How To Apply For Surdna Foundation Grants

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Surdna Foundation Grants Application

How To Get Grants from Surdna Foundation – The Surdna Foundation Grants transform communities by funding NGOs and activities that promote equity and sustainability. The foundation enables inclusive economies, environmental sustainability, and vibrant cultural organizations with strategic funding. It improves society by promoting good social, economic, and environmental development. The primary source of accountability for the Surdna Foundation is in the communities and issues it aspires to influence, as the organization is utterly dedicated to its social justice objective of cultivating sustainable communities.

Using a systems change approach, the Foundation makes commitments that are long-term and sustainable. The staff works closely with the grantees, offering them assistance and learning from their experiences to help move the program forward. Additionally, the Andrus family heritage holds the Foundation to account. Members of the board are profoundly grateful for the chance to serve and feel an immense sense of responsibility to do so. Nearly 500 individuals are a part of the family. Those are now in their sixth generation. Members of the same family from various generations are able to stay in touch through the Foundation.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Surdna Foundation awards grants to US nonprofits aligned with social justice and sustainability goals.
  • The foundation prioritizes three core areas: Inclusive Economies, Sustainable Environments, and Thriving Cultures.
  • Surdna takes a systems change approach, providing long-term support to grantees.
  • Organizations must be based in the US, demonstrate a specific organizational type, and share the foundation’s values to be eligible.

What are Surdna Foundation Grants?

Surdna Foundation Grants are given to US NGOs. The Surdna Foundation sponsors environmental, community revitalization, effective citizenship, arts, and nonprofit NGOs globally. This Foundation provides NGOs with Nonprofit Sector Support Program and Organizational Capacity-building Grants. The latter prize program provides up to $15,000 to quickly address minor management and governance issues.

John Andrus, a wealthy medication producer and distributor, founded the Surdna Foundation in 1917. His family and a board run it. John Andrus, a family man with nine children, created the Julia Dyckman Andrus Memorial in 1928 to honor his orphaned wife. Andrus later acquired a Westchester County property to start an orphanage. The Memorials became the Surdna Foundation, with “Surdna” becoming an Andrus family name semordnilap. Andrus Family Programs include many grantmaking vehicles in addition to the Surdna Foundation.

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The focus area of Surdna Foundation Grants

Environmental health, economic inclusion, and cultural vitality are the hallmarks of “just and sustainable communities in the United States,” which the Surdna Foundation seeks to promote in accordance with social justice ideals. But they accomplish this through three distinct elements of their program such as

Creating Inclusive Economies

This initiative seeks to increase wealth and provide economic opportunities for communities with low incomes and people of color. Workers’ rights, fair development, and financial inclusion are reasons for their backs.

Sustainable Environments

The goal of the Sustainable Environments initiative is to restore and preserve natural areas so that future generations can enjoy them. Efforts to combat climate change, advance renewable energy, and protect biodiversity have their backing.

Thriving Cultures

The goal of the Thriving Cultures initiative is to make America’s media, arts, and culture more reflective of the country’s rich variety and innovative spirit. Artistic expression, cultural fairness, and universal access to the arts are causes they wholeheartedly embrace. If you are looking for funds for your organization check your eligibility for Michael and Susan Dell Foundation Grants

Eligibility for Surdna Foundation Grants

Here are some criteria that decide who will be eligible for Surdna Foundation

Geographic Focus

Organizations based in the US, particularly those on tribal lands and territories, are the primary recipients of funding from the Surdna Foundation. This regional emphasis demonstrates the foundation’s resolve to solve problems and promote good change throughout the United States.

Organizational Type

Charitable organizations are the recipients of funding from the Surdna Foundation. Although the foundation mostly helps out non-profits, it also provides funding to for-profits that are involved in immersive technology as long as they meet certain requirements. Recognizing the importance of varied organizational forms in making a beneficial influence on society, the foundation has adopted an inclusive approach.

