How To Apply For Capital One Foundation Grants For nonprofits

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Capital One Foundation Grants For nonprofits

How To Get Grants from Capital One Foundation – Capital One Foundation Grants help nonprofits promote education, community development, and financial literacy. The foundation addresses social challenges, improves economic opportunity, and brings good change to US communities through these awards.

The Capital One Foundation advances equality and opportunity by allowing organizations to innovate and assist underrepresented communities. The foundation’s strategic philanthropy and community investment efforts guarantee that each contribution benefits individuals and communities. In all, the Capital One Foundation drives good social change, improving the lives of countless Americans.

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Key Takeaways

  • Supports education, community development, and financial literacy initiatives.
  • Targets economic opportunity, social justice, and underserved communities.
  • Requires US-based 501(c)(3) status and alignment with foundation goals.
  • Grants range from $30,000 to $700,000.

What are Capital One Foundation Grants ?

Capital One Foundation Grants are money gifts that the Capital One Foundation gives to nonprofits that work with the foundation’s main goals. Capital One Foundation’s vision to Change Banking for Good informs its business practices, consumer and community service, and employee treatment. This emphasizes their importance in financial well-being.

A core staff manages the Capital One Foundation Inc.’s operations and strategy. Under President Shena Ashley and Vice President Elizabeth Johnson, Secretary Jonathan Chiu, Treasurer Franco Harris, Assistant Treasurer Steph Doles, and Assistant Secretary Michael Angelo head the foundation. Co-Chair Andrew Navarrete assists Chair Kerone Vatel. Steve Tulip, Jennifer Windbeck, and Andrew Young serve on the foundation’s Board of Directors, providing expertise and insight to support communities, foster equity, and empower individuals through strategic philanthropy and community investment.

The Capital One Foundation Inc. uses its $50,522,018 in assets to make a difference in communities nationwide. The foundation targets fairness, economic opportunity, and marginalized communities with $13,000,000 in donations. The foundation invests its resources to solve a variety of social issues with an average grant size of $481,481 and a median award amount of $450,000, ensuring that each investment makes a difference. Capital One Foundation Inc. empowers individuals and communities to thrive through targeted contributions and creative collaborations.

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Focus Area of Capital One Foundation Grants

Here are some core areas where the Capital One Foundation Grants strive


Tools and resources for financial literacy are provided by Capital One, along with financial assistance for two programs: (1) financial education for youth and (2) financial education for adults.

Community Development

Capital One bolsters low-income areas by lending a hand to community development initiatives on a national and regional level. These initiatives include, among other things, (1) workforce development, (2) affordable housing, and (3) small business development.

Financial Education

Everyone can gain from learning how to manage their money wisely so that they can save for the future and live comfortably in the present. Capital One offers information and tools for financial literacy and contributes financially to two programs: (1) financial education for youth and (2) financial education for adults.

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Eligibility for Capital One Foundation Grants

A number of important requirements must be satisfied before your organization can be considered for a grant from the Capital One Foundation.

  • Your organization must maintain its status as a tax-exempt, non-profit entity in the US. No one, including government entities, for-profit enterprises, or individuals may apply for money from the foundation.
  • The ideal location for your business would be in an area where Capital One is well-established. This guarantees that the foundation’s dedication to assisting areas where Capital One operates is consistent with the funding.
  • In order to prove that your organization can accomplish its goal and provide valuable community activities or services, you need to look at its track record.
  • Responsible handling of grant monies and efficient use of organization resources are hallmarks of a solid financial management system.
  • Your group’s initiative has to be able to describe in detail how it fits in with the priorities of the Capital One Foundation. Financial wellness, employment development, small company assistance, and social inequality reduction are all potential areas of emphasis.

In order for your organization to be eligible for grant financing from the Capital One Foundation Grants that support community development projects and social change efforts, it must satisfy certain criteria.

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Application Process of Capital One Foundation Grants

Here are some crucial steps that an eligible candidate must follow for the Capital One Foundation Grants application process.

  • Give careful consideration to the funding priorities and eligibility requirements. Get your company on the same page as their priorities.
  • To find out if your group has ever received funding, you may look it up in the grant directory of the Capital One Foundation. Their financing preferences can be better understood with this information.
  • Based on your organization’s objective and project goals, determine the right grant program to apply to. Capital One has a number of award programs, and there are deadlines and requirements for each.
  • Read the program’s RFP or grant requirements thoroughly to find out what you need to submit a winning proposal. The paper details the prerequisites for eligibility, how to apply, when to submit, and how to be selected.
  • Be sure to follow the program’s instructions while preparing your application documents. The standard components of such a document are an introduction, body, budget, and financial statements.
  • Send your application to the address given in the RFP or submit it online.

Grantees of Capital One Foundation Grants

Some past grantees of Capital One Foundation have been mentioned.

New Orleans, LA

In New Orleans, LA, Capital One Foundation supports community needs by providing grants to varied charitable groups in various places. Hope Credit Union in New Orleans has received funds to extend its Hope Affinity Network. This provides on-site financial education and services to partner groups.

New York, NY

Breaking Ground will use its award in New York City to provide “Critical Time Intervention” support for homeless people moving to permanent housing. These programs demonstrate the foundation’s commitment to social justice and disadvantaged communities.

Greater Washington, D.C.

