How To Apply For Mother Cabrini Health Foundation Grants

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Mother Cabrini Health Foundation Grants Application

How To Get Grants from Mother Cabrini Health Foundation – The Mother Cabrini Health Foundation Grants provide New Yorkers with unmet healthcare and social services. The Foundation’s funding helps organizations increase healthcare access, support vulnerable populations, and fill health service gaps, inspired by Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini.

The Foundation’s diversified initiatives improve mental health, workforce development, and well-being for immigrants, low-income families, and older persons. This charity endeavor reflects Mother Cabrini’s devotion to social justice and the protection of the most vulnerable. In New York State, their Foundation helps fund initiatives that address healthcare needs that go unfulfilled, drawing on the teachings of Mother Cabrini and the Catholic tradition of caring for the sick and the impoverished.

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Key Takeaways

  • MCHF targets healthcare access, basic needs, workforce development, mental health, and general health initiatives.
  • Grants support 501(c)(3) nonprofits in New York with budgets exceeding $750,000.
  • Funding prioritizes programs serving low-income, disadvantaged, and underprivileged communities.
  • Application involves a Letter of Inquiry and a full proposal during designated funding cycles.

What is Mother Cabrini Health Foundation Grants?

The Mother Cabrini Health Foundation Grants are notable charities that improve underprivileged New Yorkers’ health. Since the 2018 sale of Fidelis Care, a nonprofit health insurer, MCHF is the biggest foundation in the US dedicated to healthcare in New York State. The organization supports Roman Catholic faith-based programs to improve access to affordable, high-quality healthcare, address unmet needs, and reduce health inequities, inspired by Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini. MCHF has provided 2,200 grants totaling $635 million since 2019, improving priority populations around the state.

Mother Cabrini, St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, came in New York in 1889 to aid immigrants. She dedicated her life to helping the poor. She is the first American saint and a tremendous example of Catholic ideals that guide our work. Mother Cabrini saw firsthand the significance of caring for our society’s most defenseless members because she was an immigrant herself. Continuing her selfless effort is a priority for our foundation.

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Focus Area of Mother Cabrini Health Foundation Grants

There are five key program areas that the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation uses to help improve the health and well-being of vulnerable New Yorkers:

  1. Access to Healthcare

This program gives money to projects that make it easier for people to get good healthcare, especially those who live in areas that aren’t well served. It could help with services like telemedicine, getting people to and from medical visits, or reaching out to people who don’t have insurance.

  1. Basic Needs

This program helps people who can’t meet basic needs that have an effect on their health, like not having enough food, stable housing, or access to clean water and toilets. Food banks, shelters, and programs that help people find cheap homes are all examples of projects that get money.

  1. Healthcare Workforce 

This program helps to train and keep New York’s healthcare workers, especially in places that don’t have enough doctors. It could help pay for funding, training programs for healthcare workers, or efforts to get more people from different backgrounds to work in healthcare.

  1. Mental and Behavioral Health 

This program knows that mental health is an important part of general health and well-being. It funds projects that make it easier for people to get mental health services, fight shame, and help people who are having problems with their mental health.

  1. General Fund and Eight Population

This program focuses on eight groups that are thought to be especially at risk: children, low-income families, older adults, people with disabilities, people who live in rural areas, immigrant and refugee communities, LGBTQ+ people, and people living with HIV/AIDS. The General Fund also gives money to new projects that don’t fit nicely into other funds.

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Eligibility for Mother Cabrini Health Foundation Grants

Here are some set up rules, the foundation has set for eligibility.

