Tyler Perry Foundation Grant Application

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Tyler Perry Foundation Grant Application

Tyler Perry Foundation Grants Application – A private family foundation, the Tyler Perry’s Foundation is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. The original members genuinely love the people of Olney and Young County, and they think that sharing wealth and resources will help to secure the community’s long-term survival. Go through the article to know more about Tyler Perry Foundation Grants. If you want to know more about Foundation Grants you need to visit https://grantsbuddy.com/ 

What is the Mission Of Tyler Perry Foundation ? 

Since its founding in 2006, the Perry Foundation has worked to transform terrible events into inspiring triumphs by nurturing individual potential, building community resilience, and fostering long-term transformation. Since coming into the public eye, Tyler Perry has dedicated a significant amount of his life to helping those in need. Although polite, he hasn’t exactly been quiet and reserved when it comes to using his voice to raise awareness for those in need.

Through his own nonprofit, the Perry Foundation, he has donated millions of dollars to non-profit organizations that fight poverty, support civil rights movements, aid victims of severe natural disasters, and provide fresh water to those in need.Students’ tuition is also covered by the Perry Foundation. The student must authenticate both their GPA and participation in order to maintain their eligibility. After reviewing the scholarship applications, Perry’s Board of Directors would decide, by majority vote, which students would receive scholarships.

Programs and Initiatives of Terry Perry Foundation

It does support a number of programs and initiatives that align with its mission. Some of these programs include:

1.Tyler Perry Foundation Empowerment Camp

It offers young people from underprivileged neighborhoods the chance to learn about various career possibilities, enhance their self-esteem, and acquire life skills.

This enriching program provides teenagers with a transformative experience, focusing on:

  • Life Skills Development: Workshops give campers useful abilities like problem-solving, cooperation, and communication, enabling them to face obstacles in life with courage.
  • Self-Esteem Building: Encouraging activities and constructive criticism foster a feeling of self-worth and community, enabling campers to realize their own potential.
  • Career Exploration: By providing interactive workshops and guest speakers with exposure to a variety of occupations, campers are exposed to new opportunities and are inspired to pursue their goals.

2.Perry IMPACT Awards

The Perry IMPACT Awards honor the countless efforts of nonprofits that improve communities and highlight the strength of group effort. These esteemed awards give worthy organizations the critical funding and national exposure they need to expand their influence and touch more lives.

3.Save Our Streets

It is a project that aims to reduce crime and violence in communities by giving money and assistance to groups that do so.

The initiative provides financing and strategic partnerships to support:

  • Programs for the Prevention of Violence: Community-based projects work to address the underlying causes of violence by advancing restorative justice, peacebuilding, and conflict resolution techniques.
  • Programs for Youth Outreach: Engaging programs offer at-risk youth constructive choices, pulling them away from negative avenues and promoting healthy social ties.
  • Mentorship Programs: Developing close bonds with devoted mentors gives young people the direction and encouragement they require to make wise decisions and create better futures.

4.Holiday Hope

The Holiday Hope initiative provides warmth and joy to people who are suffering by spreading Christmas cheer and reducing stress associated with the holidays for families in need. Through the program’s kind donations of gifts, dinners, and necessary supplies, everyone is given a reason to rejoice this holiday season.

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Types of Support Offered By Terry Perry Foundation

Tyler perry foundation provides this following supports:

  • Program/Project Support.
  • Leadership/Management Development
  • Capacity Building
  • General operating and Continuing Support
  • Matching/Challenge Support

Eligibility Requirements for Tyler Perry Foundation Grant

  1. The target demographic is students.
  2. Qualification Classified as a graduating senior, age range: 17–19
  3. Target Geographic Area: Olney, Texas, and the 50 miles surrounding areas
  4. Income Requirements: After reviewing all applications, the panel will target those who show the greatest financial need.
  5. GPA Requirement: 2.5 on a 4.0 scale of academic excellence
  6. Qualified Schools: All Approved Four-Year Colleges/Universities
  7. Major
  8. 1st Preference: Mass communication and journalism
  9. 2nd Priority: Additional majors will be taken into account

Grant Proposal of Terry Perry Foundation

Visit www.LFCPF.org to obtain the Grant Proposal Summary form for prospective grant applicants. The completed Grant Proposal Summary should be emailed to [email protected] by applicants. We will let you know the following review if we would like to review the entire grant application.

