How To Apply For Barbara Bush Foundation Grants

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Barbara Bush Foundation Grants Application

How To Get Grants from Barbara Bush Foundation Grants – Sustainable growth and good change need leadership development, community creativity, and ecosystem support. Effective leadership generates visionaries who lead communities to prosperity. Community innovation fosters inventive answers to changing problems, ensuring adaptation. Ecosystem support fosters cooperation and collaborative growth, amplifying people and efforts. These three pillars work together to create resilient, forward-thinking communities in changing social, economic, and cultural environments.

Thanks to Bush Foundation Grants. Up to $100,000 in Bush Foundation Grants encourage leadership development, community innovation, and ecosystem support for people and groups. The flexible awards allow beneficiaries to customize their learning experiences, improving communities. Equity, racial justice, and Native communities boost the awards’ transformational impact, enabling innovative leaders to make a difference.

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Key Takeaways

  • Bush Grants support leadership development, community innovation, and ecosystem support.
  • Grants focus on Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Native nations.
  • Funding prioritizes racial justice, equity, and empowering communities.
  • Grants range up to $100,000 with flexible use for awardees.

What are the Bush Foundation Grants?

The Bush Foundation Grants help successful leaders expand their impact in communities. The foundation awards up to $100,000 to fellows who outline their leadership development strategy. The Bush Foundation funds exceptional ideas and their champions. Since the Foundation’s 1953 founding. Archibald (Archie) and Edyth Bush established the Foundation with few constraints to provide board and staff members the freedom they needed to handle current issues. This led to some of the Foundation’s most impactful efforts.

All Bush Foundation grantmaking is open, so everyone in the region can apply. After rejecting an application, the foundation will discuss a concept or proposal with anybody who wishes to talk about it. The Bush Foundation funds community-important issues and discloses who receives funding and what the foundation discovers. The foundation preserves community resources and takes its responsibility to the region seriously at the foundation.

Equity is the foundation’s goal. The Bush Foundation includes fairness in every choice and seeks to understand and improve our region’s poor human conditions. The Bush Foundation Grants prioritize racial and rural justice and Native people and our 23 Native countries. The foundation thinks great leadership and ideas can originate from anyone and makes its procedures open and helpful.

Bush Prize funds might fill reserves, test the next great idea, or support the organization’s outstanding work. An organization can receive up to 25% of its most recent fiscal year costs, up to $500,000. The Bush Foundation, Good Relatives Collaborative, Headwaters Foundation for Justice, South Dakota Community Foundation, and Strengthen ND partner to run the Bush Prize, formerly the Bush Prize for Community Innovation.

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The focus area of the Bush Foundation Grant

Four important locations in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and 23 Native nations are where the Bush Foundation makes grants:

  1. Leadership Development

The foundation invests in people who have made a difference and can make a bigger impact through personal and professional growth through programs like the Bush Fellowship.

  1. Community Innovation

This initiative encourages imaginative problem-solving that might improve the region. Ideas and initiatives in economic opportunity, education, ecology, and arts & culture can get grants and program-related funding.

  1. Ecosystem Support

The Bush Foundation supports capacity builders, grantmakers, and policy advocates that solve neighborhood problems.

  1. Seeding Cultural Treasures

This project supports North and South Dakota’s growing Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color-led arts and culture groups.

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Eligibility for Bush Foundation Grants

Bush Fellowship for Individuals

  • Must be 24 by the application deadline.
  • Before applying, must live in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, or one of the 23 Native nations that share the same area for at least one year.
  • Not eligible if you’ve obtained a Bush Fellowship or equivalent prize.
  • Bush Foundation personnel and board members’ families are ineligible.

Community Innovation Grants

  • Grants must benefit Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, or the 23 Native nations that share the same region.
  • Ecosystem funds are available to 501(c)(3) nonprofits and governments. Collaborations can apply, but only one group can get the funding.
  • Organizations without 501(c)(3) status might apply through a fiscal sponsor. Fiscal sponsors must apply for funding. If accepted, the fiscal sponsor receives the award monies.

Application Process of Bush Foundation Grant

Here is the selection process

  • In April and May, Bush Foundation officials will assess submissions.
  • In late May, applicants will learn if they are finalists.
  • A staff member will interview finalists in June to discuss the application, their organization, and their fit with the Ecosystem program. The foundation will also call references to assess the applicant’s worth and help others.
  • Staff will analyze finalist submissions and additional material in July to determine grants. Early August will bring judgments.

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Contact Details of Bush Foundation 

Here are a few means of getting in touch with the foundation’s grants

Physical address: 101 Fifth Street East, Suite 2400, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55101

Phone: 651-227-0891

Fax Number: 651-297-6485

Bush Foundation Grants Grantees 

2018 Bush Foundation Grant Program

A distinguished program, the 2018 Bush Fellowship acknowledges and supports individuals in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and the 23 Native nations in the region who are dedicated to improving their communities. Bush Foundation Fellowships grant up to $100,000 for leadership-focused education and activities.

Recipients and Their Determination

  • For their dedication and adaptability to improve their communities, the Fellowship granted 24 leaders awards.
  • These various leaders want to improve the region, especially the 23 Native nations.

Financial Support for Leadership Development

  • The Fellows earn up to $100,000 to build a leadership development plan. Fellows can use this flexible financing for advanced education, networking, and leadership resources to improve their performance.

Flexible Nature of the Fellowship

  • The Fellowship allows individuals to customize their learning experiences to meet their needs and goals.
  • The scholarship lets fellows customize their leadership development by attending academic programs, workshops, pieces of training, and networking events.