  • MCHF funds domestic section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations in good standing with the IRS and NY. Only domestic public charities or exempt operating foundations listed in Internal Revenue Code sections 509(a)(1) or (2) can receive grants.
  • Including the US Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services, all funding must follow Roman Catholic ethics. Grant-eligible groups need not be Catholic.
  • Applicant organizations should be based in New York State and serve New Yorkers.
  • Poor, disadvantaged, or underprivileged New Yorkers must get grants.
  • Applicants must have $750,000+ yearly budgets.
  • MCHF typically considers $75,000+ grant requests.
  • All MCHF-approved programs, activities, and projects must further the organization’s philanthropic goals.
  • Applicant organizations must demonstrate good financial management and governance and be able to implement the financed programs, activities, or projects.
  • Project applicants must demonstrate their ability to work with target communities.
  • MCHF will prefer direct service and program grant applicants.

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Application Process of Mother Cabrini Health Foundation Grants

Here are the crucial steps of the application process for Mother Cabrini Health Foundation Grants

Look over these program categories: From the five choices, pick the one that fits your needs best. Access to Healthcare, Basic Needs, Healthcare Workforce, Mental and Behavioral Health, or General Fund & Eight Populations.

Sign up to get news: Sign up for the Foundation’s email list to find out about new funding options and when the deadlines are for applications.

Get ready for the next cycle: You can learn more about what will be important and expected in the future by watching the video of the 2023 Grantmaking and New Programs Webinar.

Send LOI (during the next open call): Send a Letter of Inquiry describing your project or program that fits with a chosen program as soon as the new LOI window starts.

Request for Proposal (if chosen): If your LOI is chosen, you will be asked to send in a full plan for more review.

Grant Selection: The Foundation will let certain groups know they are eligible for funds.

Contact Details of Mother Cabrini Health Foundation

Here are some ways of getting in touch with the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation if you want to get a grant from the foundation.

Phone:(646) 980-3001

Physical address: 777 Third Avenue, 23rd Floor, New York, NY 10017

Media Inquiries: Jamila Black, Communications Officer, (646) 980-3062 


Mother Cabrini Health Foundation Grants’ Grantees

Here are some past grantees of Mother Cabrini Health Foundation Grants in 2023.

Roman Catholic Diocese of Ogdensburg

Many groups have benefited from funding from the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation. The foundation has helped fund programs that meet urgent needs in many areas. The School-based After School and Summer Child Care Program in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ogdensburg, NY, was one of the recipients of a $350,000 award. Ogdensburg, NY residents benefit from improved social services and educational opportunities made possible by these funds.

Build Promise, Inc.

The Buffalo, NY-based organization Build Promise, Inc. was granted $102,100 to carry out the “Build Promise by Increasing Access to Social Care Services in the Epicenter of Poverty and Homelessness on Buffalo’s East Side.” Improve the lives of those experiencing homelessness and poverty by increasing their access to vital social care services; that is the goal of this award.

Nardin Academy in Buffalo,

Students at Nardin Academy in Buffalo, New York, will be able to take use of expanded educational and social support services thanks to a grant of $200,000. With the help of this funding, the foundation can make their school a place where kids may succeed academically and personally.

St. Columban’s on the Lake Home for the Well-Aged, Inc.

With the donation of $200,000 to “The St. Columban’s on the Lake Fund,” the Silver Creek, New York-based St. Columban’s on the Lake Home for the Well-Aged may continue to provide long-term care to the community’s well-aged residents.

Villa Maria College of Buffalo

The Dining Hall Renovation The Center for Leadership and Social Justice project at Villa Maria College of Buffalo will receive a grant of $200,000. An environment conducive to leadership development and social justice is the goal of this program. This program integrates educational and social service components.

St. Ann’s Foundation on behalf of St. Ann’s Community

The Certified Nursing Asst (CNA) Training Program helps build healthcare workers, and was funded in large part by a $650,000 grant that St. Ann’s Foundation in Rochester, NY, applied for on behalf of St. Ann’s Community.

Francis House Inc

The Syracuse, New York-based Francis House Inc. will utilize the $310,000 to further its mission of Rebuilding, Re-Imagining, and Re-Energizing the Caring Community will center on palliative and hospice care to improve end-of-life assistance.

