The Tony Robbins Foundation Grants

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The Tony Robbins Foundation Grants

How To Get Grants from Tony Robbins Foundation Grants – Homelessness, starvation, and senior citizen difficulties affect communities globally. These challenges increase with population growth, ageing, and economic inequality. Our linked global civilization requires comprehensive solutions to housing, food shortages, and ageing population issues. Sustainable solutions that promote the well-being of homeless, hungry, and older citizens require international collaboration. Thanks to the Tony Robbins Foundation Grants.

The Foundation strives to improve the lives of kids, seniors, the hungry, the homeless, and the imprisoned. Many health and human care agencies, thousands of adolescents, and over 2,000 schools and jails use Foundation goods and services. The International Basket Brigade feeds millions worldwide using volunteer Brigades. We define the path to sustained involvement and Foundation success. You can always contribute time, energy, or ideas.

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What are Tony Robbins Foundation Grants?

The Tony Robbins Foundation donates money to organizations worldwide to address global issues, find answers, and act. Continuing evaluations of funding requests. We seek organizations that share our purpose to enable people and groups to improve the lives of the forgotten. The foundation’s goal is to help adolescents, elders, the hungry, the homeless, and the imprisoned visualize a brighter, more fulfilling life. The Tony Robbins Foundation’s dedicated staff, rich supporters, and compassionate worldwide volunteers inspire, empower, and offer resources for these vital members of society.

The Tony Robbins Foundation, with $15,703,753 in assets, promotes philanthropy and social good. The foundation donated $1,567,973 to numerous initiatives throughout the fiscal year, demonstrating its commitment to strengthening diverse communities. The foundation thoughtfully approaches crucial challenges by carefully allocating its resources to a variety of groups with an average grant size of $86,337 and a median award amount of $50,000. These financial measures demonstrate The Tony Robbins Foundation’s commitment to education, healthcare, and community well-being.

Anthony J. Robbins, Chairman of The Tony Robbins Foundation, leads with vision. John Messmore is vital to organizational governance and management as Secretary. As CFO Treasurer, Yogesh Babla manages finances with integrity. Deanna Garza Brown and Ajay Gupta’s ideas and skills inform the foundation’s strategic decisions. These prominent figures help the foundation improve communities worldwide.

For more information about the Tony Robbins Foundation, you can check their official website present at

Eligibility for Tony Robbins Foundation Grants

If you are willing to apply to Tony Robbins Foundation for a grant, you need to meet some standards as follows

  • Possess official documentation establishing your organization’s status as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit or as an international organization with such status.
  • Maintain tax records for at least one full fiscal year as an operational nonprofit.  Make sure your goals are in line with those of The Tony Robbins Foundation.
  • No one can apply for personal, corporate, or other types of funding through the Tony Robbins Foundation.  Funding required to launch a charity, for-profit, collective, or individual venture.  Organizations have a mission outside of our areas of concentration.

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Application Process of Tony Robbins Foundation Grants

The first step is to Check your eligibility. After that, you are welcome in the application process

  • The Tony Robbins Foundation requires all organizations to submit an online Letter of Intent before they can be considered for a grant. Follow the guidelines on the online form below to ensure that your Letter of Intent is no more than three pages. We will only invite groups who have passed this initial round of approval to submit full funding proposals. The process of awarding grants is continuous and continuing.
  • The Tony Robbins Foundation’s grant committee will examine the electronically submitted Letter of Intent after submission. After their approval, organizations will receive an email inviting them to submit a complete grant application. This application will include all the necessary components, such as a formal application, instructions, and a deadline. When it comes to official grant requests, our Board has the last word. To reapply for financing in the next fiscal year, your group can use an already-approved Letter of Intent.

For more information check and fill out the application process if it aligns with your status.

Deadline for Tony Robbins Foundation Grants Application

The Tony Robbins Foundation gives grants all the time, so there is no set date by which you have to apply. It’s always possible to send a Letter of Intent. But there are some things you should remember.

  • Review: The review process can last for several months, but there is no set due date. So, if you need money quickly, you should apply as soon as possible.
  • Fiscal year: The fiscal year for the Tony Robbins Foundation finishes on June 30. You will be considered for the next fiscal year if you send in your Letter of Intent after June 30th.

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Tony Robbins Foundation Grants Grantees

Here are Some past grantees of the Tony Robbins Foundation

Notre Dame Fraternity

The Tony Robbins Foundation presented Fraternite Notre Dame $286,225 in June 2022. The donations assisted the homeless feeding kitchen. This contribution illustrates The Tony Robbins Foundation’s seriousness in aiding the homeless. The organization helps Fraternite Notre Dame feed the homeless, emphasizing the need to address basic human needs for a just society.

The Prevention Medicine Research Institute

The Tony Robbins Foundation granted the Preventive Medicine Research Institute $150,000 in June 2022 for medical research. The foundation offered Alzheimer’s research this prize to show its commitment to science and tough health challenges. The Tony Robbins Foundation’s large support of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute suggests research may help Alzheimer’s sufferers. This award shows how the foundation’s strategic philanthropy tackles social issues via targeted and impactful donations.

San Francisco Marici 

Marici of San Francisco received $506,320 from the Tony Robbins Foundation to prevent human trafficking in June 2022. This kind gift helped Marici fight sex trafficking. The Tony Robbins Foundation’s huge gift reflects its dedication to addressing problems and helping victims of such heinous atrocities. Together with Marici, the charity helps vulnerable people combat sex trafficking and improve their futures.

