Three Rivers Foundation Grants

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Three Rivers Foundation Grants

How To Get Grants from Three Rivers Foundation – Grants from the Three Rivers Foundation create a vivid canvas throughout the communities they touch, from the whispering currents of education to the roaring rapids of economic development. As the land’s namesake rivers do, these gifts bear witness to the Foundation’s commitment to improving lives and bringing about meaningful change.The Three Rivers Foundation grant program provides support for projects that believe encouraging sustainability, renewing artistic expression, or deepening the roots of your town’s library.

What Types Of Grants Are Offered By Three Rivers Foundation?

The Three Rivers Foundation grants support a wide range of causes, from the dynamic areas of economic development and artistic expression to the rich fields of healthcare and education. Regardless of whether you picture:

  • Planting knowledge seeds: boosting neighborhood libraries, encouraging early childhood education, or enhancing STEM initiatives.
  • Clotting the wounds caused by disease: supplying medical facilities with equipment, facilitating access to essential treatment, or advocating for mental health programs.
  • Building bridges of prosperity:Developing small enterprises, generating employment, or rehabilitating community infrastructure are examples of building bridges to prosperity.
  • Unleashing the colors of creativity: Developing artistic expression, fostering the arts, or protecting cultural heritage are some ways to unleash the colors of creativity.

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Focus of Three Rivers Foundation for a Thriving Community

Like the rivers that bear the same name and provide energy to the country, the awards from the Three Rivers Foundation enable people and institutions to leave an indelible mark. Let’s investigate these essential support channels in more detail, taking a closer look at their varied currents and the life-changing experiences they facilitate.


Picture classrooms full of curious students, driven by cutting-edge instruction techniques and the newest technology. Grants from the Three Rivers Foundation foster early childhood education, libraries, and STEM initiatives in order to create an environment that is conducive to learning and the development of future generations.


Picture societies in which all residents have access to high-quality medical care, including specialist treatment and screenings for preventive diseases. Through the provision of medical equipment, assistance for access to essential healthcare services, and advocacy of mental health programs, the Foundation’s donations close the gap for underprivileged populations.

Economic Development

Imagine a city with busy streets dotted with prosperous enterprises, where jobs are created and prosperity grows. This is the image of economic development. By empowering local business owners, reviving infrastructure, and promoting economic growth, the Foundation creates opportunities for everyone.

These are just a few of the many tributaries that feed the vibrant river of impact driven by the Three Rivers Foundation grants-

  1. Embarking on the Journey:Potential grantees are given a clear directive plan for your course and to take the initial step, and navigate the currents of possibilities. A thorough road map including eligibility requirements, application procedures, and program parameters can be found on the Foundation website. Every program serves as a compass, pointing applicants in the direction of the tools and assistance they require to realize their goals.
  2. Joining the Collective Tide: The Three Rivers Foundation grants allow you to join a collective tide of positive change, regardless of your experience level—whether you’re an experienced explorer looking to increase your impact or an inexperienced navigator setting out on your first journey. By working together, we can create a more vibrant community where dreams come true, prosperity flows freely, and the promise of shared success shines brightly for all.

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How to apply for a Three Rivers Foundation grant?

The exact grant program in which you are interested will determine the application process for funding from the Three Rivers Foundation. I can give you a general rundown of the procedures involved, though:

  1. Establish Your Qualifications

  • Check if your project and organization satisfy the requirements for eligibility by visiting the Three Rivers Foundation website. The Foundation typically works with 501(c)(3) groups that are based in or have initiatives focused in Coos, Lane, Douglas, Curry, or Lincoln County, Oregon.
  • Your initiative must also be in line with one of the Foundation’s focus areas, which include the arts, the environment, cultural activities, public safety, health, education, and problem gambling.
  1. Select the Right Funding Cycle

  • Usually, the Foundation’s financing cycle begins and ends during particular periods of the year. For the most recent dates and deadlines for the current cycle, visit the website.
  1. Finish the Online Application

  • All applications are presently accepted online by the Foundation via their website. Start a new grant program application by creating an account or logging in if you already have one.
  • Be ready to share specifics about your project, organization, financial plan, schedule, and effect analysis.
  1. Supporting Documents

  • Obtain any supporting documentation that is required, such as the IRS determination letter for your organization, financial statements, the project budget, board resolutions, and letters of support. Place them onto the web portal.
  1. Send in your application

  • Examine your application thoroughly before submitting it. You cannot edit your submission once it has been made.
  1. Evaluation and Notification of Applications

  • All proposals received during the funding cycle will be examined by the Foundation’s Trustees. It usually takes a few weeks or months to complete.
  • Regardless of whether financing is granted for your project, you will receive an email informing you of the outcome.

Additional Resources Related To Three Rivers Foundation

  • Extensive details regarding each grant program, such as eligibility requirements, application deadlines, and necessary documentation, are available on the Three Rivers Foundation website. Additionally, contact details and FAQs are available.
  • If available, think about going to one of their informative webinars or seminars for prospective grantees.

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The Three Rivers Foundation Grants is a  proof of the transformational potential of targeted giving. Through its grant initiatives, the foundation strengthens economic growth, fosters artistic expression, and supports educational endeavors—all while carefully weaving assistance into the very fabric of communities. Like the rivers it is named after, which create pathways of vitality and energy, the foundation’s grants excite and inspire. To know more about foundation grants and resources, visit 

Frequently Asked Questions

What regions are the main focus of the Three Rivers Foundation’s work?

The main areas of interest for the Three Rivers Foundation are Coos, Lane, Douglas, Curry, or Lincoln County in Oregon. Organizations or projects situated in these locations, or with activities centered upon them, are eligible for consideration.

What areas are the main priorities of the Three Rivers Foundation grant funding?

The Foundation is committed to supporting a wide range of causes, such as the arts, the environment, cultural events, public safety, health, education, and problem gambling. In order to be eligible for financing, prospective grantees must match their projects with one or more of these categories.

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