Oak Foundation Grants Funding

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Oak Foundation Grants Funding

How To Get Grants from Oak Foundation – Since climate change, child abuse, women’s rights, and learning disparities affect everyone, global change is essential. A more egalitarian, sustainable, and harmonious world results from addressing these concerns. Promoting justice, protecting vulnerable people, and creating inclusive and supportive societies requires global cooperation. Oak Foundation grants help fight climate change, child abuse, women’s rights, and learning disabilities. The 1983-founded organization strengthens charities worldwide via strategic funding, promoting social justice, sustainability, and community participation. The average USD 600,000 of its inclusive awards promotes a more equal and peaceful world by fostering positive change in important regions.

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What are Oak Foundation Grants?

Oak Foundation Grants target global, social, and environmental challenges, especially those impacting vulnerable communities. The foundation fosters civil society as a cornerstone of democracy based on rights-based methods, gender equality, and cooperation. Oak Foundation supports social justice, biodiversity, and sustainability through variety and inclusiveness.

Oak Foundation began in 1983. Danish organizations assisting single moms and torture victims (1983) and Zimbabwean community-based initiatives supporting vulnerable children and families (1984) received early donations. After increasing yearly grant-making and hiring personnel to manage substantial projects in the early 1990s, Oak Foundation entered a new phase.

Through its grants, Oak Foundation strives to improve the world. The foundation works with non-profits globally to promote safety, justice, and sustainability. Oak Foundation invests an average of USD 600,000 each award, ranging from USD 25,000 to USD 10 million, in over 300 multi-year awards. The foundation’s mission and strategic goals guide each program’s criteria and geographic reach, administered by professional staff. To know more about the Oak Foundation Grants, click at: https://oakfnd.org/

Eligibility for Oak Foundation Grants

To be eligible for grants from the Oak Foundation, an organization must meet the funding guidelines of the foundation. It is imperative that your establishment

  • Identify and address the core issues;
  • Be scalable across sectors or regions;
  • Incorporate strategies for enduring viability, like joint funding; seek out partnerships with Similar-minded groups;
  • Exhibit sound fiscal and organizational management;
  • And place a premium on the input of individuals, communities, and children.

If you want to know more crucial information about the grant-making of Oak Foundation, you can visit the official website of the foundation at https://oakfnd.org/

Also, it is mportant to note that the Oak Foundation Grants do not support

  • Individuals
  • Scholarships, or paying for college or university.
  • Groups of believers for the sake of their religion
  • Political campaigns
  • Program grants under USD 25,000 are often not provided by the Oak Foundation grants unless exceptional circumstances apply.

Oak Foundation Grant’s Application Steps

The Oak Foundation accepts applications solely by invitation and disperses monies periodically. There are three methods to start the grant application process:

Direct invitation

Oak Foundation Grants program officers research organizations that meet their strategies. They will then request idea notes and grant applications from organizations in our fields. If goals coincide, the program officer will request a concept paper summarizing the grant from the organization. This process allows Oak staff, leadership, and Trustees to evaluate the grant concept before drafting and considering a comprehensive application.

After submitting a comprehensive application, the Oak program officer, finance team, program director, and maybe an external reviewer examine it. This process requires ongoing diligence, communication, and collaboration. The program officer will make a funding proposal to the foundation leaders. This year, grants are considered continuously. This phase approves or rejects the funding.

To set grant terms, Oak writes a grant letter. The grantee partner and Oak sign the letter before sending payments via bank wire transfer.

Letter of enquiry

Organizations seeking financing from the foundation can do so through the unsolicited letter of inquiry approach, even if they have not received an invitation to apply from a program officer. The Oak Foundation invites organizations that feel strongly about aligning with its financial aims to send an unsolicited letter of inquiry. In the event that the foundation’s financing priorities are compatible with the requests and the funds are available, it will extend an invitation to apply for a grant.

Requests for proposals

From time to time, the Oak Foundation hosts online calls for ideas or gathers stakeholders including legislators, grantees, funders, and practitioners to discuss pressing problems and possible solutions. If you are looking for a grant for your organization, you can look for Lutheran Foundation Grants

Application timeline of the Oak Foundation Grants:

Step 1: Initial Screening and Idea Exchange

Duration: about one month

Step 2: Making Concept Notes and Summaries

Duration: about one month

Step 3: Building the App

Duration:  two months.