Le Moyne College

The Health Advancement Resource Center (HARC) aims to promote health-related projects via scholarship and education, opened at Syracuse, New York’s Le Moyne College and awarded $525,000.

Loretto Health and Rehabilitation Center

Located in Syracuse, New York, Loretto Health and Rehabilitation Center was able to win two grants, totaling one million dollars. In the first, titled “A Capital Project to Strengthen the Behavioral Safety Net for Older Adults in CNY,” the focus is on improving mental health care. Second, “Expanding Older Adult Health Services through a Diverse and Qualified Workforce,” is all about developing a long-term care workforce.

Road to Emmaus Ministry of Syracuse, Inc.

With the “St. Marianne Cope Health Services and Case Management Expansion,” contributed to care/case management and coordination, Road to Emmaus Ministry of Syracuse, Inc., was the beneficiary of $250,000.

St. Luke Residential Health Care Facility, Inc.

The Oswego, New York-based St. Luke Residential Health Care Facility, Inc. was given $200,000 to work on “Transforming the Long Term Healthcare Worker Experience,” a program that focuses on developing the long-term healthcare workforce.

Center for Migration Studies of New York

New York’s Center for Migration Studies will use the $125,000 grant to fund the NYC Immigrant Study and will look at social services and how they may help immigrant populations.

Department of Education, Diocese of Brooklyn

Two programs, “Early Literacy Instructional Support” and “Special Education Initiatives,” each receiving half a million dollars, will help with education, training teachers, and meeting the needs of students with varying abilities and backgrounds.

Futures in Education

Brooklyn, New York’s Futures in Education provides financial aid to deserving students through its Futures in Education Scholarship Program. This program was the recipient of a substantial donation of one million dollars.

Mercy Home for Children

The Into the Future: Mercy Home’s Workforce Training/Professional Development program,. The program focuses on workforce development, receiving $100,000 from the Brooklyn, NY-based Mercy Home for Children.

Ozanam Hall of Queens Nursing Home Inc

Love Made Visible; Centers of Excellence in Memory Care; Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care awarded $945,500 to Ozanam Hall of Queens Nursing Home Inc. in Bayside, NY, will go toward supporting mental and behavioral health.

Providence House, Inc.

The Women’s Justice Program Providence House, Inc. of Brooklyn, NY, runs to help with housing issues and promote gender equality, acquired for $350,000.

St. Francis de Sales School for the Deaf in Brooklyn

The School-wide Lockdown Notification System integrates social services and education to tighten security measures, costs St. Francis de Sales School for the Deaf in Brooklyn, NY, $200,000 to implement.


Mother Cabrini Health Foundation Grants change underprivileged New Yorkers’ health. The Foundation fills healthcare and social service gaps inspired by Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini’s compassion. The Foundation supports disadvantaged populations by sponsoring Access to Healthcare, Basic Needs, Healthcare Workforce, Mental and Behavioral Health, and the General Fund. Educational institutions, healthcare providers, and community groups have benefited greatly from the Foundation’s efforts to promote constructive change. The Mother Cabrini Health Foundation Grants represent compassion, inclusion, and service to the needy, giving hope.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Mother Cabrini Health Foundation Grants?

The Mother Cabrini Health Foundation Grants program improves the health of poor New Yorkers. Since the acquisition of Fidelis Care in 2018, it has become New York State’s largest healthcare foundation, sponsoring access, social services, and community well-being.

Who is eligible to apply for Mother Cabrini Health Foundation Grants?

New York State-based domestic section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofits serving New Yorkers with a $750,000 yearly budget are qualified. The Foundation favors helping the impoverished, disadvantaged, and underprivileged.

How can organizations apply for a Mother Cabrini Health Foundation Grant?

Application requires multiple processes. Organizations must study program categories, sign up for Foundation news, and submit a LOI during the open call. After selection, candidates submit a comprehensive Request for Proposal (RFP) for assessment and award selection.

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