Academy Prep Foundation Inc

The Tony Robbins Foundation gave Academy Prep Foundation Inc., 1021 Lakeland Hills Blvd, Lakeland, FL 33805, $50,000 in 2022. This wonderful donation supported underprivileged children’s educational initiatives. The Tony Robbins Foundation showed its devotion to educational opportunities for underprivileged children, improving their academic path and future possibilities.

Central America and the Caribbean

The Tony Robbins Foundation gave Central America and the Caribbean two large donations in 2022. The initial $75,000 award funded a community market, garden, and hot meals for the needy. The second donation, $70,383, was for a disadvantaged school’s library and music center. These donations demonstrate the foundation’s support for regional community development and education.

The Prevention Medicine Research Institute

Tony Robbins Foundation donated Sausalito’s Preventive Medicine Research Institute $150,000 in 2022. This Alzheimer’s research funding shows the foundation’s commitment to science and complex health challenges. The foundation’s strategic philanthropy addresses major health issues with targeted and effective donations like the prize.

Creighton Community Foundation

The Tony Robbins Foundation presented Creighton Community Foundation Inc., 3219 E Camelback Road 376, Phoenix, AZ 85018, $20,000. This funding targeted minority food insecurity. These projects reduced hunger and improved community well-being with foundation sponsorship.

Accept Global 

The Tony Robbins Foundation gave Embrace Global $50,000 in 2022. The address is 3465 Broderick Street, San Francisco, CA 94123. The foundation’s donation of portable infant incubators shows its dedication to innovative solutions for neglected areas.

Alpine Christian School

Alpine Christian School, 1901 Loop Drive, Alpine, TX 79830, received another grant in 2022. The school got $25,000 from the charity for internet and equipment upgrades. The Tony Robbins Foundation’s generous contribution shows its commitment to providing Alpine Christian School with cutting-edge teaching resources.

Feeding America

Feeding America, 35 East Wacker Drive Suite 2000, Chicago, IL 60601, received $37,305 from the Tony Robbins Foundation in 2022. This donation helped feed the poor as part of the foundation’s mission to address pressing needs and promote social welfare.

Light Love Melody

Love Light Melody, a Denver group, received $25,000 from The Tony Robbins Foundation in 2022. This contribution shows the foundation’s belief in education’s life-changing power by helping impoverished kids’ excellent education. The charity invests in Love Light Melody to empower and deepen Denver people’ education.

No Limits Theater Group of Culver City

Culver City, California’s No Limits Theater Group received a $25,000 grant from the Tony Robbins Foundation in 2022. This generous donation highlights the foundation’s commitment to diversity and inclusion by guaranteeing that deaf children from disadvantaged backgrounds may get a high-quality education. By supporting No Limits Theater Group, the foundation ensures that deaf students are able to overcome educational barriers and reach their maximum potential.

MA’s Partners for Youth with Disabilities

In 2022, Partners for Youth with Disabilities of Boston, MA received a grant of $15,000 from the Tony Robbins Foundation. Giving these monies to organizations that help individuals with disabilities, especially disabled children, feel more empowered is a way the foundation shows its commitment to diversity and inclusion. The foundation’s dedication to building an inclusive society where every youth has the opportunity to achieve is evident in this contribution.

Plano Metro Rotary Club in Plano

The Tony Robbins Foundation gave the Plano Metro Rotary Club $25,000 in 2022. The foundation’s gift to corneal eye transplants shows its commitment to improving healthcare and eyesight. By supporting corneal eye transplants, the nonprofit aids Plano people with vision loss.

Contact Details of Tony Robbins Foundation Grants

Here are a few means of ways to get in touch with the Tony Robbins Foundation

Phone: 858-444-3080

Address: 5230 Carroll Canyon Road Suite 306, San Diego, CA 92121

EIN: 330492446



Hunger, homelessness, and aging impact communities globally. Population growth, aging, and economic inequality worsen these concerns. Our linked civilization requires housing, food, and aging population solutions. Sustainable solutions for the homeless, hungry, and elderly require international cooperation. Globally, Tony Robbins Foundation Grants address homelessness, starvation, and senior citizen challenges.

The foundation has donated to Fraternite Notre Dame, Preventive Medicine Research Institute, Marici, and others, showing its commitment to charity and social welfare. The foundation’s $86,337 average gift and focus on education, healthcare, and community well-being show its dedication to sustainability. Sponsorship requests must fulfill criteria, submit a Letter of Intent, and support the foundation’s mission to empower impoverished people globally. Candidates may learn more via the foundation’s website or contact information. The Tony Robbins Foundation Grants promote global transformation and excellent social effect.

If you are interested in knowing more about foundation grants, you can check our website at 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Tony Robbins Foundation?

The Tony Robbins Foundation provides aid to individuals in need around the globe. Organizations fighting for social justice issues, such as feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, and caring for the elderly, get funding from this source. Through its many activities, the fund also assists the homeless, hungry, and children. To put it simply, it desires a better life for everybody.

How can my organization get a grant from the Tony Robbins Foundation?

If your organization wants to get a grant, there are a few things you need to do. A demonstration of alignment between the foundation’s and your own objectives is required. An online Letter of Intent is required for application submission. You will be able to submit a complete application after you are accepted. Requests are reviewed continuously by the foundation; however, no specific deadline is specified.

Can I get help from the Tony Robbins Foundation even if I don’t have money?

Yes, you can. The Tony Robbins Foundation is open to anybody who wants to donate their time, effort, or ideas. You may provide a hand by volunteering or providing feedback to the group. No amount of money is too small to prevent you from being involved in finding solutions to global challenges.

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