How To Apply For Georgia-Pacific Foundation Grants

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Georgia-Pacific Foundation Grants Application

How To Get Grants from Georgia-Pacific Foundation Grants – The philanthropic branch of Georgia-Pacific LLC, a prominent global producer of building products, tissue, pulp, paper, packaging, and associated chemicals, is the Georgia-Pacific Foundation. The foundation was founded in 1952 and has given more than $500 million in grants to support various charitable causes. Building strong communities by investing in individuals and groups that share our dedication to entrepreneurship, education, community enrichment, and the environment is the foundation’s stated purpose.

Georgia-Pacific supports local communities via the Georgia-Pacific Foundation and corporate giving. They provide support to a range of organizations, such as fire departments, conservation programmes, and public schools. Children of employees are supported through the Georgia-Pacific Foundation Scholarship programme, which was founded in 1988.

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Key Takeaways

  • Awards grants in communities near Georgia-Pacific facilities.
  • Focuses on education, environment, community enrichment, and entrepreneurship.
  • Grants typically range from $5,000 to $50,000.
  • Applications accepted year-round, but submitting by October 31st is recommended.

What is the Georgia-Pacific Foundation?

 Ever since our founding in 1927, Georgia-Pacific has continued to expand. From our humble beginnings in a single building in Augusta, Georgia, we have expanded to over 150 Georgia-Pacific locations worldwide. We have maintained a constant focus on the future, seeking chances to develop alongside our clientele and venture into untapped markets and industries amidst the past century’s ups and downs.

Georgia-Pacific received the U.S. EPA SmartWay Environmental Excellence Award as well as the President’s Award from Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Protecting forests in the Southeast of the United States through The Nature Conservancy United Way Worldwide will aid in relief efforts following a disaster. Black Americans’ economic empowerment is being promoted by the National Urban League.  Youth after-school programmes will be offered by the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

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Types of Grants in Georgia-Pacific Foundation

The Georgia-Pacific Foundation awards grants to groups that assist military veterans and their families in addition to these four areas of focus.The four primary areas that the Georgia-Pacific Foundation prioritizes when making grants are:

Educational Grants

Worker job readiness training and youth empowerment initiatives are supported by the foundation. These consist of reading and robotics programmes in public schools, scholarships, and instruction in entrepreneurship. In particular, the foundation supports initiatives that increase access to high-quality education in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math).

Programs that assist with K–12, postsecondary, and early childhood education fall under this category. Scholarships in forestry, engineering, and other business-related subjects are also given out by the foundation to students.

Community Grants

The foundation funds initiatives that deal with problems like access to healthcare, affordable housing, and community safety. Grants to food banks, homeless shelters, and fire departments fall under this category. The foundation funds initiatives that enhance communities and the standard of living for locals.

This covers assistance for affordable housing, healthcare, and the arts and culture. Programs that promote community safety, affordable housing, and the arts and culture fall under this category. Additionally, the foundation awards grants to institutions that assist low-income families and individuals in meeting their basic needs.

Environmental Grants

The foundation funds initiatives that support recycling, the preservation of land and natural resources, and clean air and water. This covers funding for organisations dedicated to conservation, environmental education programmes, and tree-planting campaigns. The foundation is dedicated to preserving nature and protecting its natural resources.

It backs initiatives that encourage ecological responsibility and sustainable forestry methods. This covers initiatives that promote wildlife conservation, clean air and water, and sustainable forestry. Additionally, the foundation awards grants to groups that support local governments in their efforts to prevent and respond to natural disasters.

Entrepreneurship Grants

The foundation provides funding for initiatives that encourage economic empowerment and self-sufficiency, particularly for minorities, women, and young people. This covers funding for mentoring programmes, microfinance institutions, and business incubators.  Through assisting startups and small companies, the foundation contributes to the creation and maintenance of economic opportunity.

Programs that assist with financial literacy, job training, and small business development fall under this category. The foundation additionally awards grants to groups that assist individuals in launching their own enterprises or recovering from a loss of employment.

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Eligibility Criteria for Georgia-Pacific Foundation

Depending on the kind of grant you are applying for, the Georgia-Pacific Foundation’s eligibility requirements may change. All applications must, however, fulfil the following general eligibility requirements in order to be considered. Supporting qualifying state or local governments, qualifying non profit organisations, and public schools in the areas where Georgia-Pacific maintains facilities are the objectives of the Georgia-Pacific Foundation. A list of the qualifying requirements is as follows:

  • A community where Georgia-Pacific operates must be the location of the business.
  • By completing the eligibility quiz or visiting the Georgia-Pacific website, you can obtain a list of locations that qualify.
  • Scholarships, job readiness training, and technical programmes are some of the programmes that assist students in making the transition from education to the workforce.
  • Initiatives that support responsible forestry, conservation, and environmental sustainability.
  • Initiatives to raise the standard of living in the areas where Georgia-Pacific works, like access to basic necessities, affordable housing, and healthcare.
  • Be a public school, other eligible state or local government agency, or a 501(c)(3) charitable organisation.
  • Reside in an area where Georgia-Pacific has operations.
  • The Georgia-Pacific website has a list of its communities.
  • Adhere to the mission and values of Georgia-Pacific.
  • The four main areas of focus for the foundation are diversity and inclusion, community development, education, and the environment.
  • Fulfill the particular requirements for eligibility for the grant programme for which you are submitting an application.
  • Make sure you thoroughly read the guidelines before applying, as each grant programme has unique requirements.

