How Do I Apply for Atlanta Women's Foundation Grant Application

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Atlanta Women’s Foundation Grant Application

How To Get Grants from Atlanta Women’s Foundation Gratns – An important positive influence on women’s and girls’ lives in the metro Atlanta area is the Atlanta Women’s Foundation (AWF). Their primary objective is to mitigate economic vulnerability by bestowing awards upon institutions that are addressing the underlying causes of poverty that affect women and girls.The main problem that women and girls in our community face is the lack of economic self-sufficiency. Women and girls make decisions based in large part on their access to resources. By expanding their access to resources and career opportunities, AWF supports groups that help women and girls escape poverty.

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Key Takeaways

  • AWF awards grants to organizations fighting economic insecurity for women and girls.
  • Grant programs focus on financial literacy, career development, mental health, and removing barriers.
  • Eligibility requires serving metro Atlanta counties, having 501(c)(3) status, and aligning with AWF’s mission.
  • Applications are reviewed based on program fit, impact indicators, and alignment with AWF’s goals.

What are Atlanta women’s foundation grants?

The Atlanta Women’s Fund was established in 1986 by a group of forward-thinking female entrepreneurs and is a division of the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta. With increased legitimacy and significance, the fund became autonomous in 1998 and changed its name to The Atlanta Women’s Foundation (AWF).

Being the only public foundation in Georgia devoted exclusively to women and girls, AWF has given $27 million to the community through grants and initiatives, assisting hundreds of nonprofit groups in the Atlanta region in assisting women and girls in escaping poverty and achieving economic independence. Apart from thoughtful grantmaking, AWF trains a broad range of professional women in leadership and philanthropy, enabling them to better serve their communities and themselves.

Timeline of Atlanta Women’s Foundation Grant


  • Established at the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta (CFGA) as the Atlanta Women’s Fund.


  • Partnered with Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW Atlanta) to launch our inaugural “Women Who Are Homeless” Grant Cycle.


  • Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem were the keynote speakers at the First Numbers Too Big To Ignore Luncheon.


  • Transformed into The Atlanta Women’s Foundation after splitting from CFGA.


  • “Angela’s Fund” was started in order to collect funds for females in metro Atlanta who are being exploited for commercial sex.
  • Women on Board was launched.


  • Started the Destiny Fund Program, a course designed to help aspiring philanthropists strengthen their leadership skills.


  • Created the Sue Wieland Embracing Possibility Award and the Wieland Endowment.


  • Gave the Global Village Project its initial startup money.


  • Breaking the Cycle of Generational Poverty in Metro Atlanta is the subject of commissioned proprietary study.


  • Uses the Collective Impact Method for awarding grants.
  • Started the grant initiative for promoting women’s mental health and wellbeing.


  • Raise $1 million to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Numbers Too Big To Ignore Luncheon.


  • The Women’s Pathway to Success Grant Initiative was introduced.


  • Commemorated the AWF’s twentieth anniversary of foundation.
  • Started the grant initiative for the Breaking Barriers, Building Women: Economic Empowerment Program for Women.
  • Inspire Atlanta, a community impact initiative for women, was launched.


  • New research on women-powered prosperity in metro Atlanta has been commissioned.


  • Emergency fund established for recipients most impacted by the pandemic.


  • Celebrate the Numbers Too Big To Ignore Luncheon’s 25th anniversary and help raise $1 million once more!


  • New study on the condition of girls in Metro Atlanta was commissioned.


  • 25 Years of AWF’s 501c3 Status!
  • Launched the Girls Empowerment Grantee Program, ALL GIRLS FORWARD

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Eligibility Criteria for Atlanta women’s foundation grants

For most AWF awards, the following general eligibility requirements are met:

Basic Eligibility

  • Geographic Scope: At least one of the following metro Atlanta counties must be served by your organization: Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton, or Gwinnett.
  • Tax Status: In order to be eligible, you must be a fiscally sponsored entity connected to a 501(c)(3) or a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
  • Mission Alignment: The goals and initiatives of your company must be in line with AWF’s, which is to empower women and girls in metro Atlanta and solve economic vulnerability.

Program-Specific Standards

There are other qualifying requirements for each AWF grant program that are unique to its goals and emphasis region. Here are a few instances:

  • Women’s Pathway to Success: To be eligible to participate, your organization must provide services in the following five areas: financial literacy, childcare, microenterprise development, workforce development, and employment possibilities.
  • Breaking Barriers: Systemic obstacles to women’s economic growth, like insecure housing, transportation, and childcare availability, must be addressed by your organization.
  • Building Women: Economic Empowerment Program: Programs pertaining to financial literacy, career development, or entrepreneurship must be provided by your organization, and it must assist women who are at or below 200% of the federal poverty line.
  • Encouraging Women’s Mental Health and Well-Being: The priorities for your organization should be to tackle the inequalities in mental health that affect women and to make high-quality mental healthcare services more accessible.

