Sherwood Foundation Grants Programs & Capital Grants

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Sherwood Foundation Grants Programs & Capital Grants

Explore Sherwood Foundation Grants Opportunities  Is Your Nebraska Non-Profit a Fit? – The key to building a prosperous and fair community is raising the standard of living for all Nebraskans. The aim is to make Nebraska a better place for everyone by getting to the bottom of social justice issues, increasing access to quality education, and bolstering programs that help kids and communities. A blessing to the people of Nebraska, the Sherwood Foundation Grants work tirelessly to enhance people’s quality of life. The foundation’s funds help with important causes including education, social justice, child welfare, and community infrastructure. The foundation’s commitment to making a good social effect is seen in its open grant cycles and support for different groups.

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What are Sherwood Foundation Grants ?

The Sherwood Foundation Grants improve Nebraskans’ quality of life via social justice. Social justice, according to the foundation, is the proactive reinforcement of policies, practices, attitudes, and actions that ensure fair power, access, opportunities, treatment, effects, and results.

Chairman Susan A. Buffett oversees a dedicated Sherwood Foundation staff in strategic direction. Secretary and legal counsel like Richard Putnam are crucial. Admired members Allen Greenberg, Wallace Weitz, and Roberta Wilhelm advise the foundation. Shari Lecci manages and oversees finances as Finance Director. This leadership team promotes the foundation’s goals. In their 2022 IRS 990, The Sherwood Foundation exhibited its commitment to giving with $284,812,889 in assets. Amazingly, the charity gave $229,120,242. The median contribution was $75,000 while the average reward was $420,941. This variety affected charitable efforts broadly.

The Sherwood Foundation has always prioritized civil freedoms, equality, and fairness, especially for women and people of color, sexual orientation, and religion. They strive to end systematic injustice and promote economic justice through equal rights, civic life, reproductive justice, opportunity for everyone, and fair service access.

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Focus Areas of Sherwood Foundation Grants

The foundation focuses on some core areas. These areas are mentioned below.

Urban Community Partnerships

With a broader focus on community context, the Sherwood Foundation’s work in Nebraska’s metropolitan neighborhoods aims to promote family stability and child wellbeing. Through a two-generational lens, the foundation seeks to understand how a community’s larger systems interact with the direct delivery of services.

Omaha Public Schools

Omaha Public Schools is one of the areas that the Sherwood Foundation prioritizes. The candidate must adhere to some guidelines in this area, though. Prior clearance from the District is required for OPS personnel to apply. Furthermore, the foundation will not even examine your application if you do not provide the required paperwork. You can call the OPS Grant Coordinator at 402.557.2151 for further details.

Greater Nebraska Initiatives

These Greater Nebraska Initiatives donations from The Sherwood Foundation encourage fairness and inclusion as strategies to improve Nebraskans’ lives.  Child welfare, immigrant inclusion, housing, advocacy, civic participation, leadership, and community infrastructure are priorities. Standard grant cycles include requests from non-Omaha and Lincoln metro regions.

Early Childhood Education

Through The Buffett Early Childhood Fund, the Sherwood Foundation provides financing for early childhood education on a national and regional scale. If you are looking for monetary assistance, you can look for many possibilities from Mark Wahlberg Foundation Grants.

Types of Sherwood Foundation Grants

Sherwood Foundation offers two types of grants.

Operating Grants

Through the provision of operating grants, the foundation is able to support the continuing operational expenditures of organizations that are in alignment with its objective.

Program Grants

Funding for specific programs or initiatives that meet identified community needs is what program grants are all about.

Eligibility for Sherwood Foundation Grants

In order to be eligible, a group needs to meet certain criteria set down by the Internal Revenue Service, such as

  • The organization must be a church, a government agency, or tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3).
  • Stay put in Nebraska. You can only utilize the funding for initiatives within Nebraska if you are situated outside of the state.

