How To Apply For Wawa Foundation Financial Grants

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Wawa Foundation Financial Grants

How To Get Grants from Wawa Foundation Financial Grants – To show the dedication to the communities Wawa serves, from the little towns in the Midwest to the large cities in Florida and the rest of the country, the Wawa Foundation gives grants to national, regional, and even local level. Wawa will only consider applications from 501(c)(3) charities that are based in one of the six states that make up its service region. The Wawa Foundation Grants are looking for organizations that align with their three main areas of focus: Health, Hunger, and Everyday Heroes.

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Key Takeaways

  • Wawa Foundation grants support health, hunger relief, and everyday hero initiatives.
  • Grants range from $2,500 or less to over $2,500 depending on the program.
  • Eligible organizations must be 501(c)(3) nonprofits within Wawa’s service area.
  • Application windows occur throughout the year; deadlines vary by program.

Focus Areas of Wawa Foundation Grant

The Wawa Foundation builds stronger communities by funding life-saving research, famine assistance, and everyday heroes.


Wawa Foundation aims to combat hunger, a widespread issue impacting communities across. The foundation leads hunger alleviation by supporting local food banks and organizations through smart initiatives and collaborations. Food contributions from Wawa Share provide nourishing meals to needy families daily. Financial donations also boost food accessibility, helping communities fight food insecurity. Through yearly in-store promotions, the foundation partners with Feeding America Food Banks to increase their effect. The Wawa Foundation prioritizes hunger alleviation to reduce food poverty and nurture communities.


The Wawa Foundation supports ordinary heroes because of their unselfish service to their communities. The charity shows gratitude to military, veteran, first responder, and other people via various activities. The charity honors these heroes via events, volunteerism, and disaster response. The foundation also educates and mentors at-risk K-12 students to help them become leaders and contributors. By supporting heroes and developing young people, the Wawa Foundation fosters appreciation and service in its communities.


Health is vital for individuals and communities, and the Wawa Foundation prioritizes life-saving research and services. The charity targets pediatric hospitals via strategic investment and collaborations. These hospitals get grants to save and improve lives, especially in disadvantaged communities. Additionally, the organization funds medical research to improve treatment alternatives. The charity also supports care and comfort projects. The Wawa Foundation improves community health and promotes compassion and support by allocating funding to health initiatives.

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Wawa Foundation Grant Eligibility Requirements 

  • Within Wawa’s six-state territory, qualified charitable events hosted by 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations are welcome to apply.
  • Please note that this application is only open to tax-exempt organizations as defined in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • In order to be eligible, an event must serve the greater good of the community regardless of participants’ religious beliefs.
  • The Wawa Foundation does not give money to political groups, politicians, or campaigns.
  • We will not provide financial support to groups whose primary mission is to influence legislation.
  • The Wawa Foundation does not provide funding for arts and sports programs.

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Types of Support from the Wawa Foundation 

There are mainly three types of support from Wawa Foundation

Financial Grants 

By distributing grants to nonprofits on a regional, state, and federal level, the Wawa Foundation highlights its dedication to health, hunger assistance, and the recognition of unsung heroes. Grants exceeding $2,500 are available to qualified groups operating within Wawa’s six-state territory during certain submission windows that occur at various points throughout the year. Local nonprofits can also apply for the Foundation’s Local Connection Grants, providing funding opportunities of less than $2,500. The purpose of these awards is to support community projects and activities, and they are evaluated continuously, depending on the available money.

In-Kind Support To Community And Youth Organizations

Wawa Community Care supplements the Foundation’s work by providing youth and community groups with in-kind support in the form of gift baskets and donated products. At events, guests may enjoy soft pretzels and Wawa-branded water. For fundraisers, we provide gift baskets with a variety of Wawa goods and discounts. To help with community outreach and involvement, in-kind support is provided if the budget for the relevant shop, area, or region allows and at least three weeks have passed before the event.

