Apply for Nationwide Foundation’s Grant Program

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Apply for Nationwide Foundation’s Grant Program

How To Get Grants from Nationwide Foundation’s Grant Program  Nationwide Foundation grants support nonprofits in food security, crisis relief, social empowerment, and children’s well-being, building stronger communities. Food security guarantees that people and communities have access to healthy food, fostering health and well-being. Crisis stabilization supports community resilience by giving rapid aid during catastrophes. Social and economic empowerment promotes inclusive communities, poverty reduction, and equitable chances. Investing in children’s health creates a supportive environment for future generations. These areas work together to solve systemic issues and build vibrant communities. 

Thanks to Nationwide Foundation Grants. Communities benefit from nationwide foundation grants by meeting vital needs. This funding enables groups to improve food security, crisis stabilization, social and economic empowerment, and children’s well-being. The foundation’s strategic philanthropy, averaging $13,824,832, supports affordable housing and genetic medicine, promoting holistic well-being and community development. The Nationwide Foundation awards grants to nonprofits aligned with its focus areas. Since 2000, it has donated over $550 million.

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Key Takeaways

  • Nationwide Foundation prioritizes food security, crisis relief, social empowerment, and children’s well-being.
  • Grants support programs that promote lasting community development.
  • Eligible organizations must be US-based non-profits with a 501(c)(3) designation.
  • Applications are typically accepted between June 1 and September 1.

What are Nationwide Foundation Grants?

The Nationwide Foundation is a private, non-profit organization that gets its money from donations from Nationwide businesses. The Nationwide Foundation has been around since 1959 and thus Nationwide Foundation Grants have given more than $550 million to nonprofits in the areas where Nationwide employees and their families live and work since 2000. Nationwide Children’s Hospital received the foundation’s highest contribution, $50 million, in 2006. The hospital received $90 million in funding from the foundation over the past eight years to develop and sustain the Nationwide Foundation Pediatric Innovation Fund. 

Key mission-driven people lead the Nationwide Foundation. Chad A. Jester leads strategic planning as president. Vice President Kristen Rost brings knowledge to foundation projects. Tonya G. Walker, Assistant Treasurer, assists Timothy J. Dwyer with financial concerns. As Chief Tax Officer, Pamela A. Biesecker ensures tax compliance and efficiency.

The Nationwide Foundation, with $78,713,874 in assets, pledges $41,474,497 to philanthropy. The foundation’s average donation size is $13,824,832, demonstrating its commitment to making a difference. The median grant value of $543,169 demonstrates a wide portfolio of funds for distinct needs and objectives. A strong financial foundation allows the Nationwide Foundation to effectively distribute resources to support mission-aligned activities, making a beneficial impact on communities and causes across its charitable reach. For more information, you can check the official website of the Nationwide Foundation at: 

Focus Area of Nationwide Foundation Grants

The foundation conducts an analysis of the needs of the communities and provides financial assistance to organizations that concentrate on four primary domains.

Food Security

Programs in the areas of youth development, food sourcing and distribution, and agricultural education and research are funded by the foundation under the umbrella of food security. The foundation’s investments in these areas help to create food systems that can withstand and even thrive in the face of challenges, eradicate hunger, and support the growth of future generations.

Crisis Stabilization

Other critical areas of concentration where the foundation makes a big difference include crisis stabilization. In times of crisis, the foundation’s support for programs pertaining to addiction and mental health, crisis services, disaster relief, domestic violence, and homelessness is vital in offering help and support right away. 

Social and Economic Empowerment

One of the main goals of the Nationwide Foundation’s charitable work is to promote economic and social empowerment. With a focus on housing, education, economic mobility, criminal justice, and other programs that empower communities, the foundation aims to have a lasting impact.

Children’s well-being

Welfare of children: The Nationwide Foundation places a premium on welfare of children. The premium includes mental health, child advocacy, pediatric care, and youth development. The foundation helps kids and teens grow up healthy and strong by funding programs in these areas. This in turn helps them prepare for a bright future.

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Eligibility for Nationwide Foundation Grants

Please ensure that you have all of the following essential information accessible before you begin your application process if your organization is eligible for Nationwide Foundation Grants. This will allow you to simply finish your application and prevent you from losing any further information.

  • The charity tax identification number or Employer Identification Number (EIN) of your organization
  • Include a rundown of all the funders whose requests you have made, how much money you have requested, and where each request is (approved, pending, or to be presented).
  • IRS section 501(c)(3) Determination Letter
  • Budget for running the business
  • Director bios (with names and addresses)
  • When requesting funds for a program, project, or capital project, you must include a project or program budget.
  • The application is structured as a sequence of statements that you must complete to show how your work plans relate to the results you want (in PDF).
  • The most current audited financial statement of your company.
  • A statement against discrimination (in PDF)

If your organization is committed to contributing its efforts towards reducing gynecologic cancer, you can check your eligibility for receiving a grant amount from the Foundation for Women’s Cancer Grant. 