Finding Specific Eligibility Details

The best approach to find out the precise requirements for an AWF grant is to go to their website and look through the Request for Proposals (RFP) for that particular program. The application procedure, due dates, and specific qualifying requirements are all outlined in each RFP. These are available on the AWF website at , under the “Grants” section.

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Application Process for Atlanta women’s foundation grants

Depending on the particular program you’re interested in, there are differences in the application process for grants from the Atlanta Women’s Foundation (AWF). But this is a broad rundown of the procedures involved:

Examine your eligibility first

  • Verify that your company satisfies the fundamental qualifying standards outlined in my earlier reply.
  • Examine the RFP paper carefully to make sure your program fits the target population and AWF’s aims.

Get the application materials ready

  • Assemble the necessary paperwork, including financial statements, program descriptions, and the IRS determination letter for your company.
  • A narrative proposal detailing your program’s objectives, activities, budget, and effect indicators is required for the majority of AWF grant programs.
  • Make sure you adhere to the precise submission and formatting instructions outlined in the RFP.

Send in your application

  • By the time indicated in the RFP, electronically submit your completed application using AWF’s online portal.
  • Before submitting, make sure your application is complete and that all necessary documents are attached.

The Process of Review and Selection

  • Your application will be evaluated by AWF personnel and reviewers in accordance with the program’s priorities and criteria.
  • Those that made the short list might be asked to come in for an interview or site visit to go over their proposal in greater detail.
  • Final funding decisions are made by the AWF Board of Directors.

Grant Award and Notification

  • Within the period given in the RFP, applicants will be informed of the selection outcome.
  • A written letter detailing the award decision and any subsequent actions will be sent by AWF.
  • A grant agreement with the funding amount, terms, and reporting obligations will be sent to you if you are awarded.

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Grants offered by Atlanta women’s foundation grants

A range of grants are available from the Atlanta Women’s Foundation (AWF) to groups that serve women and girls in metro Atlanta and alleviate economic vulnerability. Below is an overview of the main grant programs:

Strategic Grantmaking

  • Women’s Pathway to Success: Offers NGOs that assist women in creating routes out of poverty through peer support, skill development, and financial support multi-year financing and support.
  • Breaking Barriers: Provides funding for initiatives that address structural impediments to women’s economic growth, including disparities in computer literacy, childcare access, and transportation constraints.
  • The Building Women: Economic Empowerment Program provides funding for programs that give women who make up 200% or less of the federal poverty line access to career development, financial literacy, and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Encouraging Women’s Mental Health & Well-Being: Provides funding to institutions that address the inequalities in mental health that affect women and expand their access to high-quality mental health services.

Special Awards

  • Sue Wieland The Embracing Possibility Award is a $20,000 yearly grant given to a standout partner recipient of an AWF grant in recognition of their significant contributions to the Foundation’s goal.

Other Sources of Funding

  • Every now and again, AWF releases news about unique funding programs or partnerships that target particular problems or demographics. These opportunities are advertised via communication channels and on their website.

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Bottom Line

In order to address the underlying reasons of economic weakness, the Atlanta Women’s Foundation (AWF) has been instrumental in empowering women and girls in the metro Atlanta area. AWF has made major contributions to the community through strategic grantmaking, collaborations, and initiatives. These efforts have supported groups that address issues such as mental health, career development, financial literacy, and removing systemic barriers. A long history of successes, significant events, and continuous initiatives to bring about positive change for women and girls are depicted in the timeline. By taking an all-inclusive stance, AWF is still a leader in the area for advocacy, education, and support of women’s economic freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can groups find out if they qualify for funds from the Atlanta Women’s Foundation?

Organizations can determine their eligibility by making sure they fulfill the fundamental requirements, which include serving one or more metro Atlanta counties, possessing the proper tax status (501(c)(3)), and being in line with the goals of AWF.

What are the main grant initiatives that the Atlanta Women’s Foundation offers?

Women’s Pathway to Success, Breaking Barriers, Building Women: Economic Empowerment Program, and Encouraging Women’s Mental Health & Well-Being are just a few of the grant programs that the American Women’s Foundation (AWF) offers.

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