Gupta Family Foundation Grant

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Gupta Family Foundation Grant

The Gupta Family Foundation Grant is a US-based private charity organization headquartered in Herndon, Virginia. The foundation’s main goal is to help persons who have experienced disadvantage in whatever form become self-sufficient by supporting organizations that offer targeted interventions. The foundation defines “disadvantage” extremely broadly to mean everything that prevents someone from reaching their full potential, including social alienation, poverty, physical or mental disabilities, etc. Additionally, the foundation provides funding to organizations that provide aid to victims of catastrophes like natural disasters. There are some other foundation grants, if you want to get help from those programs, do not forget to check them out Charles M and Mary D. Grant Foundation.

Overview of The Gupta Family Foundation 

Dr. Shashikant Gupta launched the Gupta Family Foundation for social justice over 30 years ago. Originally the Gupta family foundation was known as The Apex Foundation. Philanthropist, activist, and entrepreneur Margaret Gupta. Out of her desire to serve others, Gupta Family Foundation President Ms. Gupta supports organizations globally that help poor people become self-sufficient.

Cure Glaucoma Foundation Executive Director Michael Kettles was a volunteer board member for years. Karen Kuranz joined Gupta Family Foundation in 2007. She was born into a military family. For almost a decade, Melissa W. McQuade has been Gupta Family Foundation corporate secretary. Some other Board members are- Michele Kettles. Michael Kettles, John Kuranz and Radhika Murari.

Eligibility criteria for The Gupta Foundation

The foundation assesses and distributes $5,000–$250,000 yearly and multi-year grants. The foundation sponsors smaller, mission-driven organizations worldwide. Its selection criteria are:

  1. Mission alignment: The founder or a successor who shares his vision, enthusiasm, and dedication runs the organization.
  2. At least 90% of grants reach recipients: The foundation consists of a non-sectarian group that does not promote any religion or have any link with a religious institution.

If you are searching for money-based help for your organization to support needy people by any means, here is Bj’s Charitable Foundation Grant Application which is responsible for giving financial assistance. Check the eligibility of the foundation.

Important List of  Grantee organizations supported by The Guptas Family Foundation in US

Doorways for Women and Children 

One of the most popular grantees of the Gupta Family Foundation is Doorways for Women and Children. In 1978, concerned Arlingtonians saw no secure safety for crisis-stricken families and founded Doorways. Doorways helps people get out of homelessness, domestic abuse, and sexual assault in order to live safely, securely, and powerfully.

The program sees a community without violence and stable homes for everybody. It actively and quickly addresses abuse, homelessness, and poverty by meeting our clients where they are and providing long-term assistance. Doorways is committed to serving every person in need regardless of their caste, race, religion, sex, and gender. If you want to connect with the Doorway for Women and Children, here is the address:  PO Box 100185 Arlington, VA, 22210 | (703) 504-9400 | EIN: 54-1087829


Established in 1970, Cornerstones has strengthened the community and helped needy families recover independence, resiliency, and confidence. It supports many programs such as Free From Hunger Center, where the main objective is to reduce food waste. So that they can help the people who are facing food scarcity.  Cornerstone also provides Childcare & Youth Services to assist children in getting what they need to get a bright future. Cornerstones prioritizes programs and policies that provide Fairfax County children with a bright future.

This is not the stop, COrnerstone also supports other programs to help people in terms of urgent needs of food, housing, and finance. If you want to indulge in the program, please visit the website at: You can also contact the organization located at: 11150 Sunset Hills Road, Suite 210, Reston, VA 20190 • 571-323-9555


Established in 1969, FISH based on Herndon-Reston aim aims to help Herndon and Reston residents with short-term financial issues with Friendly Instant Sympathetic Help. The group helps stabilize lives by averting evictions, maintaining utilities, and funding urgent medical needs. Its services such as Emergency Financial Assistance, The Bargain Loft, Financial Literacy Training, and Holiday Food & Gift Assistance.

All these programs are meant to serve needy and unfortunate people. One can go and visit the website at: [email protected] or can go in person to the official location at 1141 Elden Street, Suite 200 Herndon, Virginia 20170. For inquiry, you can call at 571 267-2977

Michigan State University

For almost 165 years, Michigan State University has been using uncommon will to further the common good. As one of the best universities in the world, MSU offers students chances that may change their lives while pushing the frontiers of knowledge to improve the world. One of the best research institutions in the world and the leading land-grant institution in the country is Michigan State University. For students who want to apply to MSU, then, It’s easy to apply, but admission is competitive. For the application detail please check the website at:

Clinics Can Help

Clinics Can Help is a charitable organization that operates out of Palm Beach County, Florida. Its mission is to collect discarded durable medical equipment and then donate it to people who have the greatest need for it. It would be pleased to tell that they are the largest non-profit organization in the state of Florida that recycles and reuses medical equipment. In order to make it available to those who are unable to buy it, the organization collects, cleans, and repairs used medical equipment that is still in good shape. It then stores it. Wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, patient lifts, crutches, canes, and nebulizers are all examples of the equipment that falls under this category.

