Awesome Foundation Grants Local Chapter

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Awesome Foundation Grants Local Chapter

How To Get Grants from Awesome Foundation – Innovative thinking is essential for Awesome Foundation Grants as it sparks creativity, originality, and unique solutions. The foundation values projects that challenge norms, bringing fresh perspectives to diverse fields. Embracing innovation ensures that the awarded initiatives have a meaningful impact, inspire positive change, and contribute to the awesomeness of communities globally. Innovations that promote kindness, emotional connection to other living beings, and making a better place for people to live must be recognized.

Here are some foundations that encourage these things. There is a rapidly expanding global community called the Awesome Foundation whose sole purpose is to promote the awesomeness of the cosmos. Established during Boston’s sweltering summer of 2009, the Awesome Foundation Grants $1,000 awards to deserving projects and their creators without any conditions attached. Ten or so self-organizing “micro-trustees” contribute to each completely autonomous chapter by putting up cash, checks, or gold doubloons as an initial payment.

Many foundation grants such as the Sogal Foundation, and Tony Robbins Foundation Grants are responsible for giving funds to needy organizations, you can check their eligibility criteria if you are in need.

What are Awesome Foundation Grants?

Awesome Foundation Grants provide funds as scholarships that encourage varied and creative initiatives across many industries. These grants aim to promote creativity and community development. The Awesome Foundation gives $1,000 recurring grants to people and organizations worldwide in many sectors. This foundation covers project and program expenditures, education/outreach, general operational expenses, capital projects, and training/capacity development for creative and impactful projects without a deadline. The Awesome Foundation inspires change makers worldwide, supporting creativity and community development in Armenia, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, and Canada. This flexible and inclusive scholarship allows recipients to implement their inspirational ideas and improve their fields and communities.

Awesome Leaders NFP has $6,093,489 in assets, indicating financial soundness. A $100,000 donation shows the organization’s benevolence. However, the large financial resources reflect a possibility for considerable contributions. The numbers demonstrate the organization’s commitment to its purpose. Awesome Leaders NFP’s strong finances allow it to support causes that coincide with its mission.

Awesome Leaders NFP’s leadership team contributes to its success. CEO Michelle Dilley leads strategically. Senior Director of Marketing and Communications Casey Stelletello manages outreach. As CFO, David Copeland oversees finances to guarantee fiscal prudence. As president, Ann M Drake manages the organization. Director Antonia Shusta aids governance and decision-making. These significant people guide Awesome Leaders NFP to accomplish its goals.

You can learn more about Awesome Foundation Grants at their official website at

Focus Area of Awesome Foundation Grants

Awesome Focus Area Foundation grants cover arts, technology, community development, and more. Many great ventures are innovative, experimental, and surprising. Awesome challenges and inspiration.

You can also check Wilder Foundation Grants if you are willing to serve the community, and are lacking funds. The organization can make the foundation application.

Eligibility for Awesome Foundation Grants

  • Individuals, organizations, and groups are all welcome to apply for grants.
  • You are eligible to apply if you are able to complete the application form.
  • While some chapters may occasionally consider applications from outside their immediate area, the vast majority of chapters demonstrate a clear preference for initiatives that benefit their local communities.
  • Put your best foot forward and submit an application to a chapter that is either close by, has roots in your hometown, or seems like it would be a good fit for your proposal.
  • In such case, you can apply to any of a few themed chapters or choose “Any” from the application form.

If you want to apply, and want to engage with application process, you can visit

Awesome Foundation Grants Application Process

  • Locate the chapter in your area: Since the Awesome Foundation is really a network of separate chapters, you should look for the one that covers your region. The Awesome Foundation website has a rundown of all the chapters.
  • View the rules outlined in the chapter: Different chapters have different standards for what constitutes “awesome.” Prior to applying, make sure you have thoroughly read the criteria.
  • Send in your application: Typically, the application form is brief and uncomplicated. Specify the scope of your project, the resources you will need, and when you anticipate completion.
  • Send in your resume: You may send in your application by email or submit it online when you’ve finished filling it out.

Deadline of Awesome Foundation Grants 

The Awesome Foundation awards are not time-bound like other types of awards. They take applications all the time, so anyone may submit their art creations whenever they want.

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Awesome Foundation Grants Programs 

“When Turtles Fly” by GORDON MURRAY

“When Turtles Fly” highlights the joint rescue mission of scientists, medical experts, and volunteers that took place in Cape Cod Bay in late November to save the lives of Kemp’s ridley sea turtles, who are in risk of extinction due to the cold. Volunteers from Turtles Fly Too ( organize this yearly operation to transport survivors to Jekyll Island for treatment before releasing them back into the Gulf of Mexico. In January 2024, a professor and pilot named GORDON MURRAY launched a video-making initiative called “Awesome Without Borders” to encourage student participation. Contributing to the continuing conservation efforts, these films seek to increase awareness, recruit, and educate additional citizen scientists and pilots.

Camp Rainbow Foundation by Laura Schulte

Laura Schulte’s “Awesome Without Borders” project supports Camp Rainbow. This nonprofit provides free camping for children enduring cancer and blood disease treatment. The proposal proposes an annual bereavement “camp” to fill a vital need for grieving families. This program supports parents, families, and siblings in recovery. The $1,000 initial money from Awesome Without Borders (January 2024) emphasizes the importance of this project for campers and facilitates matching contributions from other modest grants.

