How To Apply For Timken Company Charitable and Educational Grant Fund

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Timken Company Charitable and Educational Grant Fund

How To Get Grants from Timken Company Charitable and Educational Grant – It is important to be specific about the foundation of the several “Timken foundations” you are interested in applying to. Funds are supplied by The Timken Company Charitable and Educational Fund, Inc. (“The Timken Fund”) Grant Programme to authorized nonprofits with a charitable purpose. Applications are approved in accordance with the organization’s capacity to  the standards for charitable giving and the accessibility of charitable funds.

The award grants to organizations that meet the eligibility requirements (defined underneath). Outside of the United States, grant requests for assistance should be sent to the relevant Timken management team in your area. Henry and Louise Timken founded this foundation in 1951, and it currently serves as the Stark Community Foundation’s supporting foundation. Funds in the areas of social services, education, health and human services, and the arts and culture are given out by the foundation to organizations in Stark County, Ohio.

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Key Takeaways

  • Two Timken Foundations offer grants: The Timken Company Charitable and Educational Fund and The Henry and Louise Timken Foundation.
  • Grants support education, healthcare, civic development, and the arts.
  • Applicants must be tax-exempt organizations in Timken communities.
  • Grant amounts typically range from $5,000 to $50,000.

What is the Timken Foundation Grant?

The Timken family founded the Canton-based Timken Foundation, a private family foundation, in 1934. In the communities where Timken Company facilities are located, the foundation gives grants to support capital projects in the fields of education, health, civic and community, arts and culture, and human services. Although some of these communities are located abroad, the majority of them are in the United States.

The mission statement of the foundation, reads, “to improve the quality of life in the communities they serve by supporting charitable organizations that address critical community needs,” serves as a guide for grantmaking. With an emphasis on the areas in which The Timken Company operates, the foundation provides charitable support to causes in the fields of education, health and hospitals, civic and community, arts and culture, human services, and recreation.

The Henry and Louise Timken Foundation is a supporting foundation run by a board of trustees that grants charitable grants, mostly for special interest programmes and the benefit of the Stark County community. Transforming from a private foundation to a supporting foundation of Stark Community Foundation, the Henry and Louise Timken Foundation did so in 1980. Funding for Canton’s downtown revitalization efforts has been greatly aided by the Foundation.

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Type of grants in Timken foundations Grant

The Timken name is linked to two primary foundations. A charitable and educational fund established by The Timken Company. This fund gives grants to public charities that are classified as 501(c)(3) or their equivalents that support American programmes. Its areas of emphasis are


Funding is provided to initiatives that advance workforce development, college readiness, and STEM education. Programs that advance STEM education, college preparedness, and workforce development are supported by grants.

Community development

Grants are used to support initiatives like affordable housing, healthcare, and arts and culture that raise the standard of living in the areas where Timken operates. Grants are used to fund initiatives that raise standards of living in the areas where Timken operates, including affordable housing, healthcare, and cultural and artistic endeavors.


Programs that save the environment and advance sustainability are supported by grants. Funding is provided to initiatives that encourage sustainability and good environmental stewardship.

The Henry and Louise Timken Foundation provides funding mainly for programmes of special interest and the benefit of the Stark County community. It is a supporting foundation of the Stark Community Foundation. Its primary areas of interest are

Arts and Culture

Funds are provided to initiatives that advance the arts and culture of Stark County. These funds support initiatives that advance the arts and culture of Stark County. Funds are given to theaters, museums, and arts education initiatives, among other groups that support the arts and culture in Stark County.

Grants for Civic and Community Development

These funds support initiatives that enhance Stark County’s quality of life, like economic growth. Funds are allocated to initiatives that enhance Stark County’s standard of living, including healthcare, education, and economic growth. as well as medical treatment. Funding is provided by grants to groups that aim to enhance Stark County’s standard of living in areas like housing, healthcare, and economic development.

Eligibility Criteria for Timken Foundations Grant

The requirements for eligibility for grants from the Timken Foundation differ based on the particular grant programme. All applicants, however, must fulfill the following general requirements

Establish yourself as a tax-exempt organization

The Timken Foundation only grants funds to entities that meet the Internal Revenue Code’s Section 501(c)(3) exemption from federal income tax. Public charities, private foundations, and governmental organizations fall under this category.

Adopt a local address

The Timken Foundation gives grants to organizations that are based in the communities where Timken employs people or conducts business. This applies to the US and a number of other nations as well.

Accordance with the areas of emphasis of the Timken Foundation

The Timken Foundation prioritizes civic and cultural development, health and human services, and education. Project or programme alignment with one or more of these focus areas must be shown by organizations.

Fulfill additional particular qualifying conditions

Fulfill any further unique eligibility requirements that may be applicable to a particular grant programme. For instance, certain programmes might only be accessible to institutions that cater to a particular demographic or region. It is imperative that the organisation exhibits a robust history of accomplishments. In other words, the organisation needs to demonstrate a track record of accomplishing its objectives and having a beneficial influence on the community.

