How To Apply For Enterprise Holdings Foundation Grant

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Enterprise Holdings Foundation Grant Application

How To Get Grants from Enterprise Holdings Foundation Grant – If communities want to grow, create jobs, and prosper, they need to invest in economic and workforce development programs. Programs that prepare students for college and careers help them acquire the information and abilities they will need to thrive in those settings. More just, represented, and inclusive communities are the result of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Healthier and more equitable societies are the result of addressing critical health and human service needs. This in turn increases access to vital services, boosts overall well-being, and decreases disparities.

Thanks to Enterprise Holdings Foundation Grant. People gain from the Enterprise Holdings Foundation Grant because it helps with important community needs and supports programs that promote growth and prosperity in the long run. The Enterprise Holdings Foundation Grant improves people’s lives, encourages education and wellness, and offers crucial assistance in times of crisis by concentrating on early childhood development, youth health, career and college preparedness, and disaster relief. The Foundation’s grant programs foster personal growth, community development, and the creation of opportunities for a more just and sustainable future.

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Key Takeaways

  • Supports nonprofits in areas where Enterprise Holdings operates.
  • Focuses on early childhood development, youth health, career readiness, and disaster relief.
  • Requires contacting local Enterprise Holdings representatives for eligibility and application guidance.
  • Grants promote community development and long-term prosperity.

What are Enterprise Holdings Foundation Grants?

A charitable effort established by Jack C. Taylor, the Enterprise Holdings Foundation Grant provides funding to nonprofits serving areas where Enterprise Holdings has a presence. Its priorities include disaster relief, early childhood education, youth health, and career and college readiness, and it donates money to initiatives that fall under these categories.

By improving community quality of life in line with the company’s business goals, the Foundation’s philanthropic and community relations mission ensures the foundation’s leadership as a valued and responsible corporate citizen. The foundation’s employees and partners are affected by natural disasters, so Enterprise Holdings Foundation supports relief projects.

Enterprise Holdings Foundation leaders are dedicated. Chairman and Director Jo Ann Kindle is joined by President, Secretary, and Director Carolyn Kindle. Assistant Secretary Theresa Beldner and Vice President, Treasurer, and Director Jonathan Eickmann. Randal Narike and Erinn Braddock, the foundation’s treasurer and Directors, provide their expertise.

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Focus Area of Enterprise Holdings Foundation Grant

The Enterprise Holdings Foundation focuses its grants on three main areas:

Early childhood development 

All children deserve a good start in life, and the Enterprise Holdings Foundation backs initiatives that get them ready for school and beyond. Parental education programs, health screenings, and early childhood education centers all receive this type of financing.

Youth health and wellness

Encouraging healthy and productive lives among young people is the Enterprise Holdings Foundation’s commitment. Problems with mental health, substance misuse, and obesity are among those that this funding helps to alleviate. This encompasses financing for healthcare access, mentoring programs, and after-school programs.

Career and college preparation

In order to help first-generation Black college students overcome important but often unmet needs that may prevent them from completing their degrees or transferring to a new job, Enterprise will give around 70 scholarships through the United Nations College Fund (UNCF). Scholarships will help with not only tuition but also unexpected costs, professional development opportunities outside of the classroom, and paying off student loans.

Disaster and Recovery Help

As one of its community-giving initiatives, the Enterprise Holdings Foundation Grant prioritizes disaster and recovery efforts. A $1 million contribution in 2021 went toward Hurricane Ida relief in Louisiana, for instance, helping to support emergency assistance for families and businesses hit hard by the storm. A one million dollar contribution helped COVID-19 relief efforts in 2020, allowing affected people to get the supplies they needed. Moreover, in 2019, a gift of half a million dollars helped alleviate the effects of the California wildfires on families and businesses.

