How To Apply For Marguerite Casey Foundation Grants

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Marguerite Casey Foundation Grants Application

How To Get Grants from Marguerite Casey Foundation – Supporting Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other communities of color combats past injustices and marginalization. Helping LGBTQ+ communities promotes equality and fights bigotry. Economic justice for low-income communities eliminates inequities and promotes equality. Supporting rural communities helps residents advocate for their needs, handle particular obstacles, and ensure inclusion in decision-making. Such funding promotes social equality and marginalized groups’ growth.

Thanks to Marguerite Casey Foundation Grants. The Marguerite Casey Foundation helps vulnerable communities by funding, developing leaders, and promoting social justice. Marguerite Casey Foundation’s focus on communities of color, LGBTQ+ groups, low-income people, and rural locations targets systemic disparities and enables individuals to speak for their needs. The Marguerite Casey Foundation Grants help groups make significant changes and promote a more fair and equitable society by providing basic operational grants and supporting grassroots activities.

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Key Takeaways 

  • Targets communities of color, LGBTQ+, low-income, and rural populations.
  • Funds grassroots movements, general operations, and leadership development.
  • Aims to dismantle systemic inequities and empower marginalized voices.
  • Application process is invitation-only; prioritizes collaboration.

What are Marguerite Casey Foundation Grants?

The Marguerite Casey Foundation offers Marguerite Casey Foundation general operating grants to groups and projects whose leaders are working to change the power dynamic in their community.In an ideal world, the Marguerite Casey Foundation would want to see the government put the needs of marginalized families and communities first.

It is the shared goal of Marguerite Casey Foundation’s board, executives, employees, and business associates to create a fair economy and fully functional democracy, and the foundation will not rest until it provides unwavering backing to the courageous initiatives and visionary leadership that will be necessary to accomplish this monumental task during the foundation’s lifetime. The foundation’s dedication to racial justice and other transformational values is unwavering, both in speech and deed.

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Focus Area of Marguerite Casey Foundation Grants

One of the main goals of the Marguerite Casey Foundation Grants is to provide financial support to groups and projects that work to provide a voice to underrepresented groups. An examination of their primary domains follows.

  1. Target Groups

Communities of color: People of color, including Blacks, Indigenous peoples, Latinxs, and others have endured prejudice and marginalization throughout history.

LGBTQ+ communities: Assisting the LGBTQ+ community in achieving equality and combating prejudice.

Low-income communities: Economic justice and equitable opportunity for low-income communities: a pressing issue.

Rural areas: Giving people in rural areas the tools they need to stand up for what they need.

  1. Funding Priorities

Community organizing: Funding is mostly directed towards grassroots initiatives that aim to empower and empower members of underrepresented communities.

General operating support: Unrestricted financing is a top priority for general operational assistance. This General operating support allows groups to operate efficiently and follow their plans.

Leadership development: Investment in the capacity building of individuals and organizations for significant long-term effect is leadership development.

Advocacy and policy change: By advocating for and actively supporting policies that are beneficial to their grantees and the communities they serve, they can affect positive change.

Marguerite Casey Foundation’s Granting Amount 

  • Most of the money that the Marguerite Casey Foundation gives out goes to groups that have a budget of $500,000 or less.
  • Annual donations typically range from $50,000 to $200,000.
  • They are more likely to back groups whose leadership includes women, people of color, or members of the LGBTQ community.

Eligibility for Marguerite Casey Foundation Grants

The Marguerite Casey Foundation does not accept informal grant applications as they are an invitation-only grantmaker. As a result, there are no publicly accessible qualifying requirements for submitting grant applications. However, there are some criteria as follows,

  • The Marguerite Casey Foundation gives priority to organizations that serve disadvantaged groups, including low-income communities, rural communities, LGBTQ+ communities, and communities of color.
  • Voting rights, reproductive justice, economic justice, LGBTQ+ rights, and environmental justice are among the focus topics.
  • Advocacy, policy reform, leadership development, and community organizing are the preferred strategies.
  • Although they are a national funder, they do take Pacific Northwest projects into consideration.
  • They put a lot of emphasis on offering general operations assistance.
  • Locally focused initiatives and groups with excellent leadership, the ability to have a lasting effect, and the ability to form long-term connections are given priority.