Each organization must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for the foundation’s services. (1) be a 501(c)(3), (2) be based in Nebraska, or (3) have a project in Nebraska.

  • Partnerships in Urban Communities
  • Collaborations in Rural Areas
  • Omaha Public School District
  • Education for Young Children

New criteria are being instituted to guarantee that the foundation’s grants are funding groups that follow standard procedures in nonprofit administration. Along with the foundation’s grant applications, the Sherwood Foundation includes some requirements mentioned below.

  • Grantees are expected to be involved and financially supported by the Nonprofit Association of the Midlands (NAM). They are also expected to follow the NAM’s “Guidelines and Principles” tools, complete the evaluations, and strive for “Best Practice Partnership” designation.
  • Every year, take part in NAM’s online pay survey.

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Sherwood Foundation Grant Cycle

Starting on January 15th, 2024, and ending at noon on February 2nd, 2024, the Sherwood Foundation will be accepting applications for its Open Operating Grants. Applicants from the Invite-Only Operating Grant Cycle are ineligible to participate in the Open Operating Grant Cycle.

Application Process of Sherwood Foundation Grants

If you are planning to apply for a grant from the Sherwood Foundation, you need to follow some crucial steps in the foundation application process.

  • Look at the “What We Fund” page first. Learn what the foundation stands for and what it focuses on.
  • Every kind of award has its own set of open cycles. Then the foundation accepts applications online. Find the most up-to-date due dates on the website.
  • After that, you’ll have to fill out an online application that asks for specifics about your company, program, initiative, and how you intend to analyze its impact.
  • Finally, be sure to include any necessary supporting documents, bank statements, or IRS paperwork.
  • Finally, make sure to submit your application before the deadline passes.

Contact Details of Sherwood Foundation Grants

Here are a few means of getting in touch with the  Sherwood Foundation Grants, mentioned below.

EIN: 470824755

Phone: 402-341-1717

Address: 808 Conagra Drive 200, Omaha, NE 68102


You can also fill out the contact form available at:

Sherwood Foundation Grants’s Grantees

100 Black Men Of Omaha Inc

The Sherwood Foundation awarded 100 Black Men of Omaha Inc. a $50,000 operating grant in 2022. The group’s ongoing endeavors to empower and guide Black boys in the Omaha region likely used this money.

Angels Among Us

The Sherwood Foundation granted $10,000 to Angels Among Us for operating purposes in 2022. This generous gift allowed the organization to keep providing financial and emotional aid to families coping with a child’s terminal illness.

Aqua Africa

For operational purposes, Aqua Africa received a grant of $15,000 in 2022 from the Sherwood Foundation. Aqua Africa’s initiatives to improve water accessibility and sustainability in Omaha and surrounding areas presumably received these funds.

3 Sisters

In 2022, 3 Sisters received a $40,000 operating grant from the Sherwood Foundation. This grant allowed the group to continue its work in satisfying community needs, maybe focusing on issues represented in their name. They were able to use the money to aid in their regular operations.

Ballet Nebraska

The Sherwood Foundation provided Ballet Nebraska with a $20,000 grant in 2022 to assist their operations. Thanks to this grant, the organization can keep bringing artistic and cultural events like dance recitals to the neighborhood.

Banister’s Leadership Academy

The Banister’s Leadership Academy was the recipient of two grants from The Sherwood Foundation in the year 2022. The first grant was for a total of $150,000 and was used to construct a leadership school in the Panhandle. The second one was a budgetary award of $75,000. It is likely that the organization used this money toward the ongoing programs and activities that it offers.

Ainsworth Child Development Center Inc

It was in the year 2022 when the Sherwood Foundation provided Ainsworth Child Development Center Inc. with a donation of $201,887. The availability of this funding was a blessing for the children who lived in the Ainsworth community. Because of this donation, the center was able to go on with its vital work in the field of child development and continue to offer a secure environment where the children could flourish and develop.

