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CAP Grant Miami Foundation

How To Get CAP Grant Miami Foundation A more equitable and just society is the result of educational opportunities that are accessible to all members, regardless of their socioeconomic status. But many low-income students are excluded from having equal opportunities in this world. One of the most effective ways to help low-income students pay for college is to provide them with grants.

It promotes social mobility, guarantees equal opportunity, and gives voice to disadvantaged pupils in just thirty words. Students are able to devote more time and energy to their studies and the future of our workforce when they receive financial aid in the form of grants. Miami Foundation through its CAP (College Assistance Program) helps the unfortunate students to continue their study and make a bright future.  Go through the article to know more about the CAP Grant Miami Foundation.

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What is the CAP Grant Miami Foundation ?

Established in 1967, The Miami Foundation supports Miami fans. The Miami Foundation strives to strengthen Miami forever. In 50 years, the foundation has spent over $500 million in Greater Miami and holds over $427 million in assets to improve it.

CAP, Inc., a charity, works with The Miami Foundation and the Miami-Dade County School Board. CAP, Inc. helps Miami-Dade County Public School students who have exhausted all federal, state, and institutional financial aid but still need help attending college. Miami-Dade County Public Schools piloted a college help advising program with 10-12 part-time advisers in 1977. They assisted students with financial aid in education. The next year, CAP, Inc. was created to fund the Miami-Dade County Public School’s College Assistance Program (CAP) and give needy graduates scholarships. CAP founder G. Holmes Braddock was on the first CAP, Inc. Board. Miami-Dade County’s longest-serving School Board member is Braddock.

You can check more information about the CAP Miami Foundation Grants at:

Eligibility of CAP Grant Miami Foundation

The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • There should be a financial necessity based on “unmet need” for incoming college.
  • Minimum two years of Miami-Dade County Public High School graduation or G.E.D. achieved after November 1, 1996.
  • If accepted to or enrolled in a post-secondary university for a first undergraduate degree, you must attend full-time (12-18 credits) and use the CAP grant solely for the listed institution.
  • Completing the online application by the deadline is important for the applicants. Please do not email, mail, or fax information.

The CAP Miami Foundation offices will not notify applicants of missing information or attachments.

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Application Process for CAP Grant Miami Foundation

You need to first load the following documents. Please send all essential attachments in a single PDF or JPEG file. To upload multiple-page documents, consolidate them into one. The site only accepts PDF and JPEG.

There are few steps in the application process:

  1. CAP Unmet Need Calculator: Download and complete on the Foundation’s website. Enter the figures into your program. Submit the material online as a PDF.
  2. FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR): Upload all applied-year sheets. Students who are not eligible for US government financial aid might declare they cannot get FAFSA paperwork.
  3. Rising freshmen: Request your 2023-2024 Financial Aid Award Letter from your college or university’s financial aid office if you have not received it. If your school cannot send your 2022-2023 Financial Aid Award letter by the CAP deadline, request an approximated letter.
  4. Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors: Request your 2023-2024 Financial Aid Award letter from your college or university’s financial aid office if you have not received it yet. Submit last year’s (2021-22) Award Letter if your school cannot send your 2023-2024 Financial Aid Award letter before the CAP deadline.
  5. Unofficial college transcript for returning students of sophomore, junior, or senior years – Required for all new and returning candidates. High school transcripts are not required for Miami-Dade Public School freshmen.
  6. For GED diploma: Only GED students can apply for the diploma.

Important note:

  • A completed application does not guarantee funding. This merely ensures evaluation and consideration. Awards are based on attendance at the specified educational institution. Grants provided for full-time attendance at specified schools are not transferable to other institutions due to unmet need. If you move schools or enroll less than full-time, your award will be revoked. Grants are not automatically renewed. You must reapply annually.
  • A committee will evaluate submissions and decide scholarship grants. By July, students will receive an email notification of scholarship selection. The foundation will notify you via your application email therefore, you need to ensure that you have uploaded the correct information.

Contact details of  CAP Grant Miami Foundation

Get in touch with the grant if you have any inquiries regarding the CAP, Inc. scholarship, need assistance with the application, or have any problems using the online portal.

Joane Ketant

Community Investments Officer

The Miami Foundation

[email protected] 

If you have any inquiries regarding contributing to the CAP, Inc. initiative, feel free to reach out to:

Melissa Szaja 

Director Of Philanthropy

The Miami Foundation 

[email protected] 


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Bottom Line

Needy college students need assistance to overcome financial hurdles to education. It promotes social mobility, equality, and empowerment for impoverished kids. Grants simplify finances so students can focus on school and promote a diverse, talented workforce. For graduating seniors from Miami-Dade County Public Schools who are struggling to pay for college, the CAP Grants, a program run by the Miami Foundation and CAP, Inc. It is a lifeline. The application procedure requires the submission of important papers through an online portal, and the qualifying requirements place a priority on financial necessity. Remember that submitting an application does not assure money, but it does guarantee review. The foundation’s long history and substantial financial donations demonstrate its dedication to promoting education.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CAP Miami Foundation Grant?

Promoted by the Miami Foundation, the College Assistant Program helps the needy students of Miami-Dade County Public school who are struggling with their financial condition in completing their college.

How do I apply for the CAP Grant?

To apply, you need to complete the CAP Unmet Need Calculator that is available on the Foundation’s website, submit it online as a PDF. You also need to upload some important required documents such as FAFSA Student Aid Report and college transcripts.

Can I use the CAP Grant for any college?

No. You can not use the CAP Miami Foundation Grants for any college. The grant is specific to listed institutions. It is essential to attend full-time, and you need to keep in mind that a completed application doesn’t guarantee funding. Make sure to reapply annually for consideration.

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