Geographic focus

The communities in the Timken and its subsidiaries operate are the main beneficiaries of the Timken Foundation’s support. The United States, Canada, China, India, Brazil, and Europe are home to these communities.

Grant amount

The Timken Foundation normally gives out between $5,000 and $50,000 in grants.

Requirements for matching

A number of grant programmes mandate that recipients find additional funding to match the grant amount.

Project specifications

Certain grant programmes only provide funding for particular kinds of projects.

Along with the previously listed requirements, the Timken Foundation also favors organizations that

  • A location in one of the towns where Timken operates is required for the organization. North America, South America, Europe, and Asia are the regions in that Timken operates.
  • Possess teamwork and collaborate with other organizations to accomplish their objectives.
  • Are inventive and employ imaginative methods to meet the needs of the community.
  • Possess a strategy for long-term impact and are sustainable.

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Application for Timken Foundations Grant

Sadly, since the foundation is not authorized to complete grant applications or represent people or organizations in such processes, the foundation is unable to assist you directly with your application for grants from the Timken Foundation. On the other hand, here are some general details and links that might be useful for your application process

  1. Identify the relevant Timken Foundation

There are several foundations related to Timken, each with specific focus areas and application techniques.  The guidelines and criteria for grant awards vary depending on the foundation. Make sure your organization qualifies and that your project fits the foundation’s priorities by carefully reading these guidelines. The foundation’s website has these guidelines, or you can get in touch with them directly.

  1. Make sure your application is strong

Your application should provide a succinct and clear description of your project, your organization, and how it fits in with the foundation’s priorities and mission. Make sure to emphasize the impact of your project as well as your plans for evaluating its success.

  1. Assemble the necessary supporting documentation

Your organization’s budget, financial statements, and board of directors list are examples of additional documentation that may be required, depending on the foundation’s requirements.

  1. Finish submitting your application

Every foundation has different requirements for applications and deadlines. Please ensure that you submit your application well in advance of the deadline and pay close attention to the instructions.

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List of Impacts of Timken Foundations Grant

With its many branches, the Timken Foundation has made grants that have significantly impacted a wide range of communities. Below is an outline of some important topics

  • Encouragement of STEM education

Grants have been used to support STEM education initiatives, especially in the areas where Timken has operations. This covers financing for school-based educational initiatives, scholarships for STEM majors, and robotics teams.

  • Putting money into early childhood education

Understanding the value of this formative period in forming the minds and bodies of future generations, the foundation funds programmes in this area. This covers financing for early childhood education initiatives, teacher preparation, and family resources.

  • Increasing the quality of higher education

Funds have been given to colleges and universities for a range of projects, including research projects, infrastructure development, and scholarships.

  • Progressing Cancer research

The Timken Foundation has made major contributions to organizations such as MD Anderson Cancer Centre, making it a well-known advocate for cancer research. Innovative studies and clinical trials have been made possible by these grants.

  • Enhancing access to healthcare

Funds for clinics, supplies, and programmes that target particular health needs have been provided by grants to support healthcare initiatives for underserved communities.

  • Encouraging healthy lives

The foundation funds community health projects, fitness centers, nutrition education, and other initiatives that support healthy lives and the prevention of disease.

  • Community revitalization

Funding for parks, public areas, and downtown development projects are examples of projects that have received grants.

  • Supporting Arts & Culture

Recognising the importance of these organizations in enhancing communities, the foundation provides support to arts and culture organizations. This covers the cost of supporting theaters, museums, and arts education initiatives.

  • Taking care of social needs

Funds have been given to groups that take care of issues including hunger, homelessness, and domestic abuse.


The Timken Company Charitable and Educational Fund, Inc. and The Henry and Louise Timken Foundation are two of the Timken Foundations that are vital in helping the communities where Timken operates. These foundations support education, environmental activities, community development, and a range of social services through their grant programs. Improvements in STEM education, community redevelopment, healthcare accessibility, and support for the arts and culture are all direct results of their grants. It is urged by eligible organizations to investigate grant options and make improvements to their areas. To know more about such grants visit 

Frequently Asked Question 

How may my company submit a grant application to the Timken Foundations?

Choose the exact foundation that is pertinent to your project in order to apply for a Timken Foundations Grant. Make sure your company satisfies the requirements specified in the rules for qualifying. Go over the priorities and guidelines of the foundation carefully, gather the necessary paperwork, and submit a well-thought-out application by following the rules on the foundation’s website.

What are the general requirements to be eligible for grants from the Timken Foundation?

Under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3), organizations that apply for grants from the Timken Foundations are required to be tax-exempt entities. They should be in line with the foundation’s focus areas, that include civic and cultural development, health and human services, and education, and have a local address in the places where Timken operates. Depending on the grant program, further particular eligibility conditions can be applicable.

What is the average grant amount that the Timken Foundations provide?

Grants from the Timken Foundation typically range from $5,000 to $50,000. Depending on the particular program and project requirements, grant amounts may change. Recipients of some grant programs might also need to find matching money. Reviewing the specific foundation’s and program’s criteria is advised if you want the most current and recent award amount information.

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