Eligibility for Enterprise Holdings Foundation Grant

The Enterprise Holdings Foundation has set up eligibility criteria, you can check if you are interested in the Enterprise Holdings Foundation Grant

  • First, You shouldn’t be able to pay taxes in the US unless you’re a 501(c)(3) public charity, a registered charity in the UK, Germany, or France, or Spain, or if you’re a qualifying nonprofit in any of those countries.
  • Second, Typically, the Foundation gives more weight to groups where  the Enterprise has workers or partners who are actively participating.
  • Enterprise Holdings workers and their wives or domestic partners are strong advocates for charitable causes.
  • Communities where Enterprise Holdings has a presence will benefit from these projects since they will raise living standards.
  • Relief efforts for causes or initiatives that Enterprise Holdings deems significant, such as disaster relief for partners and workers.
  • Consistency with the intended charitable work and public relations objectives of the Foundation.
  • Enterprise Holdings’ corporate objectives are aligned with all projects.
  • Applicants need to show that they have a solid strategy for making the most of the grant money.
  • Projects that have strong buy-in from staff members may be given more attention.
  • All applications must adhere to the Foundation’s standards and rules and be submitted by the due date.
  • The initiatives that get grants usually have demonstrable effects and have a lasting influence on the community.

Enterprise Holdings Foundation Grant Application Process

The Enterprise Holdings Foundation has a rigorous procedure for submitting grant applications. The procedure includes

First Point of Contact: Get in touch with the Enterprise Holdings Account Representative in your area. In addition to pointing you in the direction of relevant resources, they may also tell you whether your organization shares the Foundation’s goals.

Grant Application (if Eligible): Get in touch with your regional Enterprise Holdings account representative as a first point of contact. If your group shares the Foundation’s goals, they can tell you how to proceed and put you in touch with the right people.

Review and Decision: The Foundation evaluates each proposal thoroughly and decides whether or not to grant money depending on how well it fits with their values, the impact it may have, and their organizational capabilities.

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Deadline of Enterprise Holdings Foundation  Grant

August 1, 2024 is the expected Enterprise Holdings Foundation Grant deadline. Save this grant to receive notifications of predicted deadline changes. January 2, 2025 is the next deadline predictions.

Contact information about Enterprise Holdings Foundation 

Here are some ways of getting in touch with the Enterprise Holdings Foundation

Physical Address: 600 Corporate Park Drive, Saint Louis, MO 63105


EIN: 431262762

Phone: 314-512-5000

Grantees of Enterprise Holdings Foundation Grant

Some past grantees of the  Enterprise Holdings Foundation Grant


More than $7 million has been distributed to several nonprofits by the ROAD Enterprise Holdings Foundation through its ROAD Forward project, all with the goal of bolstering social and racial fairness initiatives. One of the beneficiaries is 100 Black Men DC. This has been approved for financing for three years running. The group’s mission is to help kids succeed in life by establishing mentorship programs. Another organization that has been awarded grants three times is The Bottom Line. They work with low-income first-generation kids to help them seek higher education. Grants have supported the groups’ continued effective work in closing equity disparities.

RISE 5280

One of the first North American organizations to receive a grant from the Enterprise Holdings Foundation is RISE 5280. Achieving educational equity and fostering economic and social mobility are core goals of the group. It is possible for RISE 5280 to reach more people and have a bigger impact in its community thanks to this donation. Although the given information does not include the actual amount granted to each recipient, their involvement in the grant program highlights their significance in promoting social and racial fairness.

100 Black Men

100 Black Men chapters throughout the country have benefited greatly from the generosity of the 100 Black Men Enterprise Holdings Foundation. The 100 Black Men chapters in several cities around the country were awarded funds ranging from $3,000 to $50,000 in 2022 to support their programs. These cities included Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Knoxville, Washington DC, Memphis, San Antonio, Syracuse, and many more. Chapters’ goals of empowering Black communities via mentoring, education, and other means have been greatly advanced by these grants.

