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Laura Bush Foundation Grants for Americas Libraries

How To Get Laura Bush Foundation Grant for Americas Libraries – Libraries enrich not only students but everyone’s lives by fostering a love of study. Books and other resources at libraries improve analytical thinking, test scores, and give students and aspirationals a secure place to pursue their own learning interests.

It helps them to grow intellectually and psychologically. Studies have shown that the quality of a school library has a big effect on how well students do in school and how well they learn. Mrs. Laura Bush used to be a librarian and a teacher, so she knows that school leaders often put less importance on libraries when they do not have enough money. Low-income schools can get funds from the Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries to grow, update, and broaden their book and print collections.

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What is the Laura Bush Foundation Grant?

The Laura Bush Foundation gives money to the most needy schools and America’s Libraries in the country so that they can improve, add to, and expand their book and print collections. The goal is to get students excited about reading and learning.

The Laura Bush Foundation has given more than $21 million to school libraries since its start in 2002 to American libraries so they can buy books and other written materials. There are grants for more than 3,600 schools in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, U.S. regions, and military sites. The website for the Foundation has a list of past grant recipients:

Eligibility of Laura Bush Foundation Grant

If you are looking to grab a grant from the Laura Bush Foundation Library Grants for your school, then you must stands with the eligibility criteria mentioned in below:

  • A qualified librarian or other paid professional must collect, care for, and use school library items.
  • Applicants to public schools must be Title 1 eligible. Area schools, charter schools, magnet schools, etc. can apply if Title 1 qualifies.
  • If at least 50% of their students get financial help, private and parochial institutions can apply.
  • All students must have access to a library or other campus area to borrow books.
  • Principal must digitally sign the application principal agreement.
  • For your application to be complete, you must provide the school/district W-9 and a voided blank check or bank letter.
  • You must utilize the Laura Bush Foundation award to buy school library books, e-books, and magazines as specified in your application. We restrict using money for shelving, furniture, equipment (computers, electronic readers, Kindles), staffing, software, films, guides, examinations or exams, classroom book sets, or similar products.

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Application Process of Laura Bush Foundation Grant

There are a few steps that school libraries or applicants need to follow for the application process. If you want to apply for a grant from the Laura Bush Foundation Grant for your school to enhance your library collections and accessibilities then you must follow the steps. The steps are as follows:

  • Please log in with your email and password.
  • Click “Create an Account” if you aren’t already logged in.
  • To begin, go to the page’s top and look for the green Apply button.
  • Input the code for access: LBF2023.
  • Select “Apply” from the blue button.
  • If you have any queries regarding this application, we would be more than delighted to address them. Aura Bush Foundation email address is

Deadline of Laura Bush Foundation Grant Application 

The deadline for electronic submission of applications was January 29, 2021, at midnight CST. Applications for the 2023–2024 academic year’s grants will be available in late 2023.

For more key details on application dates, you can visit

Laura Bush Foundation American Library Grant

The Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries granted 300 school libraries from 44 states $1.5 million in May 2022. The grants helped many libraries upgrade and diversify their resources.

  1. Chicora Elementary School

Chicora Elementary School in Charleston County is one of the fortunate recipients of the Laura Bush Foundation’s grant. Melissa Zahler, the school’s teaching librarian, plans to use the $5,000 to expand the library’s nonfiction section to meet state science and social studies requirements. Additionally, Zahler aims to enhance the library with engaging books on different subjects such as animals, space, history, and biographies.

  1. Deer Park Middle School

Dana Anderson, the teacher-librarian at Deer Park Middle School, expresses gratitude for the grant, emphasizing the school’s growing and diverse population of multilingual learners. The $5,000 will be instrumental in acquiring books in various languages, particularly Spanish and Portuguese, fostering an inclusive environment and supporting all students on their journey to becoming lifelong readers.

  1. Hunley Park Elementary School

Hunley Park Elementary, another recipient, understands the transformational effect of literature in extending kids’ perspectives. Alexandra Magee, the teacher librarian, wants the school library to introduce students to different cultures. The grant will contribute to dismantling stereotypes and fostering accurate representations of real people in the world.

  1. Military Magnet Academy

Military Magnet Academy is set to enhance its library collections with the generous $5,000 grant from the Laura Bush Foundation. The funding will be used towards upgrading the library to better represent students’ reading interests and backgrounds. This initiative seeks to make academy classes more engaging and inclusive.

  1. North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary School

North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary School joins the list of grant recipients, concentrating on revitalizing its library to meet with children’ shifting reading choices. The $5,000 grant will help students buy books that match their diverse backgrounds and interests, encouraging reading and learning.

