Jack and Jill Foundation Grants

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Jack and Jill Foundation Grants Program and Donations

How To Get Jack and Jill Foundation Grants and donations – In order to build strong communities, it is important that the world must prioritize the health and education of Black American families. By tackling the specific obstacles these families encounter, the world may help tear down structural barriers and empower the African American community as a whole, in addition to promoting individual achievement.

Through the provision of life-changing assistance in the areas of education, health, and overall well-being, the Jack and Jill Foundation Grants have emerged as a ray of positive light for African families. Through the implementation of strategic initiatives, it transforms into a driving force behind good transformation and empowerment.

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What are Jack and Jill Foundation Grants ?

One of the first African-American-led nonprofits in the United States is the Jack and Jill Foundation, Inc. Through its investments in quality education, healthcare, and a secure environment, the foundation prioritizes the well-being of African American children and their families. In the long run, the foundation helps kids out by setting them up for success. A child at a time, they aim to transform African American neighborhoods.

This purpose is crucial because African American youth typically experience socioeconomic inequities that hinder their personal and professional progress.These hardships affect these children, their families, and the community. These structural gaps require significant resources, creative strategies, and cross-sector coordination to address.

The foundation uses resources well to address these issues. They help African American students accomplish their educational aspirations and inspire a generation of social justice and equality leaders with initiatives like the JJ College GAP Fund. The foundation is leveling the playing field in mental health, literacy, and housing. The strategic strategy links the foundation’s assistance of African American children to systemic transformation. We strive to break the cycle of poverty and unfairness in these areas via comprehensive program interventions and activities, giving everyone a chance.

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More About Fundings of Jack and Jill Foundation

Meet the committed Jack and Jill Foundation Board of Trustees. The President, Anthony Trotman, is situated in Charlotte, NC, while Vice President, Hugh LaRoche, is in New York. In Washington, DC, Karon Moody Harden is Secretary and Manny Hostin, MD, Treasurer. National President Kornisha McGill Brown in Columbus, GA, and National Vice President Sativa Leach-Bowen in Arlington, TX, strengthened the board. Marvis Donalson is National Program Director in Oak Park, while Michelle Henry-McGee is National Treasurer in Belleville. Regional representatives, trustees, and members-at-large from around the US support the Foundation’s work. Pier Blake manages the Foundation’s Washington, DC activities as Executive Director. This broad and dedicated group supports the Jack and Jill Foundation.

African American households had a median income of $39,000, far lower than Latino ($47,000) and White ($65,500) homes while being a vital part of American culture.African Americans are less likely to own houses and have health insurance, according to recent statistics. African-American and American Indian children had roughly three times the poverty rate of white, Asian, and Pacific Islander children.

There are a total of 65 grantees of the foundation and till now $445,884 has been funded. The foundation has invested $830,000 in students to make their future bright and easier.

For more information, you can simply click on https://jackandjillfoundation.org/

Eligibility for Jack and Jill Foundation Grants

Organizations whose goals and the aims of the Jack and Jill Foundation Grants are congruent receive funds from the charity.

  • Among the groups that can apply for our independent funding are:
  • 501(c)(3)s—those that are public agencies, such as school districts, and have a fiscal sponsor with the same classification

The following groups are eligible to receive funding from our Chapter:

  • Local 501(c)(3) nonprofits and Jack and Jill of America, Inc. chapters that work together

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Application for Jack and Jill Foundation Grants

There are Four steps in the application process. If you are willing to apply for a grant from Jack and Jill Foundation Grants for your organization, you must follow those steps.

Step 1: Click the Appropriate Link as per your requirement and eligibility, that is mentioned on the page https://jackandjillfoundation.org/how-to-apply/.

Step 2: You’ll need to sign up for or access an existing WizeHive Zengine account.

Step 3: Make a user profile or look over your current one.

Step 4: Fill out a grant application and send it in by March 15th.

Deadline of Jack and Jill Foundation Grants 

Another important thing is to keep in mind the deadline for the application period. The grant application of the Jack and Jill Foundation starts each year on the 1st of January and closes on the 15th of March. For more information, you can visit the  https://jackandjillfoundation.org/how-to-apply/

The Focus Area of Jack and Jill Foundation Grants

There are three key focus areas of the Jack and Jill Foundation Grants

African American families

Jack and Jill Foundation understands that African Americans have specific needs that demand tailored answers. They know that supporting African American families builds strong communities. The organization supports initiatives and services that address the core causes of long-term African American child outcomes. The Jack and Jill Foundation thinks creative ideas may benefit African American families and communities’ health and prosperity.


