How To Apply For Knight Foundation Grants

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Knight Foundation Grants Application

How To Get Grants from Knight Foundation – The Knight Foundation Grants support educated, active, and egalitarian communities important to American democracy. Foundation supports journalism, community arts and culture, media, democracy research, and development in 26 cities and towns where Knight brothers operated newspapers, promoting constructive social change. Under Chairman and Trustee Frank Borges and President & CEO Alberto Ibarguen, the foundation funds activities that promote informed and engaged communities. Having given $102.29 million and averaged $250,081, the Knight Foundation shows its commitment to meaningful philanthropy. Strategic leadership and collaborations help the foundation advance innovation and growth across industries.

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Key Takeaways

  • Promotes democracy through journalism, arts, and community development.
  • Focuses on 26 cities with Knight brothers’ newspapers.
  • Offers grants via an online application process.
  • Awards range from $5,000 to $4.5 million.

What are Knight Foundation Grants?

Knight Foundation Grants promote educated, active, and egalitarian communities for American democracy. The foundation supports journalism, community arts and culture, media, democracy research, and 26 cities and towns where John S. and James L. Knight published newspapers. Knight Foundation has significant local roots. It invests in journalism, the arts, and the development of communities where brothers John S. and James L. Knight published newspapers. Its mission is to create informed and active communities. These communities are crucial for democracy.

The $2.46 billion John S. and James L. Knight Foundation promotes constructive social change via its philanthropy. With $102.29 million in donations, the foundation has issued gifts averaging $250,081, demonstrating its commitment to varied activities. The foundation’s median donation size of $100,000 shows its focus on meaningful giving despite its broad reach. The Knight Foundation drives innovation and growth across industries with its large resources and strategic strategy.

Chairman and Trustee Frank Borges, President & CEO Alberto Ibarguen, VP/Communities & National Kelly Jin, and VP/Arts Victoria Rogers lead the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. VP/Journalism James M. Brady, VP/CTO Jorge Martinez, and VP/Learning & Impact Ashley Zohn are also prominent. Heidi Barker and Jennifer Preston were VP/Communications and Chief Digital Strategy Officers.

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Focus Area of Knight Foundation Grants

The Knight Foundation grants support its goals and ideals in various areas. This includes


The foundation promotes First Amendment and digital journalistic excellence. This includes promoting a free press, investigative reporting, and creative news transmission and interaction.


Knight Foundation invests in communities where the Knight brothers ran newspapers to recruit talent, boost economic opportunities, and encourage civic involvement. This includes community vitality and resilience efforts.


The foundation promotes art that engages, informs, and delights citizens in ways specific to each town since art connects people to place and each other. This includes arts promotion, innovation, and accessibility.

Learning and Impact

Knight Foundation studies its work and its programs’ effects. This entails sharing knowledge with relevant fields and groups to improve learning, social growth, and informed grant-making.

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Eligibility for Knight Foundation Grants

If you wish for a Knight Foundation Grant, then you must fall within the eligibility criteria of the foundation.

  • Knight Foundation sponsors mostly US-based groups.
  • Eligible organizations cannot request funds for fundraising or operational deficits.
  • Service club charities seldom receive money.
  • Government activities are ineligible, save for specific initiatives where the foundation works with the government.
  • The foundation seldom funds medical research, disease-specific prevention, or hospital requests, save for community-wide capital campaigns or foundation-aligned projects.
  • Knight Foundation Grants don’t subsidize religious, political, or commemorative activities.
  • U.S.-based press freedom groups are eligible, but international programs and organizations are not.
  • The foundation seldom funds a second capital campaign proposal it previously accepted.
  • With few exceptions, foundations seldom sponsor conferences, group travel, or honoraria for noteworthy guests.
  • On a case-by-case basis, program staff may approve indirect administrative fees for required award-related services up to 10% of the proposed grant amount.

