Honeywell Foundation Grants Corporate Giving Program

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Honeywell Foundation Grants Corporate Giving Program

How To Get Grants from Honeywell Foundation Grants – Arts and education foster creativity, critical thinking, and cultural enrichment, fostering community growth. Education enhances skills, communication, and teamwork, forming a well-rounded community. The arts encourage self-expression and group identity. Arts and education empower individuals, promote the economy, and create a varied, inventive community. Entertainment provides delight, relaxation, and escape from daily stress. It improves life quality by fostering social relationships, creativity, and well-being.

Grants from the Honeywell Foundation fund a variety of activities that improve art, education, and entertainment. From Arts in Education programs that reach thousands of kids to historic theater restoration, the Foundation enriches communities, transforms lives, and creates a thriving cultural hub that improves education, creativity, and entertainment.

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What are Honeywell Foundation Grants?

The Honeywell Foundation is a Wabash, Indiana nonprofit arts organization. Since 1941, industrialist Mark C. Honeywell’s Foundation has inspired hundreds of thousands of people via the arts. A vibrant arts community flourishes socially and economically. The Honeywell Foundation connects the region through live concerts, visual art initiatives, family festivals, and leisure activities.

The Honeywell Foundation, Inc. is Wabash and the north-central region of Indiana’s vibrant, fresh, and consistently relevant cultural hub. With its world-class performing arts programming, innovative and expansive educational outreach, and attractive and well-maintained facilities, the Foundation makes a clear and sustained contribution to the community’s improvement and makes Wabash a destination for visitors from all over the region.

The Honeywell Foundation, Inc. literally changes lives. Leveraging its various venues, Foundation programming provides value for all generations. Program attendance and guest satisfaction increase steadily, boosting Foundation operations’ financial success and allowing for greater programming flexibility. Donors are well informed of their positive impact, deepening and broadening their contributions.

The Honeywell Foundation, Inc.’s educational and cultural enrichment attracts employers who want to give current and prospective employees compelling reasons to live, work, and stay in Wabash. Corporate engagement grows through the Foundation’s services and contributions to its future successes. If you are interested in knowing more about the  Honeywell Foundation, you can visit the official website of the foundation at:

What is the focus area of Honeywell Foundation Grants ?


The act of providing aid to communities that have been impacted by natural disasters and other types of calamities is known as humanitarian relief.


Providing support for STEM education initiatives, workforce development programs, and scholarships for students who are interested in pursuing professions in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is the mission of The Honeywell Foundation Education, that is responsible for presenting all things related to Honeywell Arts & Entertainment.

Community development

Community development refers to the process of investing in initiatives that contribute to the enhancement of the standard of living of inhabitants in the areas in that Honeywell workers dwell and work.

Arts and Culture

Supporting arts groups and activities that enhance the lives of people in the areas that Honeywell serves is an important part of Honeywell’s commitment to arts and culture.

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Eligibility for Honeywell Foundation Grants

The individual program that you are applying for will determine whether or not you are eligible for funds from the Honeywell Foundation. Nevertheless, certain broad criteria are as follows:

  1. Establish yourself as a charitable organization: The Honeywell Foundation will only provide financial assistance to organizations that are 501(c)(3) nonprofit.
  2. Exist inside the United States: The Honeywell Foundation is primarily concerned with providing financial assistance to organizations that are situated within the United States.
  3. Maintain congruence with the Foundation’s goals regarding funding: There are four primary avenues of support that the Honeywell Foundation prioritizes:
  • The acronym STEM education refers to programs that encourage education in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, particularly for populations who are underrepresented.
  • Programs that address environmental concerns and encourage sustainable practices are examples of environmental sustainability.
  • The term “urban development” refers to initiatives that aim to rehabilitate and enhance urban neighborhoods.
  • In the context of underprivileged areas, cultural arts refer to programs that provide assistance and promotion for the arts.

Types of Honeywell Foundation Grants

Corporate Giving

This program provides financial assistance to a wide range of charitable organizations in order to support a number of activities. These programs include education, arts and culture, community development, and environmental sustainability.

Honeywell International Inc. Corporate Giving Program

This initiative provides financial assistance to charitable organizations in areas where Honeywell has a strong presence.

Honeywell Foundation Society for Nonprofits

In addition to providing basic running assistance and continuing support, the Honeywell Foundation Society for Nonprofits is also responsible for providing additional sorts of funding to educational institutions including colleges and universities.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The “Society for Innovation and Development (SID – IISc)” and Honeywell’s relationship with the Americares Foundation are two examples of the particular projects that Honeywell has implemented in India as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Fluor Foundation Grant, can be proven a great deal for your organization, do not forget to visit the page.

