How To Apply For Captain Planet Foundation Grants For Nonprofits

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Captain Planet Foundation Grants For Nonprofits

How To Get Grants from Captain Planet Foundation Grants – Environmental education raises understanding and respect for nature and equips people to solve environmental issues. Environmental education helps individuals make educated decisions and conserve the environment by teaching them about ecosystems, biodiversity, and sustainability. It also encourages stewardship, urging people to protect our world for future generations. Creating a sustainable and ecologically conscious society requires environmental education.

Thanks to Captain Planet Foundation Grants. By giving scholarships and activities for hands-on environmental education for kids in diverse places, the Captain Planet Foundation helps environmental education. The nonprofit empowers young environmentalists through Project Learning Garden, Project Hero, and ecoSTEM. The foundation ensures that environmental education reaches varied audiences, especially excluded and poor communities, to create a more sustainable and ecologically conscious society.

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Key Takeaways

  • Fund environmental education projects in schools and communities.
  • Focus on hands-on learning, youth empowerment, and environmental justice.
  • Grants support Project Learning Garden, Project Hero, and ecoSTEM programs.
  • Eligible organizations include schools, nonprofits, and community groups.

What are Captain Planet Foundation Grants ?

The Captain Planet Foundation Grants have had a substantial effect as a program operator and grantmaker for 30 years. Over 3,300 projects financed by CPF have positively impacted 10.5 million youth. A variety of CPF programs promote environmental stewardship and youth empowerment. Project Learning Garden has given over 530 U.S. primary schools learning labs and healthier food alternatives. Project Hero gives K-12 students a statewide, web-based platform to save locally vulnerable and endangered animals and habitats. Captain Planet Foundation was founded as a business foundation to promote youth-led show-inspired projects. The group established a nonprofit in 2001.

Since 1991, the Captain Planet Foundation has championed justice, fairness, diversity, and inclusion for the planet. Captain Planet Foundation is committed to representing its communities on its Board, Staff, and programs. In education and training, the foundation stresses JEDI and makes all programs accessible, especially to previously marginalized and underprivileged populations. The foundation highlights systematic environmental injustice and magnifies affected communities. The foundation also celebrates and elevates various youth perspectives and contributions by bringing them into its programs.

If you are interested to know more about the Captain Planet Foundation Grants, Vist the official website of the foundation at

Focus Area of Captain Planet Foundation Grants

Through STEM education and outreach, the Captain Planet Foundation seeks to inspire the next generation of environmental champions. Although they back many initiatives that deal with various environmental concerns, some of their primary areas of focus are

Project Learning Garden (PLG)

In order to help schools learn about sustainability, healthy eating, and environmental stewardship, Project Learning Garden (PLG) offers scholarships to schools so that they can establish and manage edible gardens.

Project Hero

Project Hero is an online platform that provides environmental education classes with small grants and free project-based learning materials. Some examples of possible project foci are water conservation, waste reduction, and pollinator protection.


Educators who wish to include environmental education into STEM curricula can find resources and assistance through this program.

Youth Leadership Programs

Many youth leadership initiatives that educate and inspire young people to address environmental problems in their local communities get funding from the Captain Planet Foundation.

If you are interested in learning more about Captain Planet Foundation grants, you can visit their website at

Types of  Captain Planet Foundation Grants

There are two types of Captain Planet Foundation Grants

Material Support Grants

Supporting environmental education initiatives with predefined materials, training, and activities are material support grants. If you are a teacher looking to implement project-based learning but are worried about how to pay for certain supplies, this is a fantastic alternative to consider.

Monetary Grants 

These funds cover the costs of supplies and machinery that are essential for carrying out initiatives related to environmental stewardship. People or organizations with a clear vision for a project but limited means could benefit greatly from this choice.

