Mars Wrigley Foundation Grants Application

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Mars Wrigley Foundation Grants Application

Mars Wrigley Foundation Grants Application To ensure that people and communities all over the globe have the opportunity to thrive, the Mars Wrigley Foundation Grants collaborates with various organizations. The Foundation has been around since 1987, and its goals include educating the public about the importance of oral health, improving the quality of life in areas that produce mint and cocoa, reducing trash and waste, and building strong communities.

Mars Wrigley Foundation Grants also realizes people face very real challenges to their happiness and well-being. From addressing a lack of oral health affecting children and adults worldwide to gaps in community resources – there are many moments when the Mars Wrigley Foundation can make a difference around the world.

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What is Mars Wrigley Foundation?

The Mars Wrigley Foundation Grants, the philanthropic arm of Mars, Inc., focuses on creating better communities and promoting health and well-being globally. It addresses key areas such as environmental sustainability, global health, development, sustainable agriculture, human rights, and disaster relief.

With a commitment to oral health, economic empowerment, and environmental stewardship, the foundation collaborates with NGOs, governments, and partners to drive positive change. Its initiatives aim to improve lives, empower women, and contribute to sustainable practices, reflecting Mars, Inc.’s dedication to social responsibility and community well-being.

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Eligibility of Mars Wrigley Foundation

  • Nonprofits and educational institutions in the United States with 501(c)(3) status can get most grants.
  • People may also be able to join some programs, such as the Healthier Smiles Grants for dentists and dental students.
  • The Mars Wrigley Foundation is interested in projects that help with oral health, community development, the environment, and communities that grow cocoa and mint.
  • Projects should focus on the community and show a clear need and effect.
  • Grant proposals need to be well-written, include lots of information, and follow the rules for each program’s application.

Mars Wrigley Foundation Application Process

There are few steps to follow in the application process

  1. Find the application: Pick the application that meshes well with the goals and scope of your project. There will be a separate application portal or set of instructions for each program.
  2. Take a look at the prerequisites: Make sure your project meets the criteria by carefully reading the eligibility requirements. If you are uncertain, get in touch with the charity.
  3. Collect all necessary items: Gather all required paperwork in accordance with the program’s regulations. Here are some common requirements:
  • Project proposal detailing objectives, timetable, financial plan, and impact evaluation
  • Data and records pertaining to the organization (such as its 501(c)(3) filing)
  • Audited financial documents and statements
  • supportive letters or reference letters
  • Additional program-related papers
  1. Send in your resume: Follow the program’s instructions to fill out the online application or send in the necessary paperwork. Complete all tasks by the due date.
  2. Evaluation and selection: The Foundation evaluates requests according to program standards, the feasibility of the project, and the potential impact.
  3. Reminder: We will let you know of the decision by email or regular mail. You can expect to get the necessary paperwork and instructions for the grant if you are successful.

Focus area of Mars Wrigley Foundation

Oral Health

  • Support oral care access and education programs for underserved communities, children, and the poor.
  • Preventive measures: Supporting dental sealant programs and oral hygiene education.
  • Grants to help dentists and dental students serve vulnerable populations, strengthening the dental workforce.

Develop Community

  • Addressing food insecurity, affordable housing, and youth resource shortages to build vibrant and inclusive communities.
  • Disaster relief and community preparation and recovery to build resilience.
  • Working with NGOs and local organizations to meet community needs and use local expertise.


  • Putting efforts to reduce environmental impacts. Promoting renewable energy, litter reduction, and sustainable packaging.
  • Supporting recycling processes and resource management programs to promote a circular economy.
  • Promoting education and partnerships.Working with environmental groups to achieve sustainability goals.

Mint and Cocoa Growing Communities:

  • Helping mint and cocoa farmers use environmentally friendly methods.
  • Help in improving the Livelihood of unfortunate people. Mint and cocoa-producing communities receive healthcare, education, and economic opportunities.
  • Encourage farmers to earn more. Programs that improve mint and cocoa growers’ skills, finances, and supply chain participation.

Waste Reduction

  • Mars Wrigley Foundation Grant fouces to reduce its environmental impact. Waste reduction programs at the Foundation include some programs on recycling, composting, and litter prevention. The Foundation develops sustainable packaging materials.

Vibrant Communities

  • The Mars Wrigley Foundation Grant also offers money grants to global community development programs. The Foundation promotes arts, education, and social services. The Foundation fosters business-government-nonprofit partnerships.

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Programs of Mars Wrigley Foundation and the Grants allotments

Disaster Relief and COVID-19

The Hubei Red Cross Foundation received an initial emergency grant from the Foundation earlier this year to help with the pressing demand for safety equipment among frontline healthcare workers in Wuhan, China. With a promise of $3 million USD to local NGOs supporting the most needy in our communities, the Foundation launched a worldwide response to meet the shifting needs of Mars Wrigley site communities throughout the world as the issues escalated. To far, the Mars Wrigley Foundation has provided assistance to almost 600,000 vulnerable individuals and families affected by the epidemic, with the goal of supporting those in dire need worldwide.