Step 4: Reviewing the application

Duration: Two to four months

Step 5: Final Thoughts and Recommendation

Duration: one to two months

Step 6: Payment and Notification

Duration: one to two months

Oak Foundation Grants 2015 

The Oak Foundation distributed 326 Program awards totaling USD 201.87 million in 2015. 308 groups from 39 different countries benefited from these grants. All throughout the globe, these groups are hard at work. Averaging out at around USD 617,000, the award amounts ranged from about USD 25,000 to over USD 21 million. Also, five groups received a combined $5 million in Special Initiative Grants. If you want to know more information about the Oak Foundation Grants Making 2015, you can visit

Oak Foundation Grants 2017

In 2017, Oak Foundation gave the world large gifts. Except for two USD 12 million Special Initiative funds, 328 program awards totaled USD 199.55 million. Donations revealed the foundation’s diverse support for 308 groups in 35 countries. Child abuse (USD 19.72 million), environment (USD 42.41 million), housing and homelessness (USD 24.10 million), international human rights (USD 25.16 million), issues affecting women (USD 18.20 million), learning differences (USD 10.93 million), special interest (USD 46.49 million), and the joint brazil program (USD 2.05 million) were among the critical areas covered by grants from USD 25,000 to USD 7 million, with an average of These strategic allocations demonstrate Oak Foundation’s diversified approach to global concerns and positive change.

If you want to know more information about the Oak Foundation Grants Making 2017, you can visit https://oakfnd.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Oak-Foundation-Annual-Report-2017.pdf

Oak Foundation Grants 2018

Oak Foundation gave USD 357.19 million in 2018. This includes 352 program awards, 7 Special Initiative grants, discretionary grants, refunds, and cancellations. Page 5 has details. Oak funded 338 organizations in 36 countries with program and Special Initiative money. The organizations operate internationally. Grants averaged USD 644,000 and ranged from USD 25,000 to USD 10 million, except for Special Initiative grants. In 2018, the foundation donated 26.15 million USD to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse, 44.35 million to Environment, 23.86 million to Housing and Homelessness, 25.95 million to International Human Rights, 17.95 million to Women’s Issues, 11.42 million to Learning Differences, and 57.56 million to Special Interest. The foundation financed Brazil (2.51 million USD), India (5.38 million USD), and Zimbabwe (1.06 million USD) programs.

If you want to know more information about the Oak Foundation Grants Making 2018, you can visit https://oakfnd.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Oak-Foundation-Annual-Report-2018.pdf

Oak Foundation Grants 2019

Oak Foundation gave USD 294.05 million in 2019. The total comprises 377 program, Special Initiative, discretionary, refund, and cancellation awards. Oak gave program and Special Initiative funds to 342 organizations in 37 countries. These organizations function globally. Without Special Initiative funds, grants ranged from USD 25,000 to USD 15 million, averaging USD 700,000.

Oak Foundation substantially funds social concerns throughout programs. It gave Learning Differences $18.44 million and Prevent Child Sexual Abuse $27.3 million. Special interest programs got $54.96M. Brazil-focused projects raised $2.01 million, illustrating the foundation’s global reach. A generous $26.56 million funded housing and homelessness, while $28.16 million supported International Human Rights. Climate change and related causes received $65.12 million from the foundation. Oak Foundation supports vital areas with its diverse contributions.

If you want to know more information about the Oak Foundation Grants Making 2019, you can visit https://ar.oakfnd.org/2019/our-grant-making-in-2019/

Oak Foundation Grants 2020

Oak Foundation donated USD 320.13 million in 2020. The total includes 445 programs, Special Initiative, discretionary, refund, and cancellation awards. Oak gave program and Special Initiative funds to 410 organizations in 44 countries. These organizations function globally. Without Special Initiative funds, grants ranged from USD 25,000 to USD 18 million, averaging USD 700,000.