Wawa Provides Local Sponsorships

In a separate matter, Wawa offers $250 to $2,500 in local sponsorships for philanthropic events planned by eligible groups. These sponsorships help cover the costs of events that benefit organizations that are in line with Wawa’s core areas. The online submissions procedure is mandatory for sponsorship requests, further demonstrating Wawa’s dedication to fair and open support distribution.

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Wawa Foundation grant recipient list

A number of non-profit organizations received grants from the Wawa Foundation, funding programs that raise awareness about autism, aid veterans, and fund research into amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Businesses like these demonstrate the Foundation’s dedication to meeting the many needs of the community and making a difference.

Breast Cancer Awareness Fund

A wide variety of organizations, all dedicated to helping those impacted by breast cancer and their families, have been chosen as grantees by the Wawa Foundation’s Breast Cancer Awareness Fund. The primary goals of these grantees include improving access to treatment and research, expanding preventative techniques, and satisfying the fundamental needs of patients and their families throughout active treatment. These groups do important work for people affected by breast cancer by dispersing $200,000 in funds to provide essential support services, raise awareness, and improve outcomes. They are living proof of the foundation’s mission to improve people’s lives via their selflessness and hard work.

Academy In Manayunk

The Wawa Foundation awarded a donation of $15,000 to the Academy In Manayunk in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. The stated goal of this financing is to bolster the Academy’s foundation program activities. The nonprofit most likely put the money to use expanding its goal and launching programs to improve the quality of life for local residents, all in the name of serving the community.

Ahepa Service Dogs For Warriors Inc

In a generous donation of $7,500, the Wawa Foundation was bestowed upon Ahepa Service Dogs For Warriors Inc of Holmdel, NJ. This money was meant to go toward the organization’s foundation program activities, assuming that are all about giving veterans assistance dogs. They were able to further their cause and help veterans in need by providing service animals thanks to the award.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association

Ambler, Pennsylvania’s Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association was the beneficiary of a $15,000 donation from the Wawa Foundation. The goals of the organization’s foundation program efforts, including funding research, expanding support services, and increasing public awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), were to be supported by this donation. They were able to continue working toward bettering the lives of people impacted by this crippling condition thanks in part to the financing.


Bancroft, with headquarters in Cherry Hill, NJ, was the recipient of a sizeable $125,000 donation from the Wawa Foundation. With the money, Bancroft, a front-runner in the fight against autism, intellectual and developmental impairments, and brain traumas, could have expanded and improved its already impressive list of services and activities. For families and people dealing with these issues, the funding was probably pivotal in providing specialized treatment, education, and support.

Best Buddies International

With a $10,000 contribution, the Wawa Foundation supported Best Buddies International of Miami, FL. The organization’s foundation program initiatives, aiming to provide opportunities, friendships, and inclusion for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, were the primary recipients of this grant. Their numerous initiatives to foster social inclusion and empowerment probably benefited from the money.

Be The Match Foundation

Minneapolis, Minnesota’s Be The Match Foundation was the lucky recipient of a $10,000 donation from the Wawa Foundation. Donations like this will go toward the organization’s foundation program activities, work to make transplants of stem cells and bone marrow possible. They were able to continue offering patient care services, recruit donors, and advance research thanks to the award.

Andy Talley Bone Marrow Foundation

In a generous $10,000 gift, the Wawa Foundation supported the Andy Talley Bone Marrow Foundation in Devon, Pennsylvania. This money will go toward the organization’s foundation program activities, most likely aimed at educating the public, making it easier to register as a bone marrow donor and help those who are in need of transplants.

Atlantic County Sheriff’s Foundation Inc

Wawa Foundation awarded $8,000 to the Atlantic County Sheriff’s Foundation Inc., a nonprofit organization based in Mays Landing, NJ. Public safety, aiding law enforcement, and community engagement are some of the possible goals of the organization’s foundation program projects that were intended to get this cash.

Autism Speaks Inc

The Wawa Foundation awarded $25,000 to Autism Speaks Inc., a Princeton, NJ-based organization. The organization’s foundation program activities, are expected to aim at raising awareness, promoting legislation that helps people with autism spectrum disorder, and supporting research to better understand the illness and find treatments, were the intended recipients of this donation.