One of our primary areas of interest is education. All children, regardless of their family’s socioeconomic status or where they live, should have the opportunity to get a high-quality education, according to the Jack and Jill Foundation Grants. Organizations that help African American students and other members of underprivileged communities get an education are the primary focus of the foundation’s funding.

Health and Wellness

Lastly, the Jack and Jill Foundation Grants understand that people and communities’ health and wellness are paramount to their total welfare. The foundation’s funding goes toward initiatives that help Black Americans lead healthier lives, get the medical treatment they need more easily, and reduce health inequalities.

Grantee of Jack and Jill Foundation Grants

Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy

Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy in the Houston region has received much-needed funding from the Jack and Jill of foundation to help guide girls in the area to and through college. All the way from high school to college, the foundation has been there to help out the students. A total of 66% of the alumni have attained the bachelor’s degree level, and students have received over $6MM in merit-based scholarships thanks to The Jack and Jill of foundation.

The Center for Healthy Families

The capacity of the Center for Healthy Families Connection Program HFC to engage the broad community of P/P adolescents, 69% were African American adolescents, is something of that the foundation is exceptionally pleased. The grants from the Jack and Jill foundation helped families and youngsters deal with emergencies, overcome obstacles, and ultimately achieve great outcomes.

Cy-Hope Counseling 

It is with great gratitude that Cy-Hope Counseling acknowledges the kind support of our community partners, who have provided us with grants and gifts. Affordability of mental health care has emerged as a critical commodity in these unexpected and difficult times. Numerous kids from diverse backgrounds in the community who are facing mental and financial challenges have been able to receive the support they need thanks to the funding provided by the Jack and Jill Foundation. Minority groups were able to get mental health services more easily after Jack and Jill Grants eliminated entrance barriers.

The Foundation’s focus is on funding initiatives that help Black American families deal with the systemic problems that affect them. The group is pleased to inform 65 worthy organizations that will be receiving a total of $447,985.00 to help them tackle the underlying issues impacting families and children of African American descent.

For more information about the grantees of the Jack and Jill Foundation, you can indulge with the official website of the foundation’s grantees list at: https://jackandjillfoundation.org/grantee-list/

Contact Details of Jack and Jill Foundation Grants

Location of the office : Jack and Jill of America Foundation, Inc  1930 17th Street NW Washington, DC 20009

Phone: 202-232-5290

Fax: 202-232-1747

Website: https://jackandjillfoundation.org/ 


Jack and Jill of America Foundation is critical to tackling African American children and families’ particular issues. The foundation fights African American poverty and inequality via education, health, and wellbeing. Board of Trustees commitment, open grant application procedure, and significant programs financed demonstrate the foundation’s systemic reform commitment. The foundation enables Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy and the Center for Healthy Families with targeted grants to improve the lives of individuals in need. The foundation promotes positive transformation and a brighter future for African American youngsters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do organizations ask for grants from the Jack and Jill Foundation?






A- The website for applying for Foundation grants will open on January 1. The site for applying for grants ends on March 15th. You can’t apply for a grant after March 15th.




How do organizations ask for grants from the Jack and Jill Foundation?

The foundation’s website has a four-step application method that organizations can follow. By March 15, you need to click on the right link, make or check a user profile, sign up for a WizeHive Zengine account, and send in a grant application.

My group put in for a grant from Jack and Jill Foundation. When will we hear back?

On May 15, the grant management tool WizeHive Zengine sends emails to applicants who were chosen to receive a grant. It is the grant handling tool, WizeHive Zengine, that tells applicants by email on or before May 15th if they did not get a grant.

When can I get a grant from the Jack and Jill Foundation?

The website for applying for Foundation grants will open on January 1. The site for applying for grants ends on March 15th. You can’t apply for a grant after March 15th.

When is the deadline for Jack and Jill Foundation Grant applications?

The time to apply for a grant is from January 1st to March 15th of every year. For their applications to be considered, organizations must send them in by this date and time.

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