Coleman Foundation Grants Application

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Coleman Foundation Grants Application

Coleman Foundation Grants Application and Guideline – The Coleman Foundation is a private grantmaking organization which was founded by Lester and Anne Coleman in 1953 and it is located in Chicago, Illinois .Its goal is “to invest in the efforts of community-based organizations and local institutions to preserve and strengthen the physical health and the economic and emotional well-being of people living in the greater Chicago region.” Go through the article to know everything about Coleman Foundation Grants.

Awarded Grants By Coleman Foundation

The Coleman Foundation, a major player in the Chicago community, focuses its charitable activities in three main areas with the goal of making a real difference in the lives of locals. Let’s examine these three grantmaking pillars in more detail:

  1. Fostering Entrepreneurial Dreams

  • Mission: Encouraging people to start their own businesses and boost the city’s economy.
  • Programs: The Coleman Foundation funds projects that support would-be entrepreneurs the tools and resources they need to start and grow their enterprises, such as training seminars, microloan programs, and business incubators.
  • Impact: These initiatives create a culture of creativity and independence in the community in addition to creating new enterprises and jobs.

2.Building a Healthier Chicago

  • Mission: Providing high-quality healthcare and rehabilitation services to everybody, with an emphasis on cancer care in particular.
  • Programs: The Foundation supports programs such as cancer screening and treatment programs, low-cost or free medical clinics, and patient and family support services.
  • Impact: By filling the gap for marginalized groups, these initiatives help them receive essential healthcare and lessen the financial and psychological toll that comes with disease.

3.Championing Inclusivity for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities:

  • Mission: Encouraging people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to fully participate in and enjoy their well-being in all facets of communal life.
  • Programs: For people with IDD, the Foundation provides funding to groups that provide social and recreational activities, independent living support, vocational training, and job possibilities.
  • Impact: These programs enable people with IDD to lead happy lives, engage in the workforce, and give back to the community with their special gifts.

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Eligibility Criterias of Coleman Foundation

The following requirements must be satisfied for your organization to be eligible for grants from the Coleman Foundation:

  1. Non-profit status: Be recognized by the Internal Revenue Code as a tax-exempt, non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) or 509(a)(1).
  2. Focus on geography: The Chicago metropolitan areas are the primary focus but programs from abroad are not taken into account.
  3. Type of grant: Project or program grants are available, as the Foundation does not provide funding for ongoing operations or individual grants.

Additional Program-Specific criterias

  1. Entrepreneurship: Initiatives need to concentrate on generating employment, assisting in the expansion of businesses, and promoting the Chicago region’s economy.
  2. Health and Rehabilitation Services: Underprivileged neighborhoods in Chicago should be supported by programs that offer cancer care support, rehabilitation services, or healthcare.
  3. Service Organizations for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Programs should assist people in the Chicago region who have intellectual and developmental disabilities, with an emphasis on social inclusion, independent living, and vocational training.

Unqualified entities of Coleman Foundation

Here’s the list of ineligibility-

  1. People’s private foundations
  2. Profit-making establishments
  3. Non-Chicago metropolitan organizations (unless the program has a major impact there)
  4. programs for books, tickets, or advertising
  5. Annual appeals and general solicitations

Procedure of Application for Coleman Foundation Grant

The Coleman Foundation encourages potential grantees to check their eligibility requirements and application process on their website, even though the majority of awards are given out exclusively by invitation. This might involve sending in an inquiry letter detailing your program and how it fits in with the Foundation’s aims.

Before applying, it’s important to carefully read over the Foundation’s website and any particular program rules. Please ask if you would want more details about any particular programs or the application procedure.

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Building a healthier Chicago with an emphasis on cancer care, supporting inclusivity for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and nurturing entrepreneurial dreams are the three main pillars of the Foundation, which has as its mission strengthening physical health and improving economic and emotional well-being. The Foundation has a significant influence even though its eligibility requirements are strict, focusing only on the Chicago metropolitan area and requiring non-profit status. The Coleman Foundation enables neighborhood organizations to significantly improve the lives of Chicagoans via focused grantmaking. If you are interested to know about foundation grants, visit here 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply to the Coleman Foundation for grants?

Grant-seeking organizations must be recognized by the Internal Revenue Code as tax-exempt non-profit organizations under Section 501(c)(3) or 509(a)(1). They should also focus on serving the Chicago metropolitan area. Although the Foundation does not accept applications from individuals or profit-making organizations, it does accept queries from prospective grantees who fit with its goal and areas of interest.

What areas are the Coleman Foundation’s primary areas of interest when giving grants?

The Coleman Foundation focuses its charitable activities mainly in three areas that includes Encouragement of Entrepreneurial Dreams, Creating a Healthier Chicago and Championing Inclusivity for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

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