Application Details of Terry Perry Foundation

Applicants who completed the Grant Proposal Summary form will be contacted by LFPCF staff to extend an invitation to submit a formal grant request. A typed copy of the whole grant application, which contains the following details, must be filled out and submitted by applicants.

  1. Proposal Summary
  2. Program/Project Budget
  3. Attachments
  4. Grant Narrative

Visit www.LFCPF.org for grant application guidelines and the required grant application form.

Applicants should submit their completed proposal and supporting materials to:

The Perry’s Foundation, Inc.

Board of Directors

C/O Ronni Walker

213 E. Main Street

Olney, TX 76374

Review Procedure of Terry Perry Foundation

  1. The executive director will assess grant applications and accompanying documentation in the order that they are received following the closing of the application period.
  2. To find out if the candidates fulfill the prerequisites, the board president and executive director will have a meeting. Applicants who don’t fit the prerequisites will receive an email notification. The selection committee, which consists of appointed board members, will assess the applications from those who satisfy the minimum standards.
  3. The applicants who will receive funding will be chosen by the selection committee in a unanimous vote. The recipients of grants from LFCPF who have the greatest financial need and community impact will receive the most attention.

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Notification of Award of Terry Perry Foundation

Every quarter, the Selection Committee and the Board of Directors of Perry’s Foundation will release a statement to the public. The following announcement will be posted by the board and committee:

  1. Olney Enterprise Newspaper
  2. On the website: LFCPF.org
  3. PSAs and press releases submitted to local radio and television stations

Payment Terms of Terry Perry Foundation

In the event that the grant is approved, LFCPF will let the money be released at the start of the project or program, payable to the organization immediately. The board may decide that LFCPF will only pay half of the required monies in order to launch the project or program. The company will have to provide an interim report halfway through the procedure. The foundation will award the second installment following approval. A final report must be submitted by the organization at the conclusion of the project or program.

Reporting of Terry Perry Foundation

Grantees are required by LFCPF to produce narrative reports and fiscal accounting detailing how the money was used and any potential effects it may have had on the community it serves. As a result, the selection committee asks for a final report at the end of the project or program and an intermediate report halfway through. The notice letter of award will specify the reporting guidelines.


The Tyler Perry Foundation aims to empower, educate, and uplift those in need through a variety of programs, including the Holiday Hope initiative and the Tyler Perry Foundation Empowerment Camp. The foundation offers grants to deserving seniors who are graduating and planning to pursue higher education, especially in mass communication and journalism, with an emphasis on students in the Olney, Texas area. Funds are distributed to those with the greatest need and capacity to make a significant impact on the community thanks to the application procedure, which is rigorous and in-depth. It is expected of recipients to furnish comprehensive reports on the utilization and consequences of the grant funds, so strengthening accountability and transparency.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I submit an application to the Tyler Perry Foundation for a grant?

First, prospective applicants should get the Grant Proposal Summary form by going to www.LFCPF.org. The completed form should be sent by email to i[email protected] .Then, those who are selected for funding will be asked to submit a complete grant proposal, which will include a comprehensive grant application form, program or project budget, attachments, and grant narrative.

What areas are the Tyler Perry Foundation award  mostly focused on?

Although the foundation funds a number of projects, Olney, Texas, students—specifically, those who are graduating as seniors and are between the ages of 17 and 19—are among its top priority recipients of grants. Those majoring in mass communication and journalism at accredited four-year colleges and universities are given preference. On the other hand, extra majors are taken into account depending on qualifying requirements like financial necessity and GPA.

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