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Leary Firefighters Foundation Grant

How To Get Grants from Leary Firefighters Foundation Grants – Protecting firemen is of the utmost importance since they bravely face dangerous conditions in the line of duty to save lives and property. Preserving their vital service to communities and ensuring efficient emergency response skills are of the utmost importance. Ensuring the safety of firefighters improves public safety and supports the resilience of the community. But due to some negligence in giving training to firemen or making equipment that are used by firefighters, take out several lives. One incident can be seen in the 2000 terrible fire in Worcester, Massachusetts which killed many people. There are holes in training for firemen in Worcester and across Massachusetts, and the Leary Firefighters Foundation Grants are putting money into them to fill them. If you own an organization and live in Africa, here are Foundations That Give Grants to Churches in Africa opportunities that can enhance your way of working to serve your community.

What are Leary Firefighters Foundation Grants?

The Leary Firefighters Foundation Grants look at funding requests from US fire stations for training, tools, and technology. People do not get funding from the organization. A terrible fire in Worcester, Massachusetts, killed Denis Leary’s cousin, a childhood friend, and four other brave firemen in 2000. This led actor Denis Leary to start the Leary Firefighters Foundation. The Leary Firefighters Foundation gave almost $400,000 to fire stations across the country in 2023. The most grants they gave out were in 2020, when they gave the Detroit Fire Department over $260,000 worth of escape and safety gear.

The Leary Firefighters Foundation Grants is the only organization in the U.S. that helps firemen across the country get tools, cars, education, training, and technology.

Focus Area of Support of Leary Firefighters Foundation Grants

Giving respects to firefighters the the Leary Firefighters Foundation supports the #BraveEveryday movement in terms of both an honor and a pleasure for the firefighters’ efforts and work. Enhancing fire departments all around the United States is the mission of the Foundation. The foundation focuses on three key areas of support.

Training: Leary Firefighters Foundation is glad to announce that the Foundation will be providing funding for training that will promote the professional growth of departments.

Equipment: The Foundation offers financing for departments to be provided with the finest available equipment for the purpose of ensuring the health and safety of firefighters, and therefore, the public that has been served by these firemen.

Technology: For the purpose of ensuring that fire departments are currently up to speed with the latest technology advancements.

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Grants Size of Leary Firefighters Foundation Grants

Generally speaking, donations are between $5,000 and $25,000 in size; however, the Leary Firefighters Foundation has on occasion provided grants that are significantly greater. Other than stating that you should ask for what you need and make your very best case as to how that grant would assist your department and the community that it serves, the Leary Firefighters Foundation for Grants does not give any suggestions regarding the size of the grant that your department should seek for.

Eligibility of Leary Firefighters Foundation Grants

Through the Leary Firefighters Foundation, professional (non-volunteer), union-affiliated, uniformed fire departments in the states of New York, Massachusetts, and Detroit, Michigan are eligible to submit applications for financial support. If you are looking for grants from the Leary Firefighters Foundation Grants for your department, then visit https://learyfirefighters.org/ for more details

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Application Process for Leary Firefighters Foundation Grants

Leary Firefighters Foundation’s grants platform requires that you fill out the Letter of Inquiry (LOI) form and upload a short Letter of Inquiry in order to be considered for funding.

Kindly ensure that you are well-equipped with the following information:

In Regards to Your Department

  • Name of the department, town or city, state, and zip code
  • The population of your town, city, and any adjacent areas that your department services, as well as the presence of a paid or volunteer department

About Your Application for a Grant

  • There are three categories of grants: technology, equipment, and/or training.
  • The requested grant is estimated value in terms of its total amount
  • A description of the grants’ intended use, as well as a timeline
  • Justification for the funding request
  • Activities previously carried out by your department or authority in an effort to fulfill your requirements

After reading your Letter of Inquiry, the Leary Firefighters Foundation will get in touch with you to provide you with information on the grant application procedure. This will occur in the event that the Foundation makes the decision to consider your department for a grant. An additional component of the application process may include the request for a phone interview with the leadership of your department.

