How Do I Apply for Gap Foundation Grant Application

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Gap Foundation Grant Application

How To Get Grants from Gap Foundation Grants – Community development is essential for social cohesiveness, economic growth, and well-being. It allows citizens to shape their surroundings, promotes sustainability, and builds resilient, vibrant neighborhoods. Community development improves infrastructure, education, and local resources, giving different populations access to opportunities and assistance. Thanks to Gap Foundation Grants. 

The company’s philanthropic spirit drives Gap Foundation Grants and demonstrates its dedication to community participation and corporate generosity. Established in 1969, these funds promote inclusiveness, equity, and community well-being. These gifts go beyond traditional giving to support Gap Foundation’s education, employment, financial, and community development goals. Take Five Volunteering and the Community Leader Program show Gap Inc. workers’ community commitment. Contributions to CARE, Airlink, and the UN Solidarity Response Fund during the COVID-19 epidemic demonstrate Gap Foundation’s worldwide commitment to meaningful generosity. Gap Foundation Grants demonstrate corporate responsibility and improve communities worldwide through a diverse approach.

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Key Takeaways

  • Awarded by the charitable arm of Gap Inc.
  • Focuses on education, employment, financial empowerment, and community development.
  • Grants support programs aligned with Gap Inc.’s values of diversity, equity, and community well-being.
  • Gap Inc. employee volunteer programs encourage community engagement.

What are Gap Foundation Grants ?

To assist organizations and activities that coincide with the objective of the Gap Foundation, the charitable arm of clothing retailer Gap Inc., gives out financial prizes called Gap Foundation Grants.

In 1969, catering to everyone’s needs meant more than simply finding pants that fit 6’4” founder Don Fisher; it meant making the retail experience accessible to everyone. Back when most women weren’t even expected in the building, let alone in the boardroom, it meant that Doris Fisher had the same equity stake in the firm as her husband.

An unfaltering dedication to the well-being of teams, consumers, and communities has been exhibited by Gap Foundation Grants. In addition to its long-standing relationships with local manufacturers and community groups, Gap Inc.’s approximately 1,000 workers in India are helping with the increasing worldwide reaction to support the COVID-19 recovery effort in the country. The COVID-19 recovery operation is receiving funding from the Gap Foundation. This is being distributed to CARE and Airlink separately.

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Focus Area of Gap Foundation Grants

The core areas, where the Gap Foundation focuses.

Education and workforce development

Providing youth with occupational training, educational opportunities, and technological resources so they can thrive in the workforce.

Financial empowerment

By providing resources for business, financial education, and access to financing, the Gap Foundation aims to assist people and families in achieving financial security.

Community development

Funding programs that encourage community involvement, rebuild dilapidated areas, and provide safe havens for young people.

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Types of Gap Foundation Grants

Community Engagement Programs

Among them, employees can participate in volunteerism through programs like Money for Time and Field Team Grants. The programs allow the Gap employees to donate to organizations that they have partnered with for volunteer activities.

Strategic Grantmaking

While particular initiatives may evolve over time, this mostly addresses broad themes like LGBTQ+ equality and employment development.

Eligibility for Gap Foundation Grants

Your eligibility for a Gap Foundation Grant is conditional on the program in where you wish to participate. My findings are as follows:

Gap Inc. Employee Engagement and Corporate Giving

  • No one can apply to use these programs. These are for the benefit of the volunteer groups who work with Gap Inc. workers.

City Climate Finance Gap Fund

  • Participating cities must be located in one of the developing or emerging economies on the ODA-OECD DAC list.
  • Any project worth its salt will have a focus on either reducing the severity of climate change or finding ways to adapt to it.
  • Approval is conditional on the applicant’s promise to complete the project and raise further funds.

G.A.P. Fund for Youth (Grand Foundation)

  • Anyone living in Grand County full-time between the ages of 1 and 18 is eligible to participate in this program.
  • Income, family dynamics, and unanticipated events are all factors that determine eligibility for funding.

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Application Process of Gap Foundation Grants

Here are a few steps in the application process,

  1. Take the time to read the grant requirements: There are unique criteria and standards for each financing opportunity. Before beginning the application process, please read them thoroughly.
  2. Send in an optional letter of intent: Before submitting a full application, candidates are required to submit a letter of intent for some funding opportunities. Here you may express your interest in the funding while also providing a brief overview of your organization and project.
  3. Fill out the application completely: When asked to fill out a comprehensive application, be sure you do it right by following all of the directions. A brief overview of your company, project, finances, and strategy for assessment should all be part of your application.
  4. Keep waiting for a verdict: It may take a few months for the Gap Foundation to complete the screening process. You can expect to get an email with the decision’s details.

Gap Foundation Grants Grantees

Here are some past grantees of the Gap Foundation


Strategic donations from the Gap Foundation are having a major effect on the battle against the COVID-19 epidemic. The creation of four or five COVID-19 care facilities is the primary focus of CARE’s large $100,000 grant. In order to improve the ability of local communities to provide essential healthcare services, these facilities will be placed in heavily populated regions with high infection rates.


More than that, Airlink will be able to transport 80 to 100 tons of vital goods to areas that are in need thanks to $50,000 from the Gap Foundation. Giving back to communities hit hard by the epidemic and making sure vital supplies get to those places is what this award is all about.

UN Solidarity Response

Giving $150,000 to the UN Solidarity Response Fund is a global gesture that shows how dedicated the Gap Foundation is. Worldwide, people are working together to fight the devastating effects of COVID-19, and this major donation will help the World Health Organization (WHO) and its friends in this fight.

