Siebert Lutheran Foundation Grant Funding & Philanthropy

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Siebert Lutheran Foundation Grant Funding & Philanthropy

How To Get Grants from Lutheran Foundation Grants- Spiritual growth, community unity, and good social influence depend on supporting churches and encouraging education and leadership. It gives people information, morals, and leadership abilities, improving communities and religious institutions’ ability to encourage and uplift people. The Siebert Lutheran Foundation Grant helps Siebert congregations fund education, community service, and leadership. The organization helps Lutheran congregations in Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula thrive by supporting spiritual growth, communal influence, and strong leaders.

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What is the Siebert Lutheran Foundation Grant ?

Albert F. Siebert founded the autonomous, private Siebert Lutheran Foundation to strengthen Lutheran church and ministry. The Foundation, which is pan-Lutheran, funds ministry initiatives of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, and Wisconsin Synod. We focus on Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine, and Kenosha counties. The Siebert Lutheran Foundation maximizes collaboration, connections, and money to develop and expand Lutheran Christian organizations that communicate the Gospel, educate children and youth, and serve our communities.

A committed Board of Directors oversees the Siebert Lutheran Foundation Grant. Chairman Dr. Joan Prince, retired Vice Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the board includes distinguished leaders from diverse professions. They focus the foundation’s Lutheran support on education, leadership, and community service.

If you want to know more about the Siebert Lutheran Foundation Grant, please visit the official website of the foundation at:

Focus Area Of Siebert Lutheran Foundation Grant

Siebert Lutheran Foundation funds Lutheran church and organization programs and initiatives that address one or more of the funding goals below.


The Siebert Lutheran Foundation Grant promotes Christian growth in Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Short-term aims include funding underserved churches. Intermediate aims include developing strong leaders to sustain and build the future church, while long-term goals include using creative methods and research to grow the Body of Christ.


The charity also funds Gospel education and sharing. The short-term goal is to provide education and family assistance to economically underprivileged children and youth in a Christ-centered atmosphere. Intermediate goals include accessing Christ’s transformational power via Lutheran schools with high academic standards, leading to a long-term vision of students obtaining high-quality education, developing Christian values, and picturing a hopeful future.


Siebert Lutheran Foundation supports successful tactics at Lutheran churches and church-affiliated organizations to be Christ’s hands and feet. Lutheran faith-based initiatives aim to satisfy the fundamental needs of the poor in the short term. Intermediate goals allow people to become self-sufficient and closer to Christ, contributing to long-term community development through collaborative problem-solving.

Types of  Grants Program by Siebert Lutheran Foundation

TEEM (Theological Education for Emerging Ministries) – ELCA:

In the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), the TEEM program promoted by  Siebert Lutheran Foundation offers a non-traditional and adaptable way to study theology and become a minister. People who feel a calling to ministry but may not have the financial means to attend a conventional seminary are the target audience for TEEM. Candidates in this program typically have a wealth of professional and personal experience but may lack a degree from a traditional seminary. The purpose of TEEM is to train people to be strong ELCA pastoral leaders.

SMP (Specific Ministry Pastor) or EIIT (Ethnic Immigrant Institute of Theology) – LC-MS

Both the Siebert Lutheran Foundation’s SMP and the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod’s (LC-MS) EIIT programs aim to meet unique needs within the church. Those who seek ministry through the SMP program usually do so while continuing to work in their present profession. Pastors who will work in various LC-MS ministries and situations will get their training through this curriculum. Conversely, the EIIT program seeks to prepare people of immigrant ethnic origin for ministry in churches that are culturally diverse.

Pastoral Studies Institute – WELS

Those seeking a career in pastoral ministry can get theological study and instruction through the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod’s Pastoral Studies Institute (PSI). For those who have felt a calling to minister within the WELS but have not yet pursued the conventional route of seminary education, PSI is an ideal program. It provides a different way to train people for pastoral leadership roles, one that is more accommodating to those with varying levels of education and work experience.


