, and letters of support.

4. Remain educated

  • For information on the upcoming application cycle and deadlines, keep an eye on the Landfall Foundation website and social media accounts.
  • If they have grant seminars or webinars coming up for future candidates, think about attending them.

Gupta family foundation grants and Charles M and D Grant Foundation are also available. All you need to do is go through a number of specific requirements.

The Landfall Grant Foundation Member Benefits

  • World Magazine, Nonprofit

The only all-inclusive national journal for nonprofits with a focus on governance, management, and leadership. quarterly online delivery available in print-friendly PDF format. More than 1,500 previous articles are accessible to assist in addressing your most urgent queries or resolving your trickiest issues

  • Membership in GrantStation

GrantStation Membership, valued at $699 at retail, gives grantseekers unrestricted access to a database including thousands of active funding sources for your projects or activities.

  • Free Online Conferences

All of our instructional webinars, as well as the more than 50 hours of on-demand recordings and forthcoming live events, are available for free.

  • Award of Excellence

Huge savings on our “Certificate of Excellence” online course series. Acquire the Certificate of Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership and Management to add a respected qualification to your CV.

  • Finance Notification

Up-to-date grant information, neatly organized by category, sent directly to your email each month.

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For depressed nonprofits in the Wilmington region, the Landfall Foundation serves as a ray of hope. Founded in 1995 with a stated objective of supporting arts, education, health, and welfare activities, the Foundation has been a major player, allocating an impressive $7.3 million to 99 worthy Wilmington-area organizations. The Landfall Foundation Grants provides members with important resources to increase their impact in addition to financial support through clear award categories, stringent qualifying requirements, and a dedication to transparency.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Landfall Foundation’s main area of focus?

The Landfall Foundation’s primary goal is to provide impoverished non-profits in the Wilmington region with funding in the areas of the arts, education, health, and welfare.

How can an organization prepare itself for a Landfall Foundation grant application? 

Organizations should first familiarize themselves with the goals of the Landfall Foundation by visiting their website and reviewing past grantee lists in order to be ready to submit a grant application. Ascertain your non-profit organization’s eligibility for tax exemption, create a thorough project strategy, and compile pertinent supporting documentation. It can also be helpful to keep up with the Foundation’s announcements and perhaps attend any seminars or webinars. To know more about other government grants, visit

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