Capital One Foundation grants assist workforce development efforts in Greater Washington, D.C. to overcome job hurdles. Per Scholas National Capital Region increased its tech apprenticeship program to help women finish training and find family-sustaining jobs. Year Up National Capital Region improved its student workforce development program to address COVID-19-related hurdles. These projects support the foundation’s mission of economic opportunity and social mobility in underrepresented communities.

Richmond, VA

Additionally, Capital One Foundation funds assist small business and economic resiliency efforts in Richmond, Virginia. Virginia LISC will create the BIPOC Small Business Investment Fund, offering Black and Latinx-owned firms revolving interest-free loans and mentoring. Metropolitan Business League will increase the “We Care RVA Recovery Grant Fund,” supporting COVID-19-affected SWaM small enterprises. These activities demonstrate the foundation’s support for local entrepreneurship and economic development.

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Foundation

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Foundation awarded $30,000 for EESI. This effort employs creative methods to improve engineering education and provide students the skills they need to succeed.

Harvard University

The “College to Career Connection” program at Harvard University is a $700,000 combination research and practice effort to help students transition from college to the job. With your money, we can continue our work to help college graduates find fulfilling jobs.

Capital One Foundation Inc

Through its grantmaking, Capital One Foundation, Inc. has shown its dedication to promoting equality and opportunity for all Americans. Notable among the recipients is the Black Economic Alliance Foundation. The foundation has used the $905,000 to bolster its general operating expenditures and create a predictive analytics platform.

Braven Inc

The Chicago, Illinois-based startup Braven Inc. will use the half-million dollar grant to bring “Braven” to market in conjunction with Delaware State University. Underrepresented groups will get special attention as this program works to provide students from those groups with the tools they need to succeed in the workforce.

The Center for Law and Social Policy

The Washington, D.C.-based Center for Law and Social Policy was granted $550,000 to promote more equitable access to public services in the states located in the South. The group will be able to combat structural injustice and ensure that underserved populations have fair access to vital services thanks to the money it has received.

The Thurgood Marshall College

In exchange for their work on the TMCF-Capital One Build to Best Immersion initiative, the Thurgood Marshall College Fund of Washington, D.C., was given $30,500. In order to help students succeed in school and in their careers, this program is all about giving them hands-on experiences and tools.

Urban Institute

The Urban Institute in Washington, D.C., received $550,000 for its Financial Well-Being Data Hub. This program centralizes and analyzes financial well-being data to guide policy choices and interventions that enhance economic stability and prosperity for people and communities. The Capital One Foundation Inc. supports innovative initiatives and research that address crucial challenges and promote social and economic fairness through these awards.

Center for New Data

Center for New Data of San Francisco, California, was another beneficiary, receiving $660,000 to enhance its program on voting rights. Grassroots NGOs may have access to critical data through this program. The program helped them fight for more democratic voting methods that are fair and inclusive.

Community Initiatives

The San Francisco, California-based nonprofit Community Initiatives received $550,000 to bolster Latino Outdoors – Vamos Outdoors. Latinx communities around the nation will be able to enjoy more outdoor space as part of this effort. This seeks to promote health, well-being, and environmental responsibility.

The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities

Hurricane Maria relief efforts at the University of Puerto Rico–Mayaguez was funded in part by the San Antonio, Texas–based Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU). The colleges and universities were given $30,000. Funds from this award will go toward helping impacted communities rebuild and providing assistance to students and staff.

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund

With its “HSF College 101” program, the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, with headquarters in Gardena, California, received a $250,000 grant. To ensure that Hispanic students have access to higher education options, this effort offers crucial tools and support to help them through the college application and enrollment processes.

Howard University, located in Washington

Howard University in Washington, DC, got $35,000 for its VIP Project. The project is all about creating algorithms to detect anomalies. This money goes toward computer science research and development, which helps move the field forward in terms of technology and data analysis.

Contact Details of Capital One Foundation

Here are some ways of getting in touch with the Capital One Foundation.

Physical Address:      1680 Capital One Drive, Mclean, VA 22102

EIN:    113276603

Phone: 703-217-1419



Capital One Foundation Grants help nonprofits in education, community development, and financial literacy. The foundation addresses social issues and promotes economic opportunity via strategic philanthropy and community investment. The Capital One Foundation grants help US organizations innovate, promote underserved populations, and achieve meaningful social change. Following qualifying conditions and the application procedure, qualified groups can receive funds to develop their missions and benefit their communities. The Capital One Foundation improves communities nationally by encouraging equality and opportunity.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Capital One Foundation Grants?

Capital One Foundation funding supports NGOs that promote financial literacy, community development, and education. The foundation supports groups that pursue these goals.

Can individuals or for-profit businesses apply for Capital One Foundation Grants?

Capital One Foundation Grants are for U.S. 501(c)(3) charities exclusively. No international organizations are considered. No individuals or for-profit businesses receive foundation funds.

How can my organization apply for Capital One Foundation Grants?

Capital One Foundation Grants are available to US-based tax-exempt nonprofits having a track record. Additionally, your organization’s and foundation’s goals must align. Visit the foundation’s website for application information.

What are the focus areas of Capital One Foundation Grants? 

Capital One Foundation Grants target financial literacy, community development, and education. These sectors can improve US communities by addressing social challenges, economic possibilities, and transformation.

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