How Do I Apply for Anthem Blue Cross Foundation Grants

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Anthem Blue Cross Foundation Grants

How To Get Grants from Anthem Blue Cross Foundation Grants – Cancer prevention, maternity health, diabetes prevention, and an active lifestyle are vital to public health. These programs reduce healthcare costs, improve quality of life, and address health inequities. Communities may reduce illness risks, improve well-being, and create healthier generations by concentrating on preventive and lifestyle choices, benefiting people and society. Thanks to Anthem Foundation Grants. Anthem Foundation Grants help communities address health challenges, promote prevention, and assist mental health, maternity practices, and drug use disorder groups. The funds reduce healthcare costs, improve access, and promote healthy lives. This humanitarian effort improves people’s lives and shows the foundation’s dedication to health and generational well-being.

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Key Takeaways

  • Anthem Foundation grants support public health initiatives focused on mental health, maternal health, and preventing chronic diseases.
  • Funding aims to reduce healthcare costs, create healthier lifestyles, and improve overall well-being.
  • Two grant types exist: program funding for established programs and community sponsorships for smaller projects.
  • Eligibility is limited to US-based 501(c)(3) public charities with a focus on unbiased community service.

What are Anthem Foundation Grants?

In order to improve the health of the people they serve, the Anthem Foundation supports public health programs that address the issues highlighted by their Healthy Generations project. The focused method of Anthem Foundation Grants helps the foundation make a bigger and longer-lasting difference in these areas. For them, the key to raising a healthy generation in the United States is addressing avoidable health issues head-on by deliberate philanthropic decisions.

The Healthy Generations program compiles a summary of the most pressing health concerns in every state by analyzing public health data and employing cutting-edge social mapping technologies.

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The focus area of Anthem Foundation Grants

In addition to sponsoring initiatives in mental health and disability-specific programs, the foundation places an emphasis on five areas.

Healthy Hearts

The Anthem Foundation is funding programs to help limit preventable heart diseases and strokes. These include efforts to lower smoking, obesity, high blood pressure, and stressed, inactive, and overweight lives.

Preventing cancer

Preventing cancer is the best way to keep it under control in the long run and for the least amount of money. The Anthem Foundation works with groups that run programs to avoid and find cancer early. This can save lives.

Healthy Maternal Practices

The Anthem Foundation’s main focus is on programs that help and support first-trimester prenatal care and help women who are at risk commit to behaviors that lower the number of babies who are born underweight.

Healthy Ways to Avoid Diabetes

More than 25 million Americans have diabetes, and a third of fat people are at risk for getting it. The Anthem Foundation gives money to programs that help stop the spread of diabetes by encouraging people to live healthier lives and be more active.

Healthy, Active Lifestyle

The Anthem Foundation funds programs that make people more aware of, teach on, and push new behaviors that lead to healthy, active lifestyles that are good for you in the long run. The Anthem Foundation wants to reduce healthcare gaps and improve access to care by encouraging disabled people to live healthy, busy lives.

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Types of Anthem Foundation Grants

There are two types of grants Anthem Foundation Grants

Program funding 

Program funding and community sponsorships help the Foundation promote Healthy Generations. Program funding supports community health programs with proven and quantifiable results. Established programs rely on these subsidies to sustain and grow. The Foundation’s focus on concrete results shows its commitment to community health gains. The Foundation seeks to improve community well-being by carefully investing in proven initiatives.

Community Sponsorships

Along with program funds, community sponsorships help the Foundation achieve its purpose. Community contributions support fundraising events, smaller projects, and Healthy Generations mission goals. These sponsorships allow the Foundation to participate in many community health programs. The Foundation addresses a variety of community needs by funding events and smaller activities, helping to develop healthier and more resilient generations. Program grants and community sponsorships represent the Foundation’s dynamic and inclusive approach to community well-being.

Eligibility for Anthem Foundation Grants

The organizations Anthem Foundation Grants support are those classified by the Internal Revenue Service as tax-exempt public charities under Section 501(c)(3).

For groups to be able to get money from the Anthem Foundation, they must:

  • Not do the same work as other federal, state, or local government bodies or do work that is very similar to it.
  • You must serve the community without bias based on your age, disability, religion, position as a soldier, race, creed, sexual orientation or sexual preferences, gender, gender identity, or national origin.
  • Provide books for regular, outside auditing, and let all prospective donors see the results.
  • Follow the rules that apply when it comes to reporting and registering.
  • When dealing with the public, always follow the best ideals of business behavior. Bring a current list of board directors, including their professional titles and any board affiliations with the nonprofit you are submitting; a detailed project budget, with annual breakdowns if the request is for more than one year; current audited financials; and proof that the nonprofit is tax-exempt.
  • Meet the extra requirements listed on the Eligibility quiz in the grant application.

The following people can not get help from Anthem Foundation Grants

  • Various people
  • Groups or candidates in politics
  • Foundations or nonprofits that are private
  • Groups like fraternal, military, or work

Application Process of Anthem Foundation Grants

Depending on the particular grant program you’re interested in, the Anthem Foundation application procedure may differ. Nonetheless, there are a few broad actions you might take:

Examine the requirements for eligibility

Verify that your organization satisfies the prerequisites for the grant program where you can find you are interested. The Anthem Foundation website and the grant standards both include these requirements.