Women in Global Value Chains.

Additionally, the innovative mindset is on display through the Gap Foundation’s involvement as an investor and founding partner of the Resilience Fund for Women in Global Value Chains. Critical financing for locally-led solutions to crises like the continuing COVID-19 outbreak may be secured through this project. The project intends to pool at least $10 million over the next three years. This highlights the dedication of Gap Foundation to provide long-term, meaningful assistance to communities around the globe.

Social contribution 

To fulfill its mission of being a positive social impact, Gap Inc. relies on the active participation of its employees and the generosity of its corporate donors. The organization promotes a culture that encourages workers to actively participate in their local communities and make significant contributions to important causes, building on a tradition of community participation. Beyond the scope of conventional charity, this strategy places premium on events, programs, and service opportunities organized by and for employees. With approximately 250,000 hours of volunteerism in 2022, Gap Inc. proved to be a major player. Impressively, the company’s financial contributions totaled $26.9 million, included cash donations from Gap Inc. and Gap Foundation. This demonstrates a deep dedication to improving the communities that the firm serves.

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Gap Foundation’s Program

P.A.C.E. (Partners Achieving Community Excellence)

Grants from this program go to groups who are already collaborating with Gap Inc. workers. Education, job training, and housing are some of the community needs-based initiatives that get the subsidies.

This Way Ahead

Internships with financial compensation are available to youth from disadvantaged areas through this program. Interns get experience in the retail sector by working in Gap Inc. stores.

Take Five volunteering

The Gap Foundation gives its exempt workers the opportunity to volunteer five hours per month while they are “on the clock,” giving them the freedom to choose how they want to help the issues that matter to them.

Community Leader Program

Community leaders inspire their teams to give back to the places they call home, whether it’s via company-wide programs or partnerships with area nonprofits that put our workers’ skills to good use.

Volunteer Rally

Every year in the fall, teams from Gap Inc. headquarters compete with their respective districts and regions to see who can get the most employees to do little acts of kindness throughout the day.

Field Team Grants

Each qualifying community group can apply for a $250 award for every 25 hours that a member of the shop staff volunteers to help them.

Money for Time

At the end of the year, for every fifteen hours that an employee volunteers, the Money for Time Gap Foundation gives $150 to the affiliated organization.

Donation Match

The Donation Match Gap Foundation will match employee contributions dollar for dollar, up to $1,000 for part-time employees and $15,000 for full-time employees.

Board Service

Organizations that qualify for financing from the Board Service Gap Foundation get grants when qualified staff leaders serve on the board of directors.

Walk for Water

In honor of World Water Day in March, our staff take part in the Walk for Water to raise money and awareness for causes related to the lack of access to water that women experience on a worldwide scale. In observance of the average daily distance that women throughout the globe must travel in search of water, hundreds of Gap Foundation employees from all corners of the globe walk 1.2 miles each year.

Partnership with GLIDE

More than 20 years ago, Gap Inc. teamed up with GLIDE, a nonprofit that provides food, housing, healthcare, and family services to those in need, whose headquarters are in San Francisco, the city where Gap Foundation is situated. Every year, the employees of the Gap Foundation give out nearly 5,000 bags of food to those in need, send 100 kids on a shopping spree at Old Navy, and work together through the Adopt a Family program to grant the holiday gift wishes of hundreds of Bay Area kids, teens, and families.

Selvage Fund

This disaster relief fund, named after the tightly woven edge of fabric that keeps it from unraveling or fraying, is here to help Gap Inc. employees when they need it.

Contact Details of Gap Foundation

Global Address: San Francisco, 2 Folsom St., San Francisco, CA 94105

Phone: 1-800-333-7899


You can check the contact details according to your location, here


The Gap Foundation Grants, the philanthropic arm of Gap Inc., promotes community participation and corporate generosity. In 1969, the corporation launched these funds to promote inclusion, equity, and community well-being. Based on the company’s beliefs, Gap Foundation Grants promotes education, career development, financial empowerment, and community development.

The Take Five Volunteering and Community Leader Programs demonstrate Gap Inc.’s employees’ commitment to helping others. Gap Foundation’s global dedication to meaningful and effective giving is shown by its contributions to CARE, Airlink, and the UN Solidarity Response Fund during the COVID-19 epidemic. Gap Foundation’s numerous activities and collaborations demonstrate corporate responsibility and influence communities globally.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What are Gap Foundation Grants?

The charity arm of Gap Inc. offers Gap Foundation Grants to groups that support its goals. These 1969 awards support education, employment development, financial empowerment, and community development. They demonstrate Gap Inc.’s dedication to diversity, equity, and community well-being.

What is the primary focus of Gap Foundation Grants?

The Gap Foundation Grants program supports groups and programs that reflect the company’s aims in diversity and inclusion, economic empowerment, education, employment, and community health.

How does Gap Inc. encourage employee engagement in social causes?

Taking Five Gap Inc. encourages volunteering, the Community Leader Program, and the Volunteer Rally to get workers active in their business and the community. These initiatives allow workers to support their causes and change the world.

What is the global impact of Gap Foundation’s philanthropy during the COVID-19 pandemic?

During the COVID-19 epidemic, the Gap Foundation donated heavily to CARE, Airlink, and the UN Solidarity Response Fund. These contributions help fight the epidemic and maintain healthcare facilities globally.

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