Together, pastors and other church leaders in the Discipleship to Missional Community (D2MC) Learning Community gain the skills necessary to multiply disciples who carry out the church’s mission by studying deliberate, replicable rhythms.

1,000 Young Leaders

1,000 Young Leaders is a dynamic Christian leadership training program for 21-36-year-old Gen Y and Gen Z Christians who want to grow in their faith. This programme assists non-churchgoers seeking clarity and purpose. Participants develop leadership abilities to truly share Jesus in God’s kingdom and have a deep sense of purpose. Based on Jesus’ relational approach, the curriculum gives instruments for discipleship and community influence. On this transforming journey, lifetime online community access, prayer support, and professional coaches provide development and encouragement.

Leadership Essentials

This Learning Community is for pastors, ministry leaders, new leaders, and seasoned leaders who need a refresher. To lead others, we must first lead ourselves. Leadership Essentials develops Christian leadership and influence in every setting.

Eligibility for Siebert Lutheran Foundation Grant

Geographic Focus

  • For the “Growing the Body of Christ” priority area, organizations must be in Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
  • For “Educating while Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ”
  • and “Serving as the Hands and Feet of Christ” concentration areas, organizations must be in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine, and Kenosha counties.

Affiliation with Lutheran Faith Tradition

  • Only Lutheran groups get grants.

501(c)(3) Status

  • Organizations must be exempt under IRS Section 501(c)(3).

Project or Program Support

  • Grants typically fund programs or projects partially.
  • The foundation prefers initiatives with many community investors, funders, and partners.
  • While unusual, the foundation may support 100% of a project, especially for startups.

Grant Duration

  • One-year grants are typical, however multi-year awards are possible.


  • The foundation does not award endowment money, fellowships, scholarships to people, trusts, or other grant-making foundations.
  • Churches seldom get grants for running support, playgrounds, or cars.

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Application Process for Siebert Lutheran Foundation Grant

  1. Grant candidates must sign up for Siebert’s grant site. You will answer questions about your organization and the program or project you want financing for.
  2. Register or login to your existing account on the online grant portal. 
  • Organizations can have one profile. If you’re not sure if your organization has a profile, email or contact 414.269.2832 before making one.
  • An organization’s profile can have several users/contacts. Please contact us to add users to your organization’s profile.
  1. If relevant, provide a Letter of Inquiry. If you want to know more about the Letter of Inquiry, you can visit 
  1. Siebert reviews LOIs in five business days following the grant cycle deadline. Your LOI will be granted or refused by email with the required information to complete a full grant application.
  2. Submit a Grant Application

To apply for the Siebert Lutheran Foundation Grant, follow these steps:

  • Log into’s Online Portal.
  • After LOI approval, click “Current Application” and “Draft Applications.”
  • Enter the essential data and answer tab questions in the applicable application.
  • Click “NEXT” or tab names to navigate.
  • Click “Save Draft” at the bottom to save your work.
  • Complete all fields to avoid error notices; click to fix mistakes.
  • When ready, click “Submit.”
  • After submission, the foundation will send a message of the application received confirmation.

For more information, you must visit

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Grantees of Siebert Lutheran Foundation Grant

Center for Urban Teaching

The Siebert Lutheran Foundation gave $314,931 to the Center for Urban Teaching in 2022 as part of its community improvement efforts. Funding operational support improved the teacher’s instruction and expertise. The Foundation prioritizes education because it can change society.

Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin

Siebert Lutheran Foundation gave Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin $160,171 in 2022. This award funded the Food Leaders Lab Project and Lutheran pantries to alleviate hunger and raise awareness. Fighting food insecurity is the goal. Siebert Lutheran Foundation awards show its community service. The foundation gave Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin Inc. $140,000 in 2023 to assist basic necessities and self-sufficiency.

