Go.be. foundation grants

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Go.be foundation grants

How To Get Grants from Go.Be Great Foundation – Grants encourage leadership, persistence, and community by giving people and groups the tools they need to make good changes. It engages in skills, resilience, and working together, which improves the growth and well-being of society. Inspired people overcome difficulties with action at the foundation.

Find and share your purpose to build a community of supportive and encouraging difference-makers. Because inspiring greatness is different from being great, the Go. Be Foundation works to improve the lives of the community. The basis is finding their particular greatness, aspirations, and abilities. Their spark spreads like wildfire. The foundation is leveraging its contributions to fulfill its greatest potential and improve community lives.

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What is Go. Be Great Foundation Grant?

The GoBeGreat Foundation honors difference-makers and overcomers who give from the heart and share their abilities and chances. It fosters leadership, perseverance, and community.

The Go Be Great Foundation provides scholarships, grants, leadership development, and recognition to schools, community groups, and sporting organizations. Celebrate and inspire others to live the GBG goal. It allows you to work on a specific subject and assist communities more personally. Moreover, GoBeGreat Foundation Grant has supported the Special Olympics, Salvation Army, suicide prevention, food banks, and breast cancer awareness nationwide. Along with various issues relevant to the organization’s members. GoBeGreat volunteers also organize fundraisers for sick athletes, families, and community service initiatives.

For more information about the Foundation’s history and continuous philanthropic work, you can check  https://wearegobegreat.com/about/

The focus Area of Go. Be Great Foundation Grant

Community service projects

Some examples of community service initiatives include mentoring at-risk adolescents, cleaning up a park, or arranging food drives.

Leadership development programs

Individuals can benefit from leadership development programs by enhancing their abilities in these areas: communication, collaboration, and decision-making.

Educational initiatives

Scholarships for deserving students or support for creative curricula are two examples of educational initiatives.

Efforts in the arts

The foundation believes in investing in arts and thus it promotes funding artists who utilize their skills to make people happy or to solve societal problems.

Entrepreneurial endeavors

These provide support to the companies that do good deeds for society or the environment.

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Eligibility of Go. Be Great Foundation Grant

Eligibility for different focus areas is different.  Here are some eligibility criteria mentioned below with their timeline for application:

  1. Go Be Great Scholarship

  • Participation is open to the U.S.-based high school seniors.
  • Leadership, community service, academic success, and financial hardship are the selection criteria.
  • Application period: February to April (varies) is when most programs open for submissions.
  1. Go Be Great Awards

  • Any group or person of any age who has made a positive difference in their neighborhood is welcome to apply.
  • Outstanding leadership, service, and commitment to the “Go Be Great” objective were the deciding factors in the selection process.
  • The nomination process begins in January and continues all year.
  1. Other Grants

  • Athletic and community groups can apply for targeted funds from the Go Be Great Foundation.
  • The specific grant program determines the eligibility requirements.

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Application Process for Go. Be Great Foundation Grant

  1. Go Be Great Scholarship

If you are eligible for the application process then to Apply you need to fill an application form available in the foundation’s official website.

The next step is to upload some important documents. The documents are necessary and includes

  • Transcript from an authorized high school
  • Results from standardized tests (such as the ACT or the SAT)
  • A pair of endorsement letters
  • Essay describing your leadership qualities, volunteer work, and how you live the “Go Be Great” philosophy
  1. Go Be Great Awards

Online nominations are accepted through the website and can be made by anybody, including the website users themselves.

Applicants are needed to upload some documents such as

  • Name, address, and phone number of the nominee
  • The nominee’s community service and accomplishments
  • Letters of recommendation to back up the claim. However, it is optional.
  1. Other Grants

Every program has its own unique application procedure, complete with its own set of prerequisites and deadlines. For information about particular grants, see the Go Be Great website or get in touch with them.

Contacts of Go. Be Great Foundation Grant

There are several means of getting in touch with Go. Be Foundation Grant

Phone: 214-202-8008

Website: https://wearegobegreat.com/ 

Address: 6304 Velasco Ave, Dallas, TX 75214

Email id: [email protected] 

Programs that are Offered by Go. Be Foundation

National Cheerleading Association

At the 2021 NCA High School National Championship, two outstanding seniors received the Go Be Great Scholarship. This award is for high school seniors who excel in academics, sports, and spirit. All 80 candidates have helped their communities and others above and beyond. Congratulations to Laurel Jones and Melina Fedewa on their $2,000 2021 NCA Go Be Great Scholarship. Melina Fedewa won the 2021 National Cheerleading Association Go Be Great Scholarship. National Technical Honor Society, Principal’s Leadership Council, and National Honor Society are among her honors. Melina leads her cheerleading team and community. Her Varsity.com piece described how cheering had helped her.

Zachary Cheer Athletics 

Supported by Go. Be Foundation Grants, Zachary Cheer Athletics took the initiative to offer a temporary residence to a large number of individuals who had lost their own. The fitness center offered not only a place to rest their heads, but also food, live music, movies, and other activities.

For more information, you can check https://wearegobegreat.com/gobegreat-winners-zachary-cheer-athletics/


The Go.Be Great Foundation Grant shines a light on those who are making a good impact in their communities. Various programs are supported by the foundation, that aims to promote community service, leadership development, education, the arts, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Specific funding programs, community leaders, and high school seniors are among those who may be eligible. You can find comprehensive instructions on their website, and the application procedure is made very easy to follow. Zachary Cheer Athletics and the National Cheerleading Association are two notable projects that demonstrate the effect of the foundation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Go.Be Great Foundation Grant?

The Go.Be Great Foundation Grant is a program that helps and rewards people and groups that are doing good things. Schools, community groups, and sports teams can get scholarships, funds, help with leadership, and awards from it.

Who can apply for the Go Be Great Scholarship?

The Go Be Great Scholarship is open to high school students in the United States. As part of the selection process, candidates must show leadership, volunteer work, academic excellence, and financial hardship.

What are the focus areas of the Go.Be Great Foundation Grant?

The foundation mainly supports projects that help the community, programs that help people become better leaders, educational programs, arts projects, and business ideas. Its goal is to give communities more power in many ways.

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