How ExxonMobil Foundation Grants Empower Communities

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How ExxonMobil Foundation Grants Empower Communities

How To Get Grants from ExxonMobil Foundation Grants– Social equality and sustainable development require women’s empowerment. By giving women education, economic opportunity, and equal rights, civilizations gain diversity, economic progress, and well-being. Gender empowerment builds resilient communities and an inclusive, equitable society. via the Women’s Economic Opportunity Initiative, ExxonMobil Foundation empowers women via entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and agriculture.

The foundation has improved women’s worldwide well-being, education, and economic opportunity with $128 million in gifts since 2005. ExxonMobil Foundation helps people globally by solving immediate needs, promoting sustainable development, and working with organizations to improve education, health, environment, and community development.

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What are ExxonMobil Foundation Grants?

One of the biggest oil and gas corporations in the world, Exxon Mobil Corporation, has a main charitable arm called the ExxonMobil Foundation. Educational, ecological, community and health-related groups are among those that get funding from the foundation.

Approximately 2,900 individuals from ExxonMobil’s workforce, including retirees and family members, dedicated over 168,000 hours in 2022 to support more than 1,450 nonprofits in 19 different countries. A total of over $12 million was contributed to 664 US schools and universities, as well as minority scholarship programs, by over 2,400 workers, retirees, directors, and surviving spouses. For the year 2022, the ExxonMobil Foundation matched such contributions with gifts totaling over $11.7 million.

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Focus Areas of ExxonMobil Foundation Grants


The main goal of the foundation is to fund math, scientific, IT, and engineering programs in underrepresented populations. Examples include the Educational Alliance, which has pledged over $40 million to STEM education, and the Educational Matching Gift Program, which matches employee and retiree contributions to educational institutions. The Foundation funds vocational and technical education programs through community college grants.

Culture and the Arts

Additionally, they provide financial assistance to cultural organizations and initiatives that aim to improve the quality of life for the people living in the areas that they serve.

Employee Match

On a two-to-one or one-to-one basis, the Foundation will match the contributions made by employees and retirees to charitable organizations that meet the criteria.

Good Neighbor Grant Program

Within the locations in which ExxonMobil has business, this program offers financial assistance to local groups known as grants.

Community Development

Within the realms of health, economic development, and disaster relief, the Foundation offers financial assistance in the form of grants to local communities all over the world.


It is the mission of the Foundation to provide financial assistance to initiatives that aim to preserve biodiversity, advance sustainable resource management, and combat climate change. In addition to this, they provide financial support to initiatives that educate the general public about environmental concerns and encourage environmentally responsible behaviors. If you are looking for financial help for your organization to serve the community, you can check Cade Foundation Family Building Grants, and grab great deals from it.

Eligibility for ExxonMobil Foundation Grants

  1. Types of Organizations

The vast majority of funding goes to public educational institutions and 501(c)(3) organizations such as:

  • Establishments that provide instruction (such as schools and colleges)
  • Groups in the community working to improve society
  • Conservation groups
  • Historical and artistic landmarks
  1. Project Areas

The following are some of ExxonMobil’s charitable priorities when reviewing grant proposals

  • Fostering a workforce that is proficient in STEM fields in terms of education.
  • Community development includes economic growth, social assistance, and catastrophe relief.
  • Conservation efforts and environmental studies
  • Cultural and artistic institutions: archives, art galleries
  1. Additional Requirements

  • The application deadlines and forms for most programs are rather strict.
  • All projects need to have well-defined objectives, a strategy for long-term success, and a way to measure progress.
  • Businesses must show that they have solid financial policies and procedures in place.

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Application Process of ExxonMobil Foundation Grants

  1. Finding a program that aligns with the overarching goals and objectives of your company should be your first step. The ExxonMobil Foundation primarily fundraises in the following four areas:
  • Education should prioritize workforce development, educational equity, and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.
  • Generally speaking, community development includes funding initiatives that enhance quality of life and fortify communities.
  • Environmental protection and the promotion of sustainable development are of the utmost importance.
  • Health on a global scale: addressing critical health concerns around the globe.
  1. There are specific criteria that participants in each program must meet. Considerations may include the organization’s kind, location, and financial soundness. Make sure your company meets the program’s criteria by reviewing them.
  2. You can begin building your application once you have selected a program and confirmed your eligibility. While specifics may differ from one program to another, most programs ask for:
  • You need a synopsis of the business. Defining the purpose, goals, and leadership of your group is an excellent first step.
  • The project’s objectives, parameters, procedures, and deliverables should be defined.
  • A comprehensive budget outlining all of the project’s expenses and where the money will come from is required.
  • The program may also want financial records and letters of recommendation. Kindly furnish them.
  1. The standard application process for the ExxonMobil Foundation is through their website. The specific program determines the application deadline.
  2. Each application receives the undivided attention of the ExxonMobil Foundation. The review process could extend over several weeks or months.
  3. You can expect an email notification from the Foundation to inform you of their decision. You will discover the terms and conditions of the grant agreement with your grant award.

Contact details of ExxonMobil Foundation Grants

Here are a few means of getting in touch with the ExxonMobil Foundation Grants

Phone: 1-973-731-2333.


ExxonMobil Foundation Grants Grantees For education 

ExxonMobil and the ExxonMobil Foundation have invested $1.6 billion in education since 2000, including $30 million in 2022. Innovative educational solutions show the company’s dedication to education. In Angola, ExxonMobil built 26 primary schools with Educate A Child and RISE International. This effort tackled physical learning hurdles by enrolling 30,000 kids from Luanda, Benguela, and Bié who had never attended school.