The Wawa Foundation Hero Award 

Beneficiaries of the Wawa Foundation Hero Award are charitable groups in Philadelphia that work to improve residents’ quality of life by fostering more autonomy, security, and mentoring relationships among the city’s youngsters. Students Run Philly Style were presented with a $50,000 prize during the Wawa Welcome America events on Independence Day, after earning over 9,000 votes. Another three individuals were named as runners-up and each received a $10,000 scholarship. This honor recognizes the outstanding work that these groups have done to improve the lives of their constituents, strengthen their communities, and motivate others to do the same. Recognizing the significance of their efforts in building resilience and solidarity throughout Philadelphia communities, the Wawa Foundation commends all candidates for their dedication and accomplishments.

Wawa Foundation Grant Deadlines

For amounts more than $2,500, the Wawa Foundation has designated award rounds that occur at regular intervals throughout the year. Januari, April, July, and October are the months when these windows are available. These are the periods when eligible groups can apply for grants or send letters of inquiry concerning topics that are important to the Wawa Foundation. [Thanks to Wawa Community Care and Wawa Foundation

Wawa Foundation Grant Contact Information

There are some ways of getting in touch with the Wawa Foundation for grant application queries

EIN     464021003

Phone  610-358-8000

Address          260 W Baltimore Pike, Wawa, PA 19063


Application Process of Wawa Foundation grant

Organizations who are interested in applying for a grant from the Wawa Foundation should check their website to make sure they match the qualifying requirements. The Wawa Foundation grant application form is available on the Foundation’s website, and after confirmation, applicants can access it. To apply for a grant, groups must fill out an application form that includes basic information about themselves, their project, and how they plan to use the money.

The Wawa Foundation has a special portal on its website where groups may submit their grant ideas after they have filled out the application. Organizations may monitor the status of their grant applications and get information on their submission process using this site, acting as the main platform for handling grant applications. In order to access and maintain their application, organizations may be required to obtain a “Wawa Foundation grant login account” through the portal.

Organizations can contact the Wawa Foundation with any questions or concerns they may have about their grant application at any point. You can find the Foundation’s phone number and address on their website, along with other contact information. In order to apply for a Wawa Foundation grant and help strengthen communities in the areas of health, food assistance, and daily heroes, organizations must follow the application rules and use the appropriate site.


Finally, throughout their six-state territory, the Wawa Foundation grants tackle important problems including hunger, health, and celebrating ordinary heroes. The Foundation enables projects that make a real impact in people’s lives by offering financial support to registered non-profit organizations.

The grants showcase the Foundation’s dedication to constructing communities that are stronger and more resilient, from programs that raise awareness about cancer to projects that finance service dogs for veterans. The Wawa Foundation is able to make a difference in the areas it serves through the awards it gives out, the result of smart fundraising and relationships. If you are interested in knowing more about foundation grants, then please visit our page at 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Wawa Foundation?

In order to consolidate all of Wawa’s philanthropic contributions, the company has formed a 501(c)(3) non-profit called the Wawa Foundation. By fostering more resilient communities, the Wawa Foundation strives to improve people’s lives on a daily basis.

Is the Wawa Foundation grant legit ?

Supporting legal 501(c)(3) non-profit groups functioning in Wawa’s six-state territory is the goal of the Wawa Foundation grant program. The Foundation honors everyday heroes, provides food relief, and addresses key community needs via targeted investment.

What can the Wawa Foundation grant be used for ?

Health, hunger alleviation, and recognition of unsung heroes are all possible uses for donations from the Wawa Foundation. Supporting veterans and first responders, providing life-saving research and care, alleviating hunger, and empowering at-risk kids via mentorship and education programs are all part of this.

How much does a Wawa Foundation grant give ?

A Wawa Foundation grant’s size is conditional on the program and funding cycle in question. Throughout the year, there are specific submission periods for larger grants ($2,500 or more), and there are also chances for smaller Local Connection Grants ($2,500 or less).

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