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The Ford Family Foundation Grants Program

How To Get Grants from Ford Family Foundation – Collaboration to improve rural living involves more than funding. That’s why Ford Family Foundation Grants shared research and data, practical community-building tools, books to increase understanding and connection, community-driven tales, and more. The Ford Family Foundation welcomes everybody to browse this vast resource.

Kenneth W. and Hallie E. Ford were visionary entrepreneurs who founded Roseburg Lumber (later Roseburg Forest Products) and engineered southwest Oregon philanthropy. Born into working-class households in the early 1900s, they worked hard, lived cheaply, saved, and invested in their communities. The Ford Family Foundation is strongly connected to rural Oregon and Siskiyou County, California’s forestry sector. Generations of rural inhabitants worked to turn natural resources into economic prosperity during the region’s boom and recession. This foundation’s wealth comes from the land and their labor.

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Key Takeaways

  • Focuses on rural Oregon and Siskiyou County, California.
  • Offers Good Neighbor and Technical Assistance Grants.
  • Grants support education, employment, and community development.
  • Prioritizes inclusive and sustainable solutions.

What are Ford Family Foundation Grants

Roseburg, Oregon-based nonprofit, private Ford Family Foundation Grants Help rural Oregon and Siskiyou County, California by giving funds. Ford Family Foundation provides grants, scholarships, and community building to provide children with the familial, educational, and community assistance they need to flourish.

The Ford Family Foundation Grants believe in rural power. Children and families flourish in communities. Their strength underpins democracy. the foundation believes that a community functions best for all its members, especially those who are disadvantaged or excluded due to poverty, race, ethnicity, and location. Its investments give rural communities the resources and capabilities they need to develop a thriving future where every inhabitant may prosper.

By recognizing diverse communities and inhabitants’ strengths, Ford Family Foundation awards promote a dynamic future. The foundation promotes education, employment, and self-determination on the grounds that everyone can prosper. They close opportunity gaps with inclusive investments that provide assistance and opportunities. The organization works to strengthen communities by overcoming individual challenges at a collective level. Ford Family Foundation envisions healthy, vibrant, and resilient communities through shared cause and collaborative action.

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Types of Ford Family Foundation Grants

Ford Family Foundation offers Good Neighbor and Technical Assistance awards (average $5,000). Through invitation-only strategic investment, the Foundation supports.

Ford Family Foundation Good Neighbor Grants

The name Good Neighbor Grants is intentional. Good neighbors help, learn, and support each other. Ford Family Foundation Good Neighbor Grants support community projects in a way that works for your group, including unexpected situations that disrupt programs or services. Ford Family Foundation finances capital and program requests. Although no match is necessary, the foundation prefers grant submissions that show community support. Foundation funding is not 100% of the program or project budget. The foundation seeks a clear sustainability plan. Ford Family Foundation usually responds in 6–10 weeks. The grant is $25,000 max.

The area where the foundation provides Grants

  • Emergency repairs to food bank, library, fire hall, or other community service provider equipment
  • ADA upgrades at a favorite community gathering spot Tech and accessibility
  • Celebrations, cleanups, and summer arts and music festivals
  • NEW or unique activities for local kids and families
  • Community need studies
  • Facilities like playgrounds
  • Translations or particular population outreach
  • Requirements for vulnerable children and families
  • Local economic development programs

Ford Family Foundation Technical Assistance  Grants 

Technical Assistance grants provide your organization the tools to make a difference. You can use these awards to attend a conference, learn leadership, plan strategically, or hire a specialist consultant. Ford Family Foundation usually responds in 6–10 weeks. This award is up to $5,000.

The area where the foundation provides Grants

  • Paying for personnel to attend a training or conference or employing a board or staff trainer
  • Consulting helps design a strategy plan, transition plan for exiting leadership, or new financial systems
  • Hiring a facilitator for community involvement to inform your project or program
  • A consultant-created capital campaign plan

You can check the eligibility for Chevron Foundation Grant if you need funds for your organization in order to serve the community.

Eligibility for Ford Family Foundation Grants

The eligibility criteria for the Ford Family Foundation for a grant

  • The project should help rural Oregon and Siskiyou County, California, by 60% or more. Rural areas have populations of 35,000 or fewer and are not contiguous to a 50,000-person urban or metropolitan area.
  • The group should have filed final reports for Foundation funds.
  • Before applying for financing again, confirm with the Foundation’s staff if the group has received money within the past year.
  • Except via grantee institution-selected projects, the foundation does not grant individuals.
  • No group that discriminates based on race, ability, gender, religion, or other protected status receives foundation funding.
  • The foundation doesn’t fund debt retirement, reserve accounts, endowments, or deficits.
  • Foundation opposes propaganda, proselytizing, election interference, and legislation.

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Ford Family Foundation Grants Application Process

Here is the process of Ford Family Foundation Grants

Signing up or logging in 

To access your account or to add a new organization, go to the grant portal. To create an account for a new company, go to the “Register a new account” section. To create your password, you will get an email with a login link. To add your company’s profile, please log in.

Pick out a grant

To learn more about the ways you may apply for grants, check out the Ford Family Foundation’s Open Grants page. Clicking “Submit an application” on your grant portal account will bring up a list of grant applications that your organization is eligible for.

Collect all necessary application documents.

To find out what kinds of attachments are required for your specific grant application, have a look at the foundation’s Application Tools.