St. Marcus Lutheran Church and School

The Siebert Lutheran Foundation gave St. Marcus Lutheran Church and School $158,301 in 2022. Special education and mental health get money. Siebert/We Raise Joint RFPs that show the foundation and recipient’s educational and mental health relationship. This donation shows the Siebert Lutheran Foundation’s approach to aiding community-benefiting groups.

Grants offered by Siebert Lutheran Foundation Grant in 2023

Aligned with its financial goals, the Siebert Lutheran Foundation granted a total of $2,025,550 in Fall 2023 awards to assist various organizations. The foundation’s $50,000 gift to Journeys Lutheran School, $20,000 to Immanuel Brookfield Lutheran School, and $150,000 to Wisconsin Lutheran Child & Family Service Inc. demonstrate its Christ-centered commitment to academics and family assistance. Further evidence of the foundation’s commitment to lay leadership development and congregational support are the $125,000 and $65,000 grants given to Lutheran Counseling & Family Services of WI Inc. and Wisconsin Lutheran High School, respectively.

The foundation supported pastoral leadership and theological education institutions like Wartburg Theological Seminary ($80,000), Concordia Theological Seminary – LCMS ($7,000), and Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary-WELS ($24,000) to develop future church leaders. The foundation also supported Serenity Inns Inc. ($75,000), JobsWork MKE Inc. ($60,000), and Just One More Ministry Inc. ($50,000) to serve as Christ’s hands and feet in disadvantaged communities. This diversified grant portfolio represents the Siebert Lutheran Foundation’s comprehensive commitment to supporting the Body of Christ and increasing communal influence. The foundation gave $356,000 in grants to Ebenezer Stone Ministries Inc. to promote fundamental human necessities and self-sufficiency.

Grants cycle of Siebert Lutheran Foundation Grant

Siebert Lutheran Foundation offers spring and fall grant seasons.

Letter of Intent Due: 2024 Spring: 12/01/23 (LOI opens 10/27/23); Fall 2024: 05/31/24 (LOI starts 04/29/24)

Grant Application Deadline: 2024 Spring: 1/12/242024;  Fall: 07/12/24

Decision Date: 2024. 2024 Spring: Mid-March Fall: End-September

Payout Date: 2024 Spring: End May 2024 Fall: End November:

Applicants are advised to submit their application before the deadline.

Contacts detail of Siebert Lutheran Foundation Grant

Here are few means of contacts

For general inquiries, please call (414) 269-2832 or fax (414) 249-4563.

Office Location: Siebert Lutheran Foundation, Inc., 758 N. 27th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53208

Mailing Address: Siebert Lutheran Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 755, Milwaukee, WI 53201.


Church education and leadership grants boost spiritual growth and equip leaders. It improves community health, faith-based organizations, and society. The Siebert Lutheran Foundation Grant helps Lutheran church and ministry initiatives in Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula thrive. Focusing on education, community service, and leadership development, the foundation strategically supports several programs and organizations. Siebert assures community impact through clear grant cycles, qualifying requirements, and rigorous applications.

If you are interested in learning about more grants from the Foundation Grants, You can simply visit our grantsbuddy page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Siebert Lutheran Foundation Grant?

Albert F. Siebert Lutheran Foundation Grant supports Lutheran churches and missions in Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Through education, community service, and leadership development, it helps organizations improve spiritual and communal well-being.

Who can apply for the Siebert Lutheran Foundation Grant?

Eligible organizations must have a Lutheran affiliation and are located in one of the following counties: Milwaukee, Racine, Racine, Kenosha, or Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Lutheran organizations must have 501(c)(3) status in order to be eligible for funds.

How can My organization apply for the Siebert Lutheran Foundation Grant?

Your organization must register on Siebert’s grant site, establish a profile, and submit a Letter of Inquiry to apply for a grant from Siebert Lutheran Foundation Grant . The online platform accepts grant applications after LOI acceptance. The foundation recommends early grant proposal submissions before the deadline.

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