Alignment with Core Values

In order to be considered for a grant from the Surdna Foundation, an applicant’s ideals must be in perfect harmony with those of the organization. For the charitable work of the foundation, these ideals stand as compass points such as

  1. Racism: Businesses should show they care about racial equality, fixing structural problems, and making their work more welcoming for everyone.
  2. Democracy and Civic Engagement: The foundation supports projects that make democracy, civic involvement, and community interaction better.
  3. Arts and Culture as Agents of Change: Surdna understands that arts and culture can bring about good social change. Organizations that are eligible should show how their work has helped in this area.
  4. Environmental Sustainability: Groups working on environmental sustainability are welcome to apply, including those that deal with climate change and similar problems. The foundation gives a lot of weight to projects that help the earth stay healthy and strong.
  5. Economic Opportunity and Mobility: The foundation backs projects that aim to improve mobility and create economic possibilities, especially for areas that are neglected or on the outside.
  6. Thriving Communities: Projects that are eligible should help groups that do well. This includes many different projects that make towns healthier and more lively as a whole.

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Application Process of Surdna Foundation Grants

To apply for a grant from the Surdna Foundation, please follow the steps, mentioned below

  • Find out what the priorities are of the Surdna Foundation. Inclusive economies, sustainable environments, and thriving cultures are the three core areas of interest for the Surdna Foundation. Discover more about their objectives by visiting their website.
  • Get in touch with the Surdna Research Institute. When you write to the Surdna Foundation without first contacting them, they will not respond. Rather, they seek for possible initiatives through their network of partners and grantees. You may join up for their newsletter or visit their website to learn more about their work or ways to get involved.
  • Apply with an invitation. You will get an invitation to submit a full proposal from the Surdna Foundation if they are interested in your research.
  • Put out a comprehensive proposal. Include details about your company, project, timetable, and budget in the whole proposal.
  • Permit time for a verdict. Your idea will be considered for funding by the Surdna Foundation after they have reviewed it.

Before submitting an application for a grant from the Surdna Foundation, make sure you understand their goals and regulations. Verify that the places they are willing to finance align with your project’s goals.

Surdna Foundation Grants’ Grantees

Center for Popular Democracy

For three years, the Center for Popular Democracy will receive a substantial donation of $675,000 from the Surdna Foundation. The organization’s nationwide network of progressive municipal leaders receives funds from this source. The foundation wants to make sure that leaders in the US who are fighting for more equitable and sustainable communities have a stronger voice and more influence.

Opportunity Finance Network

The Surdna Foundation gave $150,000 to the Opportunity Finance Network as a component of its Strong Local Economies priority area. With this funding, the group is able to host its annual conference, work on a transformation strategy, and build connections with CDFIs that help Black and Latino-owned companies and communities.

Justice Funders

The Surdna Foundation’s Sustainable Environments emphasis area granted Justice Funders $600,000 over three years. With these funds, the group can take its concept and apply it on a national scale, helping to solve economic, social, and environmental problems while also building more equitable and sustainable communities.

Project South

Project South’s 525,000-dollar grant will go toward its mission of addressing the interplay between social, economic, and environmental concerns in the Southeast via the development of civic infrastructure and support networks. The foundation’s mission to build more just and sustainable communities is consistent with this effort.

RISE for Youth

The Surdna Foundation granted RISE for Youth $200,000 over 36 months in 2024 to fund its general programs. The foundation’s support for youth-led organizations fighting for a more equitable and sustainable future is evident in this sponsorship.

Connecticut Justice Alliance

Over the course of 36 months, the Connecticut Justice Alliance will receive a grant of $150,000 to fund its general programs. In support of the alliance’s objective, the Surdna Foundation has acknowledged their work toward promoting sustainability and fairness.

Faith in Indiana

The Black Church Coalition project at Faith in Indiana was granted a $150,000 grant to be used over 36 months. The initiative’s focus is on community leadership and institutional improvements. The foundation’s mission at Surdna is to support grassroots movements and bring about positive change, and this effort is in line with that.

Baltimore Algebra Project

With a donation of $150,000 spread out over 36 months, the Surdna Foundation helped the Maryland Youth Justice Coalition’s Baltimore Algebra Project get a leg start. With this award, the foundation is demonstrating its commitment to initiatives that help young people grow into productive adults.

