Fender Play Foundation Grants For Music Education

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Fender Play Foundation Grants For Music Education

How To Get Grants from Fender Play Foundation Grants – Community music education increases creativity, cognition, and social harmony. A common language empowers people and enriches culture. Therefore there are some foundations such as the Fender Play Foundation that fund musical instruments to organizations to support music art.  The Guitar Center Music Foundation changed its name to the Fender Music Foundation in 2005. Larry Thomas started it in Westlake Village, California, after he left as CEO of Guitar Center, Inc. Starting in 2006, the foundation raised $765,000.

At the end of that year, it gave out its first awards. Their funds helped more than 10,000 people in 20 states by the end of 2007. It has been around since 2005 and has helped over 187,000 people of all ages in cities and towns big and small across the country. The process of changing the name of the foundation was not ended in 2005. In 2019,  Fender Music Foundation got its new name The Fender Play Foundation. The Fender Play Foundation, formerly the Fender Music Foundation, is the philanthropic arm of the iconic guitar and musical instrument manufacturer Fender. The foundation aims to “empower self-expression and community building everywhere” by supporting musical instruction for young people. It supports various schools, local and national music programs, and music therapy programs with donations in the form of musical instruments, equipment, and instruction.

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What are Fender Play Foundation Grants?

The Fender Play Foundation gives instruments and other music-related gear to music-teaching programs that qualify. People from manufacturers and stores have given us these gently used, damaged, or otherwise flawed things. Certain programs will be able to read descriptions of the specific flaws in each instrument.

Based on the answers they give on the Grant Candidate Form, previously known as Fender Music Foundation, Fender Play Foundation will choose groups that want up to eight instruments. Make sure to check “Yes” for question 10 of the form if your program needs more than 8 instruments. The Fender Play Foundation will accept your program for 8 instruments if it is chosen, and they may also choose your program to make a video entry for more instruments. Please keep in mind that answering “Yes” to question 10 will not make it less likely that you will be chosen to receive 8 instruments.

A total of 65 groups have received financial assistance, instruments, and equipment from the foundation as of this moment. Among these recipients are educational institutions, community music centers, therapeutic music programs, and educational centers for those who are about to be released from jail. Through the month of March 2008, funding had been distributed to programs in 24 states. Because they get a large number of grant applications each year, the foundation’s list of initiatives that it supports is always expanding.

For more information, you can check the official website of Fender Play Foundation, available at https://www.fenderplayfoundation.org/

Focus Area of Fender Play Foundation Grants

The Foundation’s primary focus areas and goals are to


Establish access points for the education of young people, as well as supply educational institutions, schools, and organizations with the necessary equipment to enable them to submit grant applications.


Provide pupils with access to resources that are necessary for learning. The Fender Play Foundation will endeavor to cover the cost of teachers, and it will also give memberships to Fender Play in exchange for donations and instrument drops.


Work with Fender Play Foundation Artist Ambassadors, who will contribute their time to encourage young people through instrument drops and appearances in local areas. encourage: Work with Fender Play Foundation Artist Ambassadors. For the benefit of the Foundation, each and every musician ambassador will provide autographed instruments and memorabilia destined for sale.

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Eligibility for Fender Play Foundation Grants

Participants must be studying music production skills for the program to be considered a music teaching program. Anyone can take part, regardless of age. But it can’t be a music appreciation or entertainment program, and no working musicians may be a part of it. One of these four types of programs is required to be considered qualified.

  • Classroom instruction where students compose and perform original music
  • Music activities are offered after school by organizations other than the school
  • Community music initiatives provide local residents with access to music education
  • Healing music programs, where the patients perform their own musical compositions

In addition, the program must meet the following five criteria:

  1. All programs must be run by US-based public schools or nonprofits with 501(c)(3) status.
  2.  There is no discrimination against anyone because of their level of musical talent.
  3. The cost is far lower than what it would be at the market if people were to pay to take part.
  4. After a year of operation, the program is still going strong.
  5. At least eight months out of every year, every participant in the program gets music lessons. (the foundation will not be considered for camps or seminars.)
  6. The group is positive that the initiative will continue for the time being regardless of whether they get funding from The Fender Music Foundation.

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Type of Awards of Fender Play Foundation Grants

Although the Fender Play Foundation does not distribute cash grants, it does support music education and school programs in low-income communities through a variety of in-kind gifts. Contact is welcome at Fender, despite the fact that this funder is not reachable.

  • The group is now giving out bass guitars, acoustic-electric guitars, electric guitars, acoustic-electric guitars, and all the accessories that go along with them. On occasion, though, you could find other classic musical instruments for sale. Classical musical instruments encompass a wide range of sounds, from strings and woodwinds to brass and percussion, keyboards and the human voice.
  • The Fender Music Foundation does not provide access to laptops or DJ gear.

Application Process of Fender Play Foundation Grants

The application process includes the following questions. The questions must be clear from the applicants’ side.