Deadline of the Leary Firefighters Foundation Grants Application

The Leary Firefighters Foundation gives out grants every year. The last day to send letters of inquiry is August 15th. If the Leary Firefighters Foundation Grants decide to invite your department to file a full application, they will get in touch with you to give you more information and set due dates. For more information check the website at https://learyfirefighters.org/grant

Grantee of Leary Firefighters Foundation Grants 

Worcester, Massachusetts

For the purpose of acquiring a rescue boat, a SCBA Response Unit for air tank repair, and a new burn tower, the Worcester Firefighters Local 1009 Equipment Fund was able to obtain these items as a result of the Leary Firefighters Foundation’s distribution of funds. The Leary Firefighters Foundation and EMC Corporation Training Center, which is a collaborative endeavor between the two organizations, celebrated its opening in October of 2007.

Boston Fire Department (MA)

Through the donation of a Tactical Command Unit, the foundation aimed to assist the Boston Fire Department in better navigating the city’s congested streets and improving their ability to maintain communication control. Furthermore, they utilized those funds to purchase a Rehabilitation Unit in the year 2009 as well as a brand new Fire Rescue/Diver Support Boat in the year 2006.

New York’s Bravest

The Leary Firefighters Foundation created The Fund for New York’s Bravest in the aftermath of the sad events of September 11, 2001. The organization was able to directly assist the families of the 343 Firefighters who tragically lost their lives by raising over $1.9 million through projects such as The BASH for New York’s Bravest. A High-Rise Simulator Training Facility, Flashover Simulators, and a Mobile Command Center were among the essential necessities that the foundation continues to provide to the FDNY.

New Orleans, Louisiana

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Leary Firefighters Foundation pledged to assist in the reconstruction of eleven firehouses. Following the gift of fourteen rescue boats in 2006, the group initiated a continual volunteer effort to repair firehouses. This project began with the donation of rescue boats. Sponsors, partners, and donors were instrumental in bringing the project to a successful conclusion in a very short amount of time and for a fraction of the initial budget.

High-Rise Simulator Training Facility

The foundation built the FDNY Fire Academy, a high-tech High-Rise model Training Facility. This is a state-of-the-art model that helps firemen get better at fighting fires in tall buildings and doing escapes in dangerous situations.

ING New York City Marathon 

The Leary Firefighters Foundation participated in the 2009 ING New York City Marathon as a result of the development of TEAM LFF, which is an inclusive fundraising group that includes both civilians and first responders. The group was successful in completing the race, which resulted in an increase in both the exposure of the foundation and the amount of money that they were able to raise.

Fall River Fire Department (MA)

In 2020, the Fall River Fire Department (MA) received $25,000 from the Leary Firefighters Foundation to assist with the purchase of new thermal imaging cameras.

The Phoenix Fire Department (AZ)

The Phoenix Fire Department (AZ) received $25,000 in 2020 from the Leary Firefighters Foundation to assist with the purchase of new air tanks.

Detroit Fire Department

The Leary Firefighters Foundation donated more than $260,000 in rescue and safety equipment to the Detroit Fire Department. If you want to know more about the Leary Firefighters Foundation Grants, you can visit the official website of the foundation at https://learyfirefighters.org/

How to contact Leary Firefighters Foundation for Grants?

There are several means of getting in touch with the Leary Firefighters Foundation such as:

Location: Park Place Box 243, New York, NY, 10007

Contact: 212-867-1527-33

Website: https://learyfirefighters.org/


Leary Firefighters Foundation Grants give US fire departments optimism. The foundation has improved these brave firefighters’ abilities and safety by prioritizing training, equipment, and technology. Foundation charity has rebuilt firehouses, provided equipment, and improved training facilities nationwide, from Worcester to Boston, New York City to New Orleans. The Leary Firefighters Foundation Grants inspire us by showing our gratitude for firemen’s devotion and courage nationwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Leary Firefighters Foundation Grants

Leary Firefighters Foundation Grants provide funds to U.S. fire departments for training, tools, and technology. It was established in 2000 by Denis Leary after a tragic fire in 2000. The aim of the foundation is to enhance firefighter safety and capabilities nationwide.

What areas does the Leary Firefighters Foundation focus on?

The focus Area of the Leary Firefighters Foundation Grants is on training, equipment, and technology to support fire departments.

How can fire departments apply for Leary Firefighters Foundation Grants?

Fire departments can apply by submitting a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) through the foundation’s grants platform.

What is the grant size provided by the Leary Firefighters Foundation?

There are times when donations are bigger than $25,000, but most of the time they are $5,000 dollars. The foundation tells departments to ask for what they need and explain why they should get the money.

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