How To Apply For Grants From Metlife Foundation

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How To Get Grants From Metlife Foundation

How To Get Grants From Metlife Foundation – The Metlife Foundation’s funding initiatives are designed to help low-income families and individuals improve their health and financial inclusion. Underprivileged communities are empowered to achieve financial stability and independence through the MetLife Foundation Education Grants, prioritize financial education, budgeting tools, and future planning. Communities are empowered to overcome financial issues with the help of the foundation’s focused projects and strategic collaborations.

With a major focus on financial inclusion, MetLife Foundation Grants can also fund health projects that improve overall financial well-being. This way, we can empower and empower our communities in a holistic way. Using its extensive knowledge and experience spanning more than 150 years, the foundation expertly manages $600.8 billion in assets and consistently produces solid returns after adjusting for risk. Personalized plans that match your individual requirements today and tomorrow are guaranteed by the Metlife foundation’s client-centric approach. You can put your faith in Metlife to help you safely develop your financial future.

For more information about the grants, visit the official website at

Key Takeaways

  • Focuses on financial inclusion, economic empowerment, and resilient communities.
  • Funds US and Asian projects with a track record of impact.
  • Awards range from thousands to millions of dollars.
  • Applications are accepted year-round for financial inclusion initiatives, but others are invitation-only.

Focus Area of Metlife Foundation Grant 

The MetLife Foundation’s goal is to support initiatives that help achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Giving people the tools they need to improve their employability and move up the economic ladder is the goal of our Economic Inclusion portfolio. Thus the MetLife Foundation offers MetLife Foundation grants to help people acquire new skills.

Grants from the foundation’s Financial Health projects help people become more financially resilient by facilitating better budgeting, savings, and credit access, all of these contribute to a sense of safety and stability. Expanding access to resources for physical and emotional well-being, promoting climate resilience, and nurturing arts and culture are all part of the Metlife Foundation’s Resilient Communities portfolio. Furthermore, the foundation is in the forefront of creative ideas through Impact Investing, including programs that benefit rural areas and MetLife Foundation grants for healthcare access. The MetLife Foundation intends for its donations to have an enduring effect on people’s lives all around the globe.

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Qualifications for Metlife Foundation Grants

Unwelcome proposals are often evaluated through invitation-only processes, and the specific requirements for them might differ. Nevertheless, the MetLife Foundation’s grantmaking policies provide a basic framework for some criteria.

  • A 501(c)(3) organization status from the Internal Revenue Service is required, or a similar classification, for all applicants.
  • The proposed projects should be in line with the MetLife Foundation’s goals of fostering financial inclusion and enabling more people to move up the economic ladder.
  • The MetLife Foundation does not limit its funding to any one area; nevertheless, initiatives based in the United States and some Asian nations may receive more favorable consideration.
  • The initiative’s impact on target communities may be measured in a straightforward way, and the application should show that the project can be scaled or replicated.
  • Candidates that have a track record of effectively managing programs and finances will have an advantage.
  • Hospitals, people, religious, political, or social organizations, private foundations, and disease-specific groups are not eligible. Further exclusions from grant eligibility include payments to schools, endowments, advertising, sponsorships, and direct patient care.

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Metlife Foundation Grant Giving Programs 

The Metlife Foundation facilitates some programs to address its aim to support upskilling and reskilling talent to be competitive in a new economy.

Generation: You Employed

Making strides toward more diversity in entry-level IT jobs is a generational priority. Generation, a worldwide charity that connects thousands of companies and applicants, has a distinct, practice-based view on the challenges inherent in tech recruiting, such as discrimination and inequality in the hiring process.

American Corporate Partners

Initiatives like ACP are able to continue empowering soldiers when they transition to civilian professions thanks to MetLife Foundation grants for veterans, a component of the company’s commitment to the welfare of veterans. By connecting the civilian and military sectors, American Corporate Partners (ACP) is vital in the fight against veteran underemployment. Post-9/11 veterans and corporate executives can participate in a year-long mentoring program through ACP’s Veteran Mentoring Program. This program aims to help veterans with career development and integration. As an example of their dedication to aiding veterans, MetLife employees have made a big difference by mentoring more than 650 individuals who served after 9/11.


