How To Apply For Doris Duke Foundation Travel Grants

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Doris Duke Foundation Travel Grants

How To Get Travel Grants from Doris Duke Foundation – The Doris Duke Foundation Travel Grants support a range of research projects that have a connection to artistic and cultural investigation. Recipients like Cameron Bushnell of Clemson University investigate how women authors depict the Orient, while Olivia Armandroff of the University of Southern California explores the relationship between land development and artistic production. These awards enable in-depth explorations of subjects ranging from literary allegories to geological occurrences, promoting a profound comprehension of the intricacies present in art, culture, and society.

The Doris Duke Foundation Travel Grants expand knowledge across disciplines and contribute to the expansion of academic discourse by allowing academics and researchers to investigate such a wide range of topics. If you are looking for grants that can enhance your art or you are looking for monetary assistance for environmental research, you can opt for Doris Duke Foundation Grants.

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Key Takeaways

  • Grant amount: Up to $1,500 to access collections at the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library.
  • Focus: Research projects using the library’s collections for various purposes (exhibitions, publications, etc.).
  • Eligibility: Open to researchers, artists, and students of all levels.
  • Deadline: February 29, 2024 (for 2024-2025 award cycle).

What are Doris Duke Foundation Travel Grants For the 2024-2025 cycle?

For the 2024–2025 academic year, scholars can apply for Doris Duke Foundation Travel Grants to have access to the priceless manuscript and book collections held by the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library.

The Doris Duke Foundation offers scholarships of up to $1,500 so that scholars can access their collections and use them for a variety of research purposes. The funds include a broad range of artistic and intellectual pursuits, from books and dissertations to exhibitions, films, and multimedia items.

The Doris Duke Foundation Travel Grants stipulate that the recipients must conduct their study using items housed in the foundation’s collections.

Applicants are invited to utilize the unique resources available within the Doris Duke Foundation collections for historical research, academic publications, or creative activities. In order to help with the continuous documenting and sharing of information, beneficiaries will be requested to submit a brief report at the end of the award cycle outlining the activities that were funded by the grant.

In keeping with the Doris Duke organization’s mission to encourage and promote a wide variety of academic interests and activities, the organization welcomes travel grant applications from students at all levels of education. Refer to the reference archivists if you have any questions about the application procedure or would need more information about what collections are eligible. Scholars and artists alike can benefit greatly from the Doris Duke Foundation Travel Grants, providing access to priceless archival materials.

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Focus Area of Doris Duke Foundation Travel Grants

The Doris Duke Foundation Travel Grants focuses on a wide range of research interests with the objective of making use of the extensive collections maintained in the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library. The Doris Duke Foundation providing substantial funding for these grants assists in the development of a wide range of academic, creative, and educational initiatives that utilize the foundation’s collections.

The Doris Duke Foundation Travel Grants support a wide range of scholarly endeavors, including exhibitions, educational initiatives, multimedia productions, dissertations, and publications. They encourage the investigation and interpretation of historical materials. The archival resources grant recipients the authority to utilize them in order to shed light on diverse aspects of the human condition, be it through scholarly investigation, artistic manifestation, or involvement in the community.

The Doris Duke Foundation Travel Grants serve to enhance researchers’ access to the collections of the Doris Duke Foundation and promote a lively dialogue between them and the historical materials; this contributes to the development of fresh interpretations and a more profound comprehension of the past. These Doris Duke Foundation Travel Grants promote the dissemination of knowledge, cultural enrichment, and the progression of historical scholarship across various fields and disciplines through their support of a broad spectrum of endeavors.

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Doris Duke Foundation Travel Grant Eligibility Requirements

To get Doris Duke Foundation travel grants, you must stand out the eligibility criteria set for Doris Duke Foundation travel grants by Rubenstein Library Grants & Fellowships

  • The David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library houses the Doris Duke Foundation collections. Applicants are required to establish a distinct correlation between their proposed initiative and these holdings.
  • Exhibitions, educational initiatives, films, multimedia products, academic research, dissertations, publications, or other artistic creations may constitute projects.
  • Applicants from all academic disciplines and levels, including artists, scholars, students, and independent researchers, are eligible to receive the grants.
  • Recipients are required to incorporate Doris Duke Foundation collection materials into their endeavors.
  • Nationality, academic affiliation, or professional standing do not constitute any limitations.
  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to seek clarification regarding collection eligibility by consulting with reference archivists.
  • At the end of the grant cycle, recipients will be obligated to provide a concise report that comprehensively outlines the activities that were supported by the grant.
  • The purpose of the grants is to provide financial assistance for a wide array of research pursuits and innovative initiatives that aid in the investigation and analysis of historical artifacts housed in the collections of the Doris Duke Foundation.
  • The application procedure and schedule are detailed on the homepage for travel grants at the Rubenstein Library.