Further Details

  • The usual range of grants is $5,000 to $50,000.
  • The Foundation does not endow people, political campaigns, or religious institutions with funds.

Extra Requirements for Eligibility

Candidates have to live thirty miles or less from a Georgia-Pacific community (manufacturing facility). Examine the link within. Further details can be found under Local Grant Coverage.

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Application for Georgia-Pacific Foundation

Requests for charitable donations are evaluated continuously throughout the the year in calendar form. It is recommended to submit by October 31st due to funding constraints at year-end. The Investment Priorities and Application & Funding Criteria are taken into consideration when requests are reviewed. Priorities for investments:

  • In keeping with the goals and principles of GP corresponds to the Four E focus areas of GP provide services to areas where GP maintains manufacturing facilities.
  • Adds value by enhancing the sustainability and long-term well-being of GP communities

Requirements for Applications and Funds

  • The request needs to fulfil the investment priorities.
  • The applicant needs to complete the Eligibility Quiz and get approved.
  • The requester must be a public school, another eligible state or local governmental body, or a charitable, nonprofit organisation as that term is defined by IRS tax code section 501(c)(3).
  • A community that GP serves must be supported by the request.
  • Businesses operating outside of Metro Atlanta should get in touch with their local GP facility to discuss support options.
  • All required documents must be submitted as part of the electronic application process.
  • Requests for charitable contributions are examined throughout the year on a rolling basis.
  • It is recommended to submit by October 31st due to funding constraints at year-end.
  • Within 45 days of receiving your application, a written notification will be sent to the primary contact indicated on the application.
  • There exist multiple rationales for the rejection of a grant application. The official notification letter that was forwarded to the primary contact indicated on the grant application includes the precise rationale behind the denial.
  • Throughout the Grant Cycle, which runs from January 1 to October 31 of this year, proposals are accepted and evaluated.  Kindly ensure that your proposal is submitted as soon as possible throughout the year, but no later than 30 days before the end of the grant review cycle.  Following receipt of the request, the GP Foundation will reply with a written notification within sixty days.
  • Throughout the Grant Cycle, which runs from January 1 to October 31 of this year, proposals are accepted and evaluated.
  • Kindly ensure that your proposal is submitted as soon as possible throughout the year, but no later than 30 days before the end of the grant review cycle.
  • Following receipt of the request, the GP Foundation will reply with a written notification within sixty days.
  • Proposals must be submitted by mail only; faxes or emails will not be accepted. Only one copy of the proposal is needed.

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Impact on Georgia-Pacific Foundation

Grants from the Georgia-Pacific Foundation have significantly impacted local communities all over the world. As an illustration, the foundation possesses:

  • Favored the establishment of new libraries and schools.
  • Scholarships that are funded for students to pursue higher education.
  • Granted funding to institutions that assist low-income families and individuals with basic needs.
  • Aided in protecting endangered animals and green spaces.
  • In order to preserve the longleaf pine ecosystem in the Southeast of the country, the Nature Conservancy received a $500,000 grant from the foundation in 2018.
  • With this grant, important habitat for many different kinds of plants and animals will be preserved.
  • The Boys & Girls Clubs of America received a $250,000 grant from the foundation in 2017 to help fund after-school activities for young people who are considered at-risk.
  • With the grant, more kid-friendly and secure environments will be made available for learning.
  • Globally, the Georgia-Pacific Foundation is an essential partner for communities. The grants from the foundation improve people’s lives and contribute to the development of stronger communities.
  • The Georgia-Pacific Foundation also funds other community needs and disaster relief initiatives in addition to these four focus areas.
  • The impact of the foundation is evident in the numerous communities it assists.
  • For instance, in 2020 the foundation granted funding to over a thousand American organizations.
  • Numerous initiatives, including early childhood education, job training, and environmental conservation, were made possible by these grants.

Contact Details of  of Georgia-Pacific Foundation

The Georgia-Pacific Foundation’s contact information is as follows: is the website.

Contact number: 404-652-4000

Email: Not provided


In summary, Georgia-Pacific LLC philanthropy arm, the Georgia-Pacific Foundation, is dedicated to strengthening communities via investments in entrepreneurship, education, the environment, and community enrichment. The organization has given more than $500 million in grants to help different humanitarian causes since it was founded in 1952. Grants from the Georgia-Pacific Foundation are clearly having an impact on a number of activities, from protecting natural habitats to bolstering early childhood education programs. The foundation continues to be an essential global partner for communities, improving people’s lives and building stronger communities. To know more about other grants visit 

Frequently Asked Question

What is the frequency of grant application acceptance for the Georgia-Pacific Foundation?

All year long, the foundation accepts grant applications, and proposals can be sent at any time. However, because of year-end funding limits, it is advised to submit before October 31st.

What are the Georgia-Pacific Foundation’s main areas of focus?

The foundation prioritizes entrepreneurship, education, environmental conservation, and community enrichment. This entails backing programs for economic empowerment, affordable housing, environmental preservation, and STEM education.

What is the Georgia-Pacific Foundation’s typical grant portfolio?

The charity usually awards grants between $5,000 and $50,000. For precise information, it is important to consult the guidelines of the relevant award program.

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