100 Black Women

Support for groups like 100 Black Women Inc. and 100 Black Women Inc. Oakland Bay Area, both based in Oakland, California, has also come from the Enterprise Holdings Foundation. Funds of $5,000 and $10,000 were distributed to these groups to assist with various programs. Their efforts center on improving Black women’s access to healthcare, education, and economic opportunities in their communities.

100 Club Of South Palm Beach County Inc,

Enterprise Holdings Foundation Grants have helped other nonprofits as well; for example, the 100 Club of South Palm Beach County Inc. was given $1,000 to help with programming. Similarly, 13 Ugly Men Foundation and 13 Th Man were each given $2,500 to support their respective programs. These groups have been able to carry on their important work in a variety of areas, such as youth empowerment, community development, and support services, thanks to the donations they received.

Support to the 147 Million Orphans Foundation Inc,

Enterprise Holdings Foundation has given to causes that tackle larger social issues, as well as those that target racial and social justice. The 147 Million Orphans charity Inc. of Brentwood, Tennessee, for example, received a $1,000 contribution from the charity. The Davenport, Iowa-based 180 Zone Inc. also received a $2,000 program support award from the foundation. The generosity of the Enterprise Holdings Foundation is evident in these gifts, aim to improve communities in many parts of the world.

Environmental Conservation and Clean Energy Grants

Enterprise Holdings Foundation promotes animal and wildlife protection. Although it does not have a particular funding program for this cause, it has granted HALO and the Feline Rescue Association. It also gave SPCA International $50,000 to shelter and rescue natural disaster-affected animals. A $35 million grant to establish the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Institute for Renewable Fuels to improve sustainable bioenergy sources and a $30 million grant for The Nature Conservancy’s “Routes & Roots: Enterprise Healthy Rivers Project” support related grants. The Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation has planted approximately 2.4 million trees as part of the Enterprise 50 Million Tree Pledge, promoting global reforestation.

Grants for Diseases

The Enterprise Holdings Foundation is quite interested in health-related projects, even though it does not have a designated grantmaking program for illness prevention. Both well-known and less well-known organizations have been recipients of health grants from this organization. Notable recipients include the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association. The foundation’s dedication to tackling health-related issues is further demonstrated by its support.

Grants for Missouri

The Enterprise Holdings Foundation funds community and worldwide causes but not K-12 schools, athletic teams, or churches. No continuing running expenditures are included for its one-year grants. Missouri grants have gone to the Saint Louis Public Schools Foundation, Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis, and Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis. The Jack Taylor Founding beliefs Award offers $40,000 to NGOs on behalf of regional Enterprise Holdings companies that share the company’s beliefs and business interests.

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The Enterprise Holdings Foundation Grant is crucial to community development and long-term prosperity. The Foundation addresses essential needs and promotes positive change by focusing on early childhood development, youth health, career and college readiness, and disaster relief. It helps nonprofits make a difference in Enterprise Holdings’ markets through its rigorous grant application process and strategic funding decisions. Philanthropy, community engagement, and corporate responsibility demonstrate the Foundation’s commitment to a just, equitable, and sustainable future. The Enterprise Holdings Foundation Grant drives positive social change and community development by supporting impactful initiatives and collaborating with diverse stakeholders.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What are Enterprise Holdings Foundation Grants?

Enterprise HoldingsFoundation grants are given to nonprofits in Enterprise Holdings’ areas of operation. Disaster relief, early childhood education, youth health, career and college readiness, and community development are supported by these grants.

How can my organization apply for an Enterprise Holdings Foundation Grant?

To apply for an Enterprise Holdings Foundation Grant, your organization should first contact your local Account Representative to determine eligibility and receive application instructions. After confirming eligibility, follow the Foundation’s grant application procedures and deadlines.

What types of projects are typically funded by the Enterprise Holdings Foundation?

The Enterprise Holdings Foundation focuses on early childhood development, youth health and wellness, career and college preparation, disaster and recovery, and environmental conservation. These projects address community needs and promote long-term prosperity.

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