Eligibility for Captain Planet Foundation Grants

Here are some eligibility criteria for the Captain Planet Foundation Grants

  • Any educational institution or nonprofit in the United States that has a yearly operating budget below $3 million is welcome to submit an application.
  • Preference will be given to foreign initiatives with U.S.-based partners, although international organizations can still submit.
  • The project ought to follow the foundation’s goals.
  • Activate efforts to include environmental education in classrooms;
  • Motivate local communities and kids to engage in environmental stewardship initiatives as a form of community service.
  • Give young people the opportunity to learn about environmental stewardship by doing;

There are also Timken Foundation Grants available, check your eligibility so that you are nor excluded to get the opportunities for your organization.

Application Process of Captain Planet Foundation Grants

Here are some crucial steps for Captain Planet Foundation Grants

  1. Review carefully

For environmental project financing from the Captain Planet Foundation (CPF), organizations must first find the right grant program. CPF offers funding programs with unique target areas and qualifying requirements. These include Project Learning Garden (PLG), Project Hero’s QUEST, and PLG Rejuvenation Grant. PLG helps schools create and manage outdoor learning gardens, while Project Hero’s QUEST funds environmental stewardship project-based learning. PLG Rejuvenation Grants refresh and improve PLG gardens in schools.

  1. Check the eligibility

After choosing a grant program, check CPF eligibility requirements. Project kind, audience, and location may affect these criteria, depending on the program. By carefully reviewing qualifying requirements, applicants may guarantee their projects meet CPF’s goals and boost their financing prospects.

  1. Gather the important documents

After determining eligibility, candidates should assemble grant application documents. An application may include a complete project plan with goals, activities, and dates and a precise budget. The program requirements may require candidates to submit partner or community support letters and other items.

  1. Submit the gathered documents

The next after gathering all documentation is time to submit them. Candidates can submit their grant application to CPF by the deadline. CPF accepts applications online and by mail. CPF will send a confirmation email after submission. CPF may also request project details.

  1. Attend the interviews

At last, candidates should be ready to follow up. This may include answering CPF questions through attending interviews or offering new information. Staying active during the application process increases applicants’ chances of receiving Captain Planet Foundation funding for environmental initiatives.

The Captain Planet Foundation doesn’t have deadlines for open grants. They fund environmental projects through their programs and resources.

Grantees of Captain Planet Foundation Grants

Some past grantees of the Captain Planet Foundation have been mentioned here

Support for educational programming and grant-making initiatives

The Captain Planet Foundation’s 30th Anniversary Gala raised nearly $750,000 for educational and grant-making programs. Schools and nonprofits that promote environmental education and youth empowerment have received Foundation funds. These donations finance hands-on environmental teaching, Project Learning Garden upkeep, and youth activist efforts like the Planeteer Alliance.

Support for Environmental Education Projects 

Over 30 years, the Foundation has financed 3,300+ hands-on environmental education initiatives with schools and charities. These initiatives teach kids about environmental stewardship and equip them to tackle environmental issues. Over 530 U.S. primary schools have received learning laboratories and nutritious food from the Foundation’s Project Learning Garden, supporting outdoor education and sustainable food practices.

The Van Meter Community School District

The Captain Planet Foundation’s Pollination ecoSTEM Kit award helped the Van Meter Community School District in Iowa teach 2nd-graders about pollinators and ecosystems. Students designed and built a garden using this kit, learning about the value of native plants like milkweed in sustaining monarch butterflies. The kids actively watched and documented caterpillar life cycles, learning about species interdependence in their local environment. This effort helped save monarch butterflies and taught children to care for their schoolyard garden, ensuring its longevity.

Crucial Support To Grassroots Environmental Initiatives

Captain Planet Foundation Grants encourage grassroots environmental efforts to address important issues. These scholarships finance creative climate change, sustainability, and environmental justice projects by organizations and people. Local schools building learning gardens and community groups starting conservation initiatives are among these recipients. These grantees are making significant progress toward a more resilient and ecologically conscientious future with Captain Planet Foundation funding.