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Application Process of Knight Foundation Grants

Here are some crucial steps that applicants must follow if they wish to get Knight Foundation Grants


Submit an online letter of inquiry using Knight Foundation’s grant portal Fluxx to request financing. To reach Fluxx, click “Apply for Funding” below. Click “Submit a grant request” in Fluxx to finish the letter of inquiry and fill out a brief form detailing your project and why you should manage it.


Knight Foundation will provide you a Fluxx login and password and a proposal form link if the foundation wants a full proposal. Knight Foundation owns proposal materials and won’t return them. The foundation will decide how to utilize them. Knight Foundation may share them.


The President, board of trustees, program officers, directors, and vice presidents may assess proposals. Time Frames vary by proposal size and scope. Knight Foundation’s program team will keep you informed and inform you of the final decision.

Knight Foundation is not required to fund proposals. If the foundation builds a connection, the foundation may recommend contracts, grants, loans, program-related investments, or other investments and collaborations.

Grantees of Knight Foundation Grants

There are some past grantees of Knight Foundation Grants

The Afro-American Cultural Center Inc.

Afro-American Cultural Center Inc., 551 South Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28202, earned $180,000. The Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture wants to grow by supporting a strong digital staff that focuses on innovative programs and community involvement.

Aid For Aids International Inc.

Aid For Aids International Inc., 131 Varick Street Suite 1006, New York, NY 10013, received $15,000. This award funds AIDS research and education.

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences,

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences, located at 136 Irving Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, received $38,000. The award funds the production and distribution of Daedalus on institutions, experts, and trust erosion.

The American Affairs Foundation Inc.

The American Affairs Foundation Inc., One Boston Place Suite 2600, Boston, MA 02108, received $50,000. This award funds research on Australia’s 2021 rule forcing internet corporations to pay local news sources for social media content’s US effects.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science

The American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1200 New York NW Room 1224, Washington, DC 200053928, got $78,301. This award supports a meeting of funders, university administrators, and researchers to build a shared vision and action plan to achieve demographic parity in postsecondary faculty representation in the United States by 2050.

Aire Ventures Inc.

The recipient of the $334,000 check is Aire Ventures Inc., whose address is 1951 NW 7th Avenue Suite 160-113, Miami, FL 33136. The goal of this award is to help Tech Justice Miami, a group of public and private organizations working together to promote digital justice via increasing opportunities for STEM education, expanding access to the internet, and creating a more inclusive tech workforce.

The Akron Art Museum

A million dollars was bestowed at the Akron Art Museum. The organization is located at One South High, Akron, OH 44308. The Digital Integration Plan, the Knight Center for Digital Discovery, and associated technological infrastructure enhancements are all part of the museum’s digital integration strategy that this award will help fund.

The Akron Children’s Hospital Foundation,

One Perkins Square, Akron, OH 44308, is the address of the Akron Children’s Hospital Foundation, and it is here that you will find the $25,000 check. This funding will help fund the Children’s Research Institute at Akron.

The Akron Community Foundation

Located at 345 W Cedar St, Akron, OH 44307, the Akron Community Foundation was the recipient of two grants totaling $115,000. William H. Considine’s service as a trustee to the Knight Foundation was recognized with two grants: one of $65,000 supports the foundation’s mission through the Hood Family Fund, and the other of $50,000 supports the purpose of the Donor Advised Fund of Mr. William H. and Rebecca Considine established at the Akron Community Foundation.

Akron Creative Inc.

Two awards totaling $55,000 were awarded to Akron Creative Inc. The organization is situated at 30 North High Street, Akron, OH 44308, in Ohio. A $50,000 award will go toward hiring an executive director for Nightlight Cinema, and a $5,000 grant will help fund the organization’s overall goals and its second screen project.

Alimenta La Solidaridad Inc.

The beneficiaries of the $10,000 prize are Alimenta La Solidaridad Inc., located at 3018 Gregory Street, Madison, WI 53711. This donation will help Alimenta La Solidaridad continue its important work of finding long-term solutions for the food insecurity that many families in Venezuela face.

The American Composers Forum

The American Composers Forum, 522 Landmark Center 75 West 5th, St. Paul, MN 551021439, got $75,000. This award funds the American Composers Forum’s five-year strategy plan’s digital components, including a director of digital media, a webinar series, and other resources to empower artists in the digital economy.