Application Process of Nationwide Foundation Grants

Applicants who were qualified to receive a grant filed their applications between June 1 and September 1, 2023. They did not make any exceptions. Grant recipients will be notified by March 31, 2024. The application for the awards offered by the Nationwide Foundation is not currently available. However, there will be a new timeframe for the grants available in the near future. The applicants, then  

  • Following the submission of a fully filled-out application, you will be sent an email that serves as a confirmation of your grant submission. 
  • Remember to maintain a note of the email confirmation you received as evidence that your application was successfully submitted. 
  • Under the heading “Submitted Applications” on the Welcome page of the grant application system, you will also see the application that you have filed posted there.

Grantees of Nationwide Foundation Grants

Leadership And Volunteer Grants 

Leadership and Volunteer Grants enhance communities by funding, encouraging participation, and promoting volunteering. This devotion promotes social relationships, improves leadership, and improves communities. In the category of Leadership and Volunteer Grants, the Nationwide Foundation distributed a total of $89,000. The address, where the grants went is One West Nationwide Blvd 1-03-404, Columbus, Ohio 43215. The grant made possible to assist a number of other causes. In addition to increasing community participation and service, the aim included making contributions to leadership and volunteer efforts.

Matching Education Gifts 

Grants empower people and communities by funding educational opportunities and promoting personal and societal progress. The Nationwide Foundation provided $543,169 in 2022 through its Matching Education Gifts program. At One West Nationwide Blvd 1-03-404, Columbus, Ohio 43215, the beneficiary contributed funds to several charities. Matching Education giving was crucial to supporting education, multiplying giving by two.

2023 Nationwide Foundation Grants

In order to increase healthcare infrastructure, research, and patient care, medical institutions must obtain adequate money, and hospital grants play a crucial role in this process. Nationwide Children’s Hospital received $10 million from the Nationwide Foundation as a grant in 2023. These gifts showed the foundation’s dedication to community health and happiness. The Pediatric Innovation Fund of the Nationwide Foundation distributed a large amount of grants to support vital hospital activities. The advent of groundbreaking genetic medicine, The growth of affordable housing in Linden, and research and patient treatment are significant themes.

  1. Pediatric Innovation Fund Impact, Affordable Housing and Genomic Medicine

The Pediatric Innovation Fund receives a large chunk of the 2023 grant, supporting Nationwide Children’s Linden affordable housing projects. With social determinants’ significant influence on health, the effort coincides with the hospital’s Healthy Neighborhoods Healthy Families program. This suitable and philanthropic approach tackles housing, healthcare, education, employment, transportation, and nutrition, which then directly affect individual and community health.

  1. Healthy Homes Initiative, Affordable Housing in Linden

The Healthy Homes program suggested as a part of Healthy Neighborhoods Healthy Families and focuses on affordable housing, will receive the contribution. The project’s goal is to build 80 reasonably priced, high-quality houses in Linden in collaboration with the Central Ohio Community Land Trust. Locals are able to buy a property since the prices are lower than the real development costs. The program has contributed to the stability and well-being of the neighborhood by completing 20 homes and having eight more under construction.

  1. Linden Home Fund II, Advancing Rental Housing

The recently announced Linden Home Fund II will provide $50 million to finance the creation of 150 rental apartments as part of the overall strategy. One of the major funders is Nationwide. In this way, Nationwide shows how serious they are about helping to provide affordable and environmentally friendly housing options.

2022 Nationwide Foundation Grants

Organizations require community welfare grants to meet pressing needs, stimulate development, and improve social well-being. A sizable gift of $40,842,328 was distributed in 2022 by the Nationwide Foundation. Several foundations won the One West Nationwide Blvd 1-03-404, Columbus, OH 43215 honor. Overall, these awards showed the foundation’s commitment to influencing communities by funding several projects. Part XIV grant papers provide more details.

Contact Details of Nationwide Foundation Grants

Here are a few means of getting in touch with the Nationwide Foundation, one can choose one of these options.

EIN: 316022301

Physical address: One West Nationwide Blvd 1 03 404, Columbus, OH 432152220

Phone: 614-677-1823



By addressing core needs in the areas of food security, crisis stabilization, social and economic empowerment, and children’s well-being, Nationwide Foundation Grants play a crucial role in creating community well-being. This is accomplished on a global scale. The Nationwide Foundation, directed by President Chad A. Jester and a team of devoted individuals, has made a substantial contribution to the development of communities that are both resilient and dynamic via the use of strategic philanthropy. The amount granted by the foundation always goes to support programs such as affordable housing and genomic medicine, the foundation’s dedication to holistic development is readily apparent. The Nationwide Foundation is a shining example of the organization’s commitment to constructing a future that is both healthier and more equal. It does this by giving priority to the needs of the community and by supporting donations that have a significant impact.  If you want to learn more about foundation grants, then please visit our page  

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