How To Apply For Grant County Community Foundation Grants Scholarship

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Grant County Community Foundation Grants Scholarship

How To Get Foundation Grants from Grant County Community Foundation Grants Scholarship –  A healthy and balanced community must prioritize arts and culture, healthcare and human services, housing, and community and environmental development. Arts and culture enhance social life, healthcare assures resident well-being, and housing, community, and environmental development build sustainable, inclusive settings. A community may foster creativity, health, social equality, and resilience and harmony by focusing on these areas. This multifaceted approach boosts community vitality and sustainability.

Thanks to the Grant County Community Foundation. Grant County Community Foundation Grants improve lives and boost prosperity. Grants enable organizations to expand services, create scholarships, and increase well-being by funding healthcare, education, and community development. The foundation’s arts, cultural, and environmental programs enhance communal life. These programs spread good change and build resilience and prosperity in Grant County through a targeted and diversified approach. The foundation promotes community progress, togetherness, and quality of life.

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Key Takeaways

  • Grant County Community Foundation (GCCF) awards grants to support arts, culture, healthcare, housing, and community development in Grant County, Kansas.
  • Organizations must be 501(c)(3) or government-exempt to qualify, but those outside Grant County can partner with a fiscal agent.
  • GCCF prioritizes projects that enhance well-being, inclusivity, and prosperity.
  • They consider strong project proposals, community needs assessment, and achievable goals with measurable outcomes.

What are Grant County Community Foundation Grants?

Grant County Community Foundation Grants connects Grant County citizens with causes they care about and offers flexible, accountable, and meaningful ways to make current and will donations to groups and organizations they care about.

To help specific organizations, several charities, a sector of philanthropic interests, or the community’s biggest needs, GCCF accepts gifts. All donations, from basic to sophisticated, benefit from foundation knowledge, direction, and monitoring. Under IRS Section 501(c)3, Grant County Community Foundation is a tax-exempt public charity. GCCF’s voluntary board of directors includes different community leaders. The Board of Directors meets regularly and annually in November.

When the Grant County Community Foundation (GCCF) became independent in December 2017, Judy, a Grant County native, became Executive Director. Judy graduated from Mundelein College, a Loyola University Chicago campus, and Grant County Rural High School. She spent 28 years in Grant County Bank’s loan department, 10 as Senior Vice President and Chief loan Officer.

Grant County Community Foundation supports philanthropic community needs via donor donations.  Some awards have specified financing requirements, while others are more flexible.  But all our grants have the ability to change things.  The grant program is the GCCF’s spirit and motivation. If you are interested in learning more about the Grant County Community Foundation Grants, you can visit the

Focus Area of Grant County Community Foundation Grants

In an effort to meet the many needs of the Grant County community, the GCCF distributes grants in a number of different categories. Their main areas of interest are as follows:

  1. Arts and Culture

The GCCF funds arts education, artist workshops, and cultural events that make Grant County’s culture scene better.

  1. Healthcare and Human Services

These grants help programs that make it easier for people to get medical care, get mental health help, and get social services. The goal is to improve the health and well-being of people in Grant County.

  1. Housing and Community Development

The GCCF puts money into programs that support cheap housing, community development projects, and attempts to make neighborhoods more liveable.

  1. Environment

Grants in this area support projects that protect the environment and encourage sustainability, such as those that use green energy, protect land, and promote conservation.

  1. Economic Development

The GCCF wants to help Grant County’s economy grow and create jobs by giving money to programs that help people start their own businesses and train workers.

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Eligibility for Grant County Community Foundation Grants

The Grant County Community Foundation now grants openly. Apply for grants year-round and receive a decision within 30 days.

All competitive grants follow our General Grant Guidelines, but some have stricter rules.

Who is eligible to receive funding?

  • 501(c)(3) or government-exempt organizations.
  • Others should work with a fiscal agent in one of the aforementioned categories. If that’s not practicable, a charitable enterprise may get a grant with added expenditure obligation.
  • We prioritize Grant County, Kansas projects and activities.

Application Process of Grant County Community Foundation Grants

To seek a grant, you must register first.  Start a grant proposal and finish later.  Click “Create new account” on the grant application and provide the relevant information.