Apply for a position

Go ahead and hit “Submit an application” when you’re ready to access the grant site. You may save your progress and return to it at a later time. Inviting someone else to work with you is another option. Once approved, the collaborator will also be able to access the application through their portal; after making any necessary edits, either party can submit the updated version. The invitation will include a link to the sign-up page where the collaborator may establish an account if one is not already there.

Anticipate notification

To check on the progress of an application, you can access your account whenever you choose. With each decision, whether it’s a yes, a no, a request for further information, or a decline, you will get an email.  It takes six to ten weeks to hear back for Good Neighbor and Technical Assistance awards. It may take three to six months for other award approvals.

Collect your money

Signing an agreement and receiving the funds for an accepted grant usually happens within a few weeks of the project’s beginning.

Carry out the work

Your grant will remain in the “active” state on the grant site as long as the project is underway.

Present a grant report

A final report is due from all grantees, and you can be requested to submit one at the end of the project or once a year. To get additional details, check out the Ford Family Foundation’s Grant Reports page.

Grantees of  Ford Family Foundation

In 2022, many groups and people relied on the generous financing of the Ford Family Foundation, a nonprofit with a mission to enhance rural areas’ quality of life and encourage self-sufficiency.

1017 Initiative

With a grant of $5,000, The Ford Family Foundation supported the Powell Butte, Oregon-based 1017 Project. The organization’s mission will be advanced through the use of these funds for training, fundraising, and marketing.

Abc Housing

The Ford Family Foundation gave $65,000 to Abc House in Albany, Oregon. The purpose of the award was to assist the organization in its mission to safeguard children and guarantee their welfare.

Abudeljawad, M.

The Ford Family Foundation gave a $18,130 educational scholarship to Abdeljawad M. of Roseburg, Oregon.

Abercrombie & Fitch 

As part of its mission to encourage academic endeavors, the Abercrombie & Fitch Foundation awarded a $1,666 scholarship to Abercrombie E. of Roseburg, Oregon.

Achieving The Dream

The Silver Spring, MD-based nonprofit Achieving The Dream was the beneficiary of a sizable donation of $104,476. Expanding Oregon’s student success community of practice was the designated use of the funding, further demonstrating the organization’s dedication to educational improvement.

Acres Of Hope in Independenc

In keeping with its mission to promote community wellness, the foundation awarded $25,000 to Acres Of Hope in Independence, Oregon, so that they can offer mentorship programs to adolescents who have suffered trauma.

Bazan S.

The Ford Family Foundation awarded a $675 educational scholarship to Bazan S. of Roseburg, Oregon.

Founded by the Bear Creek Valley Rotary Club

Giving $5,000 to the Dolly Parton Imagination Library initiative is just one example of how the Bear Creek Valley Rotary Foundation, with headquarters in Medford, OR, supports local causes.

Dolly Parton Imagination Library

Coquille, Oregon’s Bear Cupboard Food Pantry was the recipient of $5,000 from the foundation’s Holiday Giving Program and Strategic Business Plan Development grants, demonstrating the organization’s commitment to the welfare of the community.

Beavers, Max

One beneficiary of the foundation’s dedication to education is Beavers M. of Roseburg, Oregon, who will receive $7,500 in the form of a scholarship.

Pedro Cabrera Perez

The Ford Family Foundation awarded $1,421 in educational scholarships to Cabrera Perez P of Roseburg, OR.


Caldera, headquartered in Portland, OR, was granted $25,000 each for the Artists in Residence program and the Central Oregon Youth Arts Mentoring Program, supporting artistic endeavors and youth development. The grant was received from Ford Family Foundation

Caudle, N.

The Ford Family Foundation awarded a $27,974 scholarship to Calhoun N. of Roseburg, Oregon, so that he may continue his studies.

The Association of the Douglas Community Library 

Oakland, Oregon’s Douglas Community Library Association will use the $10,000 grant to support the Ready Readers K-2abou program, which reflects the foundation’s dedication to reading promotion.

The Cancer Center of Douglas County

In a show of support for healthcare efforts, the foundation gave $5,000 to Douglas County Cancer Services of Roseburg, OR, to help with outreach development, and an extra $4,000 to the Holiday Giving Program.

District for the Education of Douglas County

As evidence of the foundation’s dedication to both education and behavioral health, the Douglas Education Service District, with headquarters in Roseburg, OR, received a sizable grant of $196,000 for the Early Childhood Behavioral Health Consultation, Phase 2.

Check the grantees list of CVS Foundation Grants and fulfill your wish to be the grantee of the foundation as it is responsible for giving funds to needy organizations.

Contact Details of Ford Family Foundation

Physical Address: 1600 NW Stewart Parkway, Roseburg, OR 97471-1957

Phone: (541) 957-5574

Scholarship Office: 44 Club Road, Ste 100, Eugene, OR 97401

  • Toll-free: (877) 864-2872
  • Local: (541) 485-6211

If you have any quarry, you can fill out contact form available at


The Ford Family Foundation helps rural communities improve their quality of life and self-sufficiency. The organization uses grants, scholarships, and community-building to solve communities’ opportunity gaps and concerns, believing in rural strength. The foundation seeks a vibrant future where everyone may succeed by recognizing various communities’ talents. The foundation funds rural empowerment programs, learning initiatives, and strategic investments through Good Neighbor and Technical Assistance grants. The eligibility criteria prioritize inclusion and non-discrimination by allocating cash to rural Oregon and Siskiyou County, California initiatives. The foundation values cooperation and common aims, thus the application procedure is open. Ultimately, The Ford Family Foundation wants healthy, vibrant, and resilient communities through collaboration and dedication to the greater good.If you are interested in knowing about more foundation grants, then please check our website 

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