Competitive Application Process

  • There were 751 applications to the Foundation, demonstrating the region’s tremendous desire to make positive change.
  • Previous Bush Fellows, Bush Foundation officials, and area leaders reviewed applicants.

Notable Alumni and Impact

  • Since its founding, the Bush Fellowship has helped over 2,300 people.
  • Writer August Wilson, Oglala Lakota painter and educator Arthur Douglas Amiotte, former Minnesota Governor Arne Carlson, and others are alumni who have made important contributions to their careers and communities.

Upcoming Opportunities

  • The Bush Foundation will open applications for the 2019 Bush Fellowship on August 7, 2018, to promote regional leadership development.
  • Individuals 24 and older from Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, or one of the 23 Native nations in the defined region can apply for the Fellowship.

2019 Bush Foundation Grant Program

In St. Paul, Minnesota, the Bush Foundation revealed the 2019 Bush Prize for Community Innovation recipients. The seventh-annual prize program honors groups improving local communities in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and the twenty-three Native nations in the region.

Recipients and Their Determination

  • Award-winning organizations are recognized for their community betterment efforts. Up to $500,000 in unrestricted grants equals 25% of their preceding fiscal year budget.
  • Grant funds and promotional support boost the groups’ reach.

Diverse Awardees and Varied Initiatives

  • Numerous groups with various goals are among the 2019 Bush Prize winners.
  • The Hmong American Partnership in St. Paul helps immigrants and refugees; the Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center in Minneapolis helps Native women and families; the Rural Renewable Energy Alliance in Backus uses solar energy for economic development; Valley City-Barnes County Development Corporation, offers affordable housing, childcare, and workforce development; and South Dakota Sta.

Economic Development and Social Impact

  • Valley City-Barnes County Development Corporation emphasizes affordable housing, daycare, and workforce development in community-led economic development.
  • Solar energy helps low-income rural and Native communities achieve energy sovereignty and economic well-being, according to the Rural Renewable Energy Alliance.

Empowering Native Communities in Education

  • The Wokini project at South Dakota State University aims to remove barriers to Native American college enrollment. It aims to strengthen Native communities via education.

Courage and Collaborative Solutions

  • Awardees are brave enough to solve apparently insurmountable challenges. They create unexpected relationships, share ownership, and encourage stakeholder participation.
  • These groups showed courage in confronting regional issues and improving the community, according to the foundation.

2020 Bush Foundation Grant Program

People can apply for the 2020 Bush Foundation Fellowship Program, which will help them get recognition for what they’ve done and give them the resources they need to reach their full potential. Aiming to equip leaders to create a good impact in their communities, this fellowship is an investment. It gives people the chance to think deeply about their own experiences, develop their abilities, and find new ways to make a difference.

Flexible Duration and Support

  • Participants have the option to begin their leadership journey at any point during the Fellowship’s 12-to 24-month duration.
  • To help fellows realize their dreams of making a difference in their communities, the program offers a stipend of up to $100,000.

Empowerment Through Self-Defined Vision

  • Individuals develop a distinct Fellowship strategy that is in harmony with their goals and dreams when they have articulated their personal vision.
  • The program pushes its participants to consider the vast and imaginative potential for making a difference in their own lives and the lives of others around them.

Monthly Reflections and Learning Logs

  • In order to document their experiences and thoughts, fellows participate in monthly reflections.
  • Every six months, they share their learning logs with the group to reflect on their leadership path. This encourages openness and learning from one other.

Annual Gathering of Fellows

  • At the annual gathering, fellows get the opportunity to network, share stories, and benefit from the knowledge and experience of their peers.

2023 Bush Foundation Grants

The Bush Foundation set aside $100 million in 2023 to deal with economic inequality that has its roots in racial injustices of the past. One of the two steward groups charged with creating and overseeing community trust funds is Nexus Community Partners, with headquarters in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Black communities in South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota are the target of the Open Road Fund’s efforts to close the wealth gap. The goal of the 113-month fund is to reimagine wealth in accordance with Black community ideals, giving Black people the credit they deserve for the innate brilliance they’ve always had. Addressing structural difficulties and promoting equal economic opportunities are the goals of this strategic investment.


Leadership development, community innovation, and ecosystem support are key to sustained growth and good change through Bush Foundation Grants. The foundation gives people and organizations up to $100,000 to tailor their learning experiences, boosting adaptation in dynamic contexts. Equity, racial justice, and Native communities increase these awards’ transformational impact, encouraging innovative leaders to make a difference. The program’s difficult application procedure and renowned graduates demonstrate its success in developing community-improvement leaders. Through financial assistance and imaginative transformation, Bush Foundation Grants create resilient and forward-thinking communities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Bush Foundation Grants?

Bush Foundation grants encourage leadership development, community innovation, and ecosystem support. Our $100,000 awards enable people and organizations in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and 23 Native nations. Community activities, leadership programs, and ecosystem builder support are priorities.

How can individuals or organizations apply for Bush Foundation Grants?

The Bush Foundation Grants application process begins in April and May with the submission of applications and then continues in subsequent months with evaluations, finalist selection, interviews, and reference checks. Early August marks the finalization of award decisions. With the Foundation’s open-door policy, anybody in the area can apply for a grant.

What are the eligibility criteria for Bush Foundation Grants?

Various grant programs have various requirements for eligibility. To be eligible for the Bush Fellowship for Individuals, you need to be at least 24 years old, have lived in the designated area for a year, and have never earned a fellowship like this before. Ecosystem funding is offered to governments and 501(c)(3) NGOs, while community innovation grants are provided to help a specific area.

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