Big Lots Foundation Grant

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Big Lots Foundation Grant

How To Apply and get Big Lots Foundation Grants In this unit, the discussion will take over about the Big Lots Foundation Grants. From closeout stores to discount shopping, the foundation helped individuals save money on all types of things. Foundation Grants have been really helpful, as nowadays there are a number of organizations that are providing such grants. Today, the Big Lots  foundation is responsible for selling food, furniture, seasonal items, gadgets and accessories, home décor, toys, and presents from top brands. The consumers may be on a budget or appreciate the treasure-hunt environment from the foundation. Regardless, they appreciate the surprises and thrill in every shop.

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What are Big Lots Foundation grants?

Big Lots Foundation grants funds to NGOs that aid families and children in US communities excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and South Dakota. Grants go to hunger, housing, healthcare, and education programs. Dedicated to providing friendly service, reliable value, and cost-effective solutions in every season and category – furniture, food, décor, and more – Big Lots, Corp. is a neighborhood retailer with its headquarters located in Columbus, Ohio, and over 1,400 Big Lots shops in 47 states. BIG is the ticker symbol for our stock on the New York Stock Exchange.

Sol Shenk created Big Lots in 1967. Shenk loves making shocking close bargains on car components and other autos. The corporation became Consolidated International in 1970. Consolidated started Odd Lots or Big Lots closeouts in 1982.

The mission of the foundation is carried out by these words “ We Help People Live BIG and Save LOTS” which means people can save their money despite compromising with any living cost. If you are interested and want to more about the Big Lots FOundation’s grants and visions, you can check them out at:

Big Lots Foundation Grant Awards

Big Lots Foundation Grant is open to requests from groups that have an impact on:


  • provide wholesome food or meals.
  • provide food aid in an emergency.
  • teaching people or families the value of eating a nutritious diet.


  • keeping people or families from losing their homes.
  • supplying secure, reasonably priced accommodation.
  • supplying both individuals and families with emergency refuge.

Medical Care 

  • advancing healthcare via instruction and research.
  • provide treatment and information on prevention.
  • provide essential medical treatment at a reasonable cost.


  • a curriculum for service-learning that complies with educational requirements.
  • encouraging servant leadership by education and hands-on training.
  • using innovation to enhance learning results in the classroom.

Eligibility of Big Lots Foundation grant

A grant from the BIG LOTs Foundation application requires an organization to:

  • IRS-approved 501(c)3 public nonprofit charity.
  • Serve our shops (US-wide), distribution centers (Columbus, OH, Tremont, PA, Durant, OK, Montgomery, AL, Rancho Cucamonga, CA), and corporate offices.
  • Do not discriminate.

The foundation prioritizes initiatives with Big Lots associates on the board, committee, or as significant volunteers.

  • Help impoverished families become self-sufficient.
  • From fiscally responsible and board-involved organizations.

Big Lots Foundation Grant Application

If you are interested in getting grants from the Big Lots Foundation Grants, please read the Giving Guidelines mentioned on their website, to see if your organization meets the foundation’s requirements before you send in your application through the foundation’s online application site. Before you send in your request through the application portal, make sure you have your charity tax ID or EIN number ready after reading our instructions.

The application site is currently open all the time for grant and funding requests. Staff at the Big Lots Foundation will let groups know directly three months after the deadline for applications, which is either January 1 or July 1. Please keep in mind that it is important to not call to find out what’s going on with your request. Note: Requests sent by fax, mail, or email will not be looked at.

There are a lot of crucial details to proceed with the application process. You must visit the to know them.

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Big Lots Foundation Grant Recipients

We have found some of the Grant Recipients of Big Lots Foundation. Check them out below:

Nationwide Children’s Hospital

A lot of people don’t pay for or pay attention to behavioral health programs, especially ones for kids and teens. That same year, the Big Lots Foundation promised $50 million to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital (NCH) in Columbus, Ohio. The Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion is the country’s biggest, stand-alone center for treating and researching mental health problems in kids and teens, thanks to a gift that changed everything. You can also visit the for more efforts that were put by the Big Fots Foundation Grants.

With the Big Lots Behavioral Health Scholarship, a graduate student who is seeking education and training in the fields of behavioral or mental health, psychology, or social work can receive a scholarship worth up to $10,000 to support their education and training. Both the Big Lots Foundation and the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Foundation are responsible for the administration of this award.

For more information you can see the

Fresh Start Center

Another important recipient of the Big Lots Foundation is Fresh Start Center. By delivering targeted, sustainability programs that address hunger, poverty, and joblessness, we are building a model for transformative change in individuals, families, and communities.