Oak Foundation’s varied charity supports social welfare. Underprivileged groups benefit from $25.18 million to Women’s Issues, $17.4 million to Learning Differences, and $44.77 million to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse. Environmental donations reached $70.83 million. A $29.1 million Housing and Homelessness gift from the foundation addressed key socio economic issues. The Oak Foundation has invested $28.85 million in International Human Rights and $46.45 million in Special Interest initiatives, demonstrating its worldwide development efforts. If you want to know more information about the Oak Foundation Grants Making 2020, you can visit https://ar.oakfnd.org/2020/

Oak Foundation Special Interest Grants

The interests and passions of Oak’s Trustees drive the Special Interest Programme, which gives the room and freedom to make awards outside of Oak’s regular program objectives. Grantees from the program work in many different areas, such as healthcare, education, the environment, humanitarian aid, mental health, the arts, and many more.

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Oak Foundation United States Grants


North Carolina-based Latino voter mobilization group El Pueblo, Inc., which opposes stricter enforcement of immigration laws, received a $4 million donation from the Oak Foundation USA. In 2018, Human Rights Watch received a further $4 million to bolster their fight against the rise of anti-rights populism in the United States.


Among the many climate change advocacy groups that get funding from the Oak Foundation are Greenpeace, the Environmental Law Institute, and the World Wildlife Fund. One million dollars will go to Oil Change International to help coordinate the world’s energy shift in accordance with the Paris Climate Accords, while three million dollars will go to Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors to combat global warming.

European Climate Foundation

European Climate Foundation (ECF) advocates a de-carbonization policy in Europe with significant funding from Oak Foundation. For Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative, Oak gave the Climate Works Foundation $1 million in 2018. The ECF Global Strategic Messaging Service intervenes in global climate messaging.

Various Environmental Organizations

Oak Foundation has given Oceana $16.9 million, ClimateWorks Foundation $4 million, Climatecare Foundation USA $3.1 million, New Venture Fund $2.7 million, Natural Resources Defense Council $2.5 million, Energy Foundation $2.2 million, and 350.org $1 million. The Climate Justice Resilience Fund received $20 million in 2016.

Grantees of Oak Foundation Grants 

The Oak Foundation addresses worldwide social and environmental issues affecting the poor via climate change mitigation and marine resource protection. It gave climate grants $101.9 million (54.5%) and marine awards $67.1 million (36%), between 2009 and 2014. An unusual year in 2014 saw almost 44% of awards go to the environment. The Trustee manages $7 million yearly for opportunistic grants to assist global activities and unexpected possibilities in key areas.

Contact of Oak Foundation 

The office of the Oak Foundation is speeded all over.

Office location:

Oak Philanthropy (US) Inc.

55 Vilcom Center Drive,

Suite 340

Chapel Hill,

NC 27514

Oak Foundation Denmark

Kronprinsessegade St. 34,

1306 København K

+45 60 62 31 31

You can visit https://oakfnd.org/contact/ to learn more information about their location for contact.


Oak Foundation Grants help solve global problems via social justice, environmental sustainability, and community well-being. Oak Foundation, founded in 1983, has become a major philanthropic force, funding different activities. The foundation supports groups that solve basic concerns, scale, are sustainable, and encourage community engagement. Oak Foundation values inclusion, therefore its direct invites, letters of inquiry, and calls for proposals are public. Oak Foundation positively impacts the world by changing and increasing its charitable initiatives. If you want to learn about foundation grants, you can visit grantsbuddy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Oak Foundation Grants? 

Oak Foundation Grants’ funds address climate change, child abuse, women’s rights, and learning disabilities. These funds aim to improve global society and the environment.

How can organizations apply for Oak Foundation Grants?

Requests for proposals, letters of inquiry, or direct invitations are the three main ways in which organizations can apply. Final clearance follows extensive screening, which includes ideation, evaluation, and development.

What types of projects does the Oak Foundation support?

To be eligible for funding from the Oak Foundation, a project must tackle fundamental problems, be scalable, show budgetary prudence, and value community feedback. Except in very rare cases, it will not give money for individual scholarships, churches, political campaigns, or initiatives with a budget of less than USD 25,000.

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