Family Matters 1st Inc

Family Matters 1st Inc. will receive $75,000 over 36 months to fund its general programs. This donation is a reflection of the Surdna Foundation’s dedication to helping groups that make a positive difference in communities.

Community Connections for Youth, Inc.

Over the course of 36 months, Community Connections for Youth, Inc. received $300,000 in general operational assistance funding from the Surdna Foundation. This donation highlights the foundation’s commitment to supporting groups that promote meaningful ties within the community.

Families and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children

The foundation awarded Families and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children $200,000 over 36 months to fund their general running expenses, acknowledging the significance of their work.

SouthWest Organizing Project

To help with day-to-day operations, the SouthWest Organizing Project received a $250,000 grant to spread out over 36 months. Initiatives that contribute to constructive community development receive this money.

Freedom Community Center

In an effort to show their dedication to community projects, the Surdna Foundation gave the Freedom Community Center $150,000 to use for general running assistance over the course of 36 months.

Credible Messenger Mentoring Movement

Over the course of 36 months, the Credible Messenger Mentoring Movement will receive $150,000 in general operational funding from the Surdna Foundation, an organization that prioritizes mentoring.

Youth Represent

Through a 36-month grant, Youth Represent was able to collect $150,000 for general operational assistance. This shows that the foundation is serious about helping groups that promote good depiction of young people.

Yale University

For a period of three months, the foundation gave Yale University a donation of fifteen thousand dollars to help fund a project. Given the foundation’s emphasis on environmental justice, this contribution will help fund the Environmental Joy Conference at the Yale Center for Environmental Justice.

Grounded Solutions Network

The Grounded Solutions Network will receive a 12-month, $25,000 project assistance grant to help fund the 2023 CEO Circle Convention Community Development for Liberation Convening Sponsorship. The foundation’s dedication to community development is in harmony with this endeavor.

Pittsburgh United

Over the course of two years, Pittsburgh United will receive $250,000 from the Surdna Foundation to bolster its green infrastructure education, advocacy, and engagement initiatives. This pledge shows how seriously the foundation takes initiatives that help communities thrive and thrive into the future.

Theater Offensive

As part of its Thriving Cultures initiative, the Surdna Foundation granted Theater Offensive $150,000. With the help of this grant, the True Colors: OUT kids Theater program can continue its important work of preparing LGBTQ+ and allied kids who are at risk to take the lead in their communities and make a difference.

Allied Media Projects

The foundation contributed $75,000 to Allied Media Projects. The project is part of the Thriving Cultures emphasis area. Its 2018 conference and People in Education program will be able to continue with the help of this award. This grant will bolster efforts to make communities more diverse and culturally vibrant.

Contact Details of Surdna Foundation Grants

Here are some ways of getting in touch with the Surdna Foundation

Address: 200 Madison Avenue, 25th Floor, New York, NY 10016

Phone: 212-557-0010



The Surdna Foundation is a model of philanthropy for its commitment to egalitarian and sustainable communities. The foundation deliberately invests in NGOs and initiatives that reflect its values due to its long history and commitment to the Andrus family. The foundation prioritizes inclusive economies, healthy ecosystems, and vibrant cultures to empower communities for lasting change. Surdna Foundation gifts to the Center for Popular Democracy, Faith in Indiana, and Project South show its dedication to positive social, economic, and environmental transformation. Grantees should align with the foundation, share its values, and contribute to a fairer, more vibrant future.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What are Surdna Foundation Grants?

Surdna Foundation Grants support nonprofits that promote egalitarian and sustainable communities in the US. Grants reinforce the basic objectives of inclusive economies, environmental sustainability, and vibrant cultures. Surdna Foundation Grants support systematic programs that promote beneficial social, economic, and environmental transformations for communities and society.

How can organizations apply for Surdna Foundation Grants?

Prior to submitting a full application, interested parties should research the objectives of the Surdna Foundation Grants, make connections inside the foundation, and wait some more. To encourage participation and the pursuit of principles, the organization declines uninvited questions.

What is the geographic focus of Surdna Foundation Grants?

Programs in the United States, particularly those serving indigenous communities, are the focus of A-Surdna Foundation Grants. This geographical emphasis demonstrates the foundation’s commitment to enhancing the community throughout the United States.

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