Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Grants

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Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Grants

Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Grants and Funding – We are going to discuss everything about The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation and its opportunities. First of all you need to know about what foundation grants are before proceeding. The Max and Victoria Dreyfus foundation will take into account awarding funds to US-based non-profit organizations that meet IRS qualifying requirements. The Foundation seeks to assist organizations and initiatives for where a comparatively small sum of money might have a significant impact. The Foundation will take into account requests for funding from museums, performing arts, and cultural organizations; schools; hospitals; programs for youth, the elderly, and people with disabilities; programs for education, training, and other activities; environmental and wildlife protection; and other community-based organizations and initiatives.

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What is Max & Victoria Dreyfus Foundation ?

Max & Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Inc, a philanthropic organization with a strong commitment to supporting various causes, has been an influential force in providing grants to non-profit organizations. With a focus on diverse sectors, the foundation aims to make a positive impact on communities through its generous contributions. The foundation’s dedication to fostering positive change is evident in its financial contributions. With total assets amounting to $55,973,757, the Max & Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Inc. has generously given a total of $2,428,400, demonstrating a commitment to supporting a wide range of initiatives. The average grant amount stands at $9,027, with a median grant amount of $8,000.

Key people of the Max & Victoria Dreyfus Foundation

The leadership team at Max & Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Inc, including President Mary P Surrey, Vice President Elizabeth Brown, Secretary/Treasurer Sara S Surrey, and Chief Operating Officer John W Hager, plays a crucial role in shaping the foundation’s philanthropic vision.

Areas that Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Grant Covers

Here are some important selective areas that are in the primary position for Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Grant to give grants.

  • Cultural and performing arts programs, as well as museums.
  • There are also hospitals and schools.
  • Programs that provide education, training, and other kinds of assistance to young people, older citizens, and people with disabilities.
  • Activities aimed at protecting the environment and other creatures.
  • Additional activities and organizations that are rooted in the neighborhood.

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Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Grant Recipients

The eligibility for the Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Grants depends on some factors. Such as:

  • Organizations that are not-for-profit comply with IRS regulations and are based within the United States.
  • Organizations that have a clearly articulated mission and programs that have a significant impact.
  • Those programs have the potential to gain a substantial amount from modest funding, which normally ranges from one thousand to twenty thousand dollars.

How to apply for Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Grant?

There are some crucial steps you need to meet carefully in terms of completing application process:

  • Organizations that want to get help from the Foundation can send a letter of request that is no longer than three pages long and includes a short explanation of the reason for the request and a quick outline of the program or project that the money is needed for.
  • It’s also necessary to include an itemized running budget and a budget for the program or project if the request is from a group that wants help with that function. Please don’t send them copies of audit reports, 990s, or binding financial records with their first request.
  • Include a copy of the IRS letter saying that the applicant group is tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) and not a private foundation with the application to show that it is an eligible grantee under the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Applications should be sent through the mail in hard copy.

If you want more crucial details then please go to to make your process more hassle-free.

Active opportunities Max & Victoria Dreyfus Foundation 

If you are interested and follow the eligibility criteria then you need to follow some crucial steps for application request. The foundation’s application requires organization and contact information, answers to questions about your organization’s non-profit status, past awards/requests, a summary of its purpose and programs, a summary of how potential funding would be used, a letter of request, your organization’s most recent 990, a listed program budget for program support applicants, and a copy of your organization.

Past grantees Max & Victoria Dreyfus Foundation 

The Max & Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Inc. has helped a wide range of groups in the past. It was possible to get 269 awards in 2022 alone. These ranged from general running help to specific programs and initiatives. The 3A Bereavement Foundation in Houston, TX, the Abington Memorial Hospital Foundation in Abington, PA, and the Alaska Wildlife Alliance in Anchorage, AK are some well-known donors.

The foundation helps a lot of different areas, which shows that it wants to solve a lot of different problems in society.

Organization that get supported by The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation

The Percheron Foundation

The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation supports The Percheron Foundation. Homeless and near-homeless families and individuals in Minneapolis receive assistance from the Percheron Foundation. The three sites of PF provide more than just short-term housing; they also aim to address the causes of poverty through case management, counseling, crisis intervention, education, referrals, and support groups.

Every year, PF helps more than 400 people. Forty to sixty kids in the Minneapolis Greenlake neighborhood who are homeless or almost destitute make up the Percheron Foundation’s After School Program. Social work services, extracurricular activities, academic support, and youth development are all part of the curriculum.

The following are some of the programs and services offered: internet access, workshops with relevant information and opportunities for active participation, help with high school and college prep, STEM programs, literacy intervention, and an English language lab. The budget would cover the expenses of the program’s personnel and necessary equipment.