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How to apply for a Doris Duke Foundation Travel Grant ?

A Doris Duke Foundation travel grant might be the key to unlocking priceless historical materials and funding your artistic or academic pursuits. By following these below-mentioned steps diligently and presenting a compelling proposal, you can enhance your chances of securing funding from the Doris Duke Foundation travel grant. 

Read the Requirements

Please check with the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, promoting the Doris Duke Foundation collections, to make sure that your project is appropriately focused. Verify that these items will be appropriate for your planned study or creative project.

Craft a Proposal for a Project

You must ensure your proficiency in how to Craft a Proposal for a Project for the Doris Duke Foundation travel grant. Create an engaging proposal for your study or artistic endeavor by detailing its goals, methods, and relevance. Make it very clear how using the Doris Duke Foundation’s collections can advance your cause.

Accumulate Supplemental Resources

Acquire any further application papers, such as a curriculum vitae (CV), resume, recommendation letters, and, if necessary, a project budget. To back up your application, these materials give some background.

Fill Out Application

To apply for a travel grant from the Rubenstein Library, fill out the application form that is available online. Please attach the requested supporting papers and make sure you fill out all needed fields correctly according to the application rules.

Due Dates and Schedule

Read the application deadlines and timetable carefully. If you would like your application to be considered for the award cycle, you must submit it before the deadline.

Continue with

Keep an eye on your inbox for any messages pertaining to the Rubenstein Library’s application progress once you’ve submitted it. Follow the library’s reporting guidelines and deadlines to the letter if you get the grant.

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Deadlines for Doris Duke Foundation travel grants

  • The application deadline is 6:00 pm EST on Thursday, February 29, 2024.
  • The application period for the travel grants is May 2024–June 2025.

You can listen to the January 11th travel grant information session or view the slides from that day at

Presentation Recording

Presentation Slide Deck

Contact information of Doris Duke Foundation Travel Grants

You can contact the Doris Duke Foundation Travel Grants

By physical means

411 Chapel Drive

Durham, NC 27708

By phone

(919) 660-5822

By visiting website


The Doris Duke Foundation Travel Grants have an effect that goes much beyond the grantees’ own studies or artistic endeavors. These grants enable researchers, artists, and academics to delve more deeply into a wide range of cultural and historical phenomena by giving financial support for access to priceless archive materials.

Recipients promote cultural appreciation, academic discourse enrichment, and interdisciplinary knowledge progress via the study and interpretation of Doris Duke Foundation holdings. Scholarships also fund the production of artistic works, educational programs, exhibits, and academic publications that may interest and engage a wider audience. The end result of these awards is that they help preserve, interpret, and disseminate cultural heritage, turning helps to deepen the global cultural conversation and has societal repercussions.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do artists qualify for Doris Duke Foundation travel grants?

Yes, Doris Duke Foundation travel funds are available to artists, that is correct. Scholarships are available to fund a broad variety of artistic and academic projects, such as books, exhibits, films, multimedia products, and dissertations.

Who can apply for a Doris Duke Foundation travel grant?

Doris Duke Foundation travel grants are open to people from all walks of life and all levels of education, including artists, intellectuals, independent researchers, and students.

Can I apply for multiple Doris Duke Foundation travel grants?

Yes, If an applicant’s proposed initiative is relevant to the Doris Duke Foundation’s holdings, she or he may apply for more than one travel award.

Is the Doris Duke Foundation travel grant prestigious?

Yes, A distinguished travel grant from the Doris Duke Foundation can provide artists and scholars with priceless access to priceless historical materials and funding for their work. A grant is a financial and public endorsement of an individual’s academic or artistic pursuits.

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