Choose the relevant funding program

A range of funding programs with a focus on various health and wellness concerns are available from the Anthem Foundation. Select the initiative that most closely fits the goals and initiatives of your company.

Gather the necessary supplies

Depending on the program, the resources you’ll need to submit your grant application may include,

  • a filled-out grant application form
  • An intent letter
  • A program’s financial plan
  • Statements of finances
  • IRS records
  • letters of recommendation

Send in your application

You have two options for submitting your application, online or via mail when you have acquired all necessary documentation. The program you are applying to will determine when you need to submit your application.

Anthem Foundation Grant Deadline

Applications for Anthem Foundation Grant grants are accepted year-round, and they are ranked in order of kind and scope. Applications for community sponsorship are accepted all year long and are evaluated either monthly or quarterly.

Contact Details of Anthem Foundation 

Here are a few means of getting in touch with the Anthem Foundation,

Physical Address: 69 Cascade Drive

Suite 102, Rochester, NY 14614

Phone: 585.473.1430

Email: [email protected]

If you have any kind of quarry, you can fill out a contact form available at

Anthem Foundation Grantees 

Support for Mental Health

The Anthem Foundation, the charitable arm of the prestigious health benefits provider Anthem, Inc., has just announced a series of contributions totaling an astounding $14.5 million, demonstrating an unprecedented dedication to maternal health. The generous donations have gone to sixteen outstanding groups who are fighting tooth and nail to improve maternal health.

Support for Black women’s preterm birth

Creating Healthier Communities, a ray of hope in the fight against the inequities in Black women’s preterm birth rates is leading the charge in this revolutionary effort. This innovative group has received the largest award of $7.1 million, an incredible amount that has the potential to significantly alter the lives of Black moms and end the systemic injustices they experience on their path to parenthood.

Different Organization for COVID Help  

The charitable arm of Anthem, Inc., the Anthem Foundation, had an enduring effect by distributing over $20 million to organizations, demonstrating a historic commitment to communities around the country during the COVID-19 outbreak. The foundation moved quickly in the aftermath of the epidemic to provide fresh funds, working in tandem with national and local partners to aid with community reconstruction and assistance across the country.

For COVID-19 Relief Operations

At the time, the Anthem Foundation announced approximately $24 million in new donations to charitable groups as part of its $50 million promise for COVID-19 relief operations. Critical concerns made worse by the epidemic were the deliberate focus of these awards, with a particular emphasis on fighting food shortages, advancing mental health, and assisting with housing and economic recovery projects.

As part of this program, the Anthem Foundation sponsored national groups that addressed the worrying rise in food insecurity. Among these groups were City Harvest, Inc. and The Food Trust which worked together to address urgent food needs and promote heart-healthy eating practices in specific neighborhoods. The Food Trust was primarily concerned with improving health equality and increasing access to heart-healthy foods.

Feed More

Feed More is one of the many organizations that have benefited financially from the generosity of the Anthem Foundation. In order to keep the “Food as Medicine” program going, the foundation paid Feed More $450,000. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation have won a substantial grant of $450,000. This represents a turning point in their ongoing endeavors to improve community health and wellness through the ‘Food as Medicine’ initiative. Feed More is pleased to have been one of twenty-one nationally recognized food banks selected by the Anthem Foundation to receive significant funding. The foundation has proud members of the Feeding America network.

Chris Atwood Foundation 

As part of its continuous effort to enhance lives and communities, the Chris Atwood Foundation has been granted a sizable three-year donation from the Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation. This significant funding, totaling $150,000, will support initiatives to improve the availability of secure housing for those struggling with drug use disorders.

The Chris Atwood Foundation Revive to Thrive initiative is the intended beneficiary of the $150,000 contribution from Anthem. With this project, up to 300 people will be able to move from high-risk settings such as drug treatment facilities or jails to stable and secure living environments with the help of housing and support agencies. This funding announcement is a component of the Elevance Health Foundation’s (formerly named Anthem Foundation) pledge to provide $13 million in grants for access to mental healthcare and treatments for drug use disorders in 2022. The Elevance Health Foundation is going to finance 15 groups, including the Chris Atwood Foundation. This demonstrates the foundation’s commitment to improving important health concerns.

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Anthem Foundation philanthropy promotes community health and well-being. The organization is dedicated to treating health issues such as maternity health, mental health, and drug use problems through their grants and support. A holistic strategy to generate healthier generations emphasizes chronic illness prevention, healthy lifestyles, and disadvantaged populations. With program grants and community sponsorships, the Anthem Foundation supports varied community health programs. According to the foundation’s objective to improve people’s lives, the qualifying criteria and application procedure are clear and strategic. Information can be obtained from the Anthem Foundation through established means.

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What are Anthem Foundation Grants?

Anthem Foundation Grants fund public health projects on mental health, maternity, and drug use problems. These funds promote preventive, healthcare expense reduction, and healthier generations.

Who is eligible for Anthem Foundation Grants?

The Anthem Foundation grants money only to organizations that can prove they are public charities exempt from paying federal income taxes (under IRS Section 501(c)(3)). Unbiased community service and open financial reporting are two of the requirements that qualifying organizations must meet.

What types of programs do Anthem Foundation Grants support?

Program Funding and Community Sponsorships are the two primary uses of Anthem Foundation Grants. Program Funding supports successful community health initiatives, while Community Sponsorships lend a hand to smaller projects and fundraising activities that are in line with the Healthy Generations objective.

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