Kind Cards for Random People by Athesia Benjamin

The “Awesome Without Borders” project by Athesia Benjamin uses art to raise moods. Athesia distributes colorful cards with uplifting messages in public settings to combat today’s negativity. Recognizing post-pandemic stress and depression, the initiative attempts to provide unexpected delight to daily life. Athesia’s effort, which began with a wish to bring optimism to her workplace, now uses watercolors and detailed die-cut drawings. The initiative brings Athesia excitement and novelty, coinciding with her mission to use art to promote compassion. Awesome Without Borders funded this campaign in January 2024 to spread optimism and kindness.

High Quality, High Volume Spay-Neuter (HQHVSN) and Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) by Kotor Kitties

Kotor Kitties has spayed or neutered 8,200 Montenegrin cats since 2018. A group of Seattle visitors saw sick and suffering cats in Kotor, Montenegro, and saw a chance to start the first High Quality, High Volume Spay-Neuter (HQHVSN) and Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program in the nation. Kotor Kitties joined forces with famous local vets and a CPA on an Advisory Board to replicate Seattle’s humane population control achievements. In addition to surgery, the initiative stresses humane education, Montenegrin vet training, and community assistance. Kotor Kitties, funded by Awesome Without Borders in December 2023, promotes animal care, community building, and economic growth in Montenegro globally.

Latin Wealth by  Christopher Belloso

Awesome Without Borders supported Latin Wealth in December 2023 to address Latino financial literacy needs. The platform teaches business, entrepreneurship, investment, and health to narrow the wealth divide. Latin Wealth empowers its audience by featuring underrepresented Latinos and interviewing business experts. The monetization plan includes ads, webinars, seminars, and business courses. The podcast’s impassioned Puerto Rican founder wants to use its popularity to make financial literacy accessible to Latino communities and provide meaningful growth and empowerment possibilities.

Emergency Travel Funds – Elevated Access by Teuta Harrier

Teuta Harrier’s Awesome Without Borders initiative Emergency Travel Funds – Elevated Access is a non-profit that provides much needed healthcare. Their volunteer pilot network provides free private jet trips for abortion and gender-affirming service seekers nationwide. The initiative seeks funds to keep up with the rising demand for commercial flights in particular conditions. By offering assistance beyond volunteer pilot availability, the project continues to provide vital reproductive care travel, advancing healthcare accessible for all.

Seating for our Urban Farm by Ebony Lunsford Evans 

Ebony Lunsford Evans’s Awesome Without Borders project, “Seating for our Urban Farm,” seeks to enhance a nonprofit’s skills program. The effort is raising funds to build benches surrounding the urban farm’s shaded area so that members of the community may learn gardening and other skills. Adolescents, young adults, and elders will be able to relax and enjoy stories thanks to the expansion’s newly added chairs. By making everyone feel at ease, the program boosts community health and education. Grant funding from Awesome Without Borders will improve access to and participation in urban farms in December 2023.

P.E.A.C.E.F.U.L. Parents / Teens by Tiffany Mensah

Community members in need of comprehensive support will find it in Tiffany Mensah’s “P.E.A.C.E.F.U.L. Parents / Teens,” an Awesome Without Borders program. Peer support groups focused on intervention, prevention, and empowerment are available to youths (13–18 years old) twice a month, both in-person and online. Through social-emotional learning and trauma-informed treatment that is culturally appropriate, these groups offer help. Parents who have fled domestic abuse will have access to trauma-informed treatment and other resources as a result of this program. In order to help teens adjust to their new normal, we will be doing events once every three months to encourage teamwork and strengthen parent-teen interactions. Awesome Without Borders supported this family empowerment and healing initiative in November 2023.

I Forgive You for Dying by Mary Bronaugh

Mary Bronaugh’s breathtaking Awesome Without Borders effort, “I Forgive You for Dying,” examines childhood sorrow via the journey of a daughter to forgive her father, who died in the Vietnam War. This feature-length documentary uses professional interviews, animation in the form of sketches, and historical footage to examine recent developments in child psychology and mental health. Healing from childhood trauma may happen at any age, according to the social impact video, and it also encourages breaking generational mourning. To disseminate game-changing findings in mental health, the program employs top-tier knowledge and compelling narratives. Awesome Without Borders supported this initiative in November 2023 with the hope that it will change people’s views on mental health.

There are many grants, given by the Awesome Foundation Grants, you can check


Awesome Foundation grants support community development, technology, arts, and more. The foundation likes surprises and fresh ideas, thus it encourages risky, inspirational projects. Since the awards are open to everyone, they inspire community improvement globally. The foundation’s flexibility allows persons and groups from animal conservation to financial literacy to contribute. Through Awesome Foundation Grants, people worldwide acknowledge and support the outstanding. This foundation’s decentralized chapters award $1,000 for innovation, risk-taking, and global endeavors. The award includes education and outreach, running costs, capital projects, training and capacity building, and project and program expenditures. Through its wide emphasis areas and strict qualifying standards, the Awesome Foundation fosters innovation and community growth by accepting entries from all sorts of people and groups.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Awesome Foundation Grant?

The Awesome Foundation Grant grants $1,000 to global creative, impactful, and innovative projects. It supports unlimited initiatives, transforming diverse communities worldwide.

What types of projects do they fund?

The Awesome Foundation funds art, technology, community development, and others. They value creative, adventurous, and inspiring projects.

Who can apply for Awesome Foundation Grants?

Eligibility of the Awesome Foundation Grants does not have any difficult criteria. No matter where you are in the globe, you are invited to apply for a grant from the Awesome Foundation. You are free to propose a project concept that can support the foundation’s focus area so long as you can fill out the application.

What are the deadlines for Awesome Foundation Grants?

The Awesome Foundation awards have no deadlines like other types of awards. They take applications all the time, so you can submit your art creations whenever you want.

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