Three sorts of forms exist. Thus, complete those forms. These forms are

  1. Competitive grant application
  2. Budget Grant Form
  3. Apply for classroom grants

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The following will be considered while considering applications such as 

  • Is the project well-defined and understandable outside your organization?
  • The definition of need should explain how it was decided and why the project requires funding now.
  • Project Results and Evaluation Does the project have achievable objectives? Does the success strategy specify metrics?
  • Innovativeness – Does this new project/program meet a community need and have a plan?
  • Repeat Grants- Does this continuing initiative or grant meet a community need?

Contact Details of Grant County Community Foundation

Here are some ways of getting in touch with the Grant County Community Foundation

Phone: (620) 356-4223

Email: [email protected]

Physical address: 123 W. Central Suite C, Ulysses, KS 67880

Open Tuesday and Wednesday

10:00 AM-4:00 PM or by appointment.

Mail Address: Grant County Community Foundation

P.O. Box 65, Ulysses, KS 67880

Grant County Community Foundation Grantees 

2023 grants

Grant County Community Foundation (GCCF) gave $512,281 to local groups in 2023. The American GI Forum received a grant. The BWMGC Hospital Auxiliary also got funds, demonstrating the foundation’s healthcare commitment.

The Career & Technical Scholarship program is another worthy winner, demonstrating GCCF’s commitment to education. Compass Behavioral Health, Du Good Events, and Friends of the GC Library received grants for their community service.

Grants to the Grant County Historical Society and Recreation program demonstrate Grant County’s cultural and historical preservation. GCCF’s gifts to Furever Friends, Ginger’s Hope, and the Ulysses Animal Shelter demonstrate its local animal care efforts.

GCCF’s assistance for Grant County Economic Development shows its commitment to growth and sustainability. Grant County Extension Service and the Grant County Health Department have both received funds, demonstrating the foundation’s dedication to community health.

Educational institutions get GCCF funds for USD #214 Classroom funds and Teacher Recruitment. Ulysses Boy, Cub, and Girl Scouts get money from the foundation, demonstrating its support of extracurricular activities.

The GCCF has endowed funds such as the GC Development, Inc. Fund, Grant County Extension Council 4-H Fund, Grant County Senior Center Fund, and Grant County Fine Arts Fund. These endowed funds show long-term support for community efforts.

Career & Technical Scholarship Fund, DuGood Events Fund, Grant County Scholarship Foundation Fund, and GCCF Memorial Scholarship Fund have all received demand monies, demonstrating GCCF’s commitment to meeting immediate needs and promoting education.

The Recovery Fund’s $55,000 contribution to Biblica, Harvest School, and Core Community shows GCCF’s dedication to meeting community needs. The foundation’s Women of Purpose Demand Fund and Scholarship Fund provide cancer screenings, scholarships, and vital products for women. Each donation improves the County’s health and vitality.

2022 Grants

Grant County Community Foundation (GCCF)’s $319,124.22 2022 awards benefit the local community. American GI Forum, BWMGC Hospital Auxiliary, Career & Technical Scholarship program, Compass Behavioral Health, and Du Good Events are renowned Grant County Gives beneficiaries. These organizations demonstrate GCCF’s dedication to healthcare, education, and community well-being.

Friends of the GC Library, Furever Friends, Grant County Recreation, and the Ulysses Stampede receive donations from the foundation, which values culture and recreation. The Ulysses Animal Shelter stresses the foundation’s commitment to animal care, while the Grant County Historical Society receives funds.

Ulysses Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and USD #214 benefit from GCCF’s youth development efforts. Additionally, the High Program, Inc. and Impact Ulysses get funds for their community service.

The endowed funds GC Development, Inc. Fund, Grant County Extension Council 4-H Fund, Grant County Scholarship Foundation Fund, and Grant County Senior Center Fund demonstrate GCCF’s long-term commitment to community activities.

The demand funds category highlights GCCF’s quick response. The Career & Technical Scholarship Fund, GCCF Memorial Scholarship Fund, Gleason Educational Scholarship Fund, and Katie’s Bug Scholarship Fund support community education.