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Application Process of Marguerite Casey Foundation Grants

The Marguerite Casey Foundation accepts unsolicited submissions for specific activities, however, they favor collaborations and grant applications. Please note that their funding possibilities are not always open and that they have project submission criteria.

  • Both the application procedure and the web portal are not open to the public.
  • A representative from MCF will contact you personally to begin a discussion if they determine that your group might be a good match for their funding goals.
  • Along the way, they could probe for more details on your project’s objectives, outcomes, and effects.

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Grantees of Marguerite Casey Foundation Grants

Here are some past grantees of the Marguerite Casey Foundation

Alliance for Justice 

The Marguerite Casey Foundation gave Alliance for Justice $600 in general support at 11 Dupont Circle NW Suite 500 in Washington, DC. The group will use these funds to promote social justice and progressive change via legal and policy activities.

Alliance for Youth Organizing

For the Leaders Igniting Transformation Education Fund, the Marguerite Casey Foundation gave the Alliance for Youth Organizing at 915 5th St NW in Washington, DC, $500,000. The money will help the organization’s youth leadership and civic participation programs.

Allied Media Projects

Marguerite Casey Foundation awarded two grants to Detroit-based Allied Media Projects, 4126 Third St. The first $250,000 funding supports Survived and Punished, an initiative challenging the prosecution of domestic and sexual assault survivors. The $ 200-second award supports the organization’s media-based organizing and social justice efforts.

DC’s Amalgamated Charitable Foundation

The Marguerite Casey Foundation gave many donations to Washington, DC’s Amalgamated Charitable Foundation at 1825 K Street NW. The $750,000 initial award supports up to three Public Dollars for Public Good Senior Fellowships. Second award, $250,000, provides general funding for foundation activities. The $100,000 third award supports Organizational Resilience’s community resilience and empowerment programs.

American Indians in Texas

The Marguerite Casey Foundation provided $250,000 in general operational support to American Indians in Texas Spanish Colonial Missions at 1313 Guadalupe Street Suite 204 in San Antonio, TX. This donation will help the group maintain and promote Texas American Indian culture and rights.

Amistad Law Project

Marguerite Casey Foundation provided $15,000 in general project funding for the Freedom Scholar recommendation to Amistad Law Project at 100 South Juniper Street in Philadelphia, PA. This award will help the group promote social and racial justice via legal advocacy and community participation.

Act 4 SA

As a general grant, the Marguerite Casey Foundation gave $35,000 to Act 4 SA of San Antonio, Texas, situated at 7970 Fredericksburg Road Ste. The purpose of this award is to enhance the organization’s ability to carry out its goal and provide community service.

Action Now Institute

Located at 1901 W Carroll Ave in Chicago, IL, the Action Now Institute received $90,500 in general assistance from the Marguerite Casey Foundation. This funding will allow the organization to continue its initiatives and address critical issues faced by its members.

Action St. Louis

The nonprofit group Action St. Louis, situated at 2857 Sidney Street in St. Louis, MO, received a grant of $150,000 from the Marguerite Casey Foundation. This grant will allow the organization to keep fighting for social justice and empowering local communities.

Advancement Project Education Fund

Located in Washington, DC, the Advancement Project Education Fund received $450 from the Marguerite Casey Foundation. The organization will be able to keep up its vital mission of fighting for social justice and changing policy thanks to this award.

Advocates for Community and Rural Education

The Marguerite Casey Foundation provided $81,250 in general operating support to Rural Community Alliance, 401 S Scott Street Suite 5, Little Rock, AR. This grant will enable the organization to continue its work in supporting rural communities and advancing educational opportunities.