The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, 1789 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20036, received $333,000. This grant renews financing for the American Enterprise Institute’s Survey Center on American Life and impartial technology and culture studies.

The Arizona State University Foundation

Arizona State University Foundation, PO Box 2260, Tempe, AZ 85280, got $109,254. This award helps the McCain Institute assemble digital media, technology, and democracy experts.

Arts (Formerly Community School of the Arts)

Arts (Formerly Community School of the Arts) at 345 North College Street 413, Charlotte, NC 28202, got $10,000. This award helps Charlotte-Mecklenburg arts education.


ArtsNow, 175 S Main Street Suite 100, Akron, OH 44308, earned three $355,000 awards. One $250,000 award will match funding from a consortium of Akron-and-Ohio funders to implement important parts of the Akron Cultural Plan through ArtsNow. ArtsNow receives $100,000 in general operational funding to execute the Akron Cultural Plan and promote arts growth. The third $5,000 award to ArtsNow promotes Summit County arts and culture via general operations assistance.

The American Journalism Project

The American Journalism Project, 6218 Georgia Avenue NW Suite 1-599, DC, WA 200115125, got $4,500,000. This award funds the American Journalism Project, a pioneering venture philanthropy organization that supports independent, impartial, local civic journalism groups.

The American Press Institute Inc

The American Press Institute Inc., 4401 N Fairfax Drive Suite 300, Arlington, VA 22203, received $150,000. This funding helps design, distribute, and scale journalist and news outlet trust-building curricula and training.

The American Red Cross (Central Midwest Georgia Chapter)

The American Red Cross (Central Midwest Georgia Chapter), 900 Dallis Street Suite C, La Grange, GA 30240, won $5,000. This award helps the American Red Cross use its blood data network to avoid and alleviate emergency suffering.

The Arab American National Museum,

The Arab American National Museum, located at 13624 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn, MI 48126, got $200,000. This award funds a digital strategy and its first implementation costs, including staffing.

The Asian American Journalists Association

The Asian American Journalists Association, 5 Third Street Suite 1108, San Francisco, CA 94103, won $40,000. Through training, mentorship, and executive-level leadership initiatives for Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) journalists, this award promotes journalism quality and diversity and helps media and newsrooms alter their representation.

Contact Details of Knight Foundation Grants

Here are some ways of getting in touch with the Knight Foundation if you want to get a grant form Knight Foundation.

Address: 2850 Tigertail Avenue Ste 600, Miami, FL 33133

EIN: 650464177

Phone: 305-908-2600



Knight Foundation Grants help build educated, active, and egalitarian communities for American democracy. The organization promotes constructive social change by supporting journalism, community arts and culture, media, democracy research, and development in cities and towns where the Knight brothers published newspapers. The foundation continues to sponsor informed and involved community activities under Chairman and Trustee Frank Borges and President & CEO Alberto Ibarguen.

The Knight Foundation uses its vast resources to promote innovation and growth across industries through strategic partnerships. The foundation’s $102.29 million gift, average $250,081, shows its commitment to meaningful philanthropy. The Knight Foundation Grants continue to shape American democracy and community development by concentrating on its primary areas of influence and partnering with grantees.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What are Knight Foundation Grants? 

Knight Foundation Grants promote educated, engaged, and equitable communities vital to American democracy. Journalism, community arts and culture, media, democracy research, and growth in Knight Brothers newspaper towns are their specialties.

How can organizations apply for Knight Foundation Grants?

Organizations can apply for Knight Foundation Grants using Fluxx’s online letter of inquiry. If interested, the foundation may request a comprehensive proposal for leadership and program team review.

What are the eligibility criteria for Knight Foundation Grants?

The majority of an organization’s members must be located in the United States, and no group can use the cash for anything other than meeting operational or fundraising needs. Religious, political, or commemorative endeavors are not usually eligible for Knight Foundation Grants, among other restrictions stated on their website.

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