Cupid’s Garden Theatre

New York’s Cupid’s Garden Theatre is another Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation grantee. From a 150-seat black box theater, CGT delivers 4 original plays and other cultural events to over 3,000 guests annually. Opportunity, outreach, and growth are CGT’s main goals for people of color’s careers. CGT has had 80% persons of color on staff, writers, directors, casts, and crews.

General activities of CGT need funding. CGT will stage one more play every year, bringing its season to five. Funding will support workshops, script readings, and scratch evenings for a new work by a person of color. An yearly show will help CGT develop, offer more theater community opportunities, and reach more locals.

Chapel Rescue

Chapel Rescue is a no-kill cat rescue in Westchester County that is on the list for the Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Grant. It is CR’s job to save, heal, and rehome companion animals. CR also helps cats and pet owners in need by educating and reaching out to them, offering a sliding scale spay/neuter program, an animal food store, and other services.  CR takes in about 80 dogs and 50 cats every year.

Through the Helping Paws program, CR works with Westchester Companion Company to give people with autism, trauma, anxiety, or PTSD pets as pets. CR tells WCC about qualified dogs it has saved and gives them a place to stay during the first stage of training. Animal Control Center (WCC) foster homes take in dogs that have graduated and give them more training. CR finds new homes for people who don’t meet the standards to finish. We graduated six dogs from the program last year. The group needs money to keep running.

Opportunities in Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Grant

Proposal Format in Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Grant

You must understand the proper formation of Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Grants so as to get advantages for your organization. You need to go over and explain more about the things you have said before about your program’s summary. You have to give more information about what your organization does, what is the purpose of the existence of your organization and how your programs will reach its objectives. The Foundation also wants to know what makes your group different from others that do similar work, whether it is the programs you offer, the people you help and how you carry out your work.

The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Grants for Creative Writing

A number of organizations that conduct creative writing programs, publications, journals, and lecture series are recipients of financial funding from the Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation. The organization provides financial assistance to authors and visual artists who are based in either the United States or Canada.

The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Grants for Dance

The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Grants for Dance support creative dance creation, presentation, and documentation. Max and Victoria Dreyfus created the fund in 1998. Its aim is to foster the creation and presentation of innovative and challenging dance works that will have a lasting impact on the field of dance. Dancers and groups receive Dreyfus Foundation Dance Grants annually. Dancers can use unrestricted rewards for any purpose. Instead of artists applying, the foundation finds artists and projects through nominators.

Dreyfus Foundation Grants for Dance are renowned dance prizes. Trisha Brown, Bill T. Jones, and Merce Cunningham are famous dancers who got them. Many talented young artists started with grants. In addition to Dance Grants, the Dreyfus Foundation supports dance company residency and new dance work commissioning. This nonprofit funds dance documentation using film and video.

Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation rules dance. The foundation has helped produce some of our most important dance works and established many promising young artists’ careers. Dancers appreciate the foundation’s work.

Also, it is important to note that the Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Grants for dance are awarded in the springtime.  The nominating deadline is typical. Each grant is responsible for getting $ 25000 and above. For more information, you can visit the foundation’s official website at:

Or you can go to the office in person, located at:

2233 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Suite 414

Washington, DC 20007


The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation grant stands as a boon for organizations that are holding aims to help needy people as well as the community in terms of providing education, helping animals for their welfare, improving hospitalizations, and other community-based programs. The foundation works together with other groups, like The Percheron Foundation, because both want to make a real change in the world. The foundation supports non-profits through large grants, and its leadership, financial donations, and broad support for diverse causes show its significance.

For more information related to Foundation grants check our website   that facilitates crucial details.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation grant?

The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation is a charitable project that provides financial assistance to non-profit organizations in the United States. The grant focuses on a variety of distinct sectors in order to have a big influence on the community.

What are the eligibility criteria for organizations seeking Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Grants?

If you are seeking for grant from Max and Victoria Dreyfus FOundation’s grants, for your organization then you need to keep some point in mind that your organization must be situated in the United States and be non-profit organization with a distinct goal, activities that have a significant impact, and the ability to produce large results with modest financing ranging from 1- 20 thousand dollars.

How can organizations apply for The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Grant?

If you want to apply for The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Grant for your organization then follow some important steps. You can submit your applications by submitting a brief letter of request that is three pages long and includes program specifics as well as budgets.

What are the primary areas of concentration for these opportunities?

The foundation provides financial support to non-profit organizations established in the United States that are in compliance with the regulations set out by the Internal Revenue Service, with a particular emphasis on fields such as the arts, education, healthcare, and community projects.

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