NYC’s High School for Environmental Studies

The Captain Planet Foundation, supported by Voya, gave NYC’s High School for Environmental Studies a $2,500 ecoTech Grant. This sponsorship helped 300 students build and use reconditioned mobile phones with air quality sensors. The MY NYC Air App lets students track building emissions in their community to promote environmental justice and student health. This unique program at the grantee school engages kids in real-world environmental monitoring and activism, improving air quality awareness and community-driven solutions.

Balboa Magnet School in Northridge, California

The Captain Planet Foundation awarded Balboa Magnet School in Northridge, California, an ecoSolution grant to create a pollinator habitat for native bees. A $100 award allowed 750 students to design, build, and create a Mason Bee habitat in the school’s “Native Discovery Garden.” This project promotes environmental responsibility and gives students hands-on habitat restoration and biodiversity conservation experience. Students promote healthy ecosystems and sustainable practices in their schools by preserving native pollinators.

Aurora High School in Colorado

Aurora High School in Colorado earned a Project Hero award from the Captain Planet Foundation, allowing 30 IB Biology students to study the Southern Rockies’ endangered Gray Wolf. Expert-led discussions and debates helped pupils understand the wolf’s function in the local ecology with grant funding. They also visited a refuge and saw wolves, which deepened their respect for these gorgeous animals and their conservation requirements.

Earth Stewards Project (ESP) 

The Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History established the Earth Stewards Project (ESP) with a Captain Planet Foundation ecoSolution award. High school students learned skills and developed environmental responsibility via this hands-on environmental restoration program. Students helped restore Harvey West by planting native plants, removing invasive species, and preparing paths for erosion via ESP. Outstanding ESP students might also work with City of Santa Cruz partners and receive paid museum internships. The program’s continuing effect maintains and sustains restoration efforts, connecting children to their local environment.

Albany’s Radix Ecological Sustainability Center

The Captain Planet Foundation, supported by Voya, gave Albany’s Radix Ecological Sustainability Center a $2,359 ecoTech Grant. This award helped 24 local students build and launch an X-ray fluorescence spectrometer-equipped soil-sensing drone. The initiative examined soil pollution in Albany’s South End, a notorious environmental injustice. This program gave students hands-on drone and environmental monitoring experience while supporting community-driven environmental health disparities activities.

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Contact Details of Captain Planet Foundation

Here are some ways of getting in touch with the Captain Planet Foundation 

Phone: +1 404 522 3015

Email: [email protected] 


Physical Address: 133 Luckie Street

Atlanta, Georgia USA 30303

If you have any questions to ask from the foundation, you can fill out the query form available at


Captain Planet Foundation Grants inspire students to learn about nature, sustainability, and stewardship. The foundation has transformed millions of children’s lives via Project Learning Garden, Project Hero, and ecoSTEM, teaching them how to solve environmental problems. The foundation brings environmental education to marginalized areas and amplifies many voices and opinions to create a more sustainable future through justice, fairness, and inclusiveness. By sponsoring grassroots projects and praising young environmentalists, the Captain world Foundation inspires a generation of environmental champions who will protect our world for future generations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Captain Planet Foundation Grants

Captain Planet Foundation Grants encourage people and communities to solve environmental issues via environmental education. The foundation encourages and educates future environmentalists through Project Learning Garden, Project Hero, and ecoSTEM.

What types of projects are eligible for Captain Planet Foundation Grants?

Captain Planet Foundation Grants provide sustainability, biodiversity, stewardship, and youth empowerment education. Community engagement, hands-on learning, and creative environmental solutions are project goals.

How can Captain Planet Foundation Grants benefit my community?

Captain Planet Foundation Grants educates communities to tackle local environmental challenges. These awards finance school gardens, conservation activities, and STEM education, boosting environmental awareness and enabling community members to construct sustainable and resilient communities.

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