The organization treats patients of all ages, from infants and toddlers to senior citizens and everyone in between. The primary mission of the organization is to improve mobility, independence, and dignity by giving every Palm Beach County citizen life-saving and “quality of life”-enhancing durable medical equipment and supplies for rehabilitation and support. To get connected with the organization to know about more benefits from it, visit the website at:

You can go to the office for more personalized help in knowing the details, located at 2560 Westgate Avenue West Palm Beach, FL 33409. There are also other means of contact such as by email: [email protected] by phone call: 561-640-2995

Origin Project

Adriana Trigiani and Nancy Bolmeier-Fisher developed the Origin Project to help kids find their voices by writing about their Appalachian heritage. The program now serves 1600 children in 17 schools after starting with 40 in 2014. In this program, each student is responsible for writing their writings about the origin of any project and they are taken to places where they can enjoy and celebrate history and literature. A school year-end anthology and assembly include their final literary endeavors. Every school and public library has anthologies for students.

The Virginia-based Gupta Foundation publishes the anthology. The Origin Project inspires 2-12 pupils to embrace reading and writing. Our family tales shape our self-esteem and future goals. For more details and knowledge about the organization , you can go to their website at: or also visit can contact them by email at: [email protected]

She Believes In Me

Gupta Foundation’s crucial grants also go for the She Believes In Me organization SBIM is mostly handled by passionate volunteers that care and think we can improve lives together. In 2018, a Herndon, Virginia school counselor, teachers, and social workers formed SBIM. These experts saw an urgent and rising need to serve neighborhood girls, many of whom were suffering from poverty and trauma. SBIM helps at-risk children and their families overcome daily problems. Over half live in single-family homes with numerous family groupings or non-relatives. After School and extracurricular programs are out of reach for most. Without parents or guardians, children care for siblings or younger relatives.

The organization supports many programs such as the Liaison Program which is responsible for identifying]fy the most needy families and helping them to get a positive change in their lives. Other similar programs such as Life Skills Events and Food Pantry are occasionally held in a year for a specific period. To know more about the programs you can visit their website at: If you are interested and want to connect with the organization, you can drop you interest in the email at: [email protected] or can give a call at: (703) 332-9311

Sisters Circle

Within the Baltimore community, Sisters Circle fosters individual relationships among girls in middle school and high school and a range of women from a variety of backgrounds. They represent a range of professions, such as those in the legal, business, education, healthcare, and technological fields. Their shared goal is to significantly impact the lives of our young women and our community.

This is what unites them all. Both mentors and mentees assume the dual roles of educators and learners. Grants from the Gupta Foundation Grants helped the organization to follow its commitment. Sisters Circle is an amazing community, you can navigate their programs at: If you are interested and want to get indulged with the community, here is their website:

Starting Right, Now

Starting Right Now tackles the causes of poverty for unaccompanied homeless adolescents, who are either in foster care or living with a parent. The school system and community partners refer lone homeless children to SRN from Hillsborough or Pinellas public high schools. The Department of Children & Families does not remove these 15-19-year-olds from their homes; they leave for safety. SRN provides free, long-term housing to meet physiological/safety requirements with food, shelter, etc. before engaging adolescents in complete programs.

Starting Right Now protects youth from homelessness by providing a stable home, preventative medical and mental healthcare, educational support, workforce development, financial literacy, and life skills, and one-on-one mentorship. It would be best for needy individual to get benefits from SRN, and for more information, they just could get the official website present at:

Gupta Family Foundation grant application

The Gupta Family Foundation Grants application is very straightforward but has to keep small crucial details in mind. Therefore it would be best for one organization to contact directly first with the Gupta Family Foundation grant community and follow their instruction wisely.  One can visit the page and follow the steps after filling out the basic details to get in contact with the community. It is important to note that the grant application period has ended for the next fiscal year. Grantees will receive notifications of approval in the spring of 2024. The community will reopen grant applications in the summer of 2024.


Under the direction of Dr. Shashikant Gupta, the Gupta Family Foundation supports international organizations in their mission to combat various types of disadvantage. However, it is important to keep in mind that grantee organizations must have to follow some standards mentioned on the Gupta Family Foundation community page. Addition to it The foundation assesses applications and provides between $5,000 and over $250,000 (USD) on an annual and multi-year basis. Above mentioned programs are delivered in the United States supported by the Gupta Family Foundation. People in the US can explore the information to get exceptional benefits.

For more information about Foundation grants check our website   that facilitates crucial details. Apart from that you can also find information about other government grants.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are Gupta Family Foundation Grants?

The Gupta Family Foundation Grants are gifts of money from a private US foundation to nonprofits working to fight different types of poverty and help people all over the world become self-sufficient.

How does the Gupta Family Foundation try to help people who are having trouble?

The foundation uses a broad term for hardship, which can include being socially isolated, poor, having a physical or mental disability, and more. By supporting specific actions, its goal is to help people become self-sufficient.

I am a non-Cristian and owner of an organization devoted to serving children. Can I get the benefits from the Gupta family foundation?

Yes definitely, the foundation is not subjected to serve any specific group or community. The non-sectarian group that makes up the foundation does not support any particular religion or have any affiliation with a religious organization.

Is the Gupta Foundation limited to support organizations located in the US?

No, of course not. Not just in the United States, but also all throughout the world, the foundation provides financial support to smaller, mission-driven organizations.

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