With its $18,000 grants, the Marilyn Johnson Charitable Fund shows GCCF’s support for Mary Queen of Peace Church, St. Joseph Catholic Church, and the GCCF Capital Campaign.

The foundation’s DuGood Events, Inc. Demand Fund, GC Senior Center Demand Fund, and Women of Purpose Demand Fund promote community events, senior center operations, and women’s causes.

GCCF supports study, scholarships, and community well-being through the Women of Purpose Scholarship Fund and other educational funds. Overall, GCCF’s 2022 contributions assist a wide range of Grant County organizations and issues in a thorough and comprehensive manner.

2021 Grants

Grant County Community Foundation (GCCF) distributed $280,584.23 in grants to community groups and initiatives in 2021. Grant County Gives donated $144,360.96 to the American GI Forum, BWMGC Hospital Auxiliary, and Career & Technical Scholarship program. The various award winners demonstrate GCCF’s dedication to education, healthcare, and community well-being.

The BWMGC Hospital Auxiliary Fund got $2,125.00 from the foundation’s endowed funds, demonstrating its healthcare support. The Career & Technical Scholarship Fund, GC Development, Inc. Grant County Extension Council 4-H Fund, and Grant County Scholarship Foundation Fund received large awards, demonstrating GCCF’s dedication to education and community development.

The Grant County Community Fund gave $6,866.05 to Hickok School, GC Library, Harvest Christian School, and Grant Co Gives Match. This diversified funding shows GCCF’s commitment to education, libraries, and community participation.

The foundation’s $9,562.22 award to the Women of Purpose Fund supports gender-related concerns such free cancer clinics, COVID-19 response, gift cards for cancer patients, booster seats, and USD #214 activities. The David and Amanda Kepley Family Fund, KFH – Public Health Fund, Marilyn Johnson Charitable Fund, and Keusler Family Fund demonstrate GCCF’s commitment to health, community development, and religion.

The Disaster Response Demand Fund got $5,000.00 to demonstrate GCCF’s readiness to meet community needs through DuGood Events. The foundation also gave donations to the KHF Operating Fund, Elder Care Fund, and Spiritual Care Fund, demonstrating its commitment to healthcare and operational support.

The USD #214 Educational Fund and Dr. Don Tillotson Memorial Fund won funding for education and Impact Ulysses. The foundation supports the DuGood Events, Inc. Demand Fund, GC Senior Center Demand Fund, and Disaster Response Demand Fund, demonstrating its ability to meet community needs.


Grant County Community Foundation‘s $280,584.23 strategic grant distribution in 2021 shows its dedication to community well-being. The foundation supports education, healthcare, disaster relief, and community participation to meet local needs holistically. Grant County Gives empowered groups like the American GI Forum and the Career & Technical Scholarship program, while endowment and demand funds showed a commitment to long-term sustainability and fast response. GCCF’s focus on women’s concerns, healthcare, and education strengthens Grant County’s resilience and progress. The foundation’s continuous assistance highlights its crucial position as a regional change agent.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What are Grant County Community Foundation Grants? 

Grant County Community Foundation Grants support arts, culture, healthcare, housing, and community development. These flexible and responsible grants provide to groups, boosting community vitality and sustainability. The organization targets Grant County, Kansas, initiatives that increase well-being, inclusiveness, and prosperity.

How does the Grant County Community Foundation ensure accountability and transparency in its grant-making process?

The Grant County Community Foundation follows General Grant Guidelines for competitive funding. A 501(c)(3) or government-exempt organization qualifies. Community leaders control grant-making on the board of directors. The foundation stresses strong project formulation, community needs identification, and realistic goals with demonstrable success measures. Additionally, the foundation promotes innovation and project impact and sustainability.

How can organizations or projects outside of Grant County, Kansas, benefit from Grant County Community Foundation Grants?

The GCCF emphasizes Grant County projects and activities, however non-Grant County groups can receive funds provided they operate with a 501(c)(3) or government-exempt fiscal agency. If dealing with a fiscal agent is impossible, a nonprofit organization may get a grant with additional spending requirements.

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