Application Process of Honeywell Foundation Grants

Here are few steps of the application process:

  • Find the award program you want: Find the right grant for your project by reviewing the following kinds and qualifying requirements.
  • Visit award program website: Each program will have a web page with application, eligibility, and deadline information.
  • Gather application materials: A proposal usually includes project, financial, and organizational information. Follow the program’s standards and requirements before applying.
  • Post your application: Apply online or by mail using the program website’s guidelines.

Programs of Honeywell Foundation Grants

Across counties, schools, and a wide range of creative endeavors, the Honeywell Foundation Grants play a crucial part in providing financial assistance to a wide variety of programs that benefit individuals and communities.

Honeywell Arts in Education programs

Honeywell Arts in Education programs are implemented in 14 counties, interacting with 83 schools and having an influence on 49,000 student interactions. These programs are known for their emphasis on education and the developmental advantages that they provide for kids. The purpose of these programs is to improve abilities in areas such as critical thinking, cooperation, communication, and writing. Some examples of these programs are Visual Thinking Strategies, art exhibitions, curriculum-based theatrical performances, and a media arts program.

Honeywell Arts Academy

Located in Eagles Theatre, the Honeywell Arts Academy, provides full-scholarship institutions for aspiring musicians. These institutes aim to attract talent from all around the world and to promote creative quality. The Live Concerts project features 129 concerts that cover a variety of genres, resulting in the sale of more than 101,200 tickets and the creation of innumerable memories. Highlighting the Foundation’s dedication to cooperation and expanding chances for a larger spectrum of artists is the fact that it has formed relationships with seven venues located in Indiana and Ohio, resulting in the presentation of 129 concerts.

Honeywell’s Movies

Honeywell’s Movies initiative, that included presentations at Eagles Theatre and 13-24 Drive-in, was successful in selling 38,400 movie tickets and providing different types of people with pleasure. Honeywell locations have been the favored choice for a wide range of events due to the fact that hospitality services have hosted 360 corporate meetings and events, 31 wedding celebrations, and 198 skating and movie parties.

The Honeywell Foundation’s transformation of the historic Eagles Theatre

The makeover of the historic Eagles Theatre, that was awarded the Cook Cup for Outstanding Restoration by the Indiana Landmarks in 2022, is another evidence of the Honeywell Foundation’s dedication to the process of restoration and regeneration. This rise in live entertainment reach, student art possibilities, and general economic impact on the region is a direct result of the Foundation’s financial success, that is reflected in the fact that its budget has quadrupled since 2015.

The Honeywell Foundation Grants VOLUNTEERS

With 49 full-time and 92 part-time team members committed to achieving the Foundation’s objective, the influence includes not just the programs but also the community as a whole. In order to highlight the significance of community participation, volunteers provide 9,600 hours of their time, that plays a significant role in defining the experience that guests have. The extraordinary contributions made by the organization’s supporters, that include individual contributors, corporations, and organizations, make it possible for the Honeywell Foundation to continue its wide range of initiatives that have a significant influence on people’s lives by enhancing their experiences via the arts, education, and entertainment.


Arts and education improve creativity, critical thinking, and communication. They promote personal growth, cultural understanding, and a well-rounded education. Cognitive growth and creativity in the arts prepare youngsters for a complex and diverse world. Entertainment also helps health by relaxing, de-stressing, and mingling.

Honeywell Foundation Grants make a difference via humanitarian aid, education, community development, and arts & culture. Grants from the charity assist individuals in commemorating important events. Mr. Honeywell founded the Foundation in 1941, enriching Wabash and north-central Indiana culture. Qualifying circumstances show the Foundation’s commitment to assisting US 501(c)(3) NGOs achieve financial goals. The Foundation’s Arts in Education, Arts Academy, and historic theater restoration benefit from volunteers and donors.  To know more about foundation grants, visit 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the Honeywell Foundation Grants?

Honeywell Foundation Grants are charity financial aid initiatives. These donations have promoted humanitarian aid, education, community development, and arts and culture since 1941. Through programs and initiatives, they promote creativity, education, and entertainment to improve communities.

How can my organization apply for Honeywell Foundation Grants?

You can get Honeywell Foundation Grants for your organization by following an easy process. Select the award program that best fits your organization’s project. Check the program’s website for information on who is eligible and when the deadline is. Next, gather the materials needed and send your application online or by mail, following the program’s instructions.

What areas do Honeywell Foundation Grants focus on?

There are particularly four areas that the Honeywell Foundation Grants mainly focus on. disaster aid for towns, support for STEM education, community development projects, and arts and culture programs. Organizations must be 501(c)(3) nonprofits in the United States in order to be eligible.

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