  • You should explain to the Fender Music Foundation the nature of your music education program and the reasons why you are in need of a grant in your application. Note that you must include:
  • A description of your program, including its objectives, the people intended to participate, and the curriculum
  • Details on the music instructors you have attended.
  • Your financial strategy, as well as your intentions about the grant money
  • letters of support from members of the community or the partners involved

Deadline for Fender Play Foundation Grants

The deadline for submission of applications is normally in the spring. Additionally, the precise deadline will be published on the website of the Fender Play Foundation. Do regular check at https://www.fenderplayfoundation.org/

Fender Play Foundation Grantees

Here are some organizations that the Fender Music Foundation or the newly known as Fender Play Foundation provides its support to enhance music education.

Adopt the Arts

Adopt the Arts is an organization that advocates for the preservation and development of arts programs in public schools across the United States. The Fender Play Foundation (FPF) made a large donation of guitars, ukuleles, and basses to these schools. This partnership between FPF and Adopt the Arts gives aspiring musicians within Adopt the Arts the ability to empower themselves, making their musical journey easier and encouraging a passion for music education.

Service’s Centennial Service Campaign

Through the facilitation of the distribution of 2,000 California Coast Series ukuleles and 750 Classic Design and FA Series acoustic guitars, soft cases, and Fender Play subscriptions to public and charter schools in Hawaii, the Fender Play Foundation is going to lend its support to Servco’s Centennial Service Campaign. The goal of this effort is to provide access to music education for more than 8,550 children across 55 schools located across the Hawaiian Islands. The goal is to cultivate a passion for music education and to enhance the learning experience by including the joy of playing instruments.

Notes for Notes

The Fender Play Foundation provided financial assistance to Notes for Notes, an organization that supports young people by providing them with free access to recording studio conditions and musical instruments. Through the provision of guitars, ukuleles, and basses, the FPF gives young musicians the opportunity to develop their creative potential in a professional studio environment, therefore boosting their musical abilities and learning experiences.

Boys & Girls Club of Metro Los Angeles – Watts-Willowbrook Clubhouse

In partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Los Angeles, Watts-Willowbrook Clubhouse, Fender Play Foundation is building an interactive space equipped with Squier guitars, basses, Rumble and Champion amplifiers, accessories, and Fender Play e-learning stations. This initiative provides over 200 youth members with a creative and safe environment to learn guitar, ukulele, and bass during 44 weeks of instruction subsidized by the Foundation.


Musack Fender Play Foundation has extended its commitment to music education by gifting instruments to Musack, an organization that is committed to providing youngsters in impoverished communities with musical instruments and instruction at no cost to them. Because of this agreement, aspiring musicians who are enrolled in Musack programs will have access to high-quality instruments and tools, the tools will allow them to begin their journey and pursue their musical dreams.

Young Musicians Foundation

The aim of the Young Musicians Foundation is to foster the creative growth of young musicians, and the Fender Play Foundation is committed to supporting this mission effort. The FPF contributes to the enrichment of the musical landscape for budding artists by providing guitars, ukuleles, and basses. This helps to create an atmosphere, where the skills can blossom and contribute to the musical world that is so dynamic.


Music improves cognitive, emotional, and social growth. It promotes creativity, discipline, and collaboration. Community music education allows expression regardless of socioeconomic background. It fosters a passion for learning, academic success, and community. Music education helps create well-rounded people and lively, linked civilizations. The Fender Play Foundation, originally the Fender Music Foundation, promotes self-expression and community via music education. Since its 2005 founding, it has inspired over 187,000 people in varied areas to embrace music via instrument gifts, equipment, and education. The foundation expands its music education and instrument availability by cooperating with Adopt the Arts, Notes for Notes, Boys & Girls Club, Servco’s Centennial Service Campaign, Musack, and the Young Musicians Foundation. Music transforms lives, and Fender Play Foundation’s grant programs inspire, educate, and equip the next generation of musicians.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fender Play Foundation?

The Fender Play Foundation teaches music. Schools and community institutions that teach music receive instruments. They want to share music and enable kids to express themselves.

Who can participate in the Fender Play Foundation grants?

Anyone learning music can participate, regardless of age. But the curriculum should teach music making, not just listening. Schools, after-school programs, community centers, and therapeutic music programs can use it.

How can my music program get instruments from the Fender Play Foundation?

The Fender Play Foundation only supports US initiatives. You need 501(c)(3) public schools or organizations in the U.S. to conduct your program. This ensures people support the proper initiatives.

Can I apply for a grant if my music program is not in the United States?

The Fender Play Foundation only supports US initiatives. You need 501(c)(3) public schools or organizations in the U.S. to conduct your program. This ensures people support the proper initiatives.

Do I have to pay to get instruments from the Fender Play Foundation?

No, absolutely not. You do not have to pay Fender Play Foundation for its help. The Fender Play Foundation gives instruments and music-related items, not money. Helping music programs in low-income areas is a gift.

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