Asian Community & Cultural Center

Sherwood Foundation gave the Asian Community & Cultural Center $50,000 in 2022. The center provides cultural events and services to Lincoln, Nebraska, Asians to enhance their lives, and this operating funding likely helped do that.

Avenue Scholars

The Sherwood Foundation generously awarded Avenue Scholars an operational grant of $850,000 for the 2021 to 2022 school year. The organization was able to keep helping young people in Omaha get the skills and education they needed for the job thanks to this large funding.

Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts

With a grant of $50,000 in 2022, provided by the Sherwood Foundation, the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts helped contemporary artists as part of Omaha’s thriving arts community.

Benson Area Refugee Task Force

Another grant was given to the Benson Area Refugee Task Force. The Benson Area Refugee Task Force was eligible to receive a grant of $20,000 from the Sherwood Foundation in the year 2022. The activities that the organization undertook to relocate refugees and integrate them into the community were most likely funded in part by this financing.

ACLU Nebraska Foundation Inc

From the Sherwood Foundation, the American Civil Liberties Union of Nebraska was awarded a sizable operational grant of $250,000 in the year 2022. This substantial gift unquestionably helped the organization’s efforts to fight for civil rights and justice in the state of Nebraska.

African Culture Connection

The Sherwood Foundation gave African Culture Connection two grants in 2022. Among the two grants, one of them, for $150,000, went toward funding the African Kingdoms School Residencies initiative. The second was an operational gift of $100,000. The second grant helped the group continue its overarching goal of advancing African education and culture.

Big Muddy Urban Farm

Additionally, the Sherwood Foundation provided Big Muddy Urban Farm with an additional $25,000 for the Aspiring Farmer Residency in 2022. The operating grants totaled $85,000 for the year 2022. These prizes provided funding for the operation of the farm, the establishment of educational programs, and the provision of assistance to Omaha citizens desiring to begin a career in farming.

Benson First Friday Inc

In 2022, Benson First Friday Inc. received $50,000 as operational grants from the Sherwood Foundation. The mission of the organization was to enrich the lives of Omahaans in the Benson area most certainly benefited from this funding.

Amplify Arts

The Sherwood Foundation awarded Amplify Arts a total of $78,299 by way of grants in the year 2022. Both the “Alternate Currents” project (it will get $53,299) and regular operational expenditures (it will receive $25,000) will benefit from these monies. This demonstrates the foundation’s commitment to supporting a wide range of artistic endeavors in the Omaha region.


Nebraskans are seeking funds for social justice, education, and community projects. The Sherwood Foundation grants improve living quality, equity, and well-being. Under Chairman Susan A. Buffett, the Sherwood Foundation is dedicated to social justice and community advancement. From education to cultural enrichment, the foundation carefully gives large contributions to promote civil liberties, equality, and justice. Their focus on urban-rural collaborations, Omaha Public Schools, and Greater Nebraska programs is extensive. Through operational and program donations, The Sherwood Foundation enables justice and inclusion groups. The straightforward qualifying standards and organized grant cycles improve Nebraskans’ lives and create a more equal and prosperous community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Sherwood Foundation Grants?

Sherwood Foundation Grants assist groups that promote social justice and equal access, opportunities, and treatment to improve Nebraskans’ quality of life.

What are the Focus Areas of Sherwood Foundation Grants?

The focus areas of Sherwood Foundation Grants are for good systemic change in Urban Community Partnerships, Omaha Public Schools, Greater Nebraska Initiatives, and Early Childhood Education.

What Types of Grants Does the Sherwood Foundation Offer?

Sherwood Foundation provides Operating Grants for organizational expenditures and Program Grants for community projects that promote its goals.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Sherwood Foundation Grants?

An organization must be tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3), headquartered in Nebraska, or have a project there. Nonprofit administration requirements apply.

 When is the Sherwood Foundation Grant Cycle?

The 2024 Open Operating Grant Cycle runs from January 15 to February 2 at midday. Organizations should check the foundation’s website for current due dates and application cycles.

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