About 100,000 people in the Fresh Start Center service region are hungry. Fresh Start Center’s food distribution program has fed hundreds of thousands of families and people since 2008. Children from disadvantaged neighborhoods are 1.7 times more likely to be obese than middle class kids. Fresh Start Center wants to provide our neighbors over 400 plants in 2024 to increase local food production and reduce grocery shop visits. The Fresh Start Center aims to provide medical, dental, vision, and health insurance navigation services to 400 Pikes Peak and Eastern Plains families in 2024. The group welcomes class visits to its grounds to teach students about farming and gardening.

Thanks to the Big Lots Foundation, as it helped the Fresh Start Center by giving $2,500 GRANT to address its different programs that are meant to serve the needy people.  For more information, one can visit the page to know the philanthropic work of the Big Lots foundation.

Feeding America

Sometimes individuals must choose between paying rent and eating when the unexpected happens. Big Lots foundation grants assist individuals in receiving nutritious food for themselves and their families by collaborating with Feeding America, the nation’s biggest domestic hunger-relief organization that helps them avoid that painful option. The foundation’s partnership has contributed 80 million pounds of food, or 66 million meals, since 2013.

National Veterans Memorial and Museum

In Columbus, Ohio, you may find the National Veterans Memorial and Museum, an emotional and moving tribute to all those who have answered the call to serve the nation. Through the moving narratives of the nation’s heroes’ personal experiences of duty and sacrifice, this local and national treasure breathes new life into American history for students of all ages, but especially schoolchildren.

This unique cultural institution, which Big Lots helped build, has become a gathering spot for people to honor the country’s soldiers and learn from one another. More than 1,400 stores across the country raised over $1.4 million to support NVMM’s mission of connecting, supporting, and impacting the lives of Gold Star families, Veterans, and their relatives. Workers in Columbus also took part in a Veterans flag installation, and employees across the country wrote sincere thank-you cards to veterans in honor of Veterans Day.

American Heart Association

In America, heart disease claims the lives of more people than any other single health problem. They are the foundation’s clients and associates, and the foundation takes their concerns seriously. Education, awareness-driving events, and the Columbus Go Red for Women Luncheon sponsorship are all part of the foundation’s history of working with the American Heart Association.

Big Lots Foundation increased its dedication even further for 2021. In Big Lots Foundation Grant’s role as a National Wear Red Day match partner for the American Heart Association, it will match online contributions made on that day up to $1 million, spread out over three years. From February 1-14, 2021, the foundation will be collecting donations at Big Lots cash registers to help support the American Heart Association’s objective of being a constant advocate for a world where people live longer and healthier lives.

Also customers can make donations at any Big Lots store’s register from February 1–20, 2023, in support of the effort to combat heart disease, which is the top cause of death for women. Every dollar collected goes toward enhancing women’s heart health via professional development, research, and education. Not only that, but the Big Lots Foundation will match contributions made here and on the Association’s website on National Wear Red Day (Feb. 3) up to $333,333, doubling your effect. With nearly $3.9 million raised for Go Red for Women, the 2022 National Wear Red Day was the most successful to date thanks to the same match.


The Big Lots Foundation gives a lot of money to many good causes, like those that help mental health, fight hunger, help soldiers, and improve heart health. People all over the country have better lives thanks to the foundation’s work with groups like Feeding America, the National Veterans Memorial and Museum, and the Fresh Start Center. The fact that they work with the American Heart Association shows that they want to make people’s lives better by teaching and raising awareness. For more information related to Foundation grants check our website   that facilitates crucial details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Big Lots Foundation grants?

The Big Lots Foundation makes financial donations to nonprofit groups, particularly those that address issues related to food, housing, healthcare, and education programs in communities where Big Lots operates. These awards are named after the Big Lots Foundation.

What is the purpose of Big Lots Foundation grants

The Big Lots Foundation provides grants with the intention of supporting projects that are aimed at assisting families and children in the United States. These efforts are focused on critical areas such as alleviating hunger, ensuring housing stability, advancing healthcare, and the development of educational programs.

What are the focus areas of Big Lots Foundation grants?

The foundation focuses on providing financial assistance to programs that address issues such as food, housing, healthcare, and education for the purpose of assisting families and children

How can my organization apply for Big Lots Foundation grants?

First you have to check your eligibility such as your organization must fall into 501(c)3 status, serving communities where Big Lots operates, and demonstrating a commitment to helping impoverished families. Then, during open application times, your organization may visit the Big Lots Foundation website, go over the Giving Guidelines, and submit applications using the online portal.

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