African Heritage Economic Initiative

The Marguerite Casey Foundation gave $75,000 to the African Heritage Economic Initiative, located at 48 Dorris Avenue in Buffalo, New York. The African Heritage Food Co-op will use this funding to define its strategic direction and strengthen it, thereby promoting economic empowerment in the community.

Afrikana Institute

The Marguerite Casey Foundation gave Afrikana Institute $10,000 in general operating support at PO Box 126 in Chesterfield, VA. This grant will aid the institute in sustaining its operations and pursuing its mission of cultural enrichment and community engagement.

Equal Voices for America’s Families

Equal Voices for America’s Families received $6 million from the Marguerite Casey Foundation and $1 million from Casey Family Programs in 2008. The organization held national conferences in Birmingham, Alabama, Los Angeles, and Chicago, where 15,000 people urged the government to raise the minimum wage and subsidize early childhood education, health insurance, and child care. 6. In 2012, the Marguerite Casey Foundation funded a second Equal Voices for America event.

NEO Philanthropy

The Marguerite Casey Foundation has donated $1.5 million to NEO Philanthropy since 2005, according to a 2015 article by Tom Johnson for Foundation Watch.8 NEO Philanthropy has been referred to as “the Left’s ‘dark money’ coordinator of choice.”

The Center for Community Change

In 2017, the Center for Community Change Action, a 501(c)(4) connected to the Center for Community Change, was highlighted by The Washington Free Beacon. According to the website, the organization “has been associated with anti-Trump campaigns for some time now.”  The Center for Community Change received $515,000 from the Marguerite Casey Foundation in 2015, according to an unredacted copy of the organization’s tax return acquired by the website. The center also received seven-figure contributions from the Ford, Kellogg, and Open Society Foundations.

Equal Voice Action

The Marguerite Casey Foundation founded Equal Voice Action. According to a 2019 Chronicle of Philanthropy report, the group aims to “build a movement enabling poor people to exercise political power.” Equal Voice America’s foundation aims to create a “movement to win better wages, improvements in criminal-justice systems, changes in health care, LGBT rights, better schools, and immigration reforms”. In 2017, the Marguerite Casey Foundation donated $1.1 million to Equal Voice America.

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Contact Details of Marguerite Casey Foundation

If you wish to get a grant from the Marguerite Casey Foundation, you can check some contact details of the foundation, mentioned below.

Address: 1425 4 Th Avenue Suite 900, Seattle, WA 981012222


EIN: 912062197

Phone: 206-691-3134


The Marguerite Casey Foundation Grants develops leaders, and advocates for underrepresented communities to promote social justice and equity. While supporting underrepresented groups like communities of color, LGBTQ+ people, low-income people, and rural areas, the foundation targets systemic imbalances and encourages individuals to speak for their needs. The foundation supports grassroots projects, general operations support, and leadership development to help groups make significant change and promote a fairer society. The Marguerite Casey Foundation Grant provides hope for underprivileged families and communities by working diligently to promote a more equitable and inclusive future. If you are interested in knowing about more foundation grants, then please check our website 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Marguerite Casey Foundation Grants

The Marguerite Casey Foundation offers grants to organizations and initiatives that work toward greater social justice, equity, and self-determination for underrepresented populations. The programs that get these funds are skewed toward helping low-income communities, LGBTQ+ people, communities of color, and rural regions.

What is the focus of Marguerite Casey Foundation Grants?

The Marguerite Casey Foundation prioritizes funding initiatives that serve marginalized populations, including those in rural regions, low-income neighborhoods, LGBTQ+ communities, and communities of color. Grassroots projects, general operational assistance, leadership development, and policy change advocacy are the foundation’s top priorities in its fight against systemic inequities and for social justice.

How can I apply for Marguerite Casey Foundation Grants?

Grant applications to the Marguerite Casey Foundation are considered on an invitation-only basis. Never send them anything you didn’t ask for. However, if a foundation representative finds an organization whose mission is congruent with the foundation’s financing criteria, the representative can get in touch with them.

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