Healthier Smiles Grants (Chicago area only)

A program known as Healthier Smiles Grants operates only in the Chicago area. Together with the Chicago Dental Society Foundation, Mars Wrigley Foundation Grants give grants to dentists who are members of the CDS for programs that help low-income groups and individuals with their oral health. Five dentists in the Chicago area were each given a $45,000 Healthy Smiles Grant by the Chicago Dental Society Foundation in 2023. The dentists planned to use the money to do a variety of projects, such as giving uninsured children free dental care and making mobile dental clinics for underserved areas.

The deadline for 2023 has passed, but you can check back in early 2024 to learn about the next cycle.

Dental Sealant Programs

Grants funding for dental sealant programs designed to protect children from developing cavities. More than 50,000 children in the United States received free dental sealants thanks to a partnership between the Foundation and the Give Kids a Smile program in the year 2021.

Community Connection Grants

Provides financial assistance to local organizations that are working to address important issues such as housing, youth development, and food insecurity. In the year 2022, the Foundation distributed Community Connection Grants totaling one million dollars to fifteen different non-profit organizations located all over the United States.

Litter Prevention

The Mars Wrigley Foundation and the Foundation for Environmental Education have joined forces to launch the Litter Less Campaign (LLC). Involving their communities in awareness-raising activities, teaching students about litter and waste, and encouraging them to make choices that will reduce their environmental impact and conserve resources are all parts of the campaign. In 2011, the EcoSchools (ES) and Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) programs began implementing the Litter Less Campaign. For a decade, the FEE-Mars Wrigley Litter Less Campaign (LLC) has mobilized 7600 schools in 35 countries, including 4 million students, to combat pollution and waste. As varied as the communities affected, this assessment process has examined a wide range of consequences and activities.

Smile Foundation

Daily wage laborers, migrants, and other disadvantaged populations in India will get dry food and necessary kits thanks to funding from the Mars Wrigley Foundation. One nonprofit helping at-risk populations weather the storm is the Smile Foundation. Smile Foundation will also get 1.5 million Indian rupees (INR) from the donation, which would allow them to distribute 600 dry ration and critical item packages in Pune, Maharashtra. The total number of households supported by the program in these four areas is 3,600.

Akshaya Patra Foundation 

Over the course of the crisis, the Akshaya Patra Foundation is a non-profit organization that is working with populations who are most vulnerable. The organizations that are responsible for the distribution of cash will utilize those monies to purchase necessary relief commodities such as food and hygiene products. These things will include masks, soaps, hand sanitizer, and sanitary napkins. Gurgaon (in the state of Haryana), Bangalore (in the state of Karnataka), and Baddi (in the state of Himachal Pradesh) will each get 3,000 ration packs distributed by the Akshaya Patra Foundation, which will receive INR 2.5 million.

Farmer income Lab

Mars Wrigley foundation Grants invest in activities that have a tangible impact on the ground to boost farmer income. It established the Farmer Income Lab in 2018 to provide practical insights needed to help eradicate smallholder poverty. The Livelihoods Fund for Family Farming aims to support smallholder farmers and sustainable sourcing of pioneering brands by investing in regenerative agriculture practices, empowering new farmers, and restoring natural resources. Mars claims to benefit 200,000 farms through the Livelihoods Fund, while developing sustainable supply chains to source high-quality raw materials.

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Contact Details of Mar Wrigley Foundation Grants:


Phone: 312-794-6200



Helping individuals and communities all across the globe is why the Mars Wrigley Foundation is so important. It tackles practical issues by assisting mint and cocoa-growing regions, promoting environmental sustainability, and enhancing community oral health. Healthcare, education, and economic possibilities are all positively impacted through grants and collaborations. The Foundation’s mission is to strengthen, improve the health of, and promote inclusive communities via disaster assistance, dental care initiatives, and the promotion of sustainable practices. Mars Wrigley Foundation Grants’ numerous programs, such as Healthier Smiles, Litter Prevention, and Community Connection, demonstrate the company’s commitment to minimizing waste and improving the planet for all people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Mars Wrigley Foundation Grants?

American nonprofits and schools get funding from the Mars Wrigley Foundation Grants program, which prioritizes issues including disaster relief, community development, environmental sustainability, oral health, and the welfare of communities that cultivate mint and cocoa.

Who is eligible for Mars Wrigley Foundation Grants?

Non-profit organizations and educational institutions in the United States with 501(c)(3) status are eligible for most grants.

What are the focus areas of Mars Wrigley Foundation’s grant programs?

The foundation focuses on oral health, community development, environmental sustainability, disaster relief, and support for cocoa and mint-growing communities.

How can organizations apply for Mars Wrigley Foundation Grants?

To apply, organizations need to find the relevant application, review eligibility criteria, gather necessary documents, and follow the online application process outlined on the foundation’s website.

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