  1. Sanders Clyde Elementary

Sanders Clyde Elementary School completes the Laura Bush Foundation’s Charleston County grant recipients. The $5,000 will be allocated to improve the school library, ensuring it becomes a dynamic institution that represents the varied interests and backgrounds of the kids. This project shows the commitment to making reading fun for everyone.

  1. Comanche Elementary

The Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries awarded $5,000 to Comanche Elementary School. The award will modernize their library collection, focusing on graphic novels for struggling readers.

  1. Lowell Elementary 

Our school is thrilled to be one of 300 schools nationwide to win a $5,000 Laura Bush Foundation award. This donation will allow the school to purchase a wide and engaging collection of books that reflect its pupils’ different backgrounds.

  1. Cater Elementary

Temple, Texas- the Temple Independent School District’s Cater Elementary School is one of 300 schools from 44 states to win a $5,000 Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries award. Cater Elementary Librarian Michelle Martinez plans to use the grant money to buy books newer in copyright to update the school’s collection and books that reflect the student body so students can see themselves in the books they read. Quinessa Williams, Cater Elementary administrator, said the community is thrilled to receive a Laura Bush Foundation Grant. This funding will upgrade our campus library and acquire books that reflect student and staff diversity. We will acquire student-focused magazines to increase readership.

  1. Zuni Elementary School

Zuni Elementary School is grateful for a $5,000 Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries award. The award will help school librarian Angela Main buy Indigenous fiction and nonfiction to represent students’ different cultures and experiences.

  1. Del Norte High

Among 300 schools worldwide awarded a $5,000 Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries grant, Del Norte High School is thrilled. This funding will improve the school’s library, allowing students to discover new worlds and views via fiction and nonfiction.

  1. Mitchell Elementary

Mitchell Elementary School is thrilled to announce a $5,000 Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries grant. The funding will upgrade the school’s library with contemporary, high-interest, and high-quality literature to help pupils understand and explore new concepts.

  1. San Luis High School

The Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries awarded $5,000 grants to 300 schools from 36 states nationwide, including San Luis High School. To support American libraries in 2023, the Laura Bush Foundation distributed $1.5 million in grants.

  1. Fairview Elementary School

The Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries gave $5,000 to 205 schools, including Fairview Elementary School, in 43 states. The Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries granted nearly $1 million to libraries nationwide in 2023. The Fairview Elementary School media specialist, Jennifer Cole, will use the money to acquire books with diverse characters and subjects to reflect her students. If you are looking for grants, there is a great deal available in Go. Be Foundation Grant, do not forget to check them out.

What is the Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program ?

The Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program (LB21) gives Planning Grants of $50,000 to $150,000 to projects that do not require anyone else to pay for them. Forum Grants in the program, which are also between $50,000 and $150,000, also exclude cost sharing. Implementation Grants, which range from $50,000 to $1,000,000, need at least a 1:1 cost share for requests that go over $249,999 in IMLS funds. The amounts of Applied Research Grants and Early Career Development Grants range from $50,000 to $750,000. Cost sharing is not required. The main goal of the LB21 program is to improve understanding, variety, fairness, and equality in the library and archival fields.

Contact details of the Laura Bush Foundation

There are several means of getting in touch with the Laura Bush Foundation such as:

Office Address:

2943 SMU Boulevard

Dallas, Texas 75205

Phone: (214) 200-4300 or (855) 577-4300

Fax: (214) 200-4301

Email id: [email protected]



Libraries change students’ lives by providing a wealth of materials and encouraging a love of learning. Libraries’ diverse collections of books and other resources develop analytical thinking, enhance test scores, and provide a safe area for kids to follow their own learning interests, helping them grow academically and personally. With a total of more than $21 million in awards since its establishment in 2002, the Laura Bush Foundation has been an essential force in supporting America’s Libraries nationwide. The wide variety of schools that received funds demonstrates the foundation’s dedication to strengthening library resources and boosting educational results.

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Frequently asked questions


How are the Laura Bush Foundation Grants awarded?

The Laura Bush Foundation Grants provide much-needed funding to libraries and schools. This allows them to acquire more reading materials and books for the benefit of their students.

What are the steps for my school to apply for a grant?

A librarian or other library director is required in order for your school to be eligible for a grant. Title 1 funding is available to public schools alone, however private schools with 50% or more qualified pupils can apply.

How can we put the grant money to work?

The school library will use the award funds to purchase print and digital books, as well as periodicals. No office supplies, laptops, or furniture will fit in there. Improving the library so that students may study and read more effectively is the main objective.

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