National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI)

ExxonMobil backed the US National Math and Science Initiative to boost education. In 2007, the company helped create NMSI, a comprehensive program that improves math and science education by encouraging student involvement and achievement in Advanced Placement curriculum. The NMSI has taught over 6,500 teachers and helped over 2.7 million children in 1,800 U.S. school districts since 2007. An MSI expansion into Texas and New Mexico Permian Basin high schools underscores ExxonMobil’s commitment to educational excellence and innovation.


The areas where ExxonMobil and its foundation do business greatly benefit from the company’s philanthropic and social programs. The company, in conjunction with regional authorities and other interested parties, funded initiatives that enhanced the quality of life for many. Their combined 2022 donations of $158 million will go toward global strategic goals, with a focus on education (especially STEM education), the battle against malaria, and the economic empowerment of women.

Women’s Economic Empowerment 

In 2018 and 2019, ExxonMobil generously supported women’s economic growth through contributions and activities. International Women’s Day, the Women’s Economic Opportunity Initiative, and the corporation’s other 2019 charitable giving totaled $5 million. Emphasizing ExxonMobil’s dedication to women’s economic development, this ongoing engagement boosted women entrepreneurs, financial literacy, and agricultural output. In 2018, the company donated $7 million to similar initiatives, such as “She Counts” that aims to increase women’s access to financial services. Overseas groups, supplier diversity initiatives, and partnerships with the United Nations Foundation received $128 million from ExxonMobil between 2005 and 2022. With this substantial gift, ExxonMobil demonstrates its commitment to advancing gender equality, social justice, and environmental sustainability on a global scale.

Harris and Montgomery Counties

As part of its Community Summer Jobs Program, the ExxonMobil Foundation is distributing over $100,000 in grants to 36 chosen nonprofit groups in Harris and Montgomery Counties. Each organization will have a paid college intern on staff for eight weeks throughout the summer to help with essential tasks thanks to the funds from the Foundation.


The ExxonMobil Foundation, based in Irving, Texas, has promised Conservation International $10 million to help build a healthy economy in Guyana. The promise will make it easier for Conservation International, the University of Guyana, and local groups to work together over the next five years. The goal of the program is to help people get training for long-term jobs, increase environmental efforts backed by the community, and work with Guyana’s Green State Development Plan. With this money, Guyana can also do a feasibility study, run teaching programs, and start conservation projects. This shows that the country is serious about matching economic growth with environmental protection and sustainable management. The relationship shows that the ExxonMobil Foundation is serious about promoting sustainable development.

Educational Matching Gift Program

In 2016, ExxonMobil Foundation helped higher education with almost $50 million in matching gifts. ExxonMobil workers, retirees, directors, and surviving spouses donated $17.5 million under the project. After matching these donations, the ExxonMobil Foundation gave $32.6 million in unrestricted grants to over 850 universities and organizations. Qualification institutions including the American Indian College Fund, Hispanic Scholarship Fund, and United Negro College Fund get three-to-one donor pledge matching up to $7,500. It shows ExxonMobil’s dedication to education.

For Combating Malaria

ExxonMobil Foundation has led the battle against malaria since 2000, pledging $10 million in awards for World Malaria Day 2013. Since providing over $179 million, the corporation has helped fight the terrible illness worldwide. This enormous funding has enabled actions that benefit over 175 million people. ExxonMobil provides bed nets, antimalarials, fast diagnostic kits, and health worker training. This deliberate investment has greatly reduced malaria-related fatalities and infections.

The ExxonMobil Foundation’s grants to Africare, Jhpiego, Malaria No More, Medicines for Malaria Venture, UNICEF, UN Foundation, USAID, and Population Services International demonstrate a collaborative approach to malaria. ExxonMobil can help these groups keep malaria eradication efforts going by using its expertise. The company’s longstanding involvement shows its commitment to corporate social responsibility and the relevance of global health collaboration.

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Sustainable development and social fairness require women’s empowerment. Equal rights, education, and economic opportunity for women improve variety, growth, and well-being. Thanks, ExxonMobil Foundation Grants for understanding women’s advancement. The ExxonMobil Foundation Grants aid to education, health, the environment, and community development globally. The foundation addresses urgent needs and promotes long-term improvement via education, malaria prevention, women’s economic empowerment, and community assistance. The foundation works with Educate A Child, Conservation International, and RISE International to enhance the future. The foundation may continue to promote global well-being, education, and opportunity using its resources, knowledge, and connections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ExxonMobil Foundation?

The ExxonMobil Foundation is a prominent charity inside the world-renowned oil and gas business. The foundation funds education, healthcare, environmental preservation, and community development.

What are the main focus areas of ExxonMobil Foundation Grants?

The main focus areas of ExxonMobil Foundation Grants are education (particularly STEM), arts and culture, employment match programs, community development (health care, economic growth, and disaster help), and environmental projects. Public schools, community groups, environmental protection programs, and arts organizations get most Foundation funding.

Who may apply for grants from the ExxonMobil Foundation?

It is the public schools, nonprofit organizations, community groups, environmental projects, and cultural or historical places that are the principal recipients of financing from the Foundation.

How can organizations apply for ExxonMobil Foundation Grants?

To apply, your organization must find the right program on the Foundation’s website, read the qualifying requirements, fill out a full application, and send it online. The Foundation carefully considers your application, and if selected, the foundation will send you an email.

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