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Tides Foundation Grant Application

How To Get Grants from Tides Foundation Grant – A fair society requires focusing on environmental, racial, economic, and LGBTQ+ justice. Addressing these concerns guarantees disadvantaged populations equitable protection, opportunity, and rights. It supports a sustainable, inclusive future by linking social and environmental issues. Dismantling systemic disparities, empowering people, and establishing a society where everyone can prosper and contribute to good global change requires prioritizing justice in these areas. Thanks to Tide Foundation Grants.

The Tides Foundation promotes social justice to create a fair community. Through funding, resources, and strategic collaborations, Tides targets environmental, racial, economic, LGBTQ+, and reproductive justice. Tides help create a fair and just society by funding grassroots groups, encouraging inclusion, and pushing structural change. Their purpose alignment, financial support, and long-term engagement show their dedication to good social impact and solving varied community concerns.

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Key Takeaways

  • Tides Foundation supports social justice initiatives through funding and collaboration.
  • Focus areas include racial, economic, environmental, LGBTQ+, and reproductive justice.
  • Grants are not awarded directly, but through partnerships and specific programs.
  • Partnering with a Tides entity or applying for a specific program are ways to access funding.

What are the Tides Foundation Grant

The Tides Foundation is an American donor-advised fund with a political leaning toward the left. Drummond Pike established it in 1976 in San Francisco. Other groups, notably politically progressive ones, get funding from anonymous contributors through Tides. Tides Advocacy, one of their associated groups, acts as a “massive progressive incubator.”  Soros has given a sizable sum of money to Tides.

Since its founding, Tides has helped build major groups such as Social Venture Network, the Story of Stuff, the Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights, and the Environmental Working Group, and has mobilized $4 billion for social change. Additionally, it has supported over 1,400 financially funded initiatives. We are working toward a more equitable future by reshaping and empowering change leaders in tandem with our worldwide partners.

Tides has worked as an international grantmaker in more than 150 countries. This measure has provided the Tide Foundation with the knowledge necessary to assist in ensuring that awards are suitable and successful within the laws, customs, and traditions of the country that wants to have an impact. Our services for worldwide grants include but are not limited to, the following: the navigation of legislation based in the United States and internationally; chances for both individual and collaborative giving; translation services; and a meticulous attention to detail within each and every one of our financing alternatives.

You can choose from à la carte options such as RFP support, global giving advisory services, or rapid-response grantmaking support to assist you in carrying out specific, justice-driven functions with greater efficiency and effectiveness. The foundation’s grantmaking solutions provide foundations with powerful choices. You can opt for comprehensive services that help fuel social movements, or you can choose from à la carte options.

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Focus Area of Tides Foundation Grant

As a charitable organization, Tides Foundation supports many different social justice initiatives; however, their primary areas of emphasis include:

Environmental Justice

Tides fights for environmental justice by lending financial and in-kind support to local groups who are actively preventing pollution and promoting sustainable practices. They also contribute to campaigns that aim to hold polluters responsible by challenging and educating them.

Racial Justice

Tides donates to groups who are fighting to end institutional racism and promote racial equality. Concerns including voting rights, mass imprisonment, and police brutality receive funding from these sources.

Economic Justice

Tides Backs Groups Struggling for Economic Equity. Programs that tackle problems like poverty, economic injustice, and worker rights receive funding from these sources.

LGBTQ+ Justice

Tides lends its assistance to groups fighting for LGBTQ+ equality and rights. They provide funding for programs that deal with problems including healthcare accessibility, violence, and prejudice.

Reproductive Justice

Tides support groups fighting for reproductive justice, which means that everyone should be able to choose how they want to use their bodies and have access to reproductive healthcare. Programs that deal with sex education, access to abortion, and contraception receive funding from these sources.

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Eligibility for Tides Foundation Grant

The mission alignment and confirmed financial needs are the two primary eligibility conditions that must be met in order to start a fund at Tides.

Alignment of the mission

There must be congruence between the vision, mission, and strategy of Tides and all of the funds and the grantmaking purposes of those funds.

Verified financial support

You are required to have a minimum of $100,000 in committed money for activities headquartered in the United States, or $50,000 in funds supporting a single organizational or project within the United States.

Additional requirement

  • According to their annual budget and desired mix, Tides foundation assigns priorities to the initiatives.
  • It is necessary for you to have at least one full-time employee who is employed via Tides.
  • The price that Tides charges is 9% of all income, and extra costs may be incurred based on the type of grant or services that are provided.
  • A two-year commitment is expected.

Tides Foundation Grant Application

According to general policy, the Tides Foundation does not accept grant proposals that are not requested. Nevertheless, there are a couple methods in where you can still submit an application to them for funding:

Partner with a Tides entity: Tides employs a number of distinct entities that collaborate with a wide range of organizations. On the website of Tides, you will discover a compendium of these organizations. These organizations might be able to assist you in submitting an application for financing from the Tides Foundation if you form a partnership with one of them.

Apply for a specific grant program: Use Tides to submit an application for a particular grant program. Tides will occasionally provide unique award programs. The website of Tides has information that you may use to learn more about these initiatives.

Become a Tides donor: You will have the ability to make recommendations for awards to be made from your donor-advised fund if you become a Tides contributor.

It is possible to apply for a grant from the Tides Foundation through one of their partner organizations by following these steps.

Contact the partner entity: Determine what partner entity will complement your business and its goals the most. To find out how the partner entity chooses what projects to fund, get in touch with them.

Submit a letter of inquiry: The partner entity will probably request that you send them a letter of inquiry. In a few short sentences, please outline your organization, the project, and the money you require.

Submit a full proposal: The partner entity will ask you to submit a detailed proposal if they are interested in your idea. In the entire proposal, you should go into greater depth than in the letter of inquiry. You should include your organization’s background, goals, initiatives, personnel, finances, and more.

Wait for a decision: Patiently await a verdict: After looking over your proposal, the partner organization will decide whether to suggest money for you.

Tides Foundation Grantees

The Rising Tides of Justice

Two Ohio ballot initiatives, one to safeguard the ballot as a means of direct democracy and the other to change the constitution in order to restore abortion access, received $5.7 million from the Healthy Democracy Fund of the Tides Foundation.

  1. The two significant projects were supported by large contributions from the Tides Foundation’s Healthy Democracy Fund (HDF), demonstrating the fund’s dedication to promoting democratic processes that are inclusive and equitable. Among the notable contributions made by HDF is its $1.875 million gift. This grant solidified its position as the campaign’s second-largest donor. A strong and effective campaign strategy, including targeted internet and television ad placements across four important media markets and on-the-ground canvassing activities, was made possible by your generous gift. Much of the credit for the success of the One Person, One Vote campaign goes to the generous funding it received from the Tides Foundation.
  2. Along with the significant donation to One Person, One Vote, HDF also provided Ohio Voice with a $200,000 grant to empower them in their fight against a particular proposal that was defeated on Tuesday. The importance of grassroots groups and local initiatives in changing the democratic environment was highlighted by HDF’s focused support. This support demonstrated their devotion to enabling this sector. These successes, which were made possible thanks to the combined efforts of HDF contributors and the Tides Foundation’s significant participation, demonstrate the revolutionary power of strategic giving in promoting the aims of inclusive democracy.

Israel-Hamas conflict

Communities hit hard by the protracted Israel-Hamas conflict have received emergency aid in the form of a $5 million gift from the donor community of Tides. Together with other philanthropic organizations, individual contributors, and institutional funders, we demand an immediate end to the violence, the free flow of help to those in need, and the respect of human rights and humanitarian standards across the world.

Cybersecurity Clinics Fund

The Cybersecurity Clinics Fund, the fund has a total of twenty million dollars, received assistance from the Tide Foundation through a partnership with Google. In addition to fostering a wide pool of potential candidates for careers in cybersecurity, the clinics, which are held at colleges all around the United States, provide local businesses that are lacking in resources with the cyber support they require.

The Heroes of Youth Organizing

Louisiana Trans Advocates and LocAL Coalition executive director Peyton Rose Michelle is one of the exciting 2023 Jane Bagley Lehman (JBL) Award recipients from the Tides Foundation. Tides honours Peyton for her tireless LGBTQ+ rights work in Louisiana, where anti-LGBTQ+ laws are on the rise. Peyton’s political and personal courage as a transgender woman in a conservative environment embodies the JBL Award’s values.

Peyton has navigated legislative procedures and advocated for LGBTQ+ people, especially those under 18, according to the Tides Foundation. Beyond her formal roles, Peyton’s effect includes grassroots campaigns, monthly support groups, and training. Despite her outstanding efforts, Peyton just recently began collecting executive director pay, demonstrating her selflessness in improving Louisiana. The Tides Foundation applauds Peyton Rose Michelle’s Jane Bagley Lehman-inspired social justice.

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As a leading philanthropic organization, the Tides Foundation Grants provides grantmaking options to bolster a range of social justice projects. Tides give money and resources to groups who are fighting for social justice, particularly in the areas of reproductive, LGBTQ+, economic, racial, and environmental justice. Fostering significant, long-term collaborations is the foundation’s goal, and it shows in its commitment to purpose alignment, confirmed financial assistance, and a two-year commitment.

Organizations can gain access to the support of the Tides Foundation through partnerships and particular funding initiatives. A few examples of the foundation’s recent contributions that demonstrate its dedication to fostering beneficial societal transformations include the Healthy Democracy Fund and the Cybersecurity Clinics Fund. If you would want more information or would like to collaborate with the Tides Foundation, you can find their contact information here.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What are Tide Foundation Grants?

Tides Foundation grants fund social justice programs. These funds support environmental, racial, economic, LGBTQ+, and reproductive justice. Tides Foundation addresses structural imbalances and promotes positive social impact via money, resources, and collaborations to achieve a fair and just society.

What are the main eligibility criteria for starting a fund at Tides?

Tides Foundation requires organizations to have a mission that aligns with its objectives and show financial support to launch a fund. They hope to commit for two years and need one full-time employee.

Can individuals or businesses contribute to the Tides Foundation’s initiatives?

Yes, individuals or businesses can help the Tides Foundation’s philanthropic approach by making donations to the Tides Foundation for different social justice changes. They can even choose what social changes they want to bring and make donations towards it.

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