NPower MetLife Foundation education grants are crucial in funding programs like NPower. This works to guarantee that everyone has the chance to get a good education and advance in their chosen field. Among the most prominent national nonprofits, NPower is devoted to promoting economic development via various training and assistance programs and educational initiatives. The mission of NPower is to help underprivileged youth and veterans enter and succeed in the technology sector through the development of digital career pathways. The impact that NPower has on its members’ lives is clear: the organization has trained over 2,100 people, including veterans, in technical skills and has an amazing 85% job placement rate within one year of program completion.

MetLife Foundation Grant Recipients

There are several grantees, and Metlife Foundation has made its grant-giving programs. These are mentioned below under some aim.

Metlife Foundation grants for financial inclusion

Metlife Foundation grants for financial inclusion showcase the diverse variety of awards given across the US, highlighting the MetLife Foundation dedicated to enhancing financial well-being and building resilient communities. Through collaborations with organizations such as EcoRise Youth Innovations and Bunker Labs NFP Inc., the foundation has provided substantial funding of $125,000 for youth empowerment initiatives and $250,000 for veteran empowerment projects. These grants are in keeping with the MetLife Foundation’s mission to promote initiatives that strengthen and economically integrate low-income neighborhoods in both urban and rural areas.

MetLife Foundation to support communities

The MetLife Foundation has consistently demonstrated its commitment to bolstering communities and promoting financial health throughout Asia via its strategic grantmaking initiatives. The foundation has donated a substantial amount of $2,151,500 to an initiative in Bangladesh that promotes financial empowerment and a substantial amount of $151,500 to an initiative in India that supports the health and hygiene of vulnerable populations, in partnership with esteemed organizations like Sesame Worship. The MetLife Foundation to support communities has shown its dedication to helping communities overcome socio economic difficulties with these donations.

Metlife grants to Rural Community 

The MetLife Foundation has demonstrated its dedication to supporting rural communities via its support of organizations such as The Trust for Public Land. The goal of The Trust for Public Land’s $250,000 grant is to support equitable communities by providing resources and aid to rural areas. Examples of comprehensive community development strategies include the Metlife foundation grants for rural communities program run by the MetLife Foundation, aims to aid rural regions while also addressing mental health and financial literacy. The MetLife Foundation’s strategic partnerships and targeted investments have a lasting impact on communities across the nation. They strive for a world where everyone can get the help and opportunity they need.

Women’s Empowerment Employment Training Program

The MetLife Foundation has also prioritized economic inclusion via supporting innovative programs like the Women’s Empowerment Employment Training Program at CWDF. A large donation of $460,600 will go toward this program’s mission of empowering Asian women to become economically independent and live more sustainably. The magnitude of this gift is indicative of the foundation’s determination to advance gender parity and give historically marginalized groups an equal opportunity to secure gainful employment.

Metlife Foundation Grants for Veterans

The MetLife Foundation’s commitment to supporting veterans is evident via its relationships with organizations like Canine Companions for Independence and Bridge II Sports. These organizations will put the $100,000 grants to good use by hosting events like the Valor Games Southeast and acquiring support dogs for veterans of all ages and abilities. This kind of grant shows how seriously the MetLife Foundation takes its mission to assist soldiers and their families in regaining economic independence, building resilience, and reintegrating into society.

MetLife Foundation’s commitment to supporting children 

The MetLife Foundation’s partnership with the Marbles Kids Museum and the Harlem School of the Arts is further evidence of its commitment to helping kids. The visual arts, media, and design sectors will get $40,000 in grants and $625,000 for projects like the Stepnotes Musical Stairs Exhibit Program. This aims to provide youngsters with educational and stimulating possibilities. Through these donations, the MetLife Foundation aspires to support the education and success of children from diverse backgrounds, while enhancing their communities and leaving a lasting impression.

Metlife Foundation grants for mental health initiatives

Regarding the Metlife Foundation grants for mental health initiatives once again, the funders back groups like the American Red Cross and The Laundromat Project. These programs intend to supply communities in need with essential mental health support services with substantial funding of $250,000 and $100,000, respectively. In addition, the foundation has granted $250,000 to Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners and $400,000 to Ascendus to provide financial planning services through partnerships. By making these donations, MetLife Foundation is demonstrating its dedication to helping people and communities throughout the country improve their financial security and resilience.

Contributed to advancing digital access and promoting self-reliance among the elderly 

Through initiatives such as Helpage India’s Project Saksham, the MetLife Foundation has also helped increase older people’s access to digital resources and encouraged them to become more self-sufficient. This program aims to improve the health, well-being, and internet access of older people in India with a substantial contribution of $800,000. It reflects the foundation’s commitment to addressing the changing needs of marginalized populations and fostering inclusion for all age groups.

These grants are not limited, if you want to learn more about the Metlife Foundation Grants, you must visit the foundation’s official website of their resource allocation at

How to Apply for Metlife Foundation Grant ?

Your organization’s work can be more persuasively linked to the purposes of the MetLife Foundation if you follow these steps and present a convincing case. This will enhance your chances of receiving a grant to fund your meaningful efforts.

  • Go to to take the eligibility assessment on the Cybergrants platform. Take this questionnaire to find out whether your organization is eligible.
  • Once you’ve taken the quiz and determined that your organization meets the eligibility requirements, Cybergrants will lead you to the complete grant application.
  • Grant applications often ask for specifics about the applicant’s organization, the project or program they want to fund, the project’s budget, and their plan for measuring and communicating the project’s impact.
  • Make sure in your proposal that you explain how your initiative fits together with the MetLife Foundation’s priorities. This might be things like community resilience, economic empowerment, or financial inclusion.
  • To be considered for a grant, submit your application in its entirety using the Cybergrants website.
  • For the record, we receive and assess submissions for financial inclusion awards all year long, but requests for grants in other categories may only be considered upon invitation.
  • If MetLife Foundation requests further information or documents while the evaluation is underway, be ready to offer it.

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Metlife Foundation Grant Deadlines

There are no such deadlines to get a grant from the Metlife Foundation. The foundation accepts and assesses proposals for financial inclusion grants all year round. The Foundation is now only taking proposals for funding by invitation for grants that deal with topics other than financial inclusion.

Contact Details of Metlife Foundation Grant 

If you wish to get the Metlife Foundation grants, you can directly contact the foundation. Here are some means of getting in touch with the foundation for a grant.

EIN: 132878224

Phone: 212-578-4133

Address: 200 Park Avenue 5 N 244 Metlife, New York, NY 10166



With the help of MetLife Foundation grants, people all over the globe are able to improve their health, wealth, and ability to weather disasters. Empowering underprivileged groups and promoting economic mobility, MetLife Foundation grants have catalyzed good change via smart investments in financial health, resilient communities, and economic inclusion.

The Metlife Foundation distributes money to projects that aim to improve society in the long run by tackling pressing social issues in a way that is consistent with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The MetLife Foundation grants demonstrate a dedication to community empowerment and inclusion by helping veterans adjust to civilian employment and by increasing digital access for the elderly. Through a client-centric approach and an emphasis on verifiable impact, the MetLife Foundation’s gifts have a profound and enduring effect on people and families all over the globe. To get more information on foundation grants visit

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Are Metlife Foundation grants open internationally

Countries in Asia and the United States, where the MetLife Foundation has a long history of supporting charitable causes, receive the bulk of the foundation’s funding. Projects focusing on these topics may receive more attention than others, although this is by no means guaranteed.

Can individuals apply for Metlife Foundation grants?

Sorry, but the MetLife Foundation does not provide grants to individuals. A 501(c)(3) organization status from the Internal Revenue Service is required, or a similar classification, for all applicants.

Do Metlife Foundation grants require matching funds?

Grants from the MetLife Foundation do not specifically call for matching contributions. However, in order to be more competitive, candidates should show that they have good financial management and plans for sustainability.

How much funding does the Metlife Foundation give per grant?

Per award, the MetLife Foundation allocates a different amount of money based on the magnitude and significance of the project. Projects with more potential for impact and scalability or replication tend to receive larger funding. This might vary from several thousand to several million dollars.

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