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The ASCAP Foundation Grant and scholarship Guideline

How To Get The ASCAP Foundation Grant : – Imagine a society in which access to music education is a given for all aspiring songwriters and composers, rather than a privilege. a place where talent is recognized on a worldwide platform and creativity grows under the tender supervision of knowledgeable mentors. The ASCAP Foundation grants, are a ray of hope for musicians of all ages and experiences, is guided by this vision.The generous grant initiatives of the ASCAP Foundation, which was founded in 1975, have empowered generations of music ambitions. These awards, which are given to eligible 501(c)(3) organizations, support a wide range of programs, including mentorship and scholarship programs, songwriting workshops, and music camps. Grants from the Laura Bush Foundation are also available for America’s Libraries which  are given to deserving schools to support the updating, diversification, and expansion of their book collections.

Overview of Ascap Foundation Grant

Here’s an overview of the revolutionary environment supported by funding from the ASCAP Foundation:

  1. Songwriting workshops

This provides aspiring authors with the opportunity to refine their skills and study the subtleties of melody, harmony, and lyricism from seasoned pros. By offering a secure environment for experimentation, teamwork, and helpful criticism, these seminars support a community of aspiring musicians.

  1. Music Camps

Take a deep dive into the enchantment of music at Music Camps! Comprehensive instruction in a range of musical specialties, from vocal technique to instrument proficiency, is provided by these residential camps. Imagine a day full of fascinating lectures, jam sessions, and practice sessions driven by a common love of music.

  1. Scholarships

Dreams of becoming a musician shouldn’t be dimmed by financial obstacles. By bridging the gap, ASCAP Foundation scholarships allow gifted young musicians to pursue their academic goals in music without having to worry about money.

  1. Mentorship Programs

Experience and knowledge are priceless commodities. With the help of ASCAP Foundation grants, aspiring artists can become connected with seasoned music industry professionals who can offer advice, support, and priceless insights, helping them launch successful careers in the music business.

Eligibility for ASCAP Foundation Grants

The ASCAP Foundation provides grants in two primary categories:

  1. Scholarships

Given to specific students to help with their college, university, or high school music education.The requirements differ based on the particular scholarship program. Some general requirements are as follows, though:

  • Must be enrolled in a music program at an authorized college; * Must have strong academic standing.
  • Must demonstrate financial need.
  • Must have exceptional musical talent and promise.

To know more about the scholarship program’s qualifying requirements and application process visit The ASCAP Foundation website

  1. Institutional Grants

Given to nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations to support talent development and music education initiatives. Institutional grants have broader eligibility conditions that center on how well the program aligns with the objective of the ASCAP Foundation:

  • The program needs to support chances for talent development and music education for a variety of demographics.
  • The program’s effect on the intended audience should be evident and measurable.
  •  The company should have a proven track record of managing initiatives of a comparable nature.
  • Unsolicited requests for institutional grants are not currently accepted by the ASCAP Foundation. Rather, they choose initiatives that fit their priorities by collaborating with a network of partner organizations.

The following link provides information regarding partnerships and current grant winners from the ASCAP Foundation

Here are a few more things to think about:

  • Geographic restrictions: Depending on the applicant’s location, several programs may have restrictions.
  • Requirements for citizenship and residency: Only permanent residents or U.S. citizens may be eligible for some programs.
  • Deadline: There are distinct application deadlines for each program. For precise dates, make sure to refer to the applicable program guidelines.

Before applying, it’s crucial to carefully understand the requirements for each program in which you are interested. You may find plenty of materials and information on the ASCAP Foundation website to help you with the process.

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Application Process for Ascap foundation grants

For institutional funding, the ASCAP Foundation is not currently accepting unsolicited bids. This means that they find initiatives that fit their interests by collaborating with an already-existing network of partner organizations.But there are still methods to connect with the ASCAP Foundation and possibly acquire financing for your program in talent development or music education:

  • Become a partner organization

You can contact the ASCAP Foundation to indicate your interest in partnering if you are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with an effective program for music education or talent development. They’re constantly seeking out new groups to partner with, so highlighting the benefits of your program and how it fits with their goals could be a smart place to start.

  • Make contact with current partners

A list of current grant recipients and partners can be found on the ASCAP Foundation website. Investigating these groups and getting in touch with them personally may lead to possible joint ventures or even sub-awarding possibilities within the framework of their current ASCAP Foundation awards.

  • Apply for scholarships

The ASCAP Foundation offers a number of scholarship programs with particular eligibility requirements and application processes if you’re a student in need of funding for your music study. Their website has comprehensive information.

Remember that there are still beneficial methods to get in touch with the ASCAP Foundation and maybe secure money or support for your music education projects, even if the present application process isn’t a perfect fit for your program. Keep trying, keep seeing what’s possible, and follow your passion for music!

Programs offered by ASCAP Foundation

Here are some of the programs-

The ASCAP Foundation “Children Will Listen” Program

In an effort to introduce young kids across the country to the world of musical theater, the ASCAP Foundation launched the “Children Will Listen” program in 2005, paying tribute to the legendary Stephen Sondheim (West Side Story, Gypsy!, Pacific Overtures, A Little Night Music), who was also an ASCAP member. One of the songs from his musical, Into the Woods, inspired the program’s name. This educational program provides direct exposure to musical theater for a generation of kids who may not have attended theaters before. Schools and students taking part in the “Children Will Listen” program do not incur any costs. Numerous people have chosen to support “Children Will Listen” by making gifts to The ASCAP Foundation in celebration of Stephen Sondhem’s 75th birthday.

The ASCAP Foundation”Music in the Schools” Program

The “Music in the Schools” program of the ASCAP Foundation collaborates with Alfred Music, VH1 Save The Music, and other partners to supply folios, sheet music, band arrangements, and method books to public schools across the country that are chosen by VH1 Save The Music to receive musical instruments. This ensures that students have access to high-quality music to play as they learn their instruments.

Millions of youngsters have been impacted by the instruments and associated folios, sheet music, band arrangements, and technique books that have been distributed to over 2,000 public schools nationwide since the program’s start in 2000.

Manhattan School of Music (MSM) Summer

Since its founding in 1999 in collaboration with The ASCAP Foundation, MSM Summer has experienced several remarkable transformations. Students from all throughout the country who have finished grades 6 through 11 are now able to attend the expanded summer camp. This unique school offers intensive musical instruction in musical theater, chamber music, percussion, and piano studies. It is set on a college campus in the middle of New York City. With master courses offered by ASCAP members, campers enhance their musical abilities and become a part of a community of young musicians through a wide range of musical and social activities. The National Endowment for the Arts has consistently provided funding for the program.

The ASCAP Foundation Summer Guitar Project

The ASCAP Foundation and The Fresh Air Fund Summer Camps for children in New York City have been collaborating since 1999 to provide musical instruments and guest composers and songwriters to the camps during the summer, bringing music to the campers. In order to enable campers to take guitar lessons, The ASCAP Foundation started the Summer Guitar Project at the Fresh Air Fund Camps in 2002 by supplying extra guitars and guitar teachers.

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List of Awards Received By ASCAP Foundation

The ASCAP Foundation provides Awards to emerging composers and songwriters and Recognition to honor the achievements of established composers and songwriters.Some of them are-

  1. Alan & Marilyn Bergman Lyric Award
  2. Champion Award
  3. Cole Porter Award
  4. David Rose Award
  5. Deems Taylor/Virgil Thomson Awards
  6. Desmond Child Anthem Award
  7. Eunice & Hal David Instructor-In-Residence Award
  8. Fred Ho Award
  9. George M. Cohan/Friars Foundation Award
  10. Harold Adamson Lyric Awards
  11. Harold Arlen Film & TV Award
  12. Harold Arlen Musical Theater Award
  13. The Herb Alpert Young Jazz Composer Awards
  14. Jamie deRoy & friends Award
  15. Jay Gorney Award
  16. Jerry Herman Broadway Legacy Prize
  17. Jimmy Van Heusen Award
  18. Joe Raposo Children’s Music Award
  19. Johnny Mandel Prize
  20. Leo Kaplan Award
  21. Leon Brettler Award
  22. Leonard Bernstein Award
  23. Life in Music Award
  24. Louis Prima Award
  25. Lucille & Jack Yellen Award
  26. Lucy and Didier Lean Rachou Award
  27. Mary Rodgers/Lorenz Hart Award
  28. Michelle & Dean Kay Award
  29. Morton Gould Young Composer Awards
  30. Paul Williams “Loved the Liner Notes” Award

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For aspiring musicians and composers, the ASCAP Foundation represents a ray of hope and support, representing a future in which everyone has access to music education. The foundation has dedicated itself to supporting talent and innovation since its founding in 1975 by offering grants, scholarships, mentorship programs, and other activities. With initiatives like songwriting workshops, music camps, and collaborations with esteemed institutions, the ASCAP Foundation has irrevocably altered the musical landscape. As it continues to support music and ensure that its legacy endures for future generations, the foundation presents a wide range of prizes that honor both established and up-and-coming artists.

You can also explore foundation grants that are a crucial source of funding for a wide range of organizations, from small community groups to large research institutions. They provide the financial support needed to launch new initiatives, expand existing programs, and make a real difference in the world. To know more visit 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I submit an application to the ASCAP Foundation for a scholarship?

You must be enrolled in a music program at an approved institution or university in order to qualify for a scholarship. You must also exhibit outstanding musical ability, a solid academic record, and financial necessity. For comprehensive qualifying requirements and the application procedure, please visit the ASCAP Foundation website and consult the relevant scholarship program.

Is it presently possible to submit unsolicited requests for institutional grants to the ASCAP Foundation?

No, unsolicited proposals for institutional grants are not being accepted by the ASCAP Foundation at this time. They find partner groups that share their goals and mission and work together with them. Nonetheless, organizations can express their interest and look into